By our reporter

Shaban Atiku, one of the Arua 33 victims allegedly tortured by security operatives on the eve of the Arua by-election, on Saturday morning went back to his home land after undergoing surgeries at Mengo Hospital.

The revealation was made by Dr. Stella Nyanzi on her Facebook page.

She thanked every person who contributed money for Atiku’s treatment as well as those who visited him while in hospital.

Dr. Nyanzi further revealed that Atiku will continue to receive regular physiotherapy at the out patient departments in Arua and Kampala.

She wrote;

“Thank you for giving to Shaban Atiku’s healing. He called me this morning when the overnight bus he travelled in from Kampala arrived at Arua. He sent me pictures, too! Although he is tired from the eight-hour trip, his spirits are very high. He appreciates everyone who contributed to his healthcare and recovery.

Thank you for the money he used to cover his transport fares, hospital bills, medicines, food and up keep. Thank you for visiting him in hospital. Thank you for praying for him. Thank you for sharing his story with others who also contributed towards his healthcare. Thank you for supporting his family, children and other dependents back in Arua.

Thank you for the wheelchair and the crutches. Thank you for the rib belt, POP cast, and the corset setting his fractured and dislocated bones in place. Thank you for the orthopaedics and physiotherapy. Thank you for the x-rays, CT scans, MRI and other assessments. Thank you for taking care of the broken body of our comrade!

Shaban Atiku will continue to receive regular physiotherapy at the Out Patient Departments in Arua and Kampala. We appreciate the continued interest in supporting his future monthly visits to Kampala for physiotherapy. Thank you very much.”