By Watchdog reporter

Gen Yoweri Museveni has summoned the military high command to the presidential palace in Entebbe on Monday.

The meeting is expected to be fiery following revelations a senior military officer in the position of a chief of staff Lands Forces, was involved in conning military suppliers from Poland.

Tonight, Gen Museveni was locked up in a meeting with the army chief Katumba Wamala, police chief Kale Kayihura, and Chief of Military Intelligence Charles Bakahumura, among others.

The high command is composed of historicals, and top military commanders.

Museveni is expected to raise his voice on a number of issues including the fights in Kasese, and the security challenges surrounding Uganda in South Sudan, Kenya and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Ahead of the last major reshuffle that saw the late Gen Aronda Nyakairima as chief of defense forces replaced by Gen Katumba Wamala, the president first summoned his commanders and blamed them for a number of failures.

Since Museveni was sworn in this term, only the military has not been touched in the kisanja hakuna muchezo.