By Najibu Mulema

They say everything in Uganda is possible as long as one can part with something for the service provider.
The dictum is also true based on the recent television ratings for Ugandan based stations.

Two research companies Ipsos and Geopoll ranked Ugandan TV stations basing on the research they carried out around the same time during the fourth quarter of 2016 but surprisingly, the two companies came out with totally different results. This leaves research consumers more confused.

Geopoll ranked NTV Uganda as Uganda’s best TV station, followed by Bukedde TV, then NBS TV, Bukedde 2 in the fourth position, then UBC in the fifth position and others also followed.

Whereas Ipsol ranked Bukedde TV as number one, NTV, NBS Uganda, followed by Bukedde 2, then ABS TV in the fifth position. Others on the list in order included; Spark TV, Sanyuka TV, WBS , Star TV among others.

So when you critically analyze the two research results, you may conclude by saying that somehow somewhere, these results are not genuine, and are conducted to serve a particular interest.

Sincerely, how do you conclude there’s any show better than Frontline on NBS? Surprisingly, in both researches, one of the fastest growing station, BBS Terefayina did not feature anywhere, yet less viewed stations like HTV, WBS, and Salt TV are included on the lists.

On the side of the two highest rated stations, NTV and Bukedde, you can see that each one was overwhelmingly favoured on particular list they topped. We can also bet that no bulletin beats Agataliiko nfuufu on Bukedde just as Morning Breeze on NBS. Shows like Sitima ya maka on BBS or After5 have picked up for the past six or so months, not to mention the unbeatable The Big Deal.

This leaves one asking,are these results really genuine?