By our reporter
Police’s chief political commissioner and former spokesman of the force Assan Kasingye has broken the silence on the arrest of his former boss, Gen Kale Kayihura.
Speaking to CBS radio 88.8FM on Monday morning, Kasingye said the arrest of his former boss, was a proof that there is rule of law in Uganda.

Kasingye who admitted that the he does not know why the former IGP and his juniors were arrested, told the CBS reporter, that whoever is arrested by the military was to answer to his offenses as an individual.
“Whoever is arrested, must answer to their crimes individually,” Kasingye said.
He added that the rounding up of several people close to Gen Kayihura, further proved that there was “no impunity” in Uganda.

Kasingye was replaced by emilian Kayima as police spokesman after it emerged he was not in position to state police propaganda as his boss wanted it said. He was put in the political commissar docket.