‘Carol Nantongo’ apologises, says she did not undress at Kyarenga concert on purpose

By Allen Kisakye
Rachael Namiiro, the musician who caught the attention of revelers and the country for losing her skirt during the Kyarenga Concert has finally apologized.
Namiiro is performer with Da Nu Eagles and took on the role of Carol Nantongo tto perform ‘Tukigale’ alongside Eddy Yawe.
Amidst a cheering crowd, Namiro took to vigorously shaking herself in dance until her black skirt fell off.
Now she claims that she didn’t undress on purpose to garner public attention, but things just didn’t go well while on stage.
“While performing, I felt like my skirt had gone loose but decided to hold it because I couldn’t stop performing. A few minutes later, I realized that it had fallen off. But sincerely I didn’t plan to embarrass myself like that,” she said.
Namiiro has been performing alongside Yawe the ‘Tukigare’ song last year after Nantongo quit due to money issues.
Nantongo alleged that she used to perform Tukigare with Yawe on many ceremonies but he always refused to pay her. When the two separated, she was replaced with Namiiro.

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Telcos urged to enhance user experience and build ecosystem in video business

By Ison Rocky A
Video is driving the demand for data services as a key revenue generator for telecoms operators. At AfricaCom, the largest telecommunications event in Africa, global ICT giant Huawei highlighted the importance for carriers to focus on the end user experience and building a video ecosystem that will fully release new growth potential.
Huawei held its 3rd Video Forum at AfricaCom to discuss the evolution of video services, latest Telco video ecosystems and design of video-oriented business and network strategies.
“The strategic window for the video business opportunity is now open for Telcos. If video traffic proportion is doubled from 30% to 60%, DOU (Data of Usage) increases 5 times. The key is to enhance the user experience. As Huawei, we foresee a four hundred billion dollar market globally in video services for carriers over the next five years. Huawei hopes to strengthen the ability of operators to enhance the user experience and is committed to enabling operator success through video and experience-based network construction,’ said David Chen, VP of Huawei Southern Africa Region, during his opening remarks.
During the Video Forum, Huawei said video business potential should be realised through an
all-round strategic partnership between various video industry role-players especially, OTT video service providers. More than 100 delegates from African Telcos and the video industry, including TikTok, Viskit, Harmonic and Hisense participated in the forum to discuss the evolution of video service, Telco video ecosystem and video-oriented business and network strategies.
David Chen’s remark echoed by Mr. Bobby Ramsoondur, Chief Marketing Officer of Mauritius Telecom at the forum. Ramsoondur said to ensure the best video experience, Mauritius Telecom deployed a nationwide pure fiber network and a 4K ready IPTV platform, in partnership with Huawei.
“Mauritius Telecom, with a 100% fibre coverage to households and the right TV content positioning strategy, has set the momentum to ensure the best video experience for its customers. Video network capabilities, being a crucial aspect of the video industry, Mauritius Telecom in partnership with Huawei has invested in a 4K ready IPTV platform. The company is aiming to provide its customers with a topnotch service quality and a Next Generation TV viewing experience,” Bobby says.
Wanda Mkhize, Executive Content and VS Gaming at Telkom SA said, entertainment content is the biggest driver of internet usage and the genetics of a successful video product should at least include compelling content, a unique proposition in the market and an ability to reach scale.
“Entertainment usage is determined by connection type and data accessibility. This is where the biggest need for upgrade lies. Telkom has chosen to be an open enabler for both content provider and viewers. With services including FREEME and LIT, we provide always-on data connectivity, we aim for a 3-way-win business model between Operator, consumer and OTT.” Wanda said.

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Huawei CLOUD Unveiled in South Africa

By Ison Rocky A
HUAWEI CLOUD, the cloud-computing services of Huawei,today announced it unveils a new region in South Africa at AfricaCom 2018, making the company the world’s first cloud service provider that operates a local data center to provide cloud services in Africa.
Huawei Cloud South Africa region will start providing cloud services at the end of this year, allowing organizations operating inside South Africa and its neighboring countries to access lower-latency, reliable, and secure cloud services, such as Elastic Cloud Server (ECS), Elastic Volume Service (EVS), and Object Storage Service (OBS). Huawei Cloud also indicated a plan to unveil more new regions in Africa.
Director-General, National Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services, South Africa Mr. Robert Nkuna said: “Huawei has been a great technology partner to our country and they have regularly brought cutting edge technologies to our shores. The launch of the Huawei Cloud Service is taking place in an exciting period in our country. For an example we are investing in skills development with numerous partners. We’ll engage Huawei to transfer cloud technology skills to SA and the continent. We are convinced that we can fast track our development if we work in partnership with other stakeholders.”
Li Peng, President of Huawei Southern Africa Region, said:” Huawei has been operating in Africa for 20 years, contributing to social and economic development and enriching African people’s lives with its ICT solutions and services. We have in-depth understanding of African market and is capable of better meeting customers’ current and potential needs. South Africa is one of the most diverse and promising emerging markets globally with tremendous potential. With cloud services, we are aiming to unleash the latent capacity by introducing cloud computing, one of key engines drive the growth in this era.”
Edward Deng, Vice President of Huawei Cloud Business Unit, commented, “With over 30 years of technical accumulation in ICT infrastructure and products, Huawei provides reliable, secure, and sustainable cloud services to customers worldwide.Looking forward, Huawei Cloud’s innovative technologies and services, such as cloud computing and artificial intelligence, will help African governments, carriers, and enterprises in a variety of industries such as finance, energy, agriculture, to leapfrog to a fully-connected, intelligent era.”
In the event, Huawei Cloud released the Africa Partnership Program with local channel partners, such as Altron, ATOS, BCX, Datacentrix, EOH, Gijima, StorTech, TCM,  Tech Mahindra, T-systems and  XON.
In additional, Huawei also launched InTouch Aggregator, a PaaS platform powered on HUAWEI CLOUD, which helps connect carriers, open up telecom capabilities, enable OTT, and build up the cloud ecosystem.
With over 30 years of technical accumulation in ICT infrastructure and products, Huawei provides reliable, secure, and sustainable cloud services to customers worldwide. Huawei Cloud and its partners’ global reach cover Southeast Asia, Europe, Latin America, Russia, Africa, and China, with 22 regions and 37 availability zones. A growing number of organizations, such as Groupe PSA, Santander Bank, European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), Falabella, and Andreani, have chosen Huawei Cloud and partners, thanks to their cutting-edge technologies and professional local technical support.

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Preterm births is the leading cause of deaths in new born babies

By Stephen Kalema
The Ministry of Health (MoH) has revealed that preterm births is the leading cause of newborn deaths in the country.
In Uganda, approximately 108,000 children are born preterm every year, out of which 11,700 newborns die due to complications of prematurity. However, according to state minister for Primary Health Care Dr Joyce Moriku Kaducu, 75 percent of these deaths in newborns are preventable with affordable solutions.
Preterm birth, also known as premature birth, is the birth of a baby at fewer than 37 weeks’ gestational age.
Current World Health Organisation (WHO) report indicates that preterm birth is one of the three leading causes of deaths in newborns worldwide with over 15 million babies born too soon around the world. Unfortunately, over 1 million new-borns die due to complications of preterm birth whereas many newborns who survive face a lifetime of disability.
Minister Kaducu said laziness in pregnant mothers has led to the raise of the problem arise.
“Pregnant mothers have not taken the initiative to attend all the required antenatal care visits with the first visit starting in the first trimester,” she added.
Policy alternatives on maternal health care’s services in Uganda recommends for expectant mothers to have at least eight antenatal visits to the health facilities so that a mother can receive information, care and support to prevent premature deaths.
The most affected mothers are those from rural areas who have little knowledge about on antenatal cares.
Kaducu said WHO recommended Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) for the routine care of newborns weighing 2000 grams or less at birth. KMC is one of the low-cost interventions that save lives of small and born too soon babies.
“KMC promotes development of the newborn, thus leading to quick improvements in their health,” added minister.
However, according health officials from referral hospitals, there is inadequate knowledge and skills about KMC, misperception of KMC.
The minister however, said MoH will educate the masses about KMC soon as a key strategy for feasible and effective intervention for babies born too soon and small.
“All Regional Referral Hospitals, District Hospitals and Health Centers IV in Uganda will be supported to establish KMC linked to more advanced care for sick newborns to ensure the continuum of care.
“We shall focus on advanced care for all newborns by establishing special care units in regional referral, district and health center IVs. Oxygen plants have been established at all regional referral hospitals to support preterm babies when in the nurseries for critical care. The Ministry will strengthen human resource to provide the quality care for newborns especially the preterms,” said minister Kaducu.

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‘Who nailed it?’ Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool fans react

By Curthbert Kigozi
It’s on wall that the pop star turned politician Robert kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine and kabulengane singer Bebe cool can’t float one another’s boat as the beef between the two power horses is like a time bomb setting off in a few seconds.
Despite one being in the red corner and the other in the yellow corner, no one knows when the people power philosopher and the teka sente wolaba singer will bury their hatchet after the 2012 battle of the champion failed to yield positive results of who did it best.
Even when the air waves and tabloids turn a blind eye at them, at list one will bite the other one’s back at every opportunity that comes his way.
The beef has for long spread to the fans and the war of word has been the order of the day between the two beefing camps.
Now, one of the fans a one Pirate (not sure of the camp he belongs to) has caused commotion on twitter after putting up photos of the two rivals along with their wives and asked for opinions from their fans over the couple that ‘nailed it’.
Bebe Cool and wife Zuena Kirema
He twitted, “Guys lets SETTLE this…so which couple NAILED it.  Retweet for Bobi and Barbie. Like for Bebe Cool and Zuena,”
Bobi Wine and wife Barbie Itungo
The hilarious tweet that has taken social media by storm has seen people responding in every sarcastic way possible.
As the reactions unfolded, we compiled a few tweets on how it all broke down;

H A N D S O M E UG :‏ @Handsome1569 Nov 11


Replying to @PirateMulwana @itsGuitar_boy and 2 others

It’s not in manners To compare gold with carbon. I mean one is a President, the other is a Canis lupus

Benjamin Barry‏ @BenjaminBarry4 15h15 hours ago


Replying to @PirateMulwana @hotniqqha and 2 others

Bebe has to win this, Bobi fans can’t use Twitter

ninsiijo‏ @ninsiijo Nov 12


Replying to @PirateMulwana @HEBobiwine @BebeCoolUG

One couple is fit for wedding cover magazines while the other couple is fit for state house cover magazines.Thank you for your cooperation.

Wako Joel  🇺🇬  🇰🇪  🇮🇳‏ @wakojoel Nov 12


Replying to @PirateMulwana @HEBobiwine @BebeCoolUG

With love or hate for each couple, they’re both adorable couples in whichever sense one may accord the respect. @HEBobiwine and @BarbieKitungo and @BebeCoolUG and #Zuena are all #Ugandans.

Angelica Nabakka‏ @AngelicaNabakka Nov 13


Replying to @PirateMulwana @HEBobiwine @BebeCoolUG

T depends on the cause of the concert . Both were held for different causes n so attracted different categories of people.

God’s Son  👑‏ @colokumu Nov 12


Replying to @PirateMulwana @HEBobiwine @BebeCoolUG

You’re asking a man that’s a fan of Bobi Wine & Bebe Cool’ s wife…; Robert still wins though

Mwanaisha‏ @manoahmajani92 Nov 12


Replying to @PirateMulwana @KatlegoLegwale_ and 2 others

The lady with @BebeCoolUG is she pregnant? If not then she has failed bebecool with a big tummy

I’m Kayonde‏ @abu_kayonde Nov 12


Replying to @PirateMulwana @HEBobiwine @BebeCoolUG

U seriously can’t compare a couple ne abbaffumbo ababiri…

AgatNoDoubt 🎼‏ @simplyGathy Nov 12


Replying to @PirateMulwana @HEBobiwine @BebeCoolUG

They all look Amazin bt Bebe n Zuena looked wow. How she gon pop all them kids n look Tht good, damn. Nice. Babz looks fine too tho.

I Brought Kanye 🇺🇬‏ @localMemeChief Nov 12


Replying to @PirateMulwana @HudgensIsaac and 2 others

Someguy here said bobi’s fans don’t know English that’s why they can’t retweet but i just left him

Amurani Hussein‏ @AmuraniHussein Nov 12


Replying to @PirateMulwana @HEBobiwine @BebeCoolUG

Am not voting non of these couples are carpenters. And please respect peoples professionals.

ronie bongo‏ @RonieAbonga Nov 12


Replying to @PirateMulwana @HEBobiwine @BebeCoolUG

On one side the clothes look forced and on the other one of red and orange everything is smooth and flawless

@Ggambobbi‏ @ggambobbi Nov 12


Replying to @PirateMulwana @HEBobiwine @BebeCoolUG

Colonel Otafire would say: Comparing ‘Nsenene with cockroaches’!

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Police telephone contacts for the entire Uganda

1 Joint Security Command Centre 0800199399
2 National Operations Information Room (information that requires quick reaction e.g theft of mv) 0800199699
3 Professional Standards Unit – PSU (addresses complaints against police officers) 0800300119
4 Land Protection Unit (Fraud on land issues) 0800100999
5 Criminal Investigation department, Anti-human sacrifice. 0800199499
6 Emergency Response Unit, Central Police Station, Kampala 0800122291
7 Traffic Operations Room, Central Police Station, Kampala 0800199099
8 Fire Rescue & Service Unit, Kampala 0800121222
9 Mulago Hospital, Causality Police Post 0800199188
10 Dog Section, Canine Unit 0800300900
11 Incident Room, Central Police Station, Kampala 0800199088
12 Special Investigations Unit (SIU) 0800299911
13 Child & Family Protection Unit 0800199033
14 Counter Terrorism Unit (CT) – Acacia Avenue 0800199139
Relevant Specialized Units
Aviation Police 0714667719
Homicide Unit 0711778265
Marine / Water Unit 0714667756
Police Band Master 0718357416
Railway Police 0715989985
Environmental Police 0711042325
Tourism Police 0717179563
Emergency 0711042210
Official Contacts of Top Management Police Officers
Inspector General of Police (IGP) 0712755999
Deputy Inspector General of Police (D/IGP) 0712745013
Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIGP) / Operations 0716337799
AIGP Logistics & Engineering 0712745022
AIGP Interpol 0714667710
AIGP Chief Political Commissar 0714667758
AIGP Criminal Investigation Department 0718300753
AIGP Research, Planning & Development 0711667704
AIGP Administration 0714667712
AIGP Special Duties 0711042128
AIGP Counter-terrorism 0712892740
AIGP Oil & Gas 0712745024
AIGP Kampala Metropolitan Police 0714629987
AIGP Traffic & Road Safety 0712767710
AIGP Human Resource, Development and Administration 0714667712
AIGP Fire & Rescue Services 0712144799
AIGP Legal 0712925011
Official Contacts of Police Stations within the country
Kawempe 0714667780
Old Kampala 0714667784
Wandegeya 0714667776
Wakiso 0714667816
Kasangati 0717179570
Kakiri 0718851397
Katwe 0714667793
Nsangi 0718851395
Kajjansi 0715490368
Kabalagala 0715989997
Entebbe 0714667806
Central Police Station (CPS) 0714667772
Jinja raod 0714667790
Kira road 0714667787
Kiira Division (along Kyaliwajjala – Najera rd) 0714668027
Mukono 0718300750
Nagalama 0714667820
Mpigi 0714667810
Gombe / Butambala 0718731749
Gomba 0718731753
Mityana 0714667834
Mubende 0714667821
Kiboga 0714667827
Kyankwanzi 0718731756
Luwero 0714667813
Nakaseke 0714667819
Nakasongola 0714667835
Buikwe 0714667824
Buvuma 0718731757
Kayunga 0714667830
Njeru Division 0711042346
Kiira Central Division, Jinja 0714668018
Kiira East Division, Kakira 0717125145
Kiira North Division, Buwenge 0713534923
Buyende 0718452643
Kamuli 0714668012
Kaliro 0714668015
Luuka 0718731794
Iganga 0714668009
Namayingo 0718642492
Mayuge 0714668006
Bugiri 0714668003
Namutumba 0714668052
Mbale 0714667960
Sironko 0714668032
Manafwaa 0714667964
Bulambuli 0718790612
Bududa 0715411679
Kapchorwa 0714668064
Kween 0718731747
Bukwo 0718946095
Tororo 0714667966
Butaleja 0714668067
Kibuku 0718790608
Busia 0714667973
Budaka 0714668036
Pallisa 0714667970
Soroti 0714667982
Bukedia 0715490357
Katakwi 0714667988
Kaberemaido 0714667985
Serere 0718792428
Ngora 0718731793
Amuria 0711374163
Kumi 0714667989
Moroto 0714668078
Napak 0718731148
Nakapiripiriti 0772415440
Amudat 0782350809
Kotido 0714667994
Abim 0712278519
Kabong 0758579575
Lira 0714667902
Amolatar 0715989973
Dokolo 0715120462
Kole 0718731780
Alebtong 0718731776
Oyam 0718357459
Otuke 0718731799
Apac 0714667905
Gulu 0714667893
Kitgum 0714667896
Agago 0718792472
Lamwo 0718642454
Nwoya 0718792403
Amuru 0718731709
Pader 0714667899
Moyo 0714667918
Adjumani 0714667916
Yumbe 0714667922
Arua 0714667911
Koboko 0714667913
Zombo 0718642432
Maracha 0711374175
Nebbi 0714667919
Hoima 0714667947
Buliisa 0714667953
Masindi 0714667950
Kiryandongo 0718731761
Kibaale 0714667944
Kabarole 0714667938
Kasese 0714667926
Kamwenge 0714667932
Ntoroko 0718731795
Bundibugyo 0714667929
Kyenjonjo 0714667935
Kyegegwa 0718731772
Mbarara 0714667841
Ibanda 0714667845
Ntungamo 0714667848
Kiruhura 0714667863
Isingiro 0714667866
Bushenyi 0714667851
Rubirizi 0718792436
Mitooma 0718792468
Sheema / Kibingo 0718731758
Buhweju / Nsiika 0718792448
Kabale 0714667857
Kanungu 0714667860
Rukungiri 0714667869
Kisoro 0714667854
Masaka 0714667877
Lwengo 0718731751
Kalungu 0718792421
Bukomansimbi 0718731796
Lyantonde 0714667876
Kalangala 0714667886
Rakai 0714667880
Sembabule 0714667883

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Police ban political messages during Cranes Afcon 19 Qualifier

By Bruno Kiyimba
The Uganda Police has banned soccer fans from chanting political slogans or messages during the Cranes 2019 qualifying game against Cape Verde at Nambole on Saturday.
According to the Deputy Regional Police Commander, Kampala Metropolitan Bashir Sempala, police will also arrest whoever dresses in clothes that display messages from their political parties.
“Whether you are NRM, FDC, People Power, DP or any other political affiliation, you must come with only one message that is in line with the game. The moment you come with your political messages, we won’t hesitate to arrest you,” Sempala said during press briefing on Wednesday at the StarTimes Stadium, Lugogo.
He also said security would be ‘tight’ before, during and after the game.
On this note Sempala warned the general public to come early in order to avoid pressure that comes with coming late.
Sempala also warned that they shall not allow spectators to enter the stadium with bottles since this is what the standard rules for CAF require.
The briefing was also attended by the KMP traffic commander SSP Norman Masinga who highlighted entry and parking routes.
Masinga said that the VVIP shall use the stadium main gate  and shall park as directed by the traffic officers who shall be at the scene while VIPs will park at the stadium lower parking. The general public will be allowed to park their vehicles in the area where Pioneer Buses usually park.
Musinga however, warned drivers who park by the road side will have their cars towed.
Isa Mugole,the FUFA chairman for international games said the federation has allocated free transport to whoever owns a genuine ticket from Kampala.
“FUFA has fully paid for a train to enable fans go support their team,” Noted Magole.

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Fans roast socialite Don Zella over nude photos on Instagram

By Allen Kisakye
Socialite Don Zella has been called out by fans who termed her a “disgrace” to her children, adulthood and womanhood in general.
The socialite who has since disappeared from Instagram has hard it rough with her fans after she posted naked images.
Don Zella, a mother of twins (nalongo) posted her naked photographs while in the bathroom to attract glory and admiration from her fans, but she was bewildered when followers turned against her, and offered to teach her how to behave when  one grows up.
In the comment box, most of the fans were disgusted with how a mother of three can still show the public her “fat belly”.
Another fan even offered to take Don Zella to school and teach her how old people should behave.
Who said: “Dia u gat kids and grown ones. Don Zella I respect u but stop posting nude photos okuzze, emyaka 50 jjewe ekitiibwa. Don Zella I respect you my dia naye posting nude photos amazima okuzze respect your self plz, totuswaza”.
When Instagram got heated up with negative comments, Don Zella took it out on Facebook and she posted “Criticize me when u are at my level until then u can just admire”.
However this is not the first pornography scandal Zella has been engaged in. Ever since her relationship with Big Eye fell off, Zella has been involved in lots of nude and sex scandals including one released by online blogger PengPeng.
It is against the laws of Uganda for one to post nude photographs, and could be penalised under the Anti Pornography Act 2014. The Ethics minister Fr Simon Lokodo has been very tough on Ugandans who break this law, and Zella could find herself in deeper trouble than her fans in case Fr Lokodo comes across her Instagram posts.

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Fik Fameica, Alvin Kizz to represent Uganda in Coca Studio 2019 Edition

By Allen Kisakye
Coke Studio Africa has launched production of their music show that going to start airing across Africa from February 2019.
This edition is going to unveil our very own ‘Kutama’ hit maker Fik Fameica and young star Alvin Kizz who will feature as big break artists from Uganda and these two have already gone to Nairobi, Kenya to work on their projects.
Other artists to feature as Big Break on this production include; Messias (Mozambique), Mahlet (Ethiopia), Winky D (Zimbabwe) and Producer Lizer (Tanzania).
The Edition will also feature Returning artists like Sheeba Karungi from Uganda, Khaligraph Jones from Kenya, Rayvanny from Tanzania who will be performing for the second time in the studio.
Uganda has always been represent in Coca Studio and during the last season of 2018, Ykee Benda represented as the big break artist from Uganda where he performed his Superman song.
Other artists from Uganda in the 2018 edition included Eddy Kenzo, Lydia Jasmine and Bebecool and they all staged a remarkable performance while in the studio.
Coke Studio Africa brings together musicians from across sub-Sahara countries both upcoming and established to show case their talents, as well as teach and give foundation to young artists.

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List: Ugandan celebrities who lost their lives in accidents

By Mubiru Ivan
In East Africa region, Uganda records the highest number of accidents with up to 10 people dying every day.
According to the 2018, UN report, the cost of road accidents in Uganda is now estimated at 4.4 trillion shillings which represents about 5% of Uganda’s gross domestic product.
These deadly accidents don’t spare the poor, the rich or famous and usually they occur in environments where emergency response is low or non-existent.
Here is a list of Ugandan celebrities who lost their lives in accidents;
1.Herman Basudde  
Herman Basudde, a kadongokamu maestro died on June 11, 1997, (21yrs ago) in a car accident at Kabale Bugonzi on Masaka road on his way to Bubondo Masaka.
By the time he met his death, Basuude was going to attend a family meeting and also show his newly acquired Land Cruiser to his parents.
He was nicknamed ‘Prophet’ because of the prophetic messages in his songs.
He is much remembered for his songs such as Mukyala mugerwa, Bus Dunia among others.

2.Denis Rackla
Singer Denis Rackla was in 2017 involved in a motor accident and he was pronounced dead on arrival to Mulago Hospital. He got the accident while driving from his farm in Kayunga.
Born Denis Mpiima, Denis Rackla was a singer, songwriter and producer. He began his music journey in 2004. He was most popular for his song titled Tugenda Kusula Mungato and Kabiite on which he featured Desire Luzinda.

3.Menton Summer
Menton Summer died in a car accident in 1997 as he was rushing from Mbale after a performance, to catch up with his midnight radio programme (Dance Mania) on CBS FM. It is said he left Mbale minutes after 10pm and tried to make a dash for it to make it into studio on time, only to perish at Iganga.
In the late 1990s, Menton Summer was one of the big names in the music industry. He was most popular for his song ‘sirikawo baby’ which he released with Emperor Orlando.

4.Dizzy Nuts
Dizzy Nuts Galiwango was in November 2017 knocked dead by a speeding Toyota Harrier in Kireka minutes after a night performance at Victoria Club.
He is remembered for his song Fire burn dem, which he produced with self proclaimed Big Size Bebe Cool.

5.Francis Ayume
Francis Joash Ayume died in a motor accident in 2004 while returning to Kampala from his Arua home.  At the time of his death he was the Attorney General but he had previously served as speaker of Parliament as well.  Ayume died in a mysterious motor vehicle accident along Masindi- Kampala road.

6.Susan Namaganda
Susan Namaganda, the former Bukomansimbi Woman MP died in December, 2015 at Nakasero Hospital following a motor accident along Masaka Road.
Namaganda was a wife to Mukasa Mbidde, the East Africa Legislative Assembly Member of Parliament.

7.Cyrus Amodoi Imalingati
Cyrus Amodoi Imalingati is a former Toroma County Member of Parliament who died in a road accident at Kitigoma, Jinja-Kampala highway in March,2017.
Imalingat was among the people who were in a taxi, registration number UAW 200W that  collided head-on with another taxi, registration number UAL278F. He died along with six other people.

8.Patience Najjuma
In October, 2018, death claimed the life of a 28 year old Patience Najjuma who was a musician signed under Golden Band.
She was reportedly involved in a nasty car accident at Wobulenzi, Luweero. Two of her relatives also died when the Vitz they were travelling in collided with a trailer.

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B2C dismiss Andy Events 

By Allen Kisakye
The on and off relationship between B2C and Andrew Mugerwa of Andy Events has taken a new twist.
Earlier, Watchdog Uganda reported that there was ‘a just huge misunderstanding between the trio of ‘Bobby Lash, Mr Lee, Delivad Julio and their manager Mugerwa’
“We have misunderstanding just like everywhere but we are working on resolving them,” B2C and Mugerwa said.
However, on Wednesday morning, before dropping their new project dubbed Byakyuuka, B2C has released a notice claiming that they are no longer working with Andy Events and promised to announce their new manager in due time.
In the new song, it’s evident that things really changed in the B2C Camp as Andy Events is not mentioned anywhere in the song.
The misunderstanding started after B2C’s maiden concert dubbed ‘B2C live in concert’ that happened at Freedom City in September, the trio claimed that their manager took all their earnings from the event and never paid them any penny.
This is not the first scenario an artiste separates with from managers because of money. For example Ziza Bafana left Emma Carlos and Ceaserous left Candy Management.

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Photos: How Bank of Uganda officials ‘died’ of laughter after Parliament probe into closed banks

The closure of banks without following the due process might be a serious issue for thousands of people who banked into those institutions, the hundreds who worked in the banks, and for shareholders who sank in billions of shillings to start those financial institutions among other interested parties, and one expected officials from Bank of Uganda to come before the COSASE in somber mood knowing that when found culpable, it could land them in hot coup. That was not the case.
Bank of Uganda officials in photographs below came to parliament upbeat and left the committee in good mood.

