By Watchdog reporter

Fr Anthony Musaala, 60, has spoken about the reasons for throwing in the towel and left the Catholic church.

The celebrity Catholic priest said when he was suspended, Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga left him without a place to call home since he was not put in any parish and he had no other source of income to feed himself and meet other needs.

Musaala was suspended from offering priestly functions about four years ago.

However, he was rumored to have joined the orthodox church but he denies that fact. Musaala h
last week however wrote to the Archbishop stating that he was leaving officially. He said he was joining the Brazilian Catholic Apostolic church which has about four communities in Uganda.

Musaala who will be acting as vicar General (number two) based in Kampala, will start a prayer centre at his home in Luteete. He says, he will expand according to need.

Musaala was on Sunday appearing on a Sunday morning show on Monitor owned radio station Dembe FM. The show was hosted by Matovu Aloysius Junior.

While on air, listeners asked the charismatic priest why he was not patient and waited to be recalled to the Catholic ranks.

Musaala said he had waited for three years, in which the church did not take care of his basic needs including shelter and food. He argued that he would be left to die if he was to wait endlessly for the bishop to change his mind.

There’s a revolt of sort in the Catholic church’s archdiocese of Kampala. Several priests have quit in the recent past for various reasons including persecution from Archbishop Lwanga.

Musaala who says he has started conducting prayers on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays at his Luteete home joins Fr Kibuuka to take on their archbishop over unfair eviction from the church. Kibuuka began a prayer centre in Namugongo.

Musaala whose new church allows priests to marry however said he cannot marry at his age of 60.

“I am not called to marry,” he said. However, Priests in the Brazilian apostolic Catholic church are encouraged to get jobs to earn an income outside church collection.
Musaala also dismissed rumours that he was homosexual and encouraged it.
“It’s nonsense and lies,” says Fr Musaala.

“I am the first in Uganda to start counseling and guidance for these groups of people because it’s part of our ministry. The Catholic church allows every Christian to be compassionate.”

He denied ever supporting or encouraging homosexuality. “I only follow the teaching of the church,” he said, adding, “In my church, I welcome anyone.”