By Namugerwa Martha

The first ever pork expo in Uganda is here. This Saturday and Sunday, pork lovers will taste different dishes of pork, training on pig rearing and exhibit items required to set up successful pig rearing sector in the country. The two day event will take place at the Nelson Mandela stadium in Namboole on 24th and 25th June starting from 9am till midnight.

Speaking to the media about the pork expo 2017, organizers of the expo Allan Sempala Kigozi, chef Mark Kaheru and Chris Mulindwa from Pig Production and Marketing Uganda limited said that a lot of learning and fun will be at the expo. They called upon people who are interested in piggery or pork eating not to miss out.
Sempala, the CEO of Happy Farmer and one of the organizers said, this event will annual, but could rethink the period depending on the need.

“We are going to train people on how to rear pigs, how to make pig farming successful and where they can find markets,” Mulindwa, an experienced pig farmer and marketer, said, adding that for the two days, learners will part with Sh30,000 for the two days.

He added that he will lead more than five trainees from across the world, who are experts in pig rearing to train people about how to go in the pig business successful. Mulindwa said pigs, although ignored, have a bigger potential to uplift Ugandans out of poverty than any other animal.

He noted that Uganda’s pig population stands at about 3.2 million which was a sorry number given the fact that Ugandans today stand at almost 40 million.

The expo will also involve exhibiting of many things involved in piggery like technology, pork production machines, pesticides, packaging materials and many others at free of charge.

Pork eaters

Most people are looking at the fun side of the expo where they will be eating the delicacy till they drop dead.

Mark Kaheru, a chief chef of the day, said he was assembling 16 different pork menus up for tasting come Saturday and Sunday. Kaheru who said a minimum of 10,000kgn of pork has been organized to feed revelers on the two days, and if they want more, they will add more meat.

He explained that there are different ways of eating pork yet most Ugandans were familiar with only four. Kaheru named among other things, he will serve are pork sausages, pork libs, pork rolex, pork samosas, pork boil, pork kikalayi, among other dishes. Entry is only shs 30,000 a head, a couple is shs 50,000 a couple and shs 100,000 for the VIP. After the payment, you will eat anything you want until you feel like walking out of the eating area.