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National Dialogue postponed to December 18, Museveni wants in

By Stephen Kalema

President Museveni has finally broken his silence on the National Dialogue, saying Uganda needs it now.
In a meeting with the organisers of the National Dialogue, the Interreligious Council of Uganda, Elders Forum this at State House President Museveni said, “This is the time we need this National Dialogue to promote stability and prosperity in the country. I have to be involved in this dialogue.”Museveni stressed that all important or key stakeholders must be involved if it’s to succeed and cautioned propagandists fighting to see it fail.Also in the same meeting, according to a State House document dated November 13, the launch was postponed from November 21 to December 18 to enable clear and fix consultations detailing the formats of how the dialogue will be handled and how the results from it will be implemented.
According to the organizers, the dialogue is meant to develop consensus on issues that are affecting the society in order to find new ways of sustainable development of the country.
However, according to the National Dialogue Secretary General, Joshua Kitakule most members of opposition think it’s about Museveni giving up power.

“Dialogue is a process intended for good causes and it’s for the entire Uganda but not for specific people as certain people may think,” said Kitakule.

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PHOTOS: Besigye shares light moment with cows, goats received as gifts from supporters

By Mubiru Ivan
How many of you get gifts and keep them as souvenirs?
Well Dr. Kizza Besigye is that one person who receives a gift from someone and keeps it dearly as a remembrance.
How do we get to know this?
On Tuesday, the four-time presidential candidate visited his farm in Rukungiri to check on cows and goats he received as a gift from his supporters and well wishers during the 2016 presidential elections.

According to his aide Ronald Muhinda, “the herd of cows and goats remain an invaluable asset of struggle, owned by the people that believe in change. There is no commercial value from the herd. Besigye only keeps them.”

“And indeed, in keeping with the true African spirit of sharing, once in a while, he also gives away some cows and goats as gifts to several people. If you give, you receive in abundance,” said Muhinda in a Facebook post.

“He keeps saying once the struggle is over, they will partake on the herd,” he added.

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Out To Lunch: The vanity of gate canopies and why schools must create endowment funds

By Denis Jjuuko
When the so-called traditional elite schools want something that is fancy and suspect parents will oppose it, they call the Old Students Association (OSA) and pitch. The OSA presents the idea as their own and claim that they will entirely fund it. So they raise some money usually not more than 20% over a long period and create a situation through which increment of fees is justifiable.
The OSAs don’t make any legal biding decisions that school administrators can follow and leadership can easily be sidelined if they don’t tow the line. And if OSA leadership doesn’t behave, the school administrators turn to Parents and Teachers Associations (PTA) — another toothless body in the management of schools. The majority of OSA and PTA leaders are mainly into it for self-actualization and/or so they can have their unqualified relatives easily admitted into these schools among other shenanigans. These schools receive and manage billions every three months. They don’t do much by the way in terms of infrastructure with the exorbitant fees they charge. If a parent raises a finger, they quickly inform them that they can take their kids elsewhere. So most parents cow into submission while the OSA/PTAs are ineffective. School administrators have become princelings.
And that is how schools are ending up thinking having a storied canopy over the gate is the most important thing. They are competing over who has the fanciest canopy over its gate. If you raise a finger, the OSA comes for you as a paid commentator or at worst a jealous old man. Huge sums of money are being spent on gate canopies, chapels and other such things that add no value to a student’s education in the 21st century. Apparently, gate canopies improve the image of the schools ahead of rickety buildings and congested dormitories. It is akin to applying exotic lipstick before brushing your teeth.
I have been to some of the dormitories of these elite schools and there is a lot to be desired. The classrooms and teaching methods are of 19th century when these schools were founded by people who were less interested in a holistic education system for our country. But they must have a school bus with personalized license/number plates. A personalized license plate costs Shs20m (the ordinary plates cost Shs143,000). This is vanity dressed as marketing.
Most of the school administrators are previously poorly paid teachers with zero entrepreneurship skills yet they are given billions to manage. That is why they only think of fundraisers and fees increments.
These schools which make billions every three months are good at fundraising drives yet their competitors — the privately owned schools are expanding their campuses and providing infrastructure that is conducive for learning without any government subsidies. In order to charge a premium and at the same time fundraise for fancy cosmetic structures they don’t need, they charge a premium and make it hard for kids to get admitted. A country’s education system is wrong when its so-called better schools are proud of how difficult it is for kids to get in.
They deliberately make it difficult to enroll so that they can ask parents to pay for stuff they end up selling back. A school asks students to bring for example two brooms every first term. That could easily be 1,500 brooms for a school with a population of 750 students. What would a school do with 1,500 brooms a year? Assuming each broom is Shs2,500, that translates to Shs3.75m. Uniforms made of cheap polyester materials are sold at rates higher than designer clothes in this town.
Schools, which are aided by taxes can have their personalized license plates and fancy gate canopies but it should come at a cost that is affordable and not through conspiracy with OSA/PTAs. They can use the money OSAs raise to create investment funds instead of thinking of only fundraisers and school fees increment. The investment funds would earn interest, which can be used to build fancy gates and prayer houses. Schools get lots of money when the term starts — money they would only need in the last week of the term. What do they do with it? They can invest it in short-term vehicles.
The money OSAs raise should then be invested and probably use 5% of the annual profit to run some programmes or build whatever they fancy. That is how Harvard University has created the world’s biggest endowment fund that makes it the holy grail of education in the world. Schools here can borrow leaf (after all they love referring to themselves as Uganda’s Ivy League education centres). Harvard didn’t become arguably the best university in the world because they have fancy canopies over their gates.
Talking of Ivy League, these elite schools should go beyond the academic syllabus given to them by the education ministries. They can, for example, teach kids to code, think, and perhaps debate. Today, some of them come out of these schools unable to type in Microsoft Word yet the schools have gigantic computer labs. Schools must concentrate on training kids with the skills needed in the 21st century not bragging about who has a better canopy over their gate.
The writer is a communication and visibility consultant. djjuuko@gmail.com
*Artistic impression of the proposed Namiryango College gate. Internet photo

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Cecafa cancels Senior Challenge Cup over financial constraints

Shafic Kiyaga
Soccer: The Council of East and Central African Football Associations (Cecafa) have called off this years Senior Challenge Cup.
According to a statement by the Cecafa secretariat, the tournament has been called of due to failure to secure a new host city as well as the calendar change being undertaken by CAF. Kenya pulled out due financial difficulties.
The tournament, the oldest football tournament in the region, had been initially set to take place at the end of this month and the first week of December.
“It was difficult convincing a new host within that period,” said Cecafa general secretary Nicholas Musonye.
The tournament has now been pushed to July, after the completion of the current seasons all over the region. The seniors tournament will be preceded by the Cecafa Kagame Cup in June.
“The other challenge was with the date because now, all the leagues in the region are starting and it would have been difficult to get them to stop so that we can have the national team play,,” Musonye said.
“The Governing Council also, having consulted with sponsors made this decision to push it to July because then, the leagues will have ended. It is the position we will take moving forward.”
Meanwhile Musonye has confirmed that Cecafa will organize an Under-20 tournament which will be held in Uganda in December while they will receive USD1 million every year from FIFA for women and youth football.
“Moving forward our women and youth tournaments will all be catered for. The only thing which we will be sponsoring on our own is the Senior Challenge and Kagame Cup,” Musonye added.

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Bobi Wine to grace Africa Music Business Summit

By Catherine Apolot
Days after staging a successful music concert, musician turned politician Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine has been named among the key panelists to participate in the Africa Music Business Summit.
The event under the theme ‘Africa music in a global village; leveraging the opportunities’, will take place on November 22, 2018 at Kempinski Hotel, Gold Coast City, Accra, Ghana.

The Kyadondo East legislator will share a light moment with South African music superstar, Yvonne Chaka-Chaka; Internationally acclaimed video and audio disk jockey, DJ Van; Nigerian music executive, Kenny Ogungbe; Ghanaian entertainment and media owner, Bola Ray and President of the Musicians Union of Ghana, Bice Osei Kuffour a.k.a Obour.

The summit is part of the mini functions for the 2018 All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) Ghana where self proclaimed Big Size is a nominee under the category Best Male Artiste in Eastern Africa.
The awards ceremony will take place from November 21- 24 in Ghana’s capital city Accra.

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Minister Bahati,sister to contest for Parliamentary seats in 2021

By Arinda Nsheeka Wilfred
Christine Turyakira Nyinabashatu, an elder sister to minister David Bahati has picked interest in the Kabale Woman Member of Parliament seat come 2021.
The seat is currently occupied by Hon Catherine Ndamira Atwakire.
Nyinabashatu, 47 is the director of TACTA Uganda and is the Kitumba subcounty district Woman councilor. She was a community development officer but when her brother Bahati became a minister, she retired from public service to join politics.
Bahati, 45, has been in Parliament representing Ndorwa west constituency since 2006 and still wants the same seat in 2021.
Growing criticism 
The public debate that’s going on today in Kabale district is whether Bahati and Nyinabashatu should all at once be voted to Parliament.
“We cannot vote only one family to parliament. the would be greed,” a person from kabale municipality who preferred the condition of anonymity said.
Nyinabashatu’s plans to contest have attracted criticism from many, saying she could leave her brother vulnerable in his constituency.
Her nickname, Nyinabashatu, was given to her after giving birth to triplets. She attracts attention from mothers who respect her so much because of the triplets she delivered.
According to Moses Kagondo of 70 years of age, giving birth to triplets is a sign of a blessing and that blessing could follow her to 2021.

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Police reaps Shs2.5bn from gun license and renting

By Stephen Kalema  
Uganda Police Force (UPF) has declared that it collected over Shs2.5 from licensing and renting firearms in the Financial Year2017/18.
From the quarterly report on budget performance for the Financial Year 2017/18, Uganda Police Force collected Shs21.9bn as non-tax revenue where Shs1.5bn was from firearms licensing and Shs1.1bn was from firearms renting or hiring.
However, according budget projection report of FY2017/18, Police had projected at most Shs500m from firearms licensing but the actual collections exceeded the target three times (Shs1.5bn). However, there was a projection shortfall on firearms renting of Shs800m having collected only Shs1.1bn of Shs1.9bn
The report comes out at the time gun assassinations have become rampant in the country. Prominent people such as Maj: Kiggundu, Assistant Inspector General of Police Andrew Felix Kaweesi, Muslim clerics, Col Abrahim Abiriga, ASP Muhammad Kirumira have been killed using guns. This has left many unanswered questions  with the public still awaiting reports pertaining their assassination.
A crime report released at the beginning of this year showed that Lira had 18.8 per cent of gun-related cases, followed by Gulu at 10.4 per cent. However, out of 10 gun related cases, only one was investigated, with the report clearly indicating the slow speed police uses as per gun violence cases.
According to the budgetary performance report of FY2017/18 police also collected Shs255m from sale of government cars, Shs98m from escort charges, Shs38m from tenders, Shs1.4bn from police guards, Banks, Shs2.6bn from certificate of good conduct and Shs227m traffic accident fines.
Police boss Martin Okoth Ochola, together with  his deputy Muzeeyi Sabitti  are to present the two budget performance reports for FY2017/18 and FY2018/19 before the Parliamentary Committee on Defence and Internal Affairs next week following the flop of the scheduled meeting of Tuesday this week.

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Point taken as Bright Stars, Express settle for draw

Bright Stars are now second on the log after Express draw
Shafic Kiyaga
The biggest game of Tuesday’s Uganda Premier League pitted high flying Bright Stars as against a red hot Express at the Champions Stadium in Mwererwe.
Both teams had not lost in their previous three games winning two and drawing once though the hosts had the momentum as they had scored seven goals in their preceeding games. Express, however, were off the back of a strong 1-all draw against Vipers.
Express who seem to have put their poor results last season to the side have been a different side this season. Heading into this one, coach Kefa Kisala promised an array of attacking football despite missing the services of danger man Tony Odur.
Express were the better side as they pinned Fred Kajoba’s men into their own half and this early pressure was to pay off in the 10th minute when midfielder Kayiwa Ibrahim set up youngster Eric Kambale as the visitors took an early lead.
However, Kajoba and team were not to take this lying down. They had some answering to do and nearly found a quick equaliser in the 13th minute but Express goalie Kyamera smartly saved the effort.
By this time, the game had opened up and was pretty much end to end. Michael Birungi, who was quiet on the evening was presented with an opportunity from a free kick just outside the area after Kambale was brought down but Birungi’s effort didnot go beyond Bright Stars wall as they cleared their lines.
Congolese striker Kambale who has surely grown in influence at the Red Eagles was again at the center of proceedings near the half hour mark when this time they exchanged roles with Kayiwa as he provided an inch perfect pass through Stars defence but Kayiwa failed to connect well with the ball as he shot directly at Hamza Muwonge in goal.
From this moment on, Bright Stars went into second gear. Express could not keep up as they started living life on the edge as the stars poured forward. First Dan Birikwalira found Nelson Ssenkatuka but his header was just wide. And then minutes later, striker Brian Kayanja found the back of the net from a well struck shot past Kyamera with just over half an hour played.
Senkatuka was at it again at the stroke of half time. Cutting inside the right back and sending in a fierce shot which was well matched by Kyamera who stayed down requiring treatment as the game reached half time.
Sadly, it was the end of the day for the young goalkeeper as he was replaced by Ronald Mutebi at the start of the second stanza. Bright Stars again started with piling more pressure against the Red Eagles who defended well against two corner kicks.
Express were forced further back into their own defence for much of the second half and again had Mutebi to thank after he superbly went down to deny Kokas Opejo from close range as the forward was left alone and allowed a chance at goal.
With 10 minutes to play, Bright Stars again should have punished Express but Senkatuka who was clearly not on his best day failed to capitalise on a long throw in as he headed over the bar with just Mutebi to beat. Two minutes later, goal scorer Kayanja could not add to his tally as he missed by far the best chance of the game shooting over the bar with just the goal at his mercy.
There would be no further chances for either side to get three points and they had to settle for a draw. The point earned elevates Bright Stars into second on 15 points, ahead of KCCA on goal difference while Express remain sixth with 13 points and a point below fifth placed BUL Bidco.
Villa remain at the bottom of the pile.

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Mbarara City grab Bul by horns to top premiership table

Paul Mucureezi celebrates his goal against Bul FC on Tuesday | courtesy
Shafic Kiyaga
Top flight football returned to the principality of Mbarara Tuesday evening when home side Mbarara City hosted Jinja based BUL Bidco at the newly refurbished Kakyeka Stadium in Mbarara.
The Ankole people were surely in drought of top flight football since Fufa competitions committee deemed Kakyeka Stadium unfit to host league games and Mbarara were forced to host games at Kavumba Rereation Grounds as improvements were being done on Kakyeka Stadium.
The huge turn up and the excitement in the stands set the ambiance for a huge action packed and end to end game as both teams took to the pitch.
The opening minutes of the game lived up to pre-match billing as both teams went at it and tried to test each others defensive resolve. The climax of this came in the 16th minute when Yunus Sibira was yellow carded as he took one for the team, stopping Mbarara’s attacking move.
As the game settled down, Livingstone Mbabazi and his Mbarara side went ahead with just an hour played through midfielder Paul Mucureezi who has been so instrumental for the Ankole Lions since his move from KCCA this season.
Mbarara City were able to hold onto their goal advantage and claim their third win in a row and go top of the Uganda Premier League standings.
BUL meanwhile missed their opportumity again to go top with their first away loss of the season and second in eight games this far.
“It was a good game as BUL started really well and matched us in the opening minutes but we are so grateful the goal arrived in a period where we were dominant. This was also a good way of opening our account at our real home and the fans were also amazing,” coach Mbabazi said.
Mbarara City next host Uganda Revenue Authority at Kakyeeka while BUL will host Champions Vipers at Njeru Technical stadium in Jinja.

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Museveni: Shallow issue of urban crime is temporary

President Museveni and the Chinese Ambassador to Uganda, HE Zheng Zhu Quiang at State House Entebbe

Caesar Abangirah

President Museveni has assured Ugandans and investors that urban crime is just but temporary.
According to the President, crime will be dealt with now that the government has installed cameras in the city.

“I assure Ugandans, our friends and investors that this shallow issue of urban crime is only temporary and will be defeated since in addition to these measures, we beefed up our surveillance capacity with cameras,” he said in a statement issued after meeting the Chinese Ambassador to Uganda, Zheng Zhu Quiang on Monday.

Apart from cameras, the other measures the President talked about included deploying about 12 armed personnel in Industrial Parks as well as four armed personnel outside said parks. These will be supported by a patrol car for easy transport.

The move to beef up security follows recent attacks on investors, where threatening messages had been sent out to them.

Last month President Museveni launched a surveillance system after the installation of CCTV cameras to monitor Lungujja, Old Kampala, Rubaga, Kawaala, Kabowa, Nateete, Mutundwe and surroundings.
CCTV cameras for the rest of Kampala are yet to become operational.

“I reiterated the commitment of government and myself to defeat these thugs that are trying to undermine our economic progress,” the President’s statement reads in part.

The meeting was also attended by heads of security agencies.
“I have directed the Chief of Defence Forces and the Inspector General of Police to take lead in this matter.
We shall have joint coordination councils between the investors and security forces to find a localized and non-political solution for these concerns,” President Museveni said.

Last month, President Museveni assured investors that any message sent on electronic gadgets can be traced saying it was just a matter of patience and equipment.

“Some of the messages were sent (to investors) on Swedish and Australian numbers. Through Interpol, these are traceable,” he said then.

“Within Uganda , we are putting in place equipment for smart and safe cities which will expose all these pigs.”

On Monday, the President said the security personnel implicated in connivance with these wrong elements must be dismissed with Immediate effect.

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There is no curfew; UPDF defends army deployment in city

By Stephen Kalema
Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) has come out to defend the heavy deployment of soldiers in Kampala and Wakiso districts, saying there is no reason for panic.
This, after Forum for Democratic Change spokesman Ssumujju Nganda questioned why there were soldiers everywhere.
“It’s only in Uganda where the military does the work of the police such as keeping law and order. It looks like we are headed in times of curfew,” Ssemujju said at FDC headquarters in Najjanankumbi.
However UPDF spokesman Brig. Richard Karemire when contacted, said the deployment of the army is to provide an extra hand to the Uganda Police Force and locals should not fear.
 “We are not doing anything to threaten the public but this is to protect them and their property yet most politicians are asserting that there is a curfew. There is no such thing (as curfew) we are only doubling our security,” said Brig. Karemire.
Earlier, Ssemujju had demanded that the Ministry of Defence explains the deployment of army in the city.
However, Karemire said UPDF has always been providing help to support police in protecting and spotting criminal porches in any part of the country.
This deployment started last week in two districts Mukono and Wakiso.
A Uganda Police Force officer, who preferred anonymity told Watchdog Uganda that the intelligence department abstained reports on planned crimes organised to burn police stations and private residences during Christmas festive seasons.
 “This is why we needed army to help us in this upcoming festive seasons,” the informant said.
“We are just trying to address criminality by cooperating with police in all operations we carry out.”
However, Ivan Kakembo, a chapati maker in Kirombe, Luzira expressed his worries when contacted him about the heavy deployment in his area.
“These are not soldiers I used to know but they are beating machines. Truth is we no longer work trans night.”

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Here is why some people are very hard to love

By Faridah Nakazibwe
Never allow such people to take your happiness away. No matter how good your intentions are, never force kindness on people against their wish. Most people think loving them is a weakness. Always have a boundary. Sometimes accepting everything doesn’t mean you’re peaceful, it means you’re vulnerable and desperate for love. If you take everything, people will give you anything.
Love is peace, and love is sweet but “IF LOVING SOMEONE IS GIVING YOU MORE SADNESS THAN JOY, LEAVE THEM ALONE AND LOVE THEM FROM FAR AWAY”. Never loose yourself while searching for the right person. The best you can do is to make yourself a right person. Try your best to save your relationship but if giving your best is not good enough, you’re probably giving it to the wrong person. Cheating is not about kiss, meet or have sex with someone else once you find yourself deleting messages hiding them so your partner will not see them, then your already cheating.

There is nothing bad in loving people from distance, that doesn’t mean you stop loving them, it simply mean you respect yourself and cherish your peace of mind. Always remember that everybody in life needs help. Sometimes staying out of some people’s life is the best way to help them. There’s absolutely nothing wrong in loving a wrong person too fast but the problem is loving a wrong person too long.
Love is not a favor, don’t beg for it. It’s not a war, don’t force it. You can never be in a relationship alone. There is no such thing as fighting for love unless you’re both on the same page fighting for the same cause. If your dream partner cannot see you in his/her own dreams means it’s time for you to wake up and stop dreaming alone. Never mistake a SITUATION-SHIP for RELATIONSHIP if you want peace of mind.
Be honest with yourself. Never make a life changing decision based on your emotions alone. Love that person because you might lose gold because of small diamonds.

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Is spending on lavish weddings a good investment?

By Dr. Ian Clarke
We have been told many times that Uganda is rated as one of the most entrepreneurial countries in the world, but it also has one of the highest rates of business failures. So why is this? One reason is failure to raise sufficient capital to start and run a successful business. But if we look at Indian families, or Eritreans who have settled here, we find they have raised business capital from family and friends.
When it comes to Ugandan families, almost the opposite is the case: many Ugandans living abroad have sent money back to their family to build a property, or invest in a business, only to return and find that the money had been ‘eaten’ and they have a ‘virtual’ house. Of course there are notable exceptions of successful Ugandan businesses, born through the mobilization of capital from family members, but they are the exception rather than the rule.
One reason for the lack of support from family and friends is our cultural model of what is acceptable and what is not. It is thought to be entirely normal and acceptable to collect money for lavish cultural events such as weddings, but not for the development of a business.
I get numerous invitations to wedding meetings (which I never attend); they are a part of our culture, and people pledge money and give time and organizational skills to ensure a successful event. In many cases, if the same amount of finance and planning was put into a new business it would have a good chance of success. Most of these weddings cost tens, even hundreds of millions of shillings, and of late, many of the marriages have fallen apart within a very short period. So these particular investments are giving a very poor rate of return. On the other hand, if the same amount of money were given as the deposit for a house, or for a well thought out business, there would be some return on the investment.
Eritreans spend very little on their weddings: one young man told me he had spent only one million shillings on his wedding, but had put his money into a restaurant and bar, which was doing very well. What would happen if a Ugandan called his friends and relatives for a wedding meeting and asked them to contribute capital for his business? He would not get a very positive response. Our cultural values allow us to blow money on a wedding, but not give money to friends and family as seed capital for a business.
One young lady, Lulu, was admitted to Oxford University for a Masters degree, but got so fed with people overlooking this, and asking when she was getting married, that she arranged a wedding. When the guests arrived they found there was no husband, and the bride was ‘marrying’ herself in the cause of raising funds for her university fees. Siima, the former X. FM presenter got in on the act and organized a fake marriage for which she charged an entrance fee of 20,000 shillings.
Between these ‘weddings’ and the trending hash-tag KABERNZ Lulu raised 70% of her fees. Siima calculated that out of ten weddings she had attended over the past few years, eight of the couples were no longer together, so the weddings had simply been very expensive parties, which is why she decided to hold a party, without the real wedding, for a more worthwhile cause.
I am not against weddings, but I do think that the cultural acceptance of blowing so much money on something that brings no rate of return is one of the contributing factors as to why Ugandans are failing to develop successful businesses. I know of Indians who have come here and established small hardware shops supported by their whole family, and a few years later they have substantial businesses. I know Eritreans who have put up supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and workshops, supported by their families, all of which are successful.
The President feels that he can help to develop Uganda by giving money to the youth, but my experience is that the youth first need basic business training and grounding in values, or most of this money will be ‘eaten’ with little to show for it, as happened in the Youth Livelihood Program.
However, if he wants to stimulate business he could start a ‘wedding competition’. The challenge would be for anyone getting married to also mobilize money for a new business. They would then get a matching grant for the funds raised, on the condition that the expenditure on the actual wedding was below one million shillings, while the rest went into the business. The idea could be taken up by some foundation or a philanthropist who would like to change the cultural paradigm, so that we would spend our money on business development, rather than blowing it on social events.

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DP: Our candidate is still in Busia race

By Mubiru Ivan
Democratic Party (DP) has stated that their candidate Hasibu Deo Deogratias Njoki is still in the Busia district LC V race.
On Monday, Njoki made a shocking revelation when he said he was withdrawing from the race days after his nomination.
The joint opposition candidate who was appointed as a member of Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) said in a letter to DP Secretary General that if approved by Parliament; he would consider taking up the government job.
However, in a weekly media brief held on Tuesday in Kampala, DP President Norbert Mao said Njoki’s appointment by President Yoweri Museveni was not in good faith and its timing was meant to undermine the opposition.
Mao further informed the public that he is in close contact with Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) President Patrick Amuriat, Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine, Dr. Col. Kizza Besigye, Gen. Mugisha Muntu, Asuman Basalirwa and all democratic seeking forces who have pledged support to Njoki in his campaign.
On the other hand, Njoki regretted that much as it’s important to serve at the Human Rights body which he has vast knowledge, he choose to serve the people of Busia.
In a Monday tweet, Mao had threatened to send Njoki packing from Uganda’s oldest political party if he accepted the government job.
Now Njoki is going to face off with NRM’s Paul Boniface Oguttu, Chrispus Bwire, Tony Ojambo and Geoffrey Wandera come November, 28.
The Busia District seat fell vacant in May, 2018 after Court of Appeal in Mbale District threw out Mr Ouma Adea on grounds that had been convicted of corruption in 2013.

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Mukomye okusomesa abaana amasomo ag’ekuusa ku ntalo, Omubaka Kasamba

Bya Moses Kizito Buule
OMUBAKA mu lukiiko olutaba amawanga g’obuvanjuba Mathias Kasamba alabudde abasomesa okukomya okusomesa abayizi amasomo ag’ekuusa ku ntalo, kyayogeddeko nga ekimu ku bivuddeko abayizi okutandika okwagala okugezesa bye basomeseddwa.
Kasamba agamba nti entekateeka y’ebyensoma mu ggwanga bisaana okukyusibwa naddala essomo ery’ebyafaayo kubanga omwana okuva mu siniya esooka okutuuka mu y’omukaaga aba yetoololera ku byafaayo eby’entalo, mpozzi n’okumuwanira abatemu nti baali b’amaanyi era abatta ennyo abantu nga kw’otadde okukyusa amawanga ag’enjawulo nga bayita mu ntalo.
Anokoddeyo entalo omuli Maji Maji Rebellion, Mau Mau Rebellion, Napolion ne ndala nnyingi z’agamba nti zongera kukuma mu bayizi omuliro nabo balabe oba basobola okukikola nga abazira abo.
Okw’ogera bino abadde ku ssomero lya St. Benard Manya e Rakai awagudde enjega abayizi 20 mwe bafiiridde mu muliro ogw’akutte ekisulo mwe basula n’abalala ne bagenda ne bisago mu kiro eky’akesezza olw’ammande.
Nga wano ategezezza abasomesa nti enkola y’okusomesa abaana eby’ekuusa ku ntalo esaana ekomezebwe, gyagambye nti elabika yevaako emitima emibi okujjula mu baana abato ne batuuka n’okukola ebikolobero.
Asabye ab’ebyokwerinda okufuba okunonyereza n’obwegendereza abakoze ekikolobero ky’okutekera ekisulo ky’abayizi omuliro omwafiiridde abatalina musango.

