By our reporter
Why do you think women leave their decent wives and sleep shabby house maids? Former Archbishop of the Church of Uganda has a fantastic answer.
The outspoken man of God Henry Luke Orombi has blamed wives wholesomely for this phenomenon.
Orombi says working women despise and neglect their husbands, giving more importance to their jobs and network of friends and profession.

The archbishop explains that it is because working women look down upon their husbands and are too lazy to attend to them that house maids have taken over homes. He said that the neglected husbands when left to the mercy of housemaids to attend to them, soothe them, find themselves eventually taken over by the house maids.
The former archbishop’s words are likely to cause uproar among women activists, since it sounds full of male chauvinism.

However the cleric who doesn’t shy away from controversy said today’s working woman spends more time attending to their nails, hair, shopping and events than putting their homes in order.
He said, “The married women now waste their time on painting their fingers, plaiting their hair, visiting boutiques, attending wedding functions and their husbands are left in the houses with house maids.”