By Namugerwa Martha

The armyworms pest ravaging Uganda has called for fear to the nation that it may face famine due to the rapid spread of the pest which has now covered 20 districts so far.

The Ugandan farmers who are fighting the spread of the armyworm pest in all around the districts are facing a lot of  fear that Uganda might be struck by famine very soon.

The farmers in Mukono say that the pest has over eaten the maize that was planted shortly after the nation had faced a heavy drought recently.

Salongo samuel wasswa whose farm has been invaded by the pest and destroyed a 10 acre maize plantation says that he is sure that the famine is knocking at the Ugandan doors.

Salongo Wasswa adds that no pesticide can kill this pest because he has tried many but failed to eradicate this pest on his farm.

“I call up the government to provide us with information and the right pesticide to stop the spread of this armyworm pest that is going to destroy many plants.” Salongo wasswa says.

Farmers in Mukono and other districts say that they are facing a lot of losses because their farms are destroyed and the planting season is about to end very soon.