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A Pass defends himself for not showing up at Kyarenga Concert

By Allen Kisakye
Singer and songwriter Alexander Bangoza alias A Pass has defended himself over ‘traitor’ and ‘coward’ allegations after he failed to show up at Bobi Wine’s Kyarenga Concert last weekend at One Love Beach Busabaala
In his defense, A Pass said he was not invited to perform at the concert and its one of his principles not to invite himself on events he isn’t welcomed
“I wasn’t invited and It was not a must that I had to be at the Kyarenga Concert. As an artiste, I also have my problems and struggles just like Bobi Wine. On that day I was so busy spending time with my uncle who had visited,” said A Pass
After the Kyarenga concert, fans roasted A Pass for not showing up yet he always claimed to be Bobi Wine’s friend and joined him in his political struggles.
A Pass was one of the musicians who showed their positive support to the People Power movement. He was seen rubbing shoulders with Bobi Wine during the social media tax demonstration.
His failure to attend the Kyarenga concert was alarming and his fans couldn’t stop questioning his motive.

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Amaggye agaayiiriddwa mu kibuga g’ewanisizza bannaKampala emitima.

Bya Moses Kizito Buule
BANNAKAMPALA ennaku zino batambulira ku bunkenke, oluvanyuma lwa maggye okuyiibwa ku nguudo ez’enjawulo mu kibuga wakati, nga kwotadde n’ebitundu ebirinanyewo omuli Mukono ne Wakiso.
Ennaku zino buli wotunula mu kibuga wakati waliwo amaggye, ate nga ne mu bitundu omuli kasangati, Entebbe, Mukono Kireka, bweyogerere na ku buli nkulungo zonna emabbali we kibuga wonna waliwo abajaasi.
Kino kitadde bannakampala ku bunkenke era ky’atanudde n’omubaka wa Munispaari ye Kira Semujju Ibrahim okukyogerako nga yebuuza oba waliwo embeera ey’obunkenke eyinza okubalukawo.
Semujju agamba nti abantu bonna mu Kampala ne miliraano bali ku bunkenke kubanga buli bwe bakeera ku makya balaba abajaasi ababagalidde emigemera wala nga betala mu bitundu byabwe, songa bino bateranga kubilaba nga waliwo okw’ekalakaasa ekitaliiwo, kyagamba nti kati abamu tebasooka na kuggulawo madduuka gaabwe nga batya ebiyinza okuddirira.
“Amaggye amangi bwe gatyo twasemba kugalaba ku mulembe gwa Idi Amin amaggye g’abaTanzania bwe gaali gamaliridde okumumamula mu buyinza, naye ennaku zino kino kibadde tekirabikangako, era tugezezaako okunonyereza eyandiba ensonga naye abantu batugamba tebalina buzibu era tebagetaaga.” Semujju bwe yagambye.
Wabula omwogezi wa maggye ge Ggwanga Brig. Richard Kalemire amwanukudde n’ategeeza nga bwe batayinza kutambulira ku mboozi z’abyabufuzi kubanga amaggye galina okukola omulimu gwaago ogw’okukuuma abantu ne bintu byabwe buli kadde.
“Amaggye galina okuyingira mu buli nsonga yonna nga gayambako ku poliisi okumalawo obumenyi bwa mateeka mu bitundu, era gajja kugenda mu maaso nga gakola omulimu gwaago nga bulijjo abantu temulina kutya.” Kalemire bwe yagambye.

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Musicians Chozen Becky, Victor Kamenyo part ways

By Allen Kisakye
Songstress Chosen Becky popularly known for songs like Byabangi and Bankuza, has been dumped by her manager and fellow musician, Victor Kamenyo. The two have been working together for a couple of months now.
According to reliable sources, the ‘Nduulu’, hit maker has managed Chosen Becky’s music career to a point where we can claim she has been one of the most vibrant artistes of 2018 but has decided to throw a towel for yet to be known reasons.
However,  Kamenyo took to Instagram on Monday evening to show that he no longer works with Chosen Becky and wished her the best of luck
“It has been a great time working with you as your manager dear. I wish you all the best in life,” Kamenyo posted.

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Man defiles 7 year old girl, gives her shs500 for silence

By Mubiru Ivan
Daniel Kasule has been arrested for defiling a seven year old girl.
The 32 year old resident of Ganda, Nansana allegedly defiled the minor while her mother was away from home. After the erroneous act, Kasule gave the victim shs500 not to report him to anyone.
According to the victim’s mother Teddy Nakimbugwe, she first received news of her daughter’s case from a neighbor, a one Margaret Kobusingye who always helped her with the kids while she was at work.
“Upon reaching home, Kobusingye told me that my daughter had told her that Kasule had defiled her. I just got my daughter and we went to Nansana Police Station, where she was taken and examined by a police doctor. I wasn’t told about the results,” said Nakimbugwe.
Police was able to arrest Kasule and also had the victim examined by a police surgeon to find out his HIV status.
He was later charged with aggravated defilement under file case CRB No. 946/2018.

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Egy’obutabanguko mu maka 50 gy’akuwulirwa e Masaka

Bya Nansamba Shadia
KOOTI e Masaka egguddewo olutuula olw’enkizo mwegenda okuwulira emisango egyekuusa ku butabanguko maka.
Omulamuzi wa kooti enkulu e Masaka Dr Winfred Nabisinde yagguddewo olutuula luno nasaba poliisi okubakwasizaako okulaba nga bamalawo emisango nga gino.
Dr Nabisinde ategeezeza nti ku misango 50, egigenda okuwulirwa, 47 ku jjo, gyaddizibwa ku baana okuva ku myezi okutuuka ku myaka 18 kyagambye nti ssinga embeera eno yeyongera, yakuteeka obulamu bwabaana bano mu matigga.
Ono agamba nti okuwulira emisango gino kwakutwala ebbanga lya nnaku 45 era bwatyo nasaba ebitongole ebikwatibwako okukolaggana ne kooti okulaba nga batuusa obwenkanya ku bantu.
Wabula asabye Gavumenti okwongera ku muwendo gw’abalamuzi okusobola ekinayamba okukendeeza ku kukandaaliriza kw’emisango nga bwekiri kati.
Ye akulira ekkomero ekkulu e Masaka SP Deogracious Ogwepit, anyonyodde omujjuzo gwebalina nagamba nti ekkomero lyazimbibwa nga lyakusuza abasibe 250 kyokka nga kati balina 765 nga ku bano 300 bali ku misango gyakusobya ku baana ate 100 gyakukaka bakazi mukwano nategeeza nti enteekateeka eno yakuyamba okukendeeza ku mujjuzo.

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Busia Elections: DP candidate pulls out of the race after landing government job

By Mubiru Ivan
The Democratic Party (DP) candidate for Busia District Chairperson seat has withdrawn from the race  after being appointed as a member of Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC).
Hasubi Deogratias Njoki who was nominated last week was the sole candidate for the opposition after being fronted by main opposition party Forum for Democratic Change (FDC).
Njoki’s decision leaves NRM’s Paul Boniface Oguttu with the highest chances of winning the highly contested race.
In his letter dated November 10, 2018 addressed to the secretary general of his party, Njoki said if approved by Parliament; he would consider serving the country as a member of UHRC.
He further stated that the initiative to seek to serve as a member of UHRC was made way back before the program for the by election for the office of chairperson, Busia District was announced.
“On the 9th November 2018, I received a copy of a letter dated 8th November 2018 addressed to the Rt Hon Speaker of the Parliament of Uganda, appointing me as a member of the Uganda Human Rights Commission,” he said in his letter.
Njoki also explained that the timing for his appointment, after the nominations closed on November 7, 2018 did not leave an opportunity for the parties that sponsored and supported his candidature to nominate an alternative candidate saying “it was outside his control”.
Other candidates in the race that is scheduled to take place on November 28 are Chrispus Bwire, Tony Ojambo and Geoffrey Wandera, all on candidate tickets.

The Busia District seat fell vacant in May, 2018 after Court of Appeal in Mbale District threw out Mr Ouma Adea on grounds that had been convicted of corruption in 2013.
Meanwhile, Ronald Muhinda, Dr. Kizza Besigye’s aide condemned Njoki’s decision and said it is one of the many dangers of fielding a joint opposition candidate.
He revealed that some FDC cadres had proposed that the party should field its candidate but the bureaucrats defied the move.
“DP mutumenya! This is not how unity and cooperation works. Njoki has betrayed us. You have really stung us,” said Muhinda in a Facebook post.

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Aung San Suu Kyi stripped of Amnesty’s highest honor over ‘shameful betrayal’

Aung San Suu Kyi
Amnesty International has withdrawn a prestigious human rights award from Aung San Suu Kyi, following what it described as a “shameful betrayal” of the values she once stood for.
It is the latest in a series of accolades to be withdrawn from Aung San Suu Kyi, including the US Holocaust Museum’s Elie Weisel award and Freedom of the City awards, which were revoked by Edinburgh, Oxford, Glasgow and Newcastle.
Amnesty International said on Monday that Aung San Suu Kyi, now Myanmar’s civilian leader, was no longer a symbol of hope, and that it had withdrawn its highest honour, the ambassador of conscience award. It cited her “apparent indifference” toatrocities committed against the Rohingya and her increasing intolerance of freedom of speech.
Aung San Suu Kyi received the ambassador of conscience award in 2009, while under house arrest, for her role in championing peace and democracy. She was described as “a symbol of hope, courage and the undying defence of human rights” by Irene Khan, Amnesty International’s then secretary general.
Kumi Naidoo, the organisation’s current secretary general, said in a letter to Aung San Suu Kyi that her ambassador title could no longer be justified.
“Our expectation was that you would continue to use your moral authority to speak out against injustice wherever you saw it, not least within Myanmar itself,” Naidoo wrote in the letter.
Aung San Suu Kyi has been widely accused of being apathetic or complicit in the plight of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, who, the UN has warned, continue to be targeted in an “ongoing genocide”.
More than 700,000 Rohingya people remain in Bangladesh, having fled a brutal military crackdown that began in August 2017. UN investigators said that during the campaign, Myanmar’s military carried out killings and gang rapes with “genocidal intent”, and called for the commander-in-chief and five generals to be prosecuted for the gravest crimes under international law.
Yanghee Lee, the UN special investigator on human rights in Myanmar, said she believed Aung San Suu Kyi was in “total denial” about accusations of violence.
“Without acknowledgement of the horrific crimes against the community, it is hard to see how the government can take steps to protect them from future atrocities,” said Naidoo.
Amnesty International added that Aung San Suu Kyi’s administration had stirred up hatred against Rohingya by labelling them “terrorists”, obstructed international investigations into abuses, and failed to repeal repressive laws used to silence critics.
In September, Aung San Suu Kyi defended the imprisonment of two Reuters journalists who were given seven-year jail terms after investigating the massacre of Rohingya Muslims in Rahkine state. The sentences were widely condemned by international governments, human rights groups and the UN as a miscarriage of justice and a symbol of the major regression of freedom of expression in Myanmar.
This article first appeared on theguardian.com

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Bank of Uganda fails to provide documents for Teefe Trust Bank

By Stephen Kalema 
Legislators sitting on the Parliamentary Committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (Cosase) were left stunned when Bank if Uganda officials failed to present an inventory report detailing the acquired assets and liabilities of Teefe Trust Bank. The Central Bank took over the then defunct bank in 1993.
At the start of the session on Monday the committee asked Bank of Uganda officials,  led by Governor Emmanuel  Mutebile  and his vice Louis Kasekende to present the inventory report that shows the assets and liabilities of the bank which they took over. However, Kasekende answered back that by the time of Teefe Bank closure, inventory report was not necessary.
“Bank of Uganda has no inventory report on Teefe Bank because, at the time of its closure in 1969, law was effective and nature of documents required did not include the inventory,”  Kasekende answers the committee.
This rubbed the committee chairman Abdul Katuntu to the wrong way, and cautioned Bank of Uganda officials that the probing will not be useful if the inventory report is not presented before the committee.
“This process  can’t be useful when you don’t know what you took over because an inventory report shows what you took over; assets and liabilities,” Katuntu said.
The Executive Director of supervision Bank of Uganda, Dr Tumubweine Twinemanzi then responded, “We are unable to find any inventory reports concerning Teefe Trust Bank. So we don’t have its inventory reports,”
The Cosase committee wondered why officials asked for a full week to get prepared yet they cannot even produce the most important report.
The spark for Cosase to probe Bank of Uganda was an Auditor General John Muwanga report which indicated loopholes on how Bank of Uganda conducted the closure seven banks; Selling of Crane Bank to DFCU in 2016 at Shs200bn, Global Trust Bank (2014), National Bank of Commerce (2012), International Credit Bank Ltd (1998), Greenland Bank (1999), The Co-operative Bank (1999), Teefe Trust Bank (1993).

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Mbarara City entertain ambitious Bul at newly refurbished Kakyeka

Bul FC’s Peter Onen looks to get into the international break top of the UPL table
Shafic Kiyaga
Soccer. BUL Bidco Football Club will be hoping to go top of the Startimes Uganda Premier League’s ahead of the international break as they visit Mbarara City Football Club at the refurbished Kakyeka Stadium in Mbarara.
The Jinja outfit have gone five matches without defeat this term, but a goalless draw against URA last time out denied a chance to go top of the log in what is shaping up to be a tight title battle. Between now and November 23, however, when the Uganda Cup kicks off, all focus should turn to the domestic stage, where BUL are battling strong.
If bettering last term’s sixth-place finish under Kefa Kisaala in the league is Peter Onen’s immediate priority, a good run in the Uganda Cup will also be high on the agenda.
With three wins in their last five games, there should be a real feel-good factor around the green half of Jinja thanks to the work of Onen since succeeding Kisaala in June.
A return to winning ways tomorrow will ensure that BUL are on their best unbeaten league run since May this year, though sceptics will point out that they have drawn to URA and Express in their only major league tests to date.
Ahead of a tough December that sees BUL face champions Vipers and KCCA at either end of the month as well as the Jinja derby against Kirinya, Onen will be keen to put three more points on the board to keep this steady momentum building.
Despite Mbarara City losing 2-1 in the western derby, they have really come back strong since then winning two and drawing once in their next fixtures since then.
Charles Livingstone Mbabazi has guided his side to impressive wins over Express and SC Villa and a draw against KCCA, results that go a long way in showing the former Onduparaka tactician is on the right path of accomplishing his season’s ambitions.
Bul will miss the services of Francis Onekalit, who is still out with suspension while Oromchan Villa may also sit out this one with injury. However, they still have the services of Hamis Tibita, Shabena Daniel and Ojok Daniel who have been involved in eight league goals thus far.
Mbabazi confirmed that midfielder Eyam Ivan is still out after pulling a hamstring but they still have the services of Abdulkarim Nduggwa and Paul Mucureezi who have been directly involved in seven goals so far this season in the league while Charles Musiige has also been impressive.
Otherwise they have a full squad to choose from. The performance of Kabuye Samuel from the bench was highly praised, and he may be rewarded with his first start of the season.
Mbarara City have avoided defeat in both of their previous two league encounters with BUL. These came in the manner of a 2-1 win at Kakyeeka in April this year while they shared spoils in their first meeting in Jinja.
Both teams are separated by a single point as BUL lie fourth with 14 points while Mbarara City lie 5th with 13 points.
Last week’s point at home to URA may be considered a positive result for BUL, but they need to get back to winning ways if they are to keep pace with the front runners. Mbarara will also want to open their account at the refurbished Kakyeka stadium with a win as they re-initiate their fans to league football which they have surely missed and this is the kind of match Mbabazi would have loved before the break.

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Express look to maintain momentum at free scoring Bright Stars

Bright Stars have been scoring for fun, netting a league high 13 goals this term
Peter Tabu
Uganda Premier League Fixtures.
Bright Stars Vs Express-Matugga
Kirinya Vs Maroons-Jinja
Mbarara Vs Bul-Kakyeeka.
Soccer: A rejuvenated Express will look to close the gap between them and Bright Stars when they travel to Mwerwere on Tuesday to play Fred Kajoba’s in form side.
This is just one of three Uganda Premier League matches to be played across various venues around the country. The Red Eagles are sixth on 12 points with Bright Stars in third on 14.
Express, who are now unbeaten in three games will hope to maintain the run and build on the 1-1 draw against Vipers in their last game.
Manager Kefa Kisaala will rely on the fire power of striker Tony Odur with the support of midfielder Ibrahim Kayiwa. Across town,  Kajoba’s Bright Stars have been scoring for fun.
The Mwerwere based side have scored the most goals, 13 in the league with Nelson Senkatuka leading the charge on five goals.
Elsewhere, Kirinya Jinja SS host Maroons who are hoping to build on their first league win after they beat Onduparaka while Mbarara City host BUL for the first time at Kakyeeka Stadium after FUFA cleared the stadium to resume hosting home matches.

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Muhoozi Kainerugaba: Why Uganda is the Best Investment Location in Africa

By Muhoozi Kainerugaba
Uganda enjoys a unique location at the heart of Sub-Saharan Africa within the East African region and lies astride the equator. The country is bordered by Sudan in the north, Kenya in the east, the United Republic of Tanzania in the south, Rwanda in the southwest and the Democratic Republic of Congo in the west. This land linked position, gives the country a strategic commanding base to be a regional hub for trade and investment. Uganda enjoys pivotal trade partnerships that create a viable market for business.
A potential investor considering investing in Uganda, will find a well regulated highly liberalized economy in which all sectors are open for investment and there is a free movement of capital to and from the country.
The 2013 Index of Economic Freedom ranked Uganda, the 8th freest economy out of the 46 Sub-Saharan Africa countries. The business operating environment allows the full repatriation of profits after the mandatory taxes have been paid, as well as 100% foreign ownership of private investments. The incentive regime is structurally embedded in the country’s tax laws making them non discriminatory and accessible to both domestic and foreign investment depending on the sector and level of investment.
The minimum capital investment required for a foreign investor to be eligible to invest in the country in virtually any sector, apart from those that may compromise the country’s security, is US$100,000.
Uganda’s labour is highly trainable, English speaking and the cost compares favourably in Africa.
Return on investment is about 5% projected to increase to about 7% due to ongoing and planned infrastructural (roads, railway, energy) development that will ensue from the developments in the oil sector (refinery and crude oil export). Uganda’s GDP is between US$25 billion to US$26 billion, with stable economic growth averaging 5 to 7%.
Inflation has now stabilized to 6.6% after the global economic downturn against which the Uganda economy was resilient and continued to attract foreign direct investment during the period.
The country’s political and economic environment has been consistently improving and stable since 1986. Under the leadership of H.E. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, Uganda has been able to be a political stabilising force in the region, which has provided a secure environment for business to thrive. Security of investment is also guaranteed under the Constitution of Uganda and the Investment Code 1991, as well as the major international investment related agreements / treaties to which Uganda is signatory.
In order to provide a conducive environment for doing business in Uganda, the government of Uganda has created a One Stop Centre (OSC) for business registration and licensing at the Uganda Investment Authority. The OSC also assists in tax advice and registration, immigration and work permit issues, land acquisition and verification, as well as environmental compliance and approvals. Accessing all these services under one roof saves the investor both time and money to have their projects licensed and implemented expeditiously.
Uganda’s Priority Sectors for Investment
1. Commercial Agriculture and Agro processing
Uganda has the unrivaled potential to be the food basket of the East African Community, as well as the Great Lakes regions, with the capacity to export processed food stuffs to the wider COMESA economic bloc if more investment is targeted at processing more of the agro products. Uganda is among the leading producers of coffee and bananas. It is also a major producer of tea, cotton (including organic cotton), tobacco, cereals, oilseeds (simsim, soya, sunflower, etc), fresh and preserved fruit, vegetables and nuts, essential oils, orchids, flowers and sericulture (silk). Opportunities include commercial farming and value addition, as well as the manufacture of inputs (fertilizers, pesticides etc.), supply of agricultural machinery and the establishment of cold storage facilities as well as the production of packing materials. Public Private Partnership investment opportunities exist in the commercial production of cereals (maize and rice) and beans. A Public Private Partnership Investment Opportunity is detailed in the projects section
2. Adding Value to Minerals
Uganda has large under-exploited mineral deposits of gold, oil, high grade tin, tungsten/wolfram, salt, beryllium, cobalt, kaolin, iron-ore, glass sand, vermiculite, phosphates (fertilizer), Uranium and rare earth elements.
There are also significant quantities of clay and gypsum. Gold occurs in many areas of the country, including Busia in the east, Buhweju and Kigezi in the west, Mubende – Kiboga in the central region and significant occurrences in Karamoja in the north east. Particularly, the demand for iron and steel is rising due to the need to develop the infrastructure projects in energy, oil and gas, as well as the railways.
Uganda provides special incentives to the mining sector with some capital expenditures being written off in full.
Oil and Gas:
According to the Petroleum Exploration and Production Department, 21 oil and/or gas discoveries have been made in the country to date. 87 oil wells have been drilled and there are 21 fields in existence. Currently over 3.5 billion barrels of STOIIP have been discovered with over 1.2 billion barrels of oil equivalent estimated as recoverable. However, appraisal of the discoveries is still ongoing. Less than 40% of the Albertine Graben has been evaluated.
Investment opportunities available in upstream activities include:
-Licensing for petroleum exploration and production
-Joint Ventures and farm-in arrangements in existing licenses
-Heated crude oil pipelines to refinery
-Environmental services, given that most activities are located in ecologically sensitive areas. Waste treatment and disposal for both solids and liquids is critical
-Service provision and contracts in the fields of Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Environmental consultancy, drilling services, down-hole services etc.
3. Information Communication Technology (ICT)
Uganda’s ICT sector is one of the most vibrant within the region and fastest growing sector in the economy. This vibrancy hinges largely on the good legal and regulatory frameworks.
The supportive investment climate therein has exposed numerous opportunities in ICT innovation services leading to maximum utilization of the existing youthful human resource base as quite suitable for the ICT work. The newly developed and highly qualitative ICT infrastructure is also ready to accommodate more future investments. Uganda is now connected to three marine fibre optic cables.
4. Tourism
Uganda is home to the source of the Nile, the longest river in the world and around Jinja. The Nile offers the best white-water rafting experience globally.
Lake Victoria, which is shared with Tanzania and Kenya, is the 2nd largest fresh water lake in the world, while Lake Bunyonyi in south western Uganda is the 3rd deepest in the world!
It is estimated that 50% of the world’s population of mountain gorillas lives in Uganda.
It is no wonder that even during the British colonialist times; Uganda’s unique character and incomparable beauty were recognized by Sir Winston Churchill who described Uganda as the “The Pearl of Africa”, a coined phrase that depicts Uganda today.
Potential areas for investment in this sector include:
Establishment of a white sand resort beach
The project offers a complete package of lodging and dinning for tourists/ visitors, and conference hall for different clients for holding meetings and seminars.
The total investment cost is estimated at US$ 4,227,044.
The project is proposed to have 62 separate executive huts and 30 standard rooms.
The payback period is estimated at five (5) years.
Domestic air transport
The objective of this project is to provide efficient and reliable domestic air transport services to Uganda’s major tourist destinations as well as providing reliable and fast air transport services to local travelers.
The total investment cost is estimated US$ 5,391,240.
The payback period is estimated at five (5) years.
Establishment of a tourism & hospitality training institute
The objective of this project is to produce competent graduates who are capable of working in the tourism and hospitality industry offering internationally rated professional services.
• The total investment cost is estimated at US$ 3,492,995.
• The payback period is estimated at five (5) years.
Construction of a wild life/forest lodge
The objective of this project is to provide additional accommodation to mid-range travelers to Uganda’s protected areas (PAs).
The proposed locations include Mabira and Budongo forests, Queen Elizabeth National Park (QENP) and Murchison Falls National Park (MFNP). The project is also aimed at providing water rafting services between Karuma and Murchison Falls, game drives, angling and nature walks in addition to accommodation.
The total investment cost is estimated at US$1,136,170.
The project is proposed to have 20 spacious cottages with en suite facilities.
The payback period is estimated at five (5) years.
Other sectors include:
5. Packaging
Many Ugandan enterprises are missing out on the opportunities in larger markets because their packaging doesn’t meet international standards.
In order for Ugandan processed honey, fruit juices, mineral water, herbal medicines and chemicals, among other products to be competitive nationally, regionally and globally, the packaging has got to be quality.
Currently, there are about seven companies involved in producing packaging materials among which is Riley Packaging in Mukono, Afroplast Enterprises Ltd in Luzira, General Molding in Industrial Area, Rwenzori Bottling company. However, most of them deal in general plastics using the blowing technology. The PVoC packaging technology is more acceptable worldwide.
Most of the companies that need good quality packaging, import their customized packaging from Kenya, South Africa and China.
6. Pharmaceuticals
Uganda’s pharmaceutical industry presents numerous opportunities for new investors as reflected by the growing local and regional demand for medicines and health supplies. 90% of the medicines in Uganda are imported mainly from India, Kenya, Netherlands, China and Denmark (UBOS, 2011).
Medicine accessibility stands at 45.7% in public health facilities, 57.5% in missionary units and 56.3% in private health units. Although Uganda’s market comprises both antibiotics and injectibles, the level of antibiotics prescribed by health facilities is higher than that of injectable medicines. The high demand for Essential Drugs for the treatment of Malaria, HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis is reflected by the trends in causes of morbidity in Uganda. HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria which are some of the major killer diseases account for 54% of the total disease burden in Uganda. Malaria is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality but Tuberculosis is on the increase.
The growing demand for medicines and health supplies in Uganda has instigated the emergency of the Pharmaceutical Industry evolving from 2 manufacturers in the 1990s to over 10 licensed manufacturers by 2010. The sector has also recorded rapid growth in the number of pharmacies and drug shops country wide but these are predominant in urban and semi urban areas. The sector provides numerous opportunities with an assured internal market and external market given that 90% of pharmaceuticals, sundries and medical equipment are imported in to the country.
The opportunities ranging from small scale to large scale include:
a) Production of Human Liquid formulations;
b) Manufacturing of Diagnostic material and equipment;
c) Production of Human Parenteral Drugs;
d) Production of Human vaccines;
e) Processing of Herbal medicines from the neem tree and aloe vera;
f) Manufacturing of veterinary pharmaceuticals;
g) Production of Human Solid dosage forms such as tablets , capsules, etc;
h) Processing of medical sundries (Cotton wool, syringes, sanitary pads, bandages, glucose, water for injections, infusions syrups and oxygen etc and;
i) Manufacture of Medical Equipment.
j) Research and Development in ARV drug production and formulation
7. Other viable investment opportunities that can be explored are in Services – Education, Finance, and Health
Government has completely divested itself from these sectors and private investment is thriving in the mentioned areas as Uganda has positioned herself to be an education hub in the region.
There is a need for diverse financial solutions for the quickly expanding middle class In Uganda.
The health sector is also a viable sector for investment considering many Ugandans travel outside Uganda for specialized treatment and healthcare. The investment environment has been conducive for investments in the health sector
Investment Projects
1. Agro processing
Title of Project: Establishment of an integrated agricultural produce, marketing and value addition park in Uganda
Project Location: Kampala
Lead Agency / Project Promoter: Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries
Project Description: Establishment and maintenance of the integrated agricultural produce, marketing and value addition facilities for the benefit of small scale farmers and producers as well as consumers
Current Status/ Stage of Project: New Project
Actions Required/ Implementation Arrangements/ Contract Type: A Public Private partnership projects that would require the implementing partners to be private sector and other Government ministries, agencies and departments
Availability of Pre-Feasibility Studies, Feasibility Studies, and other Studies: None available. A feasibility study is needed to further refine and disaggregate the project functions while bring out clearly core public functions (Government), Development partners functions (United Arab Emirates) and private sector input under the PPP arrangement
Estimated Cost of the Project: US $ 37,558,400
Period of Implementation: To be determined by the feasibility study
Contact: Mr. V.R. Rubarema, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries, Email: psmaaif@infocom.co.ug , ps@agriculture.go.ug . Tel: +256 414 531411
A detailed project proposal is available on request
2. Building and Construction
Title of Project: Construction of Low Cost Housing for Bugembe Public Servants
Project Location: Bugembe, Jinja District
Lead Agency / Project Promoter: Ministry of Lands Housing and Urban Development
Project Description: The project is a medium scale housing project to be developed on a 30 acre land leased by Government. About 500 housing units will be constructed for direct purchase by the public servants.
Current Status/ Stage of Project: New project. Land has been secured. Government is securing funding for the infrastructure development and looking for a private developer to undertake the construction of the houses
Actions Required/ Implementation Arrangements/ Contract Type: The project will be implemented in collaboration with a private developer through a PPP. It is a mixed development design with commercial area (offices, shops, entertainment and banking), institutional areas (health, schools, church) as well as public open areas and play grounds
Availability of Pre-Feasibility Studies, Feasibility Studies, and other Studies: Feasibility done – Private developer is expected to provide affordable capital funding to construct the houses. Government of Uganda will provide the land and infrastructure services such as roads, water and electricity to the project. The government will also organise interested public servants into housing cooperatives so that they are able to save for the houses. Monthly deductions will be made to the housing revolving fund to managed by Housing Finance Bank. The bank will provide the medium to long term mortgages to the members
Estimated Cost of the Project (US$ / UG SHS est 2,600): UG SHS 91.12 billion
Investment Required: Private developer – Ug Shs 70.6 billion, Government funding for infrastructure – Ug Shs 14.12 billion and Ministry coordination Ug Shs 3.54 billion. Government to promote Shared Equity Ownership Initiative
Contact: Ms Agnes Kalibbala, Director for Housing in the Ministry of lands, Housing and Urban Development, Email:
agnesbkk@gmail.com , Tel: +256 777 508015
Other private ventures in real estate can be carried out to meet the growing demand for housing in Uganda’s urban centres
3. Transport (Aviation)
Title of Project: Upgrade of Priority Air Fields in the Tourism and Oil producing areas to Airports
Project Location: 6 Upcountry Locations
1. Kasese Airport (Kasese)
Project description: Upgrade to international airport construction of runway and associated taxi ways
Project cost: US $ 84 million
2. Gulu Airport (Gulu)
Project description: Upgrade to international airport, widening and strengthening of runway and new terminal
Project cost: US$ 162 million
3. Kisoro Airport (Kisoro)
Project description: Upgrade for tourism, upgrading and strengthening of the runway/ taxiway and apron
Project cost: US$ 20 million
4. Kabale Airport (Kabale)
Project description: New International Airport for the Oil Industry as part of the refinery
Project cost: US$ 192 million
5. Kidepo Airstrip
Project description: Upgrade for tourism benefits
Project cost: US$10 million
6. Arua Airport (Arua)
Project description: Upgrading for regional benefits, paving of the runway
Project cost: US$160 million
Contact: Mr. Hannington Banyendera, Manager Strategic Planning, Tel: +256 757 425782, Email: hbanyendera@caa.co.ug or Mr. Joseph Bukenya, Strategic Planning Officer, Tel: 0772 426863, Email:
4. Oil and Gas (Oil distribution)
Title of Project: Pipeline from Hoima oil fields to storage facilities in Kampala and Jinja
Project Location: Hoima
Lead Agency / Project Promoter: Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development (MEMD) / Petroleum Exploration and Production Department (PEPD)
Project Description: Construction of a 205 km inland pipeline from the Hoima refinery to Buloba terminal near Kampala (capital city)
Current Status/ Stage of Project: Land will be acquired after resettlement action plan and detailed route surveys. Resettlement is on going
Actions Required/ Implementation Arrangements/ Contract Type: International competitive bidding / Public private partnership arrangement
Availability of Pre-Feasibility Studies, Feasibility Studies, and other Studies: Feasibility study with conceptual layout is done
Estimated Cost of the Project: US$ 131 million
Period of Implementation: 2015
Contact: MEMD / PEPD – Emails:
pepdebb@petroleum.go.ug , refining@petroleum.go.ug , Website:
5. Information Communication Technology (ICT)
ICT services
Title of Project: Government Integrated Data Centre
Project Location: To be determined
Lead Agency / Project Promoter: National Information Technology Authority – Uganda
Project Description: Government Integrated Data Centre (GIDC) project entails construction of the national data centre infrastructure including installation of integrated infrastructure service, integrated operation management service, integrated security management service, DRS services, shared infrastructure services
Current Status/ Stage of Project: Brown field
Actions Required/ Implementation Arrangements/ Contract Type: Public Private Partnership
Availability of Pre-Feasibility Studies, Feasibility Studies, and other Studies: Feasibility done
Investment Required (US$): Year 1 – 467,028 Year 2 – 19,800,656, Year 3 – 33,426,487, Year 4 – 3,918,526
Contact: Ms Vivian Ddambya, Ag Director Technical Services, Email:
Vivian.Ddambya@nita.go.ug , Tel: +256 417 801038
6. Fruit Pulp Processing
Fruit Pulp is part of a bigger group of preserved fruits and vegetables which also comprises fruit juices, pulp and concentrates.
The processing industry is the largest user of fruit pulp, where it is used as ingredients in a wide range of food products including juices, yoghurts and Ice creams, as sweeteners and flavours, and because of this wide applicability, the demand and trade in fruit pulp has been raising.
The horticultural sector is one of the fastest growing sub-sectors in Uganda with a growth rate of 20% per year. The fruit and vegetable sub-sector is important in the rural economy because of the contribution to value addition and diversification of income generation for
Project Cost: US$2,351,000
Purpose of the Project:
The purpose of this project is to increase the supply and availability of fruit pulp for industrial and retail use and explore the excess demand especially for organic fruit pulp as a way of increasing value addition to the abundantly available fresh fruits, but at the same time create a market for thousands of smallholder producers involved in fruit production (apple bananas, mangoes and pineapples, passion fruits). All of the fruit concentrate in Uganda is imported mainly from Kenya and South Africa.
The project is planned to target the four most highly demanded fruit pulp products from Uganda, which include; Pineapple pulp, Mango pulp, Apple banana pulp and Passion fruit pulp. Other pulp products such as papaya, guava etc may also be produced additionally as and when a demand arises. An average of 8 tonnes of fruit pulp will be produced per day (160 tonnes per month) at the project processing plant, once sufficient equipment is installed. 50% of this will be pineapple pulp, 30% apple banana pulp, 10% Passion fruit pulp and 10% Mango pulp.
UIA has secured land that it can lease out to investor for setting up of processing plants. To date a number of these pieces of land have been developed into industrial parks in Wakiso and Mukono districts a range of about 15 to 30 Kms from the Kampala city centre, with all the basic infrastructure (power, water sewerage disposal and road networks) established.
Feasibility: The feasibility of this project was carried out in 2009. An interested investor will have to review the detailed feasibility available from Uganda Investment Authority, due to the minimal price changes.
7 Energy Generation
Uganda enjoys sunshine throughout the year making it feasible for solar energy. The various rivers interspersed with waterfalls are potential sites for micro hydro power development. The abundant rainfall ensures constant water flow throughout the year. The organic wastes from households, institutions and agricultural production present huge promise for briquette and biogas production. Despite this abundant natural resource base, the level of electrification in Uganda is still low with less than 10% of the population connected to the national grid. The potential areas for investment in this sector include:
i) Manufacture and marketing of charcoal briquettes
The plant will manufacture 70 tonnes of briquettes per day, which will be marketed as a replacement for firewood and charcoal. The raw material will be dried organic Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) collected from households and surrounding markets in Kampala.
• The total investment cost is US$ 2,389,771 and this includes all the costs such as licenses, land, connection to utilities, initial training etc. Infrastructure and utilities account for 44% of the total investment.
• The payback period is estimated at three (3) years.
ii) Assembly and marketing of solar units in Uganda
The objective of this proposed project is to set up a mega plant for solar energy.
• The capital cost for equipment is estimated at US$3.12 Million, but the full start-up cost (including raw materials for 3 months) depending on the production capacity will be up to approximately US$ 4.85 Million. Such a plant has the capacity to produce 1,500 MWh per month.
• The payback period is estimated at five (5) years.
iii) Design, construction, sales and service support of biomass plants
The objective of this project is to increase the economic viability of a large scale electricity generation from organic garbage in Uganda. This will provide quality and reliable grid electricity to meet the energy demand for both the rural as well as the urban sector.
• The total investment is evaluated at US $ 4,338,650 which can be covered from equity and loans.
• The plant has the capacity to produce 1,500 MWh per month.
• The payback period is estimated at five (5) years.
iv) Acquisition, installation & services of micro hydro dams in Uganda
The project aims at constructing micro hydro power dams and a number of micro hydro power schemes to address the acute energy deficit in rural areas as well as unreliable grid power in small towns that are off-grid.
• The total investment cost is US$ 3,006,050.
• The payback period is estimated at five (5) years.
An investor will have to review the cost implications of these projects whose feasibility was done 2 years ago
For more Information:
Rev. Canon Aaron Mwesigye
Senior Presidential Advisor -Investments
State House
Email: aaron.mwesigye@statehouse.go.ug
Mob. +256 772455129
3rd Floor, Parliamentary Building
RM K 20
P.O Box 25497
Uganda Investmentment Autority
This article was picked from Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s Facebook page. Gen Kainerugaba is the senior presidential adviser on special operations

