By our reporter

The body of 28 year old Susan Magara who went missing three weeks ago was on Tuesday morning found dumped along Southern Bypass in Kigo.

Susan was a cashier at a family business known as Bwendero Dairy Farm (BDF) in Hoima district.

A few days into Susan’s Kidnap, Kidnappers, called the family demanding for a ransom of $1 million (about Shs3.7 billion.)

Yesterday AIGP Abbas Byakagaba while addressing the press, released audios which allegedly belonged to the kidnappers and said whoever is able to identify the voice from the phone recordings will be rewarded sh100million.

Here is a conversation between Susan’s family member trying to negotiate with one of the kidnappers;

Kidnapper: If Magara (Fitzegerald) has returned, what does it cost Magara? Why has he not brought the money yet.

Family:  Excuse me sir, now when he gets the money, where should he bring it sir?

Kidnapper: When? I will be telling you

Family:  Is the child (Susan Magara) near you I speak with her sir?

Kidnapper: (Angry) ah ah, she is not here now.

Family: (Voice lower than before, disappointed and without hope) She is not there now!

Kidnapper: (With more anger)…When do you bring the money? I do not want hear about these other things..

Family: It is up to you to tell us the exact time and date you want the money sir, and we will bring.

Kidnapper: (Switches to English) Are you ready now?

Family: (remains speaking Runyoro) We are not ready now sir..

Kidnapper: So let us do this, prepare yourself, make sure you are fully prepared, then wait for my phone call.

Family: Yes sir……

Kidnapper: ( Runyoro) You know these things, don’t dare include the police, do not inform any security agency and do not waste your time. Do not call Interpol, police or ISO. I know this game, I have played it for long, otherwise I will do something to Susan (Magara) that you will never forget till you die.

Family: (During this time, she is replying ..) “I cannot sir, I wont do it sir, No sir (in Runyoro).

Kidnapper: Everything you try to do, everything, I know you, I have read the papers, you stay in Lubowa, I know your home in Hoima, your firm. Be loyal and cooperative or else you will get Susan (Magara) in pieces should you even be lucky. If you mess around you will not get a thing.

Family: Whatever you say sir, we are at your mercy, just help us sir.

Kidnapper: So what you should do, be prepared. I want that money tomorrow morning. Have you understood?

Family: Yes sir.

Kidnapper: Tomorrow wait for my phone call. And by the way you are the one going to bring the money. You will use the means I will explain to you, where you will put the money and whatever.

Family: Okay sir

Kidnapper: Do you have any questions before I go off air?

Family: (Panicky voice) I have no questions sir, I only would want to beg you to reduce the ransom, it is too much for us sir…

Kidnapper: That money is very little… this is very little money for the people I am dealing with. I know them.

Family: (Gives up fight) Okay sir.

Kidnapper: So prepare yourself and get ready for my call….

Listen to audio;