By our reporter

The Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) have confirmed to be holding their soldier who on Wednesday knocked a civilian’s car at Nakawa near Spear Motors and ignored police instructions.

“When they (the army truck driver) crashed me and the police women saw it, they called unto them to go to the inspection centre ahead.  They just laughed at the women and drove off,  heading to Banda” driver said shortly after his car was knocked.

UPDF Deputy Spokesperson Lt. Col Deo Akiiki revealed that after receiving the complaint, they arrested the lorry driver and the matter is being well managed.

He urged the victim to provide details to the office of Spokesperson so that his grievances are properly handled.

“The driver of this lorry has since been arrested and the matter is being well managed. UPDF drivers are professionally trained and given all the tools to respect other road users despite the straineous work sometimes they find themselves engaged in. This however doesn’t give a pass for indiscipline. Apologies to the affected person and he is advised to provide to the office of the Defence spokesperson all details to enable the army address his grievances. Together with police traffic department the matter will be addressed amicably,” said Lt. Col Akiiki.