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Abayizi ba St Bernard abasimattuse omuliro balojja, abatemu bakasuse akacupa akalimu amafuta munda

Bya Nansamba Shadia
ABANTU abatanaba kutegeerekeka baalumbye essomero lya siniya erya St. Bernard Manya e Rakai n’ebookya ekisulo ky’abayizi ba siniya ey’okusatu era mwenda baafudde ne bafuuka bisiriiza ate bannabwe
abawerako ne baddusibwa mu malwaliro ag’enjawulo nga basimattuse n’ebisago eby’amaanyi.
Rashid Bbosa myaka 17 asangiddwa mu Ddwaliro e Kitovu ategeezeza nti, zaabadde saawa nga mukaaga mu kiro eky’akeseeza olw’amande, yagenze okuwulira amafuta agawunya wabula bwe yagezezaako okuzuukusa mikwano gye, omuntu eyabadde ku dirisa eriri okumpi ne wasula yakasuse akacupa era amafuta n’egamuyiikira amagulu, kyokka
wayiseewo akaseera katono n’amukasukira akabiriiti omuliro ne gutandika okumwokya ebigere.

Abayizi munaana abaatwaliddwa mu Ddwaliro e Kitovu mu Masaka, omu ku bbo Brian Ssendyowa eyakoseddwa eby’ekitalo yajjiddwayo n’ayongezebwayo e Mulago ng’embeera ye yeraliikiriza.
Dr Alfred Lumala, Akulira eddwaliro lye Kitovu agamba nti Ssendyowa, yafunye ebisago naddala ku bitundu bye eby’omunda era ng’okuwona kyandiba ekizibu wabula nalaga esuubi nti banne omusanvu bajja
Abayizi abasinze okukosebwa ba siniya eyokusatu nga bano kuliko Henry Ssebukeera, Ben Nuwamanya, Rashidi Bbosa, Isaac Ssenkima,Frank Kamanda, Jerome Omeru, Godfrey Arinaitwe ne Brian
Frank Kamanda yayokeddwa omugongo gwonna
Mu kiseera kino essomero lino liggaddwa abatwala eby’okwerinda nga bakulembeddwa Gen Elly Tumwine, n’akulira okunonyereza mu kitongole kya ISO Col. Kaka Bagyenda, era abazadde balagiddwa okunona abaana babwe bonna.

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Aganaga to venture into talent management, promises to rejuvenate APass’s ‘struggling career’

By Allen Kisakye
Musician Khalifa Aganaga has opened a recording studio and music label to help upcoming musicians realise their potential.
Famed for wearing shoes three times his size, and songs such as Oyitangayo, Ndabirawa, Kitangaaza, Aganaga, who is preparing for ‘Kiboko Katono’ concert named his studio ‘Bad Character Records.’The concert is due November 23 at Aer Lounge Kololo.
While speaking to Watchdog Uganda on Monday, Aganaga said now is the time to prove that he is not a financially struggling artiste.  All he lacked were just hit songs.
“It has always been my dream to help struggling artistes such as APass and the rest through providing a place where they can record good music,” he said.
“This studio will label will help mentor young artiste into big star.”
The said studio is situated in Mengo because there is a lot of undiscovered talent around the said area.
“More details about this matter will soon be provided during the grand opening of the place,” he said.
We await APass reaction.

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Government to inject Shs161b in Busoga livestock project

By Mubiru Ivan
Government has revealed that it will inject Shs161.5 billion in Busoga Livestock Project.
The ‘Revolutionizing livestock farming in the Greater Busoga’ is an initiative of Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga, and its meant to be applied throughout Busoga sub region.
While launching the project on Monday in Kampala, Kadaga said it will increase farmers’ household income and ensure food security.
She also revealed that the venture would lay emphasis on beef and milk production targeting international markets to end poverty in the sub region.
According to parliament.go.ug, Matia Kasaija, Finance Minister said in the next financial year, government will include the project in proposals for the next budget, for Parliament to allocate.
“We want to assure you that projects of this kind must be supported financially…when the costing has been concluded, we shall look for the Shs161.5b, put it in the budget and Parliament will appropriate,” said Kasaija.
“Being the Minister responsible for this economy, I know rural Busoga; the level of poverty is very high. It is one way we can help our people in that part of the country to get out of poverty.”

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St Bernard SS fire: Police counsel traumatized Senior Six candidates

By Stephen Kalema
The Uganda Police has offered counseling to traumatised  students of St Bernard Senior Secondary School, Manya in Rakai District following a fire outbreak that gutted a dormitory housing 50 Senior Three students.
The fire claimed the lives of at least 10 of their schoolmates while approximately 50 students were rushed to Kitovu Hospital by local police and residents. Property worth millions such as mattresses, suitcases and clothes were also destroyed in the fire.
The dormitory is said to have been locked from the outside thus stopping most of the students from escaping.
Police Spokesman Emilian Kayima told journalists on Monday that Senior Six candidates, who  started their final exams on Monday morning were traumatised and the  tragedy would affect them.
“The fire outbreak was very traumatising to students especially Senior Six students. Fortunately our counselors have spoken with them and they are fit to do their exams,” said Kayima.
The cause of fire outbreak is still unknown. However, Police, suspect 10 Senior Four students who were expelled from school before they could sit their UCE exams due to indiscipline tendencies.
“There is high suspicion that the expelled Senior Four students are responsible for the tragedy,” Kayima said. “One of them has been apprehended for interrogations as investigations go on.”

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Pirates sign Shs150m sponsorship deal with Stanbic Bank

Pirates won three trophies last season
Peter Tabu
Black Pirates have signed a three-year deal with Stanbic Bank worth Shs150million.
The Black Pirates are the current League, Uganda Cup and the National Sevens circuit champions.
The three-year-deal, which was announced on Monday morning will see Pirates wear Stanbic Bank branded jerseys both at home and way.
For Edmond Owor, the Pirates Chairman, the deal comes in handy.
“This for us is a huge boost for the club and players. It will motivate us to win more silverware,” Owor said during the press briefing.
The move comes as a boost for Pirates who also kick started their rugby league title defence with an emphatic 48-09 win over Walukuba Rugby Club in Jinja.
Elsewhere, Plascon Mongers and Hima Heathens picked up wins at home and away respectively, Mongers beating up on Mulago 19-00 while Heathens beat up on Toyota Buffaloes 34-09.
Rugby Premiership Weekend Results.
Walukuba 09: 48 Black Pirates
Plascon Mongers 19:00 Mulago Rams RFC
Toyota Buffaloes09: 34 Hima Cement Heathens

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Uganda Premier League: URA, Police game postponed

URA’s Shafik Kagimu has joined up with Kobs
Shafic Kiyaga
The Uganda Premier League secretariat has postponed the football game between Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) and Police FC. The game was scheduled to be played on Tuesday at Mandela National Stadium.
The postponement comes after the tax collectors wrote to UPL to say they cannot honour the fixture due missing players who are on national duty.
URA captain Shafik Kagimu, Dickson Kigongo and defender Paul Mbowa were among the players called up to join the U23 team, Kobs. The team is due to play the South Sudan U23 side on Wednesday at the Startimes Stadium Lugogo in an Afcon U-23 qualifier.
A statement signed by UPL chief executive officer Benard Bainamani, says a new date will be communicated in accordance with article 26 of the competition rules.
“If a club has three or more players in the national team, the fixture involving such a club may be called off three days before and three days after the national team engagement is to be played in Uganda” reads article 26.
However, the rest of the match day fixtures are to be played as scheduled when Bright Stars host Express FC, BUL travel to Mbarara City and Kirinya Jinja SS host Maroons.

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NMS launches medicinal supplement for nodding disease patients

By Mubiru Ivan
National Medical Stores (NMS) in partnership with Joint Medical Stores (JMS) and Doctors Choice have launched a medicinal supplement for nodding disease patients.
The event took place at Odeke Nodding Disease Centre in Omoro district last week.
The high quality drug that contains 92 nutrients from locally grown moringa, will help to improve the nutrition of children with the syndrome.
“The new addition that is being introduced to the children today will make a great difference in the people who are suffering with the Nodding Disease Syndrome. This is both a supplement and a medicine that has some nutrients that the children have been missing. We should be able to see a change in these children soon,” said Dr. Moses Kamabare, Director NMS.
Dr. Ismail Senoga, Director Doctors Choice revealed that the drug is easy to swallow due to its small size and easy to digest because it contains vegetables.
As the same function, Jacob Oulanyah, the Deputy Speaker applauded the efforts by government and the two medical teams for their support to the sick children especially those in northern Uganda.
“We have moved away from denial but we have accepted this plight. We are thankful to government that gave us shs170m for this cause; the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Health. I would like to appreciate NMS for working so hard together with the team from Doctors Choice who have come up with a supplementary drug that can heal this disease,” he said.

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Luzinda says he never touched, assaulted former lover Grace Khan

By Allen Kisakye
Jovan Luzinda has refuted rumours that he assaulted former partner Grace Khan recently.
Rumours have been making rounds that Luzinda beat up Khan during the Bettina Namukasa’s Eliso mu Kabasa concert at Theatre Labonita on October 26. Both are members of Da Nu Eagles band alongside Namukasa.
Luzinda, popularly known for songs such as Emboseera and Ninga Mutamiivu says he accepted to spend a couple of nights at at Kibuye Police post over what he termed trumped up charges but he that he did not  physically assault her.
He claims he only had a misunderstanding with her before going on stage.
“After my performance, I saw policemen who arrested me and took me to Kibuye Police Station where I was held,” he said.
Sources present on the day say the rift stemmed from Luzinda’s stopping of Khan from backing him up; something she considered as offensive and disrespectful thus a fight.
However close friends to Luzinda said that these two have not been seeing each other eye to eye ever since Luzinda dumped Grace for another girl.
“Grace has always wanted to get back at Luzinda,” they said.

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U-23 players enter residential training ahead of South Sudan Afcon clash

Lawrence Bukenya (L) in action against Allan Kayiwa | Fufa Media
By Peter Tabu
The Under-23 national football team, Kob have entered residential training ahead of Afcon U-23 qualifier against South Sudan.
The first leg is due Wednesday, November 14 in Kampala while the return leg will be played in Juba on November 20.
Coach Sebastian Desabre, assisted by Wasswa Bbossa and Charles Ayeikoh named the final 23 man squad, currently at the Fufa Technical Centre, Njeru, after a 2-0 loss to their senior counterparts in a warm up friendly on Sunday morning.
Coaches Charles Ayeikoh(L) and Wasswa Bbossa enjoy the boys’ session at Lugogo |Fufa Media
The team will hope the creative force of Allan Okello, Kizza Mustapha, Shafiq Kagimu and Julius Poloto with the sharpness of Joel Madondo upfront should be able to unlock South Sudan.
The winner between the two sides will face Tunisa in the second round between March 18 and 26, 2019. Thirteen countries have been handed byes into the second round of the competition that has attracted 43 teams. Egypt will host the finals in 2019.
Trevor Semakula, who plies his trade with Weerebie City Stars FC, Australia, is the only foreign based player in camp
The Squad.
Tom Ikara (KCCA FC
Saidi Keni (Proline FC)
Mathias Muwanga (Express FC)
Musitafa Mujuzi (Proline Fc)
Hassan Musana (KCCA FC)
Mustafa Kizza (KCCA FC)
Rashid Toha (Onduparaka FC)
Ronald Kigongo (URA FC)
Paul Patrick Mbowa (URA FC)
Geofrey Wasswa(Vipers SC)
Lawrence Bukenya (KCCA FC)
Bashir Asiku (Vipers SC)
Abel Michael Eturude (Onduparaka FC)
Julius Poloto (KCCAFC)
Shafik Kuchi Kagimu (URA FC)
Allan Okello (KCCA FC)
David Owori (S C Villa)
Joel Madondo ( K-Jinja SS)
Steven Desi Mukwala (Vipers SC)
Joseph Junior Ssemujju (Sc Villa )
Ezekiel Duncan Sseninde (Vipers SC)
Trevor Semakula  (Weerebie City Stars FC, Australia)
Yaya Mahad Kakooza (Tooro United FC).

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Nine locals make cut in Desabre team to face Cape Verde

Emma Okwi being checked by Abel Eturude as Geoffrey Wasswa monitors the situation during Sunday’s practice match at Lugogo | Fufa Media
Peter Tabu
AFCON 2019 Qualifier.
Uganda Vs Cape Verde.
Nov 17, 4pm Namboole
Soccer: The Uganda Cranes head coach Sebastian Desabre named his final 25 man squad that will play against Cape Verde on November 17 in the 2019 AFCON Qualifier at the Mandela National stadium Namboole.
Goal keepers Charles Lukwago (KCCA FC) and Nicholas Sebwato (Onduparaka FC) lead the nine locally based players who impressed the French tactician following a buildup game against Under 23 side Kobs on Sunday. Cranes won 2-0 with goals from onform Simba forward Emmanuel Okwii and Onduparaka winger cum forward Vianney Ssekajugo. Ssekajugo was dropped thereafter alongside Yayo Lutimba, Dan Sserunkuma, Bernard Muwanga and Ambrose Kiirya.
Other locally based players called are Isaac Isinde (Kirinya Jinja SS), Timothy Awanyi, Ibrahim Saddam Juma, Allan Kyambadde and Patrick Kaddu (KCCA FC). Tadeo Lwanga and Moses Waisswa represent league champions Vipers Sc.
Captain Denis Onyango leads the cast of foreign based players that also includes usual suspects like Khalid Aucho and Farouk Miya. The Cranes who were boosted with the arrivals of Joseph Ochaya and Denis Iguma, are expected to enter residential camp on Monday at Kabira Country club as other professionals jet in ahead of the Saturday clash.
Onyango, Lubega Idrisa, Khalid Aucho, Salim Jamal, Walusimbi Godfrey and Milton Karisa also arrived on Monday for national team duty. Faruku Miya and Allan Kateregga were expected to jet in later Monday.
Emma Okwi being checked by Abel Eturude as Geoffrey Wasswa monitors the situation during Sunday’s practice match at Lugogo | Fufa Media
The Uganda Cranes only need a point at home against Cape Verde to qualify for the 2019 AFCON set to take place in Cameroon, it will also be a second striaght AFCON appearance for the Uganda Cranes.
The Cranes Squad
Denis Onyango (Mamelodi Sundowns)
Jamal Salim (El Meriekh)
Charles Lukwago (KCCA FC)
Nicholas Sebwato (Onduparaka FC)
Isaac Isinde (Kirinya Jinja SS)
Murushid Juuko (Simba SC)
Timothy Awanyi (KCCA FC)
Denis Iguma (Kazma FC)
Nicholas Wadada (Azam FC)
Godfrey Walusimbi (Kaizer Chiefs)
Isaac Muleme (Haras El Hodood)
Joseph Ochaya (TP Mazembe)
Hassan Wasswa (El Geish)
Khalid Aucho(Church Hill Brothers, India)
Ibrahim Saddam Juma (KCCA FC)
Tadeo Lwanga (Vipers SC)
Allan Kateregga (Cape Town City)
Faruku Miya (Gorica )
Moses Waisswa (Vipers Sc)
Milton Karisa (MC Oujda)
Allan Kyambadde (KCCA FC)
Emma Okwi (Simba SC)
Edrisa Lubega (SV Ried)
Derrick Nsibambi (Smouha)
Patrick Kaddu (KCCA FC)

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We have not fired Andy Management – B2C claim

By Allen Kisakye
After weeks of silence, the B2C boy group have dispelled circulating rumors which allege that they fired their long term manager Andrew Mugerwa.
The boy’s – Mr Lee, Bobby Lash and Delivad Julio – however, admitted to Watchdog Uganda, that it’s true they have issues with Mugerwa of Andy Events but they have never fired him.
“Andy knew us before anyone, he saw the star in us and helped us to build the B2C brand. He has tirelessly invested in our career. And for everything we have gone through with Andy, we cannot just fire him like that,” said jointly said.
Andy has managed B2C – Born to Conquer – since 2015 at the start of their career. Under Andy Events management, the trio has recorded remarkable songs like Gutamiiza, Wanyonoona, Tokigeza, Ontagaza, Nyongera among others
The trio has also managed to organize a successful concert dubbed B2C Live in Concert at Freedom City on September 9.
Andy also said he is still the manager of B2C and doesn’t know where that rumours were coming from.
“Yes we have misunderstandings within the camp but we are resolving everything,” he said.

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Muwonge keeps calm to win second national rally championship title

Susan Muwonge and her navigator Edmund Kyeyune
Shafic Kiyaga
The 2018 National Rally Championship will go down in history as the closest championship to call in years, technical glitches on the last day aside.
The championship was still undecided after six rounds as three drivers – 2014 champion Ronald Sebuguzi, 2016 champion Jas Mangat and 2011 champion Susan Muwonge – were all separated by 10 points. Win the seventh round at the weekend in Mbale and take home the overall crown.
The tides and stakes were high before the Mbale event but unfortunately, Muwonge was still considered an underdog in the fight given the edge three time champions Sebuguzi and Mangat had over her.

Mangat pulled out of the event while Sebuguzi dropped out on day one. In the end, Muwungo and Edmond Kyeyune claimed a second national rally championship in her 13 year career.
The crew in a Subaru N12 showed maturity and composure to ensure their 32 second deficit on Hassan Alwi  – who was given a 10-minute penalty for deviation – on the first day turned into overall victory. They cruised on in style and to the awe of adoring fans to win the rally overall despite a puncture she suffered.
Ssebuguzi, who was vying for a fourth championship suffered a broken shaft on Day One
Kepher Walubi finished second while Alwi and Enock Olinga rounded up the podium places in third. Godfrey Lubega who had a good clean drive settled for fourth while Fred Kitaka and Yassin Nasser finished fifth and sixth respectively. Kenyan Khalid Umar rounded off the top 10.
“God has been really on our side this year, we have managed to finish every event thus far. We lost time changing a puncture but managed to get back on the road and win the rally. I am so grateful to my team, my fans we have achieved our goal,” she said.

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Super Lady Muwonge enters record books as only two-time female national champion

Muwonge and Edmond Kyeyune after winning the Mbale rally on Sunday
Shafic Kiyaga
When Susan Muwonge was handed her championship trophy at the podium in Mbale on Sunday, she entered record books, again.
Already as Africa’s first and only female national champion, Muwonge’s second National Rally Championship made her the only two-time female national rally champion world over.
With the first triumph in 2011, Muwonge joined the rank of only handful of women who have won national rallies like Australia’s Molly Taylor in 2016 and UK’s Louise Aitken-Walker in 1982. Others are UK’s Pat Moss, Germany’s Isolde Holderied, New Zealand’s Emma Gilmour and France’s Michelle Mouton.
Molly Taylor, Australia’s first female rally champion
Locally, she joins Moses Lumala (1999, 2003) and Ponsiano Lwakataka (2005, 2007) as the three drivers with two national titles.
At the start of her rally career in 2005, nobody ever thought a lady could reign supreme in a sport mostly dominated by men. But 13 years later, Muwonge has achieved what some men only dream.
Many will be excused for thinking that Super Lady, as she is referred to had an easy ride to this year’s title. Her performances throughout the season have been top notch and she has really conquered the elements to emerge victorious.
While this is not her first national victory, in 2011 when she first conquered the championship, many believed it was down to luck and not pure pace. Doing it once could be accounted to luck but twice shows quality, skill and ‘Thanos’ like strength and determination.
Muwonge’s secret ingredient has been her consistence and convincing pace. She has not failed to finish any particular event this year. She finished second in Hoima, third in Mbarara and Fort Portal rallies and claimed fifth overall during Pearl Rally. Jinja rally was her only blemish as she finished outside the top 10.
The winning crews of Susan Muwonge, Kepher Walubi (2) and Hassan Alwi (3) on podium.
Winning in Mbale was the icing on the cake after such commanding drives.
Consistent she has been that almost every rally fan can identify the lime green Subaru N12 from a forest of rally cars.
While thanking her husband for being there for her, Muwonge also acknowledged the important role her navigator has played enroute title number two.
Edmond Kyeyune has been so ever present during the highs and lows.
‘A navigator is a rally driver’s best friend’ and Muwonge and Kyeyune have formed such a formidable partnership in the cockpit since 2005.
One particular event of note is when Muwonge was reduced to tears after an unsuccessful event. However, Kyeyune kept his calm and whispered encouraging words into her ears.
Pace notes are what guide a driver and determine the speed they carry. Kyeyune ensures the notes are ready on time. His job is not yet done until he reads these notes to the dot. A misread and a crew could be plunged 100 meters into a valley.
“I might be seen as the boss because I sit behind the steering wheel and own the car but my boss is actually Kyeyune who guides me on where to go and how to get to the finish line,” Muwonge said in an earlier interview. “I cannot do it without him.”
2018 – Suzan Muwonge
2017 – Christakis Fitidis
2016 – Jas Mangat
2015 – Arthur Blick Junior
2014 – Ronald Ssebuguzi
2013 – Jas Mangat
2012 – Jas Mangat
2011 – Susan Muwonge
2010 – Nasser Mutebi
2009 – Ronald Ssebuguzi
2008 – Dr Ashraf Ahmed
2007 – Ponsiano Lwakataka
2006 – Ronald Ssebuguzi
2005 – Ponsiano Lwakataka
2004 – Charlie Lubega
2003 – Moses Lumala
2002 – Charlie Lubega
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2000 – Charlie Lubega
1999 – Moses Lumala

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Democrats fail to Unstitch the Bullish Trump

By Ofwono Opondo
The US midterm elections are over and President Donald J Trump is bullish on twitter, and press conferences, although looked distraught calling for middle ground with Democrats and sections of the media that has railed him over alleged lack of civility and political correctness since taking office twenty one months ago. With the election euphoria, Trump fired his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions whom had berated for months as cowardly. Sessions follows former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, and the colourful Press Secretary Sean Spicer, among other senior figures.
True the Democrats won Congress while Republicans retained the Senate, but it wasn’t the Blue Wave that had been predicted. Most of the US media had made people believe that Trump and Republican Party would lose the midterm elections, and Democrats were set for a landslide. In their observation, Trump’s performance had been poor especially because of his abrasive approach to both domestic and international.
In fact, to many observers, and the so-called experts in international politics, diplomacy, economy, trade, security, military, immigration, human rights, and climate change, Trump has been managing as if he was in unending hostage situations. Trump either wins or you lose in a zero sum game without a middle ground.
The republicans were focused that even when they lost Congress, they won the swing states like Florida, Indiana, Missouri and North Dakota, ending with majority State Governors and Senators, while Democrats took the House of Representatives. We now look forward to unending investigations, subpoenas and filibusters, and hopefully some trade off on important issues. Trump, has over his tenure created a narrative that the US is under attack and being cheated or taken advantage of by even some of the wealthiest and prosperous nations like China and Europe.
He aggressively boasted, marketed, and quite often exaggerated without figures, how he has in a short period reversed America and Americans’ fortunes by creating jobs, opportunities, and respect, although some may say fear, around the world. His boast of a growing economy and hard-line views on anti-immigration which targeted his base appear sold out. The US economy is doing well under Trump, unemployment is at lowest across board, but that credit ought to go to Barrack Obama who laid the foundation that dug America out of the 2008 economic crisis.
It seems America is tired of leaders whose claim to fame is mere rhetoric and wants leaders who will tell them the hard truth, and in Trump, they seem to have found that leader. He has been so bold for example to tell his US allies in NATO that it’s high time they funded their security and stop sucking the US. In response, this week, French President, François Hollander, made a call to his EU colleagues that it was time they founded a European army and stopped relying on the US for their security especially, as he put it, against, Russia and China.
Bernie Sanders, the former Democratic Party candidate who lost the ticket to Hillary Clinton in 2016, had warned Americans, and fellow Democrats, that the US was tired of identity politics such as race, gender gay rights and among others. According to Sanders, Americans wanted to hear how the economy would be fixed to reclaim their global position as the unchallenged economic giant amidst threats from emerging economies of China, India, Russia and Brazil.
But, either most mainstream media in the US have a biased agenda against Trump, or are simply incompetent not read the American mood since 2015 when he first appeared on the political horizon. They have been caught flat-footed with each passing day in their combined attempt to fail him politically. Characteristic of him, Trump takes them head to head, exposing what he views as open biases, and incompetence, asking them to let him run the country because after all, their media houses are ‘failing’. In fact, he continues to strip them naked and appears to be winning at least, so far.
For a long time the media and journalists in the US have captured the political elite and made them dance to their tunes. Trump has refused that capture and no wonder they are relentlessly smearing him with all the dirty they can conjure. Like in Uganda, President Museveni has refused to tow the media narrative coached to the Western agenda. In Trump’s mind most of them are charlatans who are exaggerating their worth.
Whereas, previous US presidents were consumed with aggressive tendencies of being everywhere and nowhere, Trump chose to fix America first before popping his nose in the affairs of other countries. The real American taxpayers are tired of spending their monies on useless and hegemonic foreign ventures that don’t bring economic returns.
As Trump’s first term comes to its end, he may perhaps change, but remains an enigma who has defied the conventional ways, what Americans call “political correctness,” in running the US and the world. He has defied traditions of pretence disguised as diplomacy and speaks from his heart. To most Americans and indeed the world such are the leaders we deserve.

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Jaguar bus knocks 41 year old man dead in Rubanda

By Arinda Nsheeka Wilfred
Police in Rubanda District is investigating an accident that claimed the life of  Rutakyirwa Siciliano,  41.
The deceased is a  resident of Nyakabungo ward in Rubanda town council, Rubanda  district.
He was knocked by a Jaguar bus registration number UAR 942M on 10/11/28 at around 20:00 hours at Haisesero along Kisoro-Kabale highway.

It’s alleged that the deceased was moving towards a packed lorry a cross the road, not knowing that there was an approaching vehicle, which seriously hit him and was rushed to Kabale referral hospital where he died moments later.

The bus was being driven by Lubanga Swaibu of Makindye Kampala and is packed at Rubanda  Police station pending inspection. Inquiries underway to establish the rightful cause.

Elly Maate, the Kigezi region Police spokesperson has confirmed the sad news.

This case has been registered at Rubanda police under file number TAR 39/2018.

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Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort named Uganda’s most luxurious hotel 

By Catherine Apolot
Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort has been named best Luxury Hotel and Conference Centre in Uganda at  the ‘2018 World Luxury Hotel Awards.’
The awards ceremony took place at weekend at Ayana Resort and Spa, Bali in Indonesia.
Tanique Echardt, Executive Manager of the awards congratulated the facility for the milestone and said the accolade serves as recognition of sustained commitment to excellence in hoteliering and outstanding achievement in the international luxury hospitality industry.

Early this year, the hotel was also awarded with a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2018.
Owned by property mogul Sudhir Ruparelia, Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort is one of the leading hotels in Uganda offering accommodation, restaurants and state of art conference rooms ideal for seminars, parties and concerts.
About ‘World Luxury Hotel Awards’
Established in 2006, ‘World Luxury Hotel Awards’ is the pinnacle of achievement in the luxury hotel industry offering international recognition as voted by guests, travelers and industry players alike.
Over 300,000 international travelers vote each year, during a four-week period to select the winners.
Luxury hotels have the opportunity to participate in the ‘World Luxury Hotel Awards’ by entering hotel categories that showcase their unique selling points and destinations.

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Bishop Ahimbisibwe commends mothers for good works in family, church 

By Arinda Nsheeka Wilfred
The South Ankole Diocese bishop has commended mothers for their role in producing, educating and nurturing children by protecting them from evil.
Bishop Nathan Ahimbisibwe, who was preaching at All Saint Church Ntungamo added that had it not  been for mothers, no one would be alive.
“We should appreciate our mothers. What they have really done for us in protecting, teaching us how to speak,” Rev, Ahimbisibwe said on Sunday, adding that mothers should be given a first priority in everything since they are the mothers of Jesus Christ.
He was holding a thanksgiving service for mothers in all 53 parishes and monies collected will be used for Mothers Union activities at the diocese.
He also reminded them that ‘worries will always come but take them to God through prayers’ saying believers worry not because Jesus Christ is there to rescue them.
During his fourth courtesy visit to All Saints Church, Bishop Ahimbisibwe was accompanied by a delegation of  visitors from Namirembe Guest House led by Helen Habiyaremye.
Habiyaremye noted that they came to ‘strengthen their relationship with Bishop Ahimbisibwe and South Ankole Diocese.
She hailed Bishop Ahimbisibwe for being a gift to Christianity in Uganda, revealing that Namirembe Guest House was built before 1920 by Missionaries as their area of residence and later was handed over to the Church of Uganda for business activities.

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Musicians use Kyarenga to declare Parliamentary intentions in 2021

By Stephen Kalema
Following musician Bobi Wine’s success during his first stint in Parliament, many of his contemporaries have decided to follow suit and contest for various parliamentary seats.
On Saturday, at least five of the artistes who performed at the Kyarenga concert at One Love Beach, Busabala announced that they would try an unseat incumbents in Kakuto County, Gomba East, Mawokota and Masaka.
Bobi Wine aka Robert Kyagulanyi represents Kyadondo East in Parliament. Other artistes in the 10thParliament are Judith Babirye (Buikwe, Woman MP) and Kato Lubwama (Rubaga South).
Accompanied by loud cheers from the 40,000-strong crowd dressed in red outfits, berets and ribons, artiste Geoffrey Lutaaya from Da Nu Eagles band said he was ready to race for Kakuto County MP seat. He was followed by his former bandmate Ronald Mayinja who promised to unseat NRM’s Emmanuel Kalule Ssengo in Gomba East County, Gomba District.
Not to be left out, Hillary ‘Dr Hilderman’ Kiyaga said vie for Parliament as the Mawokota representative. Hilderman famously sang a song praising current legislator Amelia Kyambade and has already been endorsed by Kyagulanyi.
Abantu Bakoowu musician Mathias Walukaga declared intention to run for Masaka.
Kyarenga Concert was attended by prominent politicians Francis Zaake, Joseph Gonzaga Ssewungu, Abedi Bwanika, Asuman Basalirwa among others.
Artistes Eddy Kenzo, Eddy Yawe, Mikie Wine, Pallaso, Kabako, King Saha, Spice Diana, Nina Roz, Renah Nalumansi entertained the crowd.
 “I thank Uganda police force for providing us with security and not stopping us as they have always done. We are a peaceful people but we want to be listened to. With such support it will be foolish of government and the leadership not to listen to the voices calling for change of leadership,” Bobi Wine told the cheering crowd.

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Museveni: Opposition should work with govt to end electoral violence, monetization of politics

By Stephen Kalema
President Yoweri Museveni has called upon opposition political parties to work with his government to ensure that electoral violence and monetisation of politics are put to an end.
To Museveni, this is the only way that democracy and stability will flourish in Uganda.
“These are very serious matters. If you want democracy and stability, you should not tolerate this electoral violence and money,” he said.
The President made the remarks last weekend at a meeting with a delegation of members of the Inter-Party Organisation for Dialogue (IPOD) at State House Entebbe, led by their Chairperson Fred Ebil.
Other members who attended include Eddy Fred Kasajja of Justice Forum (JEMA); Hadijja Babirye Kizito who is the Chairperson of JEMA Women’s League; the Secretary General of NRM, Justine Kasule Lumumba and her Deputy, Richard Todwong, James Tuhairwe an NRM representative on the IPOD Council and Lawrence Okae, the National Chairperson of Uganda People’s Congress (UPC).
An apology was received from Salaamu Musumba of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) for not being able to attend the Entebbe meeting with the President because of other engagements.
The Inter-Party Organisation for Dialogue was set up in 2010 to bring together leaders of all political shades in the country to foster a strong and vibrant multiparty democracy in Uganda based on peaceful co-existence of all citizens to work harmoniously.

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Mathematics, History open 2018 UACE examinations period

By Stephen Kalema
Senior Six students across the country are set to commence their Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) examinations today, with a call to desist from cheating.
“We still warn schools against the involvement in malpractice in the examination and to guard against people who sell what they purport to be examination questions,” reads part of the statement signed by Daniel Odongo.
Students of Kakungulu Memorial School in Kibuli, Kampala sit for UACE Mathematics paper two exam last year. | Courtesy
The 99,672 students are expected to write their exams at 2,217 centers.
According to Dan Odongo, the Uganda National Examinations Board executive secretary, this year, the number of students declined from last year’s 102,007 who participated in UACE.
There are over 800 scouts deployed to monitor this exercise. Male students outnumber their female counterparts – 58,359 to 41,313 female students.
On Monday morning, Sciences students begin with Mathematics Paper One while Arts students start with European History/History World Affairs at 9:00.
In the afternoon, the candidates will sit Mathematics paper Two and East African History.
Examinations will end on December 4.

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Rwakakamba on Rukutana: Deputy AG is too naïve about National Dialogue

By Stephen Kalema
Former presidential aide and political commenter, Morrison Rwakakamba has blasted the deputy attorney general for trying to sabotage the ongoing preparations of National Dialogue.
Rwakakamba said that Mwesigwa Rukutana is naïve about what is called ‘a National Dialogue.’
While speaking to Watchdog Uganda on Saturday Rukutatana said, “The likes of Rukutana are naïve about the main agenda of the National Dialogue. Most of them think it’s about their government, which is not true. This dialogue is about all Ugandans, and government cannot stop people from talking.”
This came after Rukutana asked the organisers of the National Dialogue for eight clarifications on preparations. These include; who are the exact parties to dialogue? Financers of the dialogue process, what are the rules of engagement? How will decisions be arrived at and what form will they take? Who are the participants in the dialogue and why? How will the decisions and deliberations tally with what current government structures doing? What will be the time frame since the electoral processes arrangements are to start next year? How will they make sure that the process is not interfered with electoral process?
However Abedi Bwanika, a presidential aspirant in 2016 and president of People’s Development Party backed Rukutana, saying Parliament must first seat and resolve the laws under which all the results from the dialogue will be implemented.
“We need Parliament to first seat and set instruments through which the outcomes of the dialogue will be implemented because right now there is no law that asserts  that this President Museveni’s government will implement the out,” Bwanika said.
According to Bwanika, the dialogue needs a neutral convener but not the current organizers who also have scars of injustices by the current government.
“Unless one is blind but the status of Uganda needs a passionate dialogue to clear every messes that have been caused by both the current and past leadership however we need a neutral convener like who never tested the rage and injustices of this government.”
“Also the organisers must be transparent with all parties but not side one way, now why did they call Museveni to officiate the opening yet is the major subject of the dialogue?”
Robert Kasule Sebunya, Member of Parliament of Kyadondo North refuted the proposal of the National Dialogue saying everything in the country is at peace.
“Look people are now enjoying Kyarenga concert at Busabala others are making their deals successfully. So when you talk about national dialogue I don’t get you clearly. We are not at war.”

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Justice at last : Kabale court dismisses Besigye’s six-year-old case

By Arinda Nsheeka Wilfred
The Kabale magistrates court on Friday dismissed a case in which the former Forum for Democratic Change party president and other opposition political figures were accused of damaging police vehicles, hurting police officers and causing violence in Kabale town in 2012.
Dr Kizza Warren Besigye Kiffefe, a four-time Presidential candidate was charged with the Kawempe South MP Mubarak Munyagwa, FDCs secretary of mobilization Ingrid Turinawe, Kampala Lord mayor Elias Lukwago and Rukungiri Municipality MP Roland Mugume Kaginda.

According to the prosecution, the Opposition politicians caused commotion and violence during their rally in Kabale Municipal Stadium, and in the process, four police officers were badly injured, and three police vehicles were destroyed during the scuffles.

In his ruling, his worship Moses Kagoda said the accused didn’t do anything wrong by speaking politics – and that what they communicated didn’t intend to bring chaos.

He dismissed the six-year-old case saying the availed evidence wasn’t satisfactory to pin the accused. The case was dismissed in absentia of all  the accused.

Lydia Turyahumura, the chairman of Forum for Democratic Change in Kabale district while speaking to Watchdog Uganda after the ruling said the court’s decision was long overdue.

Turyahumura accused the ruling government of failing the judiciary, wondering how their case would last for 6 years.

Dr Besigye on his previous appearance in court together with other opposition politicians threatened not to appear in Kabale court again, saying that government was behind the delaying of the ruling this case, and was intending to cripple activities of the Opposition party.

The Opposition figure founded Forum for Democratic Change in 2005 after falling out with his long time ally Yoweri Museveni and has since emerged a popular figure in the politics of the country.

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Coffee dealers want Museveni to halt seed distribution through OWC, call for UPDF intenvention

By Patrick Edward Musisi
Coffee dealers in Mukono have petitioned President Museveni to dispatch UPDF soldiers to help in cleaning post-harvest handling as an avenue for improving the standard of coffee for export.
Farmers also want government to cut down the amount of coffee seedlings supplied under programmes like ‘Operation Wealth Creation’, reasoning that much of the supplied seedlings dry up on people’s verandahs for lack of space to plant them.
Instead, through a petition sounded out by the managing director of Nakifuma-based Yawe Coffee Factory, Haji Umar Ddumba, the farmers suggested that the programme is boosted with supply of pesticides and fertilizers
Haji Ddumba was speaking to Watchdog Uganda about  the hurdles encountered in the national campaign to revamp coffee growing on Friday.
He said despite efforts by Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) to sensitise farmers on the need to pick only ripe berries and to avoid drying on dirty ground, there is persistent prevalence of the problems which has led to recession of coffee quality.
“UCDA has financial and other limitations, but if government supplemented their efforts as was the case in the control of illegal fishing,  we are optimistic that we shall make big headway in improving the quality, and hence demand, of our coffee on the wold market,” Ddumba said.
He added that farmers would be more comfortable with fertilizers and pesticides supplied by government.
“Many suppliers in the private sector are too crafty to be relied on for selling of genuine items.”
The farmer appreciated efforts by UCDA to train farmers and processors, as well as availing free pesticides
 “However the supplies are inadequate to satisfy the national demand, hence necessitating government subsidies,” he added.
“Farmers are ready to buy these items at a reasonable price provided they are of the required standards because  it is also in their interest to boost quantity and quality of coffee production.” 

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Jiggers in Mukono schools irk area MP Senyonga

By Patrick Edward Musisi

The Mukono South Member of Parliament has expressed disgust at the rate at which jiggers are attacking learners in Mukono schools, and appealed to administrators to prioritize fixing classroom floors with concrete.
On the excuse of the high cost of cement, Johnson Senyonga Muyanja suggested that schools in remote areas could use cow dung, adding, “Long ago when we went to primary schools, the order was to fix floors with cow dung and we were not attacked by jiggers at the present rate.”
He was on Saturday commissioning a refurbished six-classroom block at Sir Apollo Kaggwa Primary School in Buwaali LC I, in Nakisunga sub-county. The classroom was given a face lift  with assistance from Swiss friends of Katosi Women Development Trust, a local non government organisation in the area.
Senyonga advised that as school administrators fundraise for services like electricity, water and new blocks, they should think of adequate flooring for the existing buildings to control jiggers which are a health hazard to learners.
He talked about the possibility of making it mandatory for all learners to wear shoes at school as a campaign to control the epidemic.
Earlier, Nakisunga LC 3 Chairman Mubarak Sekikubo announced that his council resolved to report to police parents who either fail to pay for their children’s lunch at school, or do not pack lunch for them, as well as those who keep at home their children of school-going age during school hours.
Sekikubo argued that government has made its contribution, and advised parents to reciprocate, noting that if they failure to observe this, even government’s contribution will collapse saying it is impossible to teach a child on an empty stomach.

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Kenyan MP Babu to Ugandan government: I will not be silenced!

Babu and Bobi in Kenya last month
Catherine Apolot
Embakasi East MP in Kenya has responded to Internal Affairs Minister Jeje Odongo, categorically saying he will not be silenced.
Babu Owino was scheduled to grace legislator Robert Kyagulanyi’s Kyarenga Concert, but was banned from entering  Uganda on Tuesday.
In the letter signed by Gen. Odongo, Babu was informed that he had been involved in subversive activities aimed at undermining the legitimately elected government of Uganda.
Babu is the leader of Youth for Africa Movement
The November 8, letter added that Babu will need special clearance from his ministry to visit the country.
“Any person found aiding or abetting the violation of this directive will be in contravention of a legal order and will be liable for prosecution,” Odongo added.
In a statement released on Sunday, Babu said, “I wish to categorically state that General Haji’s ban will not deter me from agitating for greater democratic space in Uganda, Kenya and indeed, the entire continent. I will not falter in my pursuit for respect for human rights and the meaningful involvement of the youth in our nations’ affairs.”
The vocal youthful MP branded the idea to ban him from travelling as “a backward and authoritarian response to my unequivocal support for Honorable Robert Kyagulanyi and the young people of Uganda against the tyranny of President Yoweri Museveni.”
“Honorable Bobi Wine and I remain brothers in ideology and no amount of intimidation will stop us from working together to liberate the people of Africa!”
The Youth for Africa Movement leader also adds that the arc of the moral universe may be long but it always bends towards justice.
Jeje Odongo is Uganda’s Internal Affairs minister
“I urge the youth in Uganda not to be discouraged from this minor set back. I will come to Uganda whether the guy is alive or dead. We will overcome!” He promised.
Government is yet to respond.

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The bitter truth about love you should know

By Faridah Nakazibwe
Love doesn’t always give you the happy ending you may always want. Sometimes you can be madly in love with someone and still know in your heart that, that person can never give you the kind of love or put in effort that you know you deserve.
Truth be told – One of the hardest things to accept in life is knowing that sometimes you were only meant to make the other person better for the next person. When some people don’t appreciate having a good person in their corner, sometimes that ended relationship is like a wake up call for them to get their act together for the next person.

It doesn’t mean that something was necessarily wrong with you, it just means that they really didn’t have the tools to help maintain a healthy happy relationship with you like you wanted.
Don’t beat yourself hard on it – Sometimes that is the only reason why you cross paths with certain people. You were never meant to be together, you were just meant to make them better for the next person.
I know it’s a hard pill to swallow but at least room was made in your life so the next person could love you like you deserve to be loved.

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Owori cannot tell ‘yellow’ from ‘gold’, advised to go back to design school

Designer Sylvia Owori in a red dress
By Allen Kisakye
Is former Miss Uganda organiser Sylvia Owori one of people paid to discredit anything Bobi Wine? We do not know.
Has she been sleeping well these past three weeks? We doubt.
Has she finally made a come back from the dead? Sure thing. Courtesy of the Kyagulanyis.
Bobi Wine in one of the day’s many costumes|Courtesy Photo
What’s her purpose in life today? Your guess is as good as mine.
Fresh from attacking Barbie Kyagulanyi, to dragging Zuena Kirema in her fights with Ghetto First Lady, Owori has now jumped on singer Bobi Wine; the cheap kind of attack on, wait for it, costume colour.
Is she eating well? We doubt.
We also doubt that Owori went to One Love Beach, Busabala to join the millions of fans who watched Bobi Wine’s sold out, day long concert.

But of all that happened, Owori chose to critique a gold coloured ensemble – one of the three for the night – won by Bobi Wine.
Boy oh boy did she misfire.
“In a yellow suit? Who is fooling who? At night it becomes a yellow suit and during the day, the red is on,” she said, seemingly to suggest that Bobi Wine is a mole.
She went one cheaper, to claim Bobi was a mediocre musician.
Kyarenga attracted all ages and categories of revellers
“Isn’t this the true meaning of mediocrity I was talking about the other day and I was gravely misunderstood?”
The fresh bashing started from there.
Naye Slyvia I heard you were in fashion meaning you know colours vividly. Sibcerly is that yellow of gold? No wonder you were dating a muzungu and when you got pregnant you gave birth to a black baby because you are colour blind old woman,” Janina Jenny Kayitesi responded.

Kayitesi was quickly followed by others including blogger and Kyagulanyi super fan Sarajoy Bakanansa.
“Now I understand why this witch is the fashion failure. Look at young boys like Abyranz coming from nowhere and take over the industry yet all the time she fooled herself as a fashion designer while running her Escort business.
That colour is Mustard not yellow,” Bakanansa educated Owori.
“You are desperately looking for a come back. But I repeat let the dead stay dead. You lost relevance in 2010 and now we are in 2018.
This woman needs Sebagala to snatch her again coz it must badly itching.”
According to Bakanansa Owori should beef with likes of Santa Anzo because they are from the same generation.
“But leave people of this generation to flourish.
By the time you died, such colours were not yet on the market and now they are.
Leave our president alone, groom Sebagala for presidency.”
One of Bobi Wine’s die hard fans asked what her purpose in life was?
We don’t know.
Part of the crowd at One Love Beach, Busabala

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Meet Galaxy FM’s Innocent Nahabwe; a salient young Billionaire

By Mubiru Ivan
If you meet Dr. Innocent Nahabwe you cannot easily tell that he is one of the youngest billionaires we have in town simply because of his humbleness and down to earth character.
He is young, innovative, enterprising and someone not afraid to take on risks. A combination of these has made Nahabwe, a veterinary Doctor by profession not only to succeed in business but also become one of the prominent figures in Uganda.
At just 38 years of age, Dr. Nahabwe, runs a string of businesses including Club Amnesia, one of the leading outing spots in Kampala, Blue Cube, an SMS company and Galaxy FM one of the best radio stations we have in the country.
He also ventured in online betting business as well as real estate.
Nahabwe is one of the modern marketers Uganda has. Prior to setting up his own business empire, he was a marketing guru at Red Pepper, a popular media brand in the country.
It is believed, while at Red Pepper, he got an opportunity to meet many people and thus contacts whom he would later leverage to succeed.
He says he has been successful in things he loves most.
“As an entrepreneur, you put in a lot of time. If you are doing something you don’t love, you cannot achieve a lot because decisions are rushed. I have tried a lot of things and the ones that have survived are those I love,” he is quoted as saying by The Observer.

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10 Ugandan Celebrities allegedly claimed by HIV/AIDS

By Mubiru Ivan
As Ugandans looks forward to join the rest of the world to commemorate the WORLD AIDS DAY on December 1, we have to remember that AIDS is real , it has claimed a number of lives of people we know and those whom we have never heard of.
Many Ugandan celebrities have died due to the syndrome, before death, some accepted their fate, they came out publicly and declared their statuses whereas for others we just heard rumours since they never came out to announce that they are HIV positive till their death.
Here is a list of some of the Ugandan celebrities who have succumbed to the deadly virus;
1.Philly Bongole Lutaaya
Probably Philly is the first on the list because he is the first Uganda celebrity who came out to say he is infected with the disease.
He was a music maestro whose song still hit the waves up to now especially during Christmas festivals
He died on 15 December,1989 when the virus was still fresh in the eyes of the world.

2.Paddy Bitama
Paddy Ssali aka Paddy Bitama was a renowned comedian with the Amarula family.He died of the deadly disease in 2014 though some people alleged that he died of cancer.

3.Fred Maiso
Maiso was a band music singer in the now diminished Eagles production, known for his single ekimuli kya roza which flocked the air waves in the 1990s.He passed on in 2012 due to the virus.

4.Livingstone Kasozi
He was a kandongo kamu singer whose name gathered mass in the 1990s due to his constructive songs like Dunia welaba, abafumbo twefumbirire among other.Kasozi died of HIV in 1997.

5.Paul Kafeero
Paul Kafeero died of AIDS in 2007. He is a celebrated kadongokamu singer known for his illustrious musical career.

6.Sarah Birungi
Birungi was a musical diva who died died in 2002due to HIV/AIDS. She was a band music singer remembered for her song Okukula kweta.
7.Harriet Kisakye
Kisakye was a band music singer who succumbed to death in 2015. It is alleged that the musician died of HIV/AIDS.

8.Mark Makumbi
Makumbi was a Kadongo kamu singer, sports journalist, TV and radio presenter who died in January 2016. He died of cancer but sources say he died of the deadly virus.

9.Martin Angume
Angume was a musician well known for his single ‘switch’. He died in 2013 and its alleged that he died of HIV/AIDS.

10.Dj Berry
Felix Nsibimaana who later converted to Islam and was known as Abdul Aziz Nsibimana aka Dj Berry was a club Dj as well as a radio personality who died of AIDS in the late 1990s and he is remembered as a great figure in Kampala nightlife.

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Owori now drags Zuena into her fights with Barbie, gets bashed

By Catherine Apolot
Sylvia Owori is just not about to sleep. Just recently, she got a bashing of a lifetime from Barbie Kyagulanyi’s army. Now, in a bid to remain relevant, Owori has now dragged Zuena Kirema into her mess, claiming she is an unsung hero.
For starters, the cyber war kicked off a few days ago when the fading fashion icon went bare knuckles and questioned why Barbie, wife of Kyadondo East MP Robert Sentamu Kyagulanyi, was picked by the French Embassy to appear on Geopolitics Conference panel that was meant for Uganda’s most influential women.
Barbie was on the same panel with Ambassadors Deborah Malac and Stephanie Rivoal, former Uganda Investment Authority Executive Director Prof. Maggie Kigozi, former Leader of Opposition and Kasese Woman MP Hon. Winnie Kizza as Sarah Sali the, Dean, School of Women and Gender studies. Their discussion centered around the meaning of the word powerful women.
To Owori, Barbie does not have any quality of an influential woman and she is a typical ordinary Ugandan.
Her comments did not go well with Barbie fans. They vigorously attacked her left and right and probably she regretted why she had to pull such a move.
But as a veteran socialite who has seen it all, Owori refuses to bow to attacks and now she has dragged singer Bebe Cool’s wife into her mess.
In a praising Facebook post, Owori has claimed Zuena is an unsung hero whose efforts as an influential woman in the country should be recognized.
“Zuena is one of the most motivating women its true, She truly moves me. I feel that we need to equally celebrate such women who are truly encouraging and true trailblazers in truly inspirational ways,” she narrates.
Owori says she met Zuena in 2001 during the Eastern Region Tour of Miss Uganda and by that time the pageant was still new in that area but Zuena confidently took part irrespective of her modest height and young age. She says Zuena put up an excellent show to emerge winner of region though she never made it on top of the Miss Uganda final pageant.
“Zuena, a simple God-fearing down-to-earth soft-spoken woman with a soft spot for children and an industrious mother of six well-behaved children while running her fast growing baking and decorating business. All of this away from the most times misleading illusion behind stardust that we often run our businesses and lives in general these days” says Owori
“I think instead of seeing women as competitors, we should begin to see each other as collaborators and celebrating women that are doing fantastic stuff with or without the limelight. The ability to do this is often contingent upon our self-perception. If we see ourselves as strong, powerful and unique in our way, then we wont feel intimidated and threatened when another woman is walking in her truth, power, and virtuosity just like Zuena has done and continues do for after that night on Miss Uganda 2001 stage,” she adds
According to Owori, people should celebrate and put on a highest pedestal for others who continue to give life changing opportunities to young girls not Just the ones that are all about the hullabaloo of social media.
“It is at that moment we hopefully are capable of seeing how important we include perceived underdogs such as Zuena at Miss Uganda 2001 and other women’s importance to contribute to society no matter the level of KATALA they are currently having,” she says
However, Owori’s hallucinations have not moved social media critics rather Barbie fans who have again placed her where she belongs.
Read comments that are likely to send Owori packaging off Social media;
W Magina Joseph Slyvia..u think for yourself n it’s kind of sefish to continue citing cases that u as a person did or worked on..im talking abt the miss uganda business… It’s great u did that with zuena but its nt that everyone should do the same things to inspire others..that’s clearly what makes everyone us different..and besides that…regardless what u say..time has really passed u n yr influence..we all go through this period of time..common rest yr case
Jacky-joan Tremaine Destiny Hehehe bad move old ragmummy zue wnt respond even…. Bwanaba akuyambye she will say “”thank u sylivia owori”” period….. Keep yo wars to yo self
Assumpta UG Peipe Of course a prostitute will be inspired by an ex prostitute not a lady like Barbie
Tracy Underwood Naye musilu gwe fight ur battles alone better leave Zuena Kirema alone muje mu gasiya wo
Bali Jay Bukenya But Sylvia surely someone woke up and advised u to come and post this useless missive; moreover bringing ur cyberwar games to your uninterested neighbours. Its the most unwise thing to do given the fact that ur percieved adversary just made one single “trailblazing” wellthought out comment. Cant you just get over yourself?
Marie’na Siera Mulindwa Your agemates the likes of Juliana, Irene, Zari are out there winning in life and you are just here looking for 15 minutes of fame off other people’s lives on social media .indeed class cannot be bought no matter
Zurah Nabunya Looks like the only ladies sylivia sees as motivational, inspirational nd celebrated r the ones she has seen on run-ways modeling during her era..
We got lots of women to celebrate, women in the slum mrkts, single mothers who struggle to see their kids thru school, women who handle men responsibilities … Nd more.. the fact that ths women r now talked abt one by one doesn’t make thm any lesser.
Wetegule siili… olabika otubidde.
Beckie Lister Woooweee nzeeeee.
Did I read “KATALA” and u say some pipo don’t inspire u….plz remind me….. Who sang dat song KATALA???
So better sit down ur faded self
Musinguzi Wilfred Woman ,just know your lane ,look for another rich msn to impregnate you if your current sugar daddy isn’t enough and leave people with national interests at heart to chase their goals
Dian Dian Am team barbie …for better for worse …u hve failed to settle ur #ASS down ur on the lady who doesnot care about ignorant haters ….go and be fucked by the dogs coz its what ur used to
Birungi Zulu Sylvia jst put one hand on yo chest, raise the other and say, Am a witch!

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Otwani half century not enough as USA tame Cricket Cranes

Peter Tabu
USA 252-6, 50 overs
(Monank Patel 107, Hayden Walsh 47; Henry Ssenyondo 2-44)
Uganda 198-9, 50 overs
(Arnold Otwani 52, Deusdedit Muhumuza 43; Timil Patel 3-28.
USA won by 54 runs at Oman Club Turf 1
Cricket: Arnold Otwani top scored for Uganda but his effort was not enough as Cricket Cranes fell to USA – losing by 54 runs – at the ongoing ICC Div III tournament in Muscat, Oman.
Otwani, man of the match against Denmark scored 52 as Uganda chased chased 252.
Uganda won the toss and chose to field, a choice that would haunt them as USA’s Monank Patel, the star of the show contributed 107 of the 252 runs in 50 overs. USA scored 252 for six.

Patel’s century from 137 balls provided the backbone of the USA total but he was given late-order support from Henry Walsh (47 from 55 balls).
The win meant USA became the first team of the week to top 250 runs from its 50 overs.
Timil Patel ripped out Uganda’s top order by taking care of three of its top five.

Deusdedit Muhumuza provided a late innings rally with 43 not out from 58 balls but it finished 54 runs short in the end, albeit with one wicket to spare.
The result means the Cricket Cranes now have to win the remaining games in order to finish among the top two nations to qualify for Div II.

Upcoming matches:
12 November:
USA v Kenya(Oman Club Turf 1);
Denmark v Singapore (Oman Club Turf 2)
13 November:
Oman v Denmark (Oman Club Turf 1);
Uganda v Kenya (Oman Club Turf 2)
15 November:
Singapore v Uganda (Oman Club Turf 1);
Denmark v USA (Oman Club Turf 2)
16 November:
Oman v USA (Oman Club Turf 1);
Kenya v Singapore (Oman Club Turf 2)
18 November:
Kenya v Denmark (Oman Club Turf 1);
Oman v Uganda (Oman Club Turf 2)
19 November:
Singapore v USA (Oman Club Turf 1).

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Susan Muwonge for title as Ssebuguzi, Mangat out

Ssebuguzi shaft problems have cost him the 2018 NRC title
By Shafic Kiyaga
The final round of the 2018 National Rally Championship promised ‘entertainment and more’ as three top crews vied for the crown.
Top of the list was the points total fracas that dominated much of the pre-rally talking points ahead of the seventh race of the calendar as protests and counter protests were thrown at Federation of Motorsports Associations of Uganda (FMU) desks.
2016 and three time national rally champion Jas Mangat decided he was not going to have any of this confusion and consequently pulled out his entry into the Mbale event. Mangat’s withdrawal threw the title race open as Ronald Sebuguzi and Susan Muwonge were to go for the outright win.
Rally day and the 2018 Oryx Energy Rally in Mbale was not yet done before front runner and crowd favorite to win the championship, Ronald Sebuguzi was stopped middway the morning section with a suspension problem.
Suddenly the title became ‘Super Lady’ Susan Muwlnge’s championship to lose as her direct competitors could not add to their points total. And Muwonge grasped this chance with open arms, cruising to second place at the end of the first leg behind Hassan Alwi.
Alwi/ Enock Olinga won two of the five stages and is ahead by 32 seconds. The win gives him an outside chance at lifting the 2018 title.
“The rally has so far not been bad for us. We managed to set the pace early on and are now comfortable. On Sunday, we shall still push for the win,” he said.
2016 2wd Champion, Hajji Ismail Waliggo and Ronald Bukenya in a Toyota Vitz are leading the 2-wd category ahead of Tim Gawaya who is a minute off their pace. Clubman Rally Championship driver Ismail Bwamiki in a Mitsubishi Evo VII is lying in a surprising eighth position overall.
Other victims of the rally, deemed to be a test of man and machine against the elements by organiisers MOSAC, are Mubiru Duncan ‘Kikankane’, Andy Musoke and Christakis Fitidis.
Mubiru in a Subaru Impreza N14 stopped in CS2 with a crashed engine while Musoke/Aaron Nsamba also stopped in CS3 with drive shaft problems. Fitidis, the 2017 champion did not go past CS2.
Now Muwonge and Edmond Kyeyune need to finish the event not below fifth in order to be crowned 2018 champion which will be her second title in her rally career.
Meanwhile, If Alwi wins the rally and Susan fails to finish, he could be crowned 2018 champion.
The rally resumes Sunday with three competitive section before the overall winner will be announced at the end of the day in a closing ceremony.

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Looking for a good life? Improve oral health care

Dr. Maria Gorette Nakyonyi
Model Grace Bol. Taking good care of your mouth will result in a good smile and look.
The mouth has always been an integral component of the body that has often been ignored. We all love to smile, talk and more so look beautiful. In all this it’s the mouth that makes the largest contribution.
The mouth is made up of lips, cheeks, tongue, teeth, gums, alveolar bone (supporting bone), salivary glands that produce saliva, muscles and temporomandibular joint (the joint responsible for moving your jaws, opening and closing plus chewing).
Taking good care of your mouth will result in the following;

A good smile and look
Good breath
Better gum and dental health
Lower risk of heart attack
Healthier pregnancy.

Tips to help you take good care of your teeth and mouth;
Brush your teeth and tongue regularly a minimum of two times a day in the morning after breakfast and evening after the last meal before going to bed.
Visit your dentist every 6 months for a routine checkup. Don’t wait for pain! Your dentist will also teach you the right way of brushing your teeth.
Reduce intake of sweet things and sticky foods like sweets, biscuits, chocolate, ice-cream, cookies, cake and the like. If eaten, brush your teeth after eating them
Never forget to floss at least once daily.Avoid using toothpicks!
Take plenty of non-acidic fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots, cucumber.
Dr Nakyonyi (BDS-Muk) is a Dental Surgeon

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Lucky Mbabazi under pressure to become Uspa first lady

By Allen Kisakye

Capital FM Big Breakfast presenter Lucky Mbabazi has expressed her desire to become Uganda Sports Press Association (Uspa) first lady. Lucky is the wife of Uspa presidential candidate Patrick Kanyomozi. 
Elections for the body’s next president will be held on November 24. New Vision’s Sabiti Muwanga’s is the outgoing president
“If my husband Patrick Kanyomozi wins the USPA presidency, it will definitely make me the first lady, and I am currently fighting and positioning myself for that responsibility” Lucky told Gaetano, her co-host of the show on Friday.
“Pressure is hitting me by default. Whenever he comes back I always ask a lot is questions like, did you go for campaigns? who did you talk to? tell me who Is on your side? what can I do to help you win this?. A lot is going on but I pray that we win this because I definitely want to be USPA’s first lady,” she said.
According to Lucky, her husband Kanyomozi will make a good USPA president because he is passionate about sports and has served as the USPA general secretary for the past two terms.
We feel you.

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Byanyima attacks Museveni for jailing Nyanzi’s over ‘mere media posts’

By Stephen Kalema
Oxfam International boss Winnie Byanyima has blamed the government of President Museveni for jailing Makerere University academic Dr. Stella Nyanzi over mere social media posts
In the statements posted on twitter on Saturday morning Byanyima said government could not imprison anybody that uses social media to insult others.
“Nyanzi shouldn’t have been imprisoned because of what is considered as just mere insults posted on social media,” said Byanyima   
“If everyone who insults another person was jailed, how many Ugandan would be out working? How many prisons would we need? Isn’t there any better way of handling abusive people on social media? If what Stella writes on social media may be offensive, vulgar, shocking, irritating then press block,” reads her post.
Nyanzi was charged on Friday with two accounts of cyber harassment and offensive communication, in which the prosecution claims she had an intention of disturbing the peace of President Museveni. 
Prosecution states that Nyanzi posted on her face book wall on September 16th wishing that the ‘late Kokundeka’s cursed vaginal canal had burnt up Museveni’s unborn foetus.’ 
 “If rest of us press block when we are offended, why doesn’t Museveni try the same? It is excessive to lock up someone for offensive post.”
Byanyima said Nyanzi is testing the unfairness of the rule in order to protect the powerful and to silence those who want to hold them to account. 
“Nyanzi is on the frontline of the struggle for human rights and democracy in Uganda,” said Byanyima
Nyanzi on Friday told the court that she was not willing to apply for bail, saying she wanted to stay in Luzira Prison to teach women there how to use Facebook. 
This prompted the judge to remand her to Luzira Prison.

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Former First Lady Miria Obote critically ill, admitted

By Mubiru Ivan

Former first lady Miria Kalule Obote was on Friday evening rushed to an undisclosed hospital after suffering from a severe chest infection.
According to her family, the wife to former President Milton Obote is currently in High Dependency Unit for closer monitoring.
Jimmy Akena, the president general of Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) says his mother’s medical team is now assessing the possibility of her suffering from viral pneumonia.

We shall keep you posted.

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Nantumbwe positions self as perfect wife of Zoe’s Prophet Mbonye

By Allen Kisakye

Former Miss Uganda, Stella Nantumbwe alias Ella is currently marking her territory around Prophet Elvis Mbonye of Zoe Ministries.
This Second Chance actress was spotted doing charity with her foundation dubbed ‘Spruced Foundation’ in Kisoro, Prophet  Mbonye’s district.
She confirmed her visit to Kisoro on her Instagram page in a post that read, “It’s not always glamorous, but we have to. Kisoro has been amazing; I will share our work and journey with all of you soon”
Weeks back, it was rumored that Ella and Mbonye were secretly seeing each other and that he was the main sponsor of Ella’s glamorous birthday party and the Lexus worth Shs200 million.
We shall keep you posted

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Bobi Wine scheduled to perform during day at Kyarenga Concert

By Allen Kisakye

Unlike other concerts where  the main artiste performs last, Bobi Wine is scheduled to sing during the day.
Close sources within the fire base camp claim that they realized there was a setup to prevent Bobi Wine from performing on his Kyarenga Concert.
It’s alleged that there is a group of goons paid to disorganize the concert late in the evening, to act as an excuse to stop the concert before Bobi Wine steps on the stage.
Ashburg Katto, a renowned blogger, and Bobi Wine’s media person has confirmed that there has been a change in plan and that Bobi Wine will be performing at around 2:00pm, while other artistes such as Cindy, Chameleon, King Saha among others will perform last.
Revellers have therefore been asked to go to One Love Beach Busaabala, early.
Earlier this morning, Emma Serugo of Emma Promotions, the concert organizer affirmed that they have done all the sound testing and everything was clear for the show, security is also in place.

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Museveni spokesman Wanyama dazzles in blue as he weds longtime sweetheart Kidasa

By Mubiru Ivan
Don Wanyama, President Museveni’s press secretary on Saturday morning said ‘I Do’ to his long time sweetheart Ritah Kidasa.
The two have two sons together and have lived together for almost 10 years.
The church vows, which was witnessed by the who is who in the country were made at St. Austin Catholic Church,  Mbale.

The couple will later on host their guests including First Son Muhoozi Kainerugaba and events manager Balam at Mbale Resort Hotel.
What was most noticeable though was the colour theme at the function.

Wanyama, who was ‘signed’ by the ruling NRM party from FDC donned an all-blue ensemble. His best man and pageboys were also dazzling in blue suits.

Blue has been the official colour of Forum for Democratic Change.

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Uganda maintains sixth position in Africa as 4 million confirmed to have mental illness

By Stephen Kalema
Over nine per cent of Uganda’s population suffer mental health disorders as per the current report conducted in 2018.
And according the Ministry of Health, mental illness in Uganda is on the increase with most cases being bipolar including depression and anxiety.
The revelation was made by head of mental health, Dr Hafsa Lukwata at a symposium on mental health this week at Kyambogo University.
“The data we have from the health Management information system shows that the mental health prevalence is nine per cent. In simple terms out of 44,270,563 Ugandans 3,984,351 have this problem. Recent rankings show that Uganda is one of the countries with the highest burden of mental disorders in Africa,” said Dr. Lukwata
Dr.  Lukwata says the current prevalence might be very small since many cases of mental disorders are not reported to mental hospitals but rather people think they are bewitched.
“This increment has been identified with the help of health management information system which has records of the patients that visit hospital however there is no survey that shows the magnitude of mental health beyond those that visit hospital.”
“I want to make this clear that the nine per cent is for other causes excluding epilepsy but when we add it on the percentage increases to 12 per cent.  For that matter, I call upon everybody to get involved in helping them,” added Dr. Lukwata
According to Dr. Lukwata despite the fact that this disease is increasing, there is only one referral mental hospital in Uganda Butabika, which has made it hard for ordinary Ugandan to access treatment.
“We still face a problem of congestion at the National referral hospital. Our government has to come in and create regional referral mental hospital to relieve Butabika hospital. But also we have very small number of psychiatrists as compared to the number of patients,” said Dr. Lukwata
Currently there are over 34 psychiatrists for the population of 44 million people, according to Dr. David Basangwa, Butabika hospital director said mental disorder is growing at high speed however there are few medical personnel willing to become psychiatrists.
“Causes of mental illness are emerging yet the number of psychiatrists in the country is not increasing,” said Dr. Basangwa.
Some of the causes of mental disorders include anxiety, drug abuse, depression, domestic violence, unemployment, poverty, sexual abuse among others.
However its sometimes its inherited.

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Tourism is the business of the government

By Aggrey Nshekanabo
It is stupid to say; “Tourism is everyone’s business” because it is not. Tourism is government business and let me explain. The greatest beneficiary to the tourism sector is the Treasury of the Government of Uganda.
Unfortunately, GoU behaves like a man who kills your father and marries your mother and expects you to call that man your father!
Let’s look at the biggest investors in the sector! The hoteliers! Who are the people that are heavily taxed? Hoteliers! What do they get in return? Zero!
The greatest beneficiary is simply giving us; “An Enabling Environment” but if you look at the other economies, we can see great investment by the state in the drivers to the industry. Please do not give me the crap of dreamliners.
The biggest challenge to Uganda’s tourism is not international connectivity but internal travel. When one has landed at Entebbe, one has to think of how to maneouver Kampala grindlock (leave Entebbe Express alone). With the money spent on that express, we could have established a train service hauler between the airport and Jinja Road and the benefits are far greater than the motorway. To Murchison, Queen Elizabeth National Park or any of the parks for that matter, it takes at least 3-7 hours to reach. Look at the cost of fuel! To Murchison and back, one requires fuel of not less than 700,000/- in a Toyota Hiace Super Custom or and much more for Toyota LandCruiser!
How has the state helped in ensuring that there are sports facilities (Yes, I can see Nakivubo) is up and running. I have a friend who whenever he gets an opportunity to travel to Germany, a ticket for his team (Hannover) is booked! He does that every two years. Where are the cultural centres (the government wants) to demolish the national theatre for a shopping mall and same with the Museum (yet a visit to Kampala is incomplete without those must go to places.
Where is the accommodation, the transportation, the entertainment facilities? If you had a conference of 10,000 people in Kampala, you will turn all nooks into places of aboard. I am not sure our bed/room coverage is beyond 10,000. My friend at UHOA Jean Byamugisha can share how we are doing.
Yet, for every 10 jobs created, 3 are in the tourism sector. It is the greatest employer more than any other sector and income from it has exceeded coffee, tea and cotton exports (more than agriculture). How sustainable is that for development?
Until recently, I wanted to take an adrenaline challenge (Bangee Jumping in Jinja) for my next leap in life and wonder of wonders, it is no more. Reason, the investor is finding it a challenge! Can we just not invest in that? Even poor Zimbabwe (as we were made to believe) cannot allow such a thing to be abandoned even for a day. My friend Sam ensures that he organises monthly “Walk in the Sky at Mutarazi” That’s not a private investment! And we can have several mutarazis across the Nile (Murchison), On Mt. Elgon, over the crater lakes in Bunyaruguru and Kabarole.
If you know that the niche for Uganda is in tourism and and it is your biggest next best thing to employ the youth because of its diverse and unique natural (God given) attractions, why just not invest in it? Look at the budget allocated to tourism promotion (first of course should be investment) and investments) and you will cry.
You do not invest in your cashcow and you call yourselves….Mukama! And you put money into a #Zari and #KanyeSIGYE? Well, we know you have been lying that tourism is everyone’s business. How come food supplies to the hotel sector is from Kenya and South Africa? How is agricultural sector investment linked to tourism? Someone up there needs some brain surgery. How can you even not invest in a simple pageant like Miss Tourism? Imagine!

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Aga Sekalala: Success is when I see my four children happy,well fed and educated

By Edward Nimusiima
I spent my evening with Aga Sekalala, the ED Ugachick, founder Radio Simba and a chain of other businesses.
He spoke at #FoundersLab at Innovation Village, Ntinda. He had reached out to me earlier to curate his talk (which was a big deal to me. Stop clapping). And I was there an hour before to make sure that my phone is fully charged and to prepare for the talk.
He sauntered in the room that was packed with these hungry young lads who were here in pursuit for an antidote to making it in life. In their eyes, in their voices, I could hear and see their burning hunger to make it. These are budding techprenuers. These are small business owners. They have startups. They have hopes. They have no money, but determination. They have dreams.
And Aga sat there and unwrapped this meal.
His story is mind blowing. He took us on his entrepreneurial journey. On how he, together with his friends, started Club Silk and revolutionized the entertainment game. He spoke about Ugachick, on how he didn’t chicken out and how it came into existence and the phases it has gone through.
He spoke about Radio Simba. On how they started 6 radio stations in Kenya and later sold them to Standard Group and concentrated in Uganda. He spoke about investors, on young people pitching for business, on success. That success, to him, is seeing his four children happy, well fed and educated. That business is not success, to him. That it’s a going concern, instead. These words hanged heavy in the room, together with his pricey cologne.
And I learnt. I took notes. I scribbled down things, because I am a budding entrepreneur myself. And I found his story relatable, especially at the start. He went to Harvard University, I went to, well…a pretty decent University in Wandegeya (not YMCA, duh). His start wasn’t easy. And it’s never easy.
He spoke with unmatched eloquence. He spoke like he’s been here for long. And, indeed, he has. He’s been working for the past 30 years. He spoke with experience. He spoke with authority. He spoke to me, to many young lads trying to find a grip onto this thing called life. He spoke slowly, calculated. He spoke sense. He spoke about how he reads a lot. He spoke business. He spoke money. He spoke words that will stay with me for a really long time.

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Out To Lunch: Sports is the next big thing for investors in Uganda

By Denis Jjuuko
At the recent Masaza Cup final in Namboole, the stadium management had a little problem. The stadium seats 40,500 people and since Ugandans prefer paying at the gate, there were many people willing to pay than the stadium could take. They had to be turned away. Masaza Cup is a soccer competition between the 18 counties (Masaza) of Buganda Kingdom. For the last four years, the final game is held at Namboole. The stadium is always full to capacity.
The Masaza Cup is just one of the soccer tournaments in Uganda. There is also the national soccer super league and many other such. In fact, Buganda Kingdom organizes also the Bika (clan) tournament though it is not as big as the Masaza Cup.
Apart from the Masaza Cup, Namboole also had another little problem with musician cum politician Bobi Wine who had wanted to hold his Kyarenga album launch there. He couldn’t get it for one reason or another so he has reverted to his own beach in Busabaala.
Previously, the country had at least two major stadia: the Nelson Mandela National Stadium Namboole and the Nakibubo War Memorial Stadium in downtown Kampala. The last images of Nakivubo I saw indicated that it (or part of it) was being turned into a shopping mall or something similar. It now means the country has got only one major stadium. The other stadium that comes close to Namboole is Lawrence Mulindwa’s St Mary’s Stadium Kitende. Kitende’s capacity is probably not even half of Namboole.
The next big business in Uganda is sports and in the next few years, it is going to explode to unimaginable proportions making those who have invested in it reap big. Uganda is on the verge of back-to-back qualifications for the Africa Nations Cup for the very first time in the competition’s 61-year history. If we qualify, it means that our boys will be exposed to scouts from across the globe for professional contracts in leagues that pay insane money.
Back-to-back qualification means that participating in such tournments becomes the norm rather than the exception as it is for Nigeria, Egypt or Cameroon. Ugandans in other disciplines like long distance running are doing well.
But the country has no facilities. Apart from the finals at Namboole, most of the Masaza Cup games are played out in cattle fields. The same with national super league games. People have to climb trees to catch the game because there are no proper stadium seats. Such fields are hard to commercialize. Advertising boards can’t be properly set up and obviously you can’t charge people watching while perched on a tree branch. Properly built stadia can bring good returns.
I don’t know how profitable St Mary’s Kitende is at the moment but I am sure matches played there bring in much more revenue than those played in an open ground in Kawempe or Lugazi. First, St Mary’s has Hima Cement, DFCU Bank, and Roofings among its sponsors. Their billboards and other branding materials can be easily displayed. The stadium can easily put a value on the most prominent advertising spaces. You cannot sell a tree branch near a soccer field to any serious advertiser. Second, St Mary’s has proper gates and with ticketing technology now cheaply available, the stadium collects more revenue. There are many other income generating opportunities for a stadium. These include weddings, conferences, company retreats, exhibitions, prayer vigils, and music album launches among others.
Also sports development can be lucrative. With more people interested in local sports and Uganda (and Ugandans) qualifying for international tournaments, there is need for proper sports academies in the country to grow and develop talent. I know there are already some academies for soccer but they seem to be lacking in facilities, technology, and expertise. It is expensive to develop talent and you can’t be sure whether you will sell a player to a European team or not so this requires resources and patience. Resources can easily be got; it only needs people to realize the potential in this industry.
And unlike in previous decades, the Internet enables talented people to showcase themselves for free. If there is a kid that has exceptional skills, one only needs a smartphone and OTT tax to record them and post on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and other such platforms. Someone on those timelines may be a scout or may know somebody who knows somebody in the elite sports leagues. And if you sold one player to a big European team, you may be able to get your money back in one transaction. Such academies exist in Ivory Coast, Ghana, and South Africa. Big teams like Manchester City, Arsenal no longer want to be just English teams, they want to be global brands so they have their eyes on the entire world.
The writer is a communication and visibility consultant. djjuuko@gmail.com
Photo on the internet of St Mary’s Stadium, Kitende.

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Afcon: More players expected to join camp as training resumes ahead of qualifier

Total AFCON Cameroon 2019 Qualifier
Saturday 17th November 2018
Uganda Vs Cape Verde
Venue: Mandela National Stadium, Namboole
Time: 4pm

Shafic Kiyaga
Preparations for the penultimate game of the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier have started, with more players expected to join the 18 players who trained on Friday.
On Saturday, training resumes with one session.
Uganda host Cape Verde at Mandela National Stadium, Namboole on November 17.
The Friday session at the StarTimes Stadium, Lugogo saw 18 players taken through their paces by the Cranes technical team including head coach, Sebastian Desabre and assistant Matia Lule.
Local based players present include; KCCA’s Allan Kyambadde, Patrick Kaddu, Ibrahim Sadam Juma,Timothy Awany and Charles Lukwago. They were joined by SC Vipers’ Moses Waiswa, Dan Sserunkuuma, Taddeo Lwanga and Yayo Lutimba plus Vianne Sekajugo and Nicolas Ssebwato from Onduparaka.  Isinde (Kirinya JSSS FC)and Ambrose Kirya (SC Villa) were also available.
Assistant captain Hassan Wasswa (Al Geish), Murushid Juuko (Simba FC), Emanuel Okwi (Simba FC) Nico Wakiro Wadada (Azam FC) were the only foreign-based players that reported for the opening session.
“The first session was based on preparing our bodies for the challenge ahead. Its also about meeting fellow players and trying to coordinate with the new players,” Wasswa said.
“We are motivated and will be prepared for Cape Verde by game time. I joined camp early because my last game for my club was on Sunday.”
Coach Desabre said the first session mainly featured local based players and some few who travelled early.
“We expect to have other players by Saturday and shall hold a build up game with the U23 team on Sunday morning at Lugogo,” he said.
The 24 players who will join residential camp will be named on Monday.
“The players are in good shape and have shown great attitude to train today,” Desabre said.
The Cranes who need just a single point to qualify for the AFCON tournament in Cameroon won the first game against Cape Verde in Praia thanks to a Geoffrey Sserunkuuma solitary goal.

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Kyarenga: Kenyan MP Owino to be arrested if he sets foot in Uganda

Kyadondo East MP Bobi Wine and Babu Owino on Jeff Koinange’s show on Citizen TV. Courtesy photo
By Allen Kisakye
Early this week, we reported that Babu Owino, the youthful Embakasi East MP was to grace the Kyarenga concert due Saturday November 10.
Embakasi East is a constituency in neighbouring Kenya.
And he hosted his Owino Uganda counterpart Robert Kyagulanyi during the latter’s visit to Nairobi where they hit it off immediately.
Now we understand he is not welcome to Uganda because Internal Affairs minister Jeje Odong, believes Owino might instigate the overthrow the government.
Babu is not supposed to access Uganda borders without permission from authorities.
Given that Babu and Bobi Wine have almost the same background – like growing up in Ghetto and ‘representing the Ghetto’, music, and serving a first term in Parliament, it was easy for these two to get along and share political and music experience.
The letter from Odongo says that during  Bobi Wine’s visit to Kenya, Badu engaged in activities that undermined the government of Uganda and its President Yoweri Museveni
And for that, he has been banned from entering Uganda unless he gets permission from Uganda’s Ministry of Internal affairs
 “The purpose of this letter is to therefore to make it known that honorable Babu Owino has  been officially declared as persona non gratawithin the borders of Uganda and will not be permitted entry without special clearance from the ministry of internal affairs” reads the letter.
Bobi Wine and Babu were hosted on various functions, events and TV shows like JKL by Jeff Koinange on Citizen TV and this duo spoke ill about the ruling government of Uganda.
In the letter, the Minister stated that Babu was also compliant in the subversive activities of Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi during his visit in Kenya.
Through the letter, the ministry also warns any person found aiding or abetting the violation of the directive that he/she will be contravention of a legal order and would face prosecution

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Not yet time for ‘Mic drop’ as Ziggy D emerges from dead

In the year 2001, Zeegy Dee, then a little known Ugandan artiste living in Dar es Salaam, released the highly popular song, Mike Ya Zeegy Dee. The song went on to become one of the biggest hits of our time, ruling the airwaves and dance floors for several years that followed. The veiled sexually explicit lyrics just seemed to light everyone’s wood.
The dancehall song gave Ugandans a momentary license to throw innuendo around without the fear of being frowned upon. Adults smiled as they watched children dance and sing along to this ‘evil’ club banger.
Then, in the year 2004, after releasing a few other songs that were not as successful, the young singer came back to Uganda and started a branding business. Being a talented painter and caricaturist, he soon immersed himself in his other passion and left the canal-minded Ugandan’s hanging. The shift in focus robbed us of a great entertainer for over a decade. Until last year when the mother ship contacted him.
Fast Forward to three days ago, Zeegy Dee released a reggae song on several online platforms. The deep roots reggae song, Talina Musango, is miles away from the dancehall music that we came to know Zeegy for. The reggae track, over which the rastaman sings, was created by Mungo’s HiFi, a Scottish reggae band that East African Records is corroborating with. East Africa records is an online-based label that aims to sell East African music to European markets over the internet.
Talina Musango, in keeping with roots reggae thematically, is a song about community. People are who they are. We are not what we are because of what wrong or right we have done. Our tribes or skin color is not a choice we have made. We all have a right to breath the same air. We have a right to live in our communities however poor or ill-fitting. Any form of discrimination is irrational and pure evil.
Mungo’s HiFi, the European band that is behind this track is highly respected in the reggae world. Which is why it won’t be surprising at all when Zeegy makes a huge come back as a respected reggae artiste.
“Mungo’s HiFi are more attuned to the deep reggae culture of Jamaica because that is where they get their inspiration from,” says, East African Records director, David Cecil. “We work well with them. They have a history of working with independent musicians and are more about the music and the art than anything else, and that is very seminal in the music world.”
Zeegy says, “This group is one of the best in the business. When I heard of this group, I definitely knew this would take me somewhere. These guys are five serious music professionals working on the same track. That’s not the case in UG. This is real work. We are taking reggae and dancehall music to the next level.”
Ths same group is not alien to Uganda at all bytheway.
When Nyege Nyege festival first started four years ago, these great Mungo’s were the headline act. Something must have struck them about Ugandan music because now they are coming back to record with East African artiste, among which is Nazizi from Kenya and of course Zeegy.
Rewind to early last year before he got signed by East African records, Zeegy released a self-produced beautiful reggae ballad called Sumayah on YouTube. The song impresses whoever comes across it, albeit by accident because it has been poorly promoted. Even when it is languishing online with no airplay at all, it has received several thumbs ups from music reviewers in several Kampala tabloids.
Sumayah is a strangely melodic song. It is a gem waiting to be discovered by a serious radio professional worth their name. It belongs on the very best of playlists.
Today, Zeegy will be doing his first public appearance in years. He will be performing at The Sqaure with his new godfathers, Mungo’s HiFi. Reggae lovers will be wringing their hands, looking to see if Zeegy still gat it. Whether his songs will finally come out of the nebulous internet to the airwaves after today remains to be seen.
The Scottish group will stay a little longer to record a few more chunes with Zeegy before they head back home.
Article by Tony Musho

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Pakistan national charged for impregnating 15 year old maid

By Mubiru Ivan
A Pakistan national has today been charged before the Courts of law in Koboko over defilement.
Abdul Majid, 25 reportedly defiled his house maid aged 15 and impregnated her while at his home at Gaga Cell, Upper ward, Koboko Municipality.
According to the victim, the suspect fell in love with her and ended up impregnating her.
Her relatives became concerned when they saw her pregnant thus seeking justice from local leaders in the area.
Majid , a pharmacist by profession was then reported to police by Adaba Bran, the LC II Chairman of Anyokonga Parish, Abuku Sub County, Koboko district last weekend.
After being charged, the suspect was remanded to Bukutu Government Prisons in Koboko.

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Councilor Ssegirinya out as Bobi Wine, dines with Ssebagala

By Mubiru Ivan
Hard Luck Segirinya. We have received news from several groups of people who believe you might just not be the next Kawempe South MP.
One of them is your nemesis, Latif Ssebagala.
News that Kawempe Division Lord Councilor Muhammad Ssegirinya has been declaring his intentions to contest for Kawempe South parliamentary seat come 2021are no longer a secret.
But like most any other opportunist, Ssegirinya always wants to associate himself with the ‘best’ political figures that can help him achieve his far-reach dream of becoming part of the legislative assembly of Uganda in future.
Of late, the controversial politician, who recently printed ‘Welcome Home’ posters for self, has identified himself as part and parcel of ‘People Power’, an emerging political movement headed by Kyandondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine.
Before the birth of ‘People Power’, Ssegirinya was always hobnobbing with former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) President and four time presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye.
Read More:Allow me to sing at kyarenga – buchaman cries out
However, it seems Bobi Wine is not impressed by Ssegirinya’s political things.
We call them ‘things’ because at Watchdog Uganda, we do not know what he stands for.
Anyways, according to what we see, Bobi will not back ‘comic’ Segirinya in his conquest to oust the incumbent Kawempe South MP Latif Ssebagala.
Recently, Bobi Wine hosted Ssebagala at his home in Magere and the politicians discussed a number of political issues, including how the latter can work hand in hand with the already in-place ‘People Power’ members to ensure that the movement gains more momentum in Uganda.

“I was happily hosted by @H.E Bobi Wine at his residence in Magere together with a few leaders from Kawempe led by Councilor Lukwago Ramadhan Isihaq for an auspicious breakfast. Discussed so many issues and we shall soon reveal them to the public,” confirmed Ssebagala on his Facebook page.
Again, hard luck Ssegirinya!

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Huawei Ascend 310 AI Chip Earns ‘World Leading Scientific and Technological Achievement Award’

By Ison Rocky A
At the Fifth World Internet Conference (WIC),  Huawei’s Ascend 310 chip stood out among more than 400 technology achievements to win the conference’s World Leading Scientific and Technological Achievement award. This honor recognizes artificial intelligence (AI) system-on-chips (SoC) as having the industry’s strongest compute capabilities for edge computing scenarios, with support from the unified and scalable Da Vinci architecture. This marks the third consecutive year Huawei has received this award and the opportunity to showcase its innovation during the conference.
Yan Lida, Director of the Board at Huawei and President of Huawei Enterprise Business Group, introduced the achievement to the guests at the conference. Yan Lida said: “Huawei’s new Ascend series of AI chips is the core component of Huawei’s AI solution and provides the key support. Huawei’s AI strategy is to invest in basic research and talent development; build a full-stack, all-scenario AI portfolio; and foster an open global ecosystem. Every year, Huawei invests 10 to 15 percent of our sales revenue in R&D, and this year our R&D investment will exceed CNY100 billion. Ascend 310 is the first chip in the Ascend series, which opens a new era of AI. Our advantage is not only to be able to do AI, but also to achieve synergy between AI and cloud, IoT, video, edge computing, big data and other technologies, to form an open “platform” that supports digital transformation for all industries. AI will be the latest technology Huawei makes available to customers and partners on the platform. We will work hard to make sure AI is no longer a technology only open to ones who have high qualification skills. Over the next three years, our aim is to work with one million AI developers to drive innovations in line with Huawei’s commitment to provide affordable, effective, and reliable AI, bringing intelligence across every enterprise and industry to build a fully connected, intelligent world.”
On October 10, 2018, Huawei officially released a full-stack all-scenario AI solution. ‘Full-stack’ means the solution provides powerful and cost-effective computing power, as well as low-barrier application development platforms that make AI data modeling, model training, and application development simpler, more agile, and more efficient. As an ‘all-scenario’ solution, it is able to drive pervasive intelligence across various device, edge, and cloud scenarios.
Ascend 310 is the industry’s most powerful AI SoC chip for edge computing scenarios. Currently, the most typical edge computing scenarios are security and protection, autonomous driving, and smart manufacturing. However, every edge computing scenario imposes severe constraints on space, energy consumption and computing power. Whether it’s on a fast-moving car or on a high-speed production line, a complex scientific study or a daily educational activity, Ascend 310 supports every industry with an cost-efficient and powerful computing energy. One Ascend 310 chip can achieve up to 16TOPS on-site calculations, supporting the simultaneous identification of 200 different objects including people, cars, obstacles and traffic signs; it can process thousands of pictures in one second. In October this year, Huawei and Audi demonstrated the chipset in L4 automatic driving. The vehicle was equipped with Huawei’s Mobile Data Center (MDC) vehicle-mounted computing unit and it was estimated that Huawei’s Ascend 310 chipset consumed only 200 watts of power in L4 automatic driving.
The other unique advantage of Ascend series is that it adopts Huawei’s innovative unified and extensible Da Vinci architecture, which achieves full coverage – from the ultimate low energy consumption scenario to high computing power scenario – something not yet seen in any other architecture on the market. The Da Vinci architecture is able to facilitate AI application deployment, migration, and collaboration in different scenarios at the same time, which vastly improves software development efficiency, and accelerates AI application in various industries.
Huawei advocates ‘AI for the benefit of all,’ and aims to work with customers, industry partners, and academic institutions to achieve win-win outcomes and enable omnipresent AI. Our vision and mission is to bring digital to every person, home and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world. More information about Huawei’s AI strategies and full-stack all-scenario AI solutions is available at Link.
The WIC is a global annual event held by Cyberspace Administration of China and Zhejiang Provincial People’s government. It aims to create an international forum for connecting China and the rest of the world and a Chinese forum for the global sharing and governance of the Internet. The conference fosters exchanges to enable consensus, cooperation, and win-win outcomes. The fifth WIC is being held in Wuzhen, Zhejiang province on November 7, 2018, and will run for three days. This year, themed “Creating a Digital World for Mutual Trust and Collective Governance — Towards a Community with a Shared Future in Cyberspace,” the WIC will gather more than 1,500 guests from all around the world including government delegates, international organization representatives, leading figures of Chinese and foreign Internet enterprises and renowned experts and scholars. Participants will discuss topics on innovative development, cyber security, cultural exchanges, livelihood and welfare, and international cooperation.

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Huawei Releases the European Talent Development Program and Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

By Ison Rocky A
Huawei held a talent engagement event “DigitALL Night” on November 8th in Rome. In this event Huawei invited university students from Europe to visit the exhibition hall and participated in the discussion on future technologies such as AI, 5G, IOT, and the trend of talent development etc. Meanwhile, Wells Li, HRVP for Huawei Western European Region, officially announced the company’s Employee Value Proposition (EVP) for Western Europe – Passion Unlocks Potential – and also explained about Huawei’s DigitALL Explorer Program.
“Huawei has been in Europe for 18 years and is growing to be a leader in the ICT industry and one of the Top 2 smartphone producers. However,this is just the beginning.” said Wells. In the future, Huawei will continue to take root in Europe, and dedicate to bring digital to every person, home and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world.
“Talent is the key to our future development, key to innovation. Huawei is committed to further enhance the long-term development of our talents.” said Wells. In the upcoming three years, Huawei will develop 3000 elite talents in Europe through the “DigitALL Explorer Program”, including the Seeds for the Future Program, Internship Program, and the Fresh Graduate Program. 1000 outstanding young talents will be selected from universities to join the Seeds for the Future Program to have an international exchanges and to visit China. 1000 interns will go to Huawei for in-depth study and business practice. In addition, 1000 fresh graduates will be admitted to Huawei, to grow into a strategic new force for the company’s future development in Europe.
Italy is a passionate and innovative country. Huawei is also a globalized platform with passion to succeed. Wells welcomes excellent talents from Europe to join Huawei together to build a fully connected and intelligent world.

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Stella Nyanzi turns down bail, goes back to Luzira to teach prisoners how to use Facebook

By Mubiru Ivan
There has been drama at Buganda Road Grade One Magistrate Court as controversial activist Dr. Stella Nyanzi turned down bail saying she was to go back to Luzira to teach fellow prisoners how to use social media specifically  Facebook.
The Makerere University research fellow was arrested last Friday for insulting the person of the president and his mother.
Prosecution alleged that on September 19, 2018 Nyanzi willfully and repeatedly used electronic communication to post messages offensive in nature via Facebook transmitted over the internet to disturb or attempted to disturb the peace, quiet or right of privacy of President Museveni with no purpose of legitimate communication.
Nyanzi who pleaded not guilty to what she called trumped up charges said she is not interested in bail and challenged President Museveni to go to court and be the first witness over her posts.
“I find myself not guilty of these trumped up charges. I can’t surely see how Museveni can be offended by mere writings by a woman on Facebook. I would like him to come to this court and prove the extent to which he is offended. Let him come and look me in the eyes and testify against me,” she said.
“It amuses me to hear that my writings offended Esteri, who is supposedly a dead woman but the same Museveni is on record for violations of several human rights,” added Dr. Nyanzi.
Her case has been adjourned to 20 November.

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Kyarenga concert to headline weekend events

By Allen Kisakye
The weekend is upon us, again.
And apart from the most anticipated event of the year, the Kyarenga Concert due Saturday, there are some of other must attend events that Watchdog’s Allen Kisakye highlights.
Friday, November 9
Fille Live in Band Concert.
Fille Mutoni has taken her ‘vocal prowess’ to Adjumani District. On Friday, she hopes to wow locals in a live band concert at Oasis Dynasty, Adjumani. The show will feature one of the districts best musical talents such as Snob Jahsent and Up Town Music. Entrance to this event will be Shs10,000
November 10
Kyarenga concert.
The wait is finally over.
Ghetto president’s Kyarenga Concert is on. All roads will lead to One Love Beach, Busaabala as Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine aka Ghetto Gladiator aka Father of Kampala holds his much anticipated Kyarenga concert on Saturday, November 10. Shs10,000 is all you need to access said venue, to enjoy amazing performances from artistes such as lKing Saha, Dr Hilderman, APass, B2C, Ykee Benda among others.
Mixa in Business Expo
An annual children event that brings together young minds in business and gives them an opportunity to endless learning in business skills, confidence building, and financial literacy will be happening again at Uganda Museum.
Fees to this event will be at Shs10,000.
There will also be lots of kids plays, ice cream and music
Katale and Cocktail.
An event presented mainly for the ladies; it’s going to be all about extra chilling with girls, getting your nails, hair and makeup done as you sip some cocktails and most importantly, network.
The 400 Bar and  Restaurant also promises to hold a kareoke show as well as ‘dish’ out lots of cocktails, drinks and eats. You need Shs15,000.
November 11
Mpanga Forest run and MTB Challenge.
The seventh edition of Mpanga Trail Running Challenge happens again this Sunday. Five kilometer, 12Km, 21Km is the distance able bodied people can cover. Oh, there is also the dreaded Trail MTB – 22Km run for those more able bodied persons.
The health fest is open to everyone, including Kids who will compete in a three kilometer race.
Lots of gifts will be awarded to the winners in each category

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Yes, we are in a relationship – 29-year-old Sheebah finally agrees

By Allen Kisakye
Queen Sheebah has let the cat out of the bag, ladies and gentlemen.
Ahead of her ‘Omwooyo Concert’ due November 30, the Nkwatako star could not contain her excitement, revealing early this week that indeed she and Jeff Kiwa are in a relationship.
The revelation was made at Hotel Africana.
“I always hear rumors linking me romantically to Jeff but I always give it a deaf ear,” she told Sheebaholics.
“I also hear people wondering why I do not have children.  Truth is I am working hard so that when I eventually have a family, I will concentrate on it,” she said, before adding that the relationship with her manager Godfrey Kiwanuka was strictly work related.
“My manager (Jeff Kiwa)and I are good friends and we have a serious work relationship. He always helps me in every way possible to make me a big brand but we have never been romantically involved,’’ she said.

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Suspects from ‘certain illegal organisation’ arrested for  stalking IGG Mulyagonja

By Stephen Kalema

Police have arrested two people for allegedly stalking the Inspector General of Government boss, Irene Mulyagonja.

Ben Sebukuzi and Lilian Mukiibi belong to a ‘certain illegal organisation’, Youth Power Research Uganda.
The two  are currently detained at Special Investigation Unit (SIU) Kireka and will appear in court next week.
Police say they are holding them on charges including threatening violence, blackmail and extortion, alongside stalking.
According to deputy police spokesman Patrick Onyango, the suspects  have been using their illegal organisation to obtain money and information from key personalities in the country.
“For the most recent incident, they demanded information in possession of the IGG to be released to them,” Onyango said on Friday.
If, according to their demand notice, she did not release the said information, something she will live to regret would happen.
“The IGG complained to the Police, which through the Director CID, began investigations that led to their arrest,” said Onyango.
Details of the Information said suspects wanted from IGG would sabotage the investigations, according to the police.
Onyango said Youth Power Research Uganda is ‘still very big’ and urged the public to be vigilant of booming sects of youth
“We are urging members of the public who have any information in regard to this illegal group to go Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Crime Intelligence CID headquarters, Kibuli and divulge information.”
“We are still looking for other members of this illegal organization,” he said.

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Mutuyambe tuteekewo etteeka elibonereza abasomesa abalya ensimbi za bayizi, Janet Museveni

Bya Moses Kizito Buule

MINISITA we byenjigiriza ne mizanyo Janet Kataha Museveni asabye Paliment okuvaayo okubaga etteeka elibonereza abakulu ba massomero abefunyiridde okulya ensimbi za bayizi eze bigezo, nagamba nti singa kino tekikolebwa abayizi bangi na bazadde bagenda kwongera okubonaboona.

Museveni agamba nti mu kiseera kino tewali tteeka lilambikiddwa butereevu lye bayinza okuyitamu okubonereza abakulu ba masomero ababa babulankanyizza ensimbi za bayizi ezokukola ebigezo, kyayogeddeko nga ekyobulabe kubanga abazirya bakikola nga bamanyidde ddala nti tewali musango gwa kubavunana.

Yabadde ku lwokuna ayanukula Omubaka Godfrey Waluswaka eyabadde asabye Minisitule ye byenjigiriza ebeeko kyekola okulaba nga abayizi 36 abatatuula bigezo basalirwa amagezi basobole okuweebwa ebigezo babikole, nga ono yatuuse nokusaba babaka banne basonde ensimbi basobole okuyamaba abaana nabazadde abali mu maziga kati olwobutatuula bigezo ebyakamalilizo ebye kyomusanvu.

Minisita Janet Museveni yanyonyodde nti mu kiseera kino tewali bbo nga abakulira ebyenjigiriza mu ggwanga kye bayinza kukola kubanga etteeka teliriiwo mwe bayinza okuyita okuwa abayizi ababa batatudde na banaabwe bigezo, ate era nga mungeri yeemu tewali na teeka libonereza balidde nsimbi.

Tusaba Babaka banaffe banguwe mangu tubage etteeka elizingiramu bino byonna tulabe bwe tuyinza okuyamba abayizi saako nokubonereza ababulankanya ensimbi zaabwe,
Ekilala si kugamba nti tetufaayo naye Uganda etambulira ku mateeka nga tetuyinza ffe kwetumikiriiza ne tusalawo nga omukono ogweggwanga ogwamateeka tegusazeewo, obwo kati buvunanyizibwa bwaffe ffena. Museveni bwe yagambye.

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Aredo to headline Team Uganda star cast at Safari7s

Joseph Aredo will lead Uganda’s A-team
By Peter Tabu
Team Uganda will be represented by two teams at the upcoming Safari Sevens due this weekend. The annual series, won once by Uganda and nine times by hosts Kenya will be held at RFUEA Grounds in Nairobi, Kenya.
The teams are classified in two groups A and B.
Betway Kobs’ Joseph Aredo, Pirates’ Desire Ayera as well as Aaron Ofoyirwoth will lead Uganda’s A side. They are joined by Isaac Massa and Muhammad Haruna who were part of the national side for the first time at the recently concluded Africa sevens in Tunisia.
Kevin Keremundu and Paul Epilo also make the cut.
Meanwhile, Uganda’s B side will be captained by Alur Stephen, assisted by Raymond Emanzi. Buffaloes’ William Seguya, Ali Hayder, Dalton Kato and William Nkore. These are some of the players that make up Emerging Uganda team.
The Safari 7s is an invite only tournament which has been won the most by Kenya, recording nine titles to their name. Uganda will hope to improve on their performance, having only won the sheild in 2011.
Uganda’s Squad
1. Joseph Aredo (C)
2. Isaac Massa (VC)
3. Aaron Ofoyrwoth
4. Haruna Muhammad
5. Tawfiq Bagalana
6. Daudi Semwami
7. Desire Ayera
8. Joel Opio Papi
9. Levis Ocen
10. Kevin Kermundu
11. Paul Epilo
12. Innocent Gwoktho
Team B
1. Alul Stephen (C)
2. Emanzi Raymond (VC)
3. Nkore William
4. Kato Dalton
5. Dennis Etwau
6. Johnson Bayiga
7. Wako David
8. Otema Ivan
9. Odugo Faraj
10. Okeny Sexton
11. Ali Hayder
12. Seguya Wilfred

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Mouthwatering encounters greet rugby league opening weekend

By Peter Tabu
The 2019 Ugandan Rugby League season will officially kick off November 10, with five games on card across the country.
Defending champions Black Pirates will hope to kick start their title defence with a comfortable win away to Jinja-based side Walukuba Babrians, Dusupay Warriors host the Shell Rimula Rhinos while Rams host Mongers.
Betway Kobs make the short trip to Jinja to play Jinja Hippos while rivals Heathens play away to Plascon Mongers.
Nile Special Rugby League Fixtures;
Walukuba Babrians Vs Black Pirates
Dusupay Warriors Vs Rhinos
Jinja Hippos Vs Betway Kobs
Rams Vs Plascon Mongers
Toyoya Buffaloss Vs Heathens.

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Ntungamo RDC calls for community meetings for proper service delivery

By Arinda Nsheeka Wilfred 
The Ntungamo Resident District Commissioner(RDC)   has appealed to the municipal leaders to introduce community meetings, commonly known as barazas, if they are to deliver service to the public.
According to George Bakunda, the community barazas will help the public to point out their issues, which means leaders will be able to address some of woes amongst the community amicably.
He made remarks on Thursday during the Ntungamo Municipal council Budget and planning conference for financial year 2019/2020 held at Embassy Tours Ntungamo Municipality.
Bakunda also tasked them to consolidate and maintain service delivery and work towards the development of municipality.
The 2019/2020 financial year budget conference is themed Realigning strategic interventions to address the current challenges to achieve the desired social economic out comes and harness the growth opportunities”.
In his report, the municipal principal accountant officer Dan Bannex Nuwamanya pointed out low tax base as one of the challenges hindering the service delivery.
Nuwamanya said the municipal depends on two major sources of revenue; that is local revenue Shs901,332,381 and central government grants Shs3,545,629,799.
The overall resource envelope for Ntungamo Municipality local govern for Financial Year 2019/2020 is projected at Shs5,443,517,425 compared to Shs4,420,545,842 budget in the year 2018/2019.
The lion share will be taken to education and health.
The Municipal town clerk, Festo Tandeka highlighted what has been done including four in one staff house at Ntungamo health centre IV, toilet at Ntungamo PS, slaughter slab and Bigyega road among others.
An official from UGANET, Ntungamo district Assumpitah Kyakunzire appealed to all stakeholders to prioritize monies for the rampant cases of domestic violence saying that a good family free from violence makes good village, community and good nation.
The Ntungamo Municipal council budget and planning conference was attended by political, civic leaders and general public.

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Mayor Balimwezo blames police inefficiency on dormant LC 1 courts

By Patrick Edward Musisi
Nakawa Division mayor Ronald Balimwezo Nsubuga has blamed LC I courts for failure to carry out their purpose.
Instead, he said, LC1 chairmen have given police a leeway to handle even simple cases triable by these courts, and in effect fuelling corruption tendencies.
“Wives report their husbands to police even for slight misunderstandings, and later offer to withdraw their complaints for fear of having them (husbands) jailed, which gives police an opportunity to extort money to execute the husbands’ release,” Balimwezo said.
He was addressing Kampala LC 1 and LC2 leaders who converged at Mukono Colline Hotel for a one-day training workshop ahead of the registration exercise of all residents in the city, in a bid to solicit for the most efficient  service delivery based on the population.
The training was organized by the Office of the President and was addressed by the ministers of Kampala – Betty Olive Kamya, of State for Microfinance, Haruna Kasolo Kyeyune and Benny Namugwanya, state minister for Kampala
Balimwezo also attacked LC vice chairpersons for neglecting their roles of handling children’s issues, which he blamed for an increase in crime-related activities like ‘dust-to-dawn’ gambling, alcoholism and drug use among children.
Kampala Central Deputy mayor Charles Musoke Serunjogi reminded the LC leaders that upon election, they ceased to be answerable to their political parties and came under KCCA and the electorate.
He said, “It is irresponsibility of the highest order for you to mobilize people to reject government programmes, and you will be responsible for their suffering resulting from shunning poverty reduction programmes simply because they are associated with a specific party.”
Serunjogi said that in his division, he has set a deliberate agenda of ensuring that as many Democratic Party (DP) supporters as possible access funds under the Youth Livelihood Programme (YLP) and Uganda Women Entrepreneurship Programme (UWEP) to demystify the attachment of the programmes to politics.
In her opening remarks,  Kamya said the registration slated to kick off next year is a provision in the KCCA Act for streamlining service delivery basing on the population in the city.

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Bebe Cool tops list of my haters – Kenzo

By Allen Kisakye
Eddie Kenzo has been there. And done that. From as far as And or as near as Ankole, everyone has listened to and danced to ‘Sitya Loss’. Well, because we don’t fear to lose.
This here is probably the reason why he thinks haters are out to get a piece of him.
The singer, who returned to Uganda in time for Bobi Wine’s Kyarenga concert, due Saturday, November 10, said he is being fought by chaps older than him because he is famous and successful. And rich!
Kenzo, who was on Spark TV’s Mwasuze Mutya said fellow artistes who started singing before him, are envious of him, and feel defeated so they started fighting him.
‘There’s a lot of hate in the music and media industry,” he told hostess Faridah Nakazibwe.
“No one wants to celebrate me. I even fear to hold a concert in my backyard or Kyadondo.”
According to Kenzo if he holds a concert in Kampala his enemies will sabortage the show to pull him down.
“They ignored me, laughed at me and now they are fighting me,” Kenzo said.
Kenzo, who has been singing for close to a decade, says he is more appreciated abroad than in Uganda.
But, his enemies will be finally defeated.
“I have good music, but radio and television stations don’t play my music because my enemies have compromised the media industry.”
He listed Spark TV, on which he appeared as one of the culprit television stations.
Top on the list of Kenzo haters is Bebe Cool who called him a ‘dancer’, while he was still up coming.
“Bebe Cool said while on Dembe FM that I was not artiste but a dancer. He even called me a joker,” said Kenzo, who was groomed at Bobi Wine’s Fire Base.

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NWSC to close Jinja road for 21 days

By Mubiru Ivan
For 21 days, some sections of Jinja road will be closed by National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) as it puts up new sewer lines.
The excavation and building works that will kick off today Friday at 10pm will take place between Electoral Commission Head offices and Centenary Park.
“Government of Uganda is building new sewer lines for the growing population of Kampala City. NWSC has accordingly contracted Sogea Satom to excavate and lay sewer lines along Jinja road between Electoral commission and Centenary Park from 9th November, 2018 for a period of 21 days,” said NWSC in a statement.
Adding,” During this period, some sections of Jinja road crossing will be closed to motorists and traffic will be diverted to alternative routes. The excavation works will be done in two phases to allow proper traffic management and minimize traffic disruptions,”
NWSC further advised motorists to use alternative routes during the 21 days to avoid travel delays.

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Opinion: Gunmen moving with Zari in the Tulambule campaign is a total turnoff for tourists

By Henry Mutebe
The last couple of days have been bursting with dramatic events that have sent Ugandans talking about the strategies being used by the government to promote Tourism. In dire need of the tourism dollar, authorities are scratching their heads over which card to play in a game where the numbers are the Ace. The question on how to balloon the number of tourists coming to Uganda still hangs over their heads.
One particular event that has swollen above the rest has been the appointment (should I say selection?) of socialite Zari as a tourism ambassador. The logic, going by what the authorities say, is to ‘use’ or ride on Zari’s popularity, undoubtedly evidenced by her enormous social media following, to reach out to potential tourists. If her followers see the places Zari has been to, and what she says about them, the authorities believe, they will learn more about Uganda and its exciting tourist sites and possibly make a decision to visit Uganda.
In scenes akin to a Hollywood movie, the authorities arranged state of the art chauffeured cars and started moving around with Zari, sandwiched by mean looking security men, cruising at breakneck speed, sirens blazing, attracting the attention of wanainchi who see the efforts as ‘wastage of money.’ To be fair to Zari, she has done nothing wrong and deserves to mint every possible coin they can give her for that gig. It is not with Zari that I find a fault with this whole campaign; it is the strategy used that I believe needs recalibrating. Here is why
To understand the mind of a tourist, you have to literally try to enter their mind, understand their thought process or how they prepare to make a decision to visit a country. What do they consider? What influences their decision? What gives someone the confidence to save, prepare and leave their country headed for a foreign, distant land just to tour? I will share with you my little experience living in a white man’s country and what I saw and or learnt about them ( ‘some of them’, is probably more accurate).
In the summer of 2015, I went to Norway for my posts graduate studies. I had been to Europe before but this was going to be my first time staying for a very long period, immersed in society (to some extent). Whilst there, I made it a point, like the first white explorers to Africa, to observe, study and document how the ‘white man’ (sorry for using these labels) thinks, how they process their thoughts, what they value, how they value it, how they arrive at decisions especially on travelling abroad.
Since I love my country so much, I tried my best to use every platform I had to share about Uganda and its exciting tourist sites. Luckily I managed to woo some of them to come and visit Uganda. However, before they would visit, this is what would happen (what I observed).
First of all, Mzungus (I know am generalizing here…let’s say many of them), don’t make impulsive decisions. They think through things, search and re-search before they make a decision on visiting a country. If they were to visit a place next year in December, they start thinking about it today and start saving for that journey. They rarely make snap decisions that involve such large costs.
Throughout the year, they keep their tabs on that place. They research about that country, its security situation, values, people, culture, music, foods, etc. They visit their embassy page in that country to get updates on security situation…advisories et cetera. They ask their friends or trusted sources who have visited that country about both the good and bad about it…and you can be sure, their friends will tell them what exactly they saw or how they felt…detailing everything as it is.
Their friends or colleagues will give them honest feedback and either recommend the visit or not. The person intending to visit will take keen interest in finding anyone who is in or has been to that country before. They will also try to look for any Ugandans or people who have just arrived from that country for some sort of orientation or ‘preparation.’ They will learn about the potential diseases, immunize themselves against those diseases or buy a pack of drugs (some of which are even here, but not known to be here).
They will always think about that journey, share with family, try to look for any friends who live here or have been here, find out what contacts their friends have here and map out their visit with such detail and precision. So… for a whole year, the Mzungu is reading about Uganda and what is happening here.
Here is the bad news. Whenever something bad happens…let’s say the government badly arrests or roughs up or arrests a human rights defender like Stella Nyanzi or opposition people, these Mzungu get to know about Uganda, in that light. And you can’t believe these Mzungus (many of them) value tolerance that such sights of brutal arrests and violence may make them cancel their journey.
The bad news travels very fast and whoever is planning to come to Uganda will most likely learn about it. If they don’t get it by themselves, one of their friends who knows they are coming to Uganda will share with them or forward them the clips or links to news (as a way of warning them to care and be careful where they go).
For many of these Mzungus, the only pictures or images they get is what they see in the media and we know that media likes stories or events that will attract view ship. So the Ugandan authorities should as a fast step, desists from the political violence because it the first news the intending tourist gets.
If you lived in Norway for example, you can spend a whole year without ever seeing a gun or armed security personnel. So the mere sight of a gun is such a turn off for them. Guns and violence are things they don’t like or wish to see. This is the same with many Mzungus in these other countries. So every time Zari is being flashed with guns by her side, the more you turn away Mzungus who start to think it’s not a safe a place to go and there is perhaps fear of attacks or violence. The sight of gun wielding men always gives the impression that we are still a fighting, beastly, violent society.
To do proper tourism programming, you need to engage people who have an understanding of how Mzungu is thinking or their values, fears and or what motivates them. Tourists prefer to visit a place that is free, and where they can visit and get lost in the crowd without fear. When tourism ambassadors are flashed in the media with such security detail, it creates a very disturbing impression about security and our values as a society.
While we are used to seeing guns here, some people spend 2 years without seeing a gun in some of these countries. So those doing the programming and strategizing for Uganda Tourism Board should wake up to this reality. Everything is interpreted to mean something. The world is so connected that whatever is happening is being viewed or seen in real time.
If Uganda receives 300,000 European every year (as an example), this means that right now, there are 300,000 Europeans watching Uganda and what’s happening here and they will keep their eyes on Uganda for the next one year. Everything we do can make or break their decision to come here.
Sometime back around 2014 or 2015, there was an attempt to pass the ant-homosexuality law for example. It received a lot of attention from all these western capitals. Now here is what few Ugandans understand about Mzungus. Whether they like gays or lesbians or not, they do not support their mistreatment or killing. To them, no matter whether you agree with a person or not or their life style, killing is completely out of the question. To kill is be a monster…no matter whether you kill a dog or a person. In fact you can be imprisoned for years…for being cruel or mistreating an animal. That is how serious they detest cruelty and violence.
So when they heard that in Uganda, there was an attempt to pass a law that would lead to killing of gays, they viewed Uganda as a place of murderers. To illustrate this point, I will give you an example of what happened when I went for some conference. During an event, someone was illustrating a point and he gave Uganda as an example of country where they ‘kill or murder’ gays. He spent some time on it, illustrating how violent, vicious, beastly some places of the earth still are. He wondered how a human being, in this day and age, can still feel human while entertaining the thought of killing another. To them killing, no matter what it is you are killing, is simply something that should not be even thought of. In fact this is the reason some of them dont even eat beef or animal meat…because they believe its cruel to kill animals because they also feel pain.
Anyway…In that room, at the conference, I was the only Ugandan and everyone moved out with the impression that Ugandans are murderers. When it was time for dinner, and we were introducing each other, I almost feared to introduce myself as a Ugandan because I seemed to be ‘murderer’ in the room. For the first time, I felt the weight of the happenings in my country weigh on my shoulders. This event illustrated to me first hand, what the impact of what happens here can impact how people make decisions about Ugandans.
So you can imagine what people in that room went away with. In later events, I tried to explain what had happened and to tell them that personally I have never even seen anyone killed in Uganda because of their sexula orientation. But here was the single story that was now painting all of us with the same brush. I did not blame this man though, that is what he had heard in the news or read about Uganda…just like we read about bombs in somalia or Iraq and completely never imagine there are ordinary people in those countries going on about their lives who neither hate or throw bombs.
Make no mistake, not all Mzungus are gay or even agree with LBGTs, but they would completely detest anyone who abhors the thought that someone should be killed or be discriminated on grounds of their sexual identity. They believe human beings can debate on issues but must not kill one another over their differences.
I had prepared to make a presentation about Uganda during that dinner but I knew they would be looking at me like the representative of all of Ugandans or murderers yet I cannot even kill an insect. For many people, that’s how they view Uganda and that’s how what we do impacts their decisions on whether they come or cancel their journeys.
On another occasion, there was a violent crackdown by Police on opposition leaders in Uganda. The day after, I had been invited to meet a group of international students who were exploring visiting Uganda (they were about 30 of them). They invited me to make a presentation and tell them why they should visit Uganda. I made my presentation and finished. I then told them to ask any questions in case they needed any clarification or further information.
One of them pulled out her phone and played a video of the violent crackdown and asked me how safe Uganda is yet there is always violence on the streets. They just could not understand why police beats up women. I tried to explain but frankly it was not nice and again, I felt how the actions of police and security frustrate many of us who wish to talk positive about our country. Those students went to South Africa. They were a group and had they come to Uganda, we would have 30 of them every year since it was a 7 year project. Such is the impact of what appears in the news. People are watching and making impressions and decisions.
To increase tourism or attract more people, we have to work on what is being relayed in the news. No matter whether it’s an isolated event or not, that is exactly what represents us as a society. The Police should stop beating up people and treating suspects with such brutality. It creates a very wrong image about our country. No tourist from the west planning coming here doesn’t have their ears on whats going on here. So you may want to work on what they are hearing or seeing about Uganda.
Secondly, we need more Mzungu ambassadors. We have to admit Mzungus trust Mzungus more than us. So you need many Mzungu friends, companies and or ambassadors who are professionally engaged, paid to share and market our country to their friends. Countries that have some white settlers like Kenya, Zimbabwe, Namibia, South Africa, Morocco, among others find it easy to attract tourists because there are already enough ambassadors to give others (living outside those countries) confidence that there is something worth seeing and that the place is safe to visit. So we may need to court more Mzungus who know Uganda and can effectively sell it. We can set a target for them and pay them for those deliverables.
When it comes to domestic tourism, we have to lower prices for locals. Many of these places are far and above what locals can comfortably afford. The government can give hotels and tourist sites some incentives or subsidies that would make it possible for them to offer friendly packages for local tourists.
The idea of Zari may be fine, only that moving with her in flashy cars at breakneck speed, surrounded by guns sends the wrong message to potential tourists. For some of these people, a gun represents violence, fear and uet in their countries, they take over a year without seeing it. Until you get this fact into the heads of some of these people doing programming of our tourism, we are still going to struggle with getting people here. Stop beating up people on the streets, stop torturing suspects and reduce on events that create negative publicity.
You have to understand what each country values and utilize people who tower in those values and make them ambassadors. For example, in Norway, the Nobel Prize is such a big thing and everyone is keeping an eye who is chosen. In 2015, Victor Ochen from Northern Uganda was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. This was very big news. At this point, this boy should have been given some facilitation and materials and events arranged for him to share about Uganda, what we offer and the like. I dont think any of that happened.
Whenever there are big international events where a Ugandan is the highlight of the event, the Uganda Tourism Board should always be on guard to engage them to profile Uganda. This is how some of these countries get the numbers. Amos Wekesa is doing a very big job. Ideally government should be paying him for this job. You have to understand how Mzungu thinks, what they value in order to get them to come. People visit a country because of its stories….what they have heard about it. Imagine Amin is dead but up to now, many Mzungu still think he is alive and will kill them. He, even in death, still represents us to outsiders. What stories are we creating to potential tourists? How do they view Uganda? What are they seeing? The tourist coming next year will base their decision on what we do or what they hear about Uganda between now and then. The police and army have a lot to do in promoting or destroying Uganda’s image

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Bagyenda left out of FIA board appointments

By Mubiru Ivan
Former Bank of Uganda Director in charge of supervision Justine Bagyenda has finally been kicked off from the Financial Intelligence Authority (FIA) board.
Bagyenda does not feature anywhere on the latest list of FIA board members who are going to take oath.
The list includes Grace Akullo, the head of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), Patricia Mutesi, Leo Kibirango, the board chairman and Patrick Ocailap, the deputy secretary to the Treasury.
In September this year, Bagyenda failed to appear before parliamentary Appointments Committee for FIA job vetting. She had been reappointed on the board by Finance Minister Matia Kasaijja.
She was supposed to meet the committee chaired by Speaker Rebecca Kadaga but she opted not to show up to avoid being humiliated and disappointed basing on the advice of one of her lawyers Timothy Masembe of MMAKS Advocates.
In July MPs led by Manjiya County’s John Nambeshe and Kasambya County’s Louis Mbwatekamwa Gaffa  revealed that they couldn’t allow Bagyenda’s reappointment come to pass.
“We are against Mrs. Bagyend’s reappointment to this position on grounds that she was sent into early retirement by Bank of Uganda Governor Tumusiime Mutebile recently and she used her position to amass wealth as her leaked bank accounts indicate she has close to shs20 billion,” said Nambeshe.

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Investment body’s Ajer confirms he is step down as ED

By Stephen Kalema
Basil Ajer has refuted rumors of panic and instability at Uganda Investment Authority.
He also confirmed that he was to quit from the position of executive director at the authority.
Ajer assumed the office on June 26 after the board of directors suspended Jolly Kaguhangire due to corruption and nepotism.
He was previously the director of small and medium enterprises.
“I am resigning to go and try out other opportunities which is a normal culture. And my resignation does not have to cause any panic in the authority whatsoever,” he said on Thursday in Kampala during the first quarter of Investment Licenses review.
He added that he was willing to work with the board in the process of getting a new acting ED and help in the smooth transition before his departure.
And although UIA has experienced many challenges over two years, board chairman Emely Kugonza maintained that they are back on their feet and doing well.
Ajer handed in his resignation letter to Kugonza indicating that he will leave office on April 30, 2019.
“Time has come for me to explore new opportunities,” reads the letter copied to Finance Minister Matia Kasaija and Secretary to the Treasury Keith Muhakanizi. He also indicated that he will be taking his accumulated annual leave effective January 2, 2019, and offered to do his best to ensure “a smooth transition.”
The Authority is the limelight following bashing remarks by President last week while commissioning six new industries at Namanve.
According to Museveni, UIA cannot be an authority promoting investment but rather Uganda Investment Prevention Authority (UIPA).
“Why do you accept jobs yet you can’t manage them. Most Ugandans think when they are doing poor work they are harming me but you are breeding curses for your own families,” said an angry Museveni before urging them to stay in their homes if they can’t deliver as they ought to.
 “Stay in your comfort zones. They call themselves economists which type of economist sabotages investments in an economy?”

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Oh My God! – Zari exclaims after seeing hippos

By Allen Kisakye
First of all, we shall not do the maths for you. Zari Hassan will. After all she is the one who did the calculations after seeing hippos at Queen Elizabeth National Park on Wednesday.
Zari, who was fulfilling her tourism ambassadorial role through the #TulambuleNeZari campaign, took to Instagram to say ‘Boat cruise at Kazinga Chanel which connects Lake Edward with Lake George. Still at Queen Elizabeth National Park. We got to see enormous hippos weighing more than 3tons different birds which flew around showing off and of course the huge buffaloes.”

We believe she accompanied this with Oh My God for dramatic effect.
Queen Elizabeth National Park, a Uganda tourism site popularly known for hosting over 162 species of birds, 95 mammal species including hippos, leopards among others.
Some of the hippos that mesmerized Zari
Kazinga Channel hosts the world’s largest concentration of hippos and numerous Nile crocodiles.
For her followers, who are used to weighing in ‘kilos’, the three-ton hippos will forever remain a mystery. Maybe until they see them.

Prior to the sightseeing, the State Minister for Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities Godfrey Kiwanda Suubi officially named Zari as the Digital Tourism Transformation Ambassador.

Thursday marked the third day of #TulambuleNeZari campaign, which was started by the Ministry of Tourism to digitalize tourism and make the general public aware of the various tourism sites in Uganda. The ministry believes that this campaign will enable them to reach their set target of four million visitors by 2020.

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Express- Vipers: Fufa bans three after ‘farce in Wankulukuku’

Ref Kirangwa was escorted out of Wankulukuku Stadium by Police after his horror show during the UPL game between Express and Vipers | Courtesy Photo
By Caesar Abangirah
Soccer: Three match officials who handled a Uganda Premier League game between Express and Vipers on Wednesday have been banned – with immediate effect – for poor officiation.
The decision to ban centre referee Ronald Kirangwa together with assistant referees Lydia Nantabo Wanyama and Samuel Kakembo follows Tito Okello’s controversial leveler for Vipers in the 83rd minute.
Replays show that Okello, a second half substitute, was miles offside before he received the ball to score.
The goal pushed Vipers to second of the UPL table and helped the Kitende side keep their unbeaten run thus far this season.
“This is to notify all stakeholders that, upon the advice of the Referees Disciplinary Panel and the Fufa Referees Standing Committee, Fufa has banned three officials of match number 54 of the StarTimes Uganda Premier League played on Wednesday November 7, 2018 at Muteesa II Stadium – Wankulukuku for poor officiation,” a memo from Fufa reads in part.
“They have been forwarded to FUFA Committee for Match Integrity for further investigation and decision.”
According to Fufa publicist, Ahmed Hussein, the officials ‘poorly applied Fifa laws of the game’.
Kakembo, who has been hit the hardest, has been banned from performing refereeing services of all Fufa organised and sanctioned competitions for a period of five years.
Kirangwa received a three year ban while Nantabo will not officiate at any Fufa organised and sanctioned competitions for a period of 60 days.
“However, they have a chance to appeal the decision,” Hussein said.

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Most Ugandans want pregnant girls to continue with school- Twaweza research

By Najib Mulema
Child pregnancy, according to a Uganda Demographic Health Survey (UDHS) report in 2016,  declined from 31 per cent in 2001 to 24 per cent in 2011. However, it rose up again by to 25 per cent in 2016.
Consequently, Uganda as a country is still feeling the pinch since the vice comes with numerous negative effects; school dropout being one of them.
Now, new report findings by Twaweza released on Thursday reveal that majority Ugandans want girls who get pregnant during school to continue with their education – whether after giving birth, during pregnancy or in another school.
The research brief titled ‘Preparing the Next Generation’: Ugandans’ opinions and experiences on education, is based on data from Sauti za Wananchi.
Sauti za Wananchi is Africa’s first nationally representative high-frequency mobile phone survey.
The findings are based on data collected from 1,878 respondents across Uganda in September and October 2018.
“Almost all citizens (94 per cent ) want girls who get pregnant to continue with their education whether after giving birth (74 per cent), during pregnancy (13 per cent), or in another school (7 per cent),” the report states.
Nevertheless, the report imparts that the desire to have pregnant girls in school may be far reached considering the fact that 51 per cent of girls who get pregnant opt to become housewives whereas 14 per cent  become unemployed after dropping out of school.
Only 12 per cent go back to school.
When it comes to male students who impregnate their female counterparts, the findings show that 50 per cent of respondents want them to continue with their education and the remaining 50 per cent want them punished either by transferring them to another school, expelled or be imprisoned.
On the other hand, the report further states that 46 per cent of Ugandan parents do not speak to anyone about problems they identify at their children’s schools and in case they do, they tend to speak to only school leaders rather than people in government.
Responding to the survey, Dr. Mukasa Lusambu, the Acting Commissioner Basic Education Ministry of Education and sports said, guidelines for school management and plans to revive Parent-Teacher associations are under review.
Speaking at the same event, Dr. Mary Goretti Nakabugo, the Country lead Twaweza and Uwezo manager said schools need to open up spaces for engagement because children of engaged parents perform better.
Adding, “We need to create safe spaces for children in schools, homes and communities to tackle wastage. Also empower girl children to acquire skills to stay safe and healthy.”

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OPM scandal: Onek labours to explain drop in number of verified refugees

By Stephen Kalema
About 1,489 Ugandans tried to register as refugees during the last census to ascertain the numbers of asylum seekers in the country. These, according to the Office of the Prime Minister were identified and rejected at early stage of verification, new details surrounding the inflated number of refugees in the country have revealed.
On March 1, the Office of the Prime Minister released figures of a head count conducted last year and placed the number of asylum seekers at as 1,444,856.
With the news of ghost refugees and a corruption scandal emerging, United States, Britain and other European nations threatened to withhold funding and humanitarian aid from
For example, in February, United Nations workers inspected a sector of Bidi Bidi camp that OPM officials had reported housed 26,000 refugees, only to find 7,000 people.
The Prime Minister, Dr Ruhakana Rukunda then ordered for a recount using biometric system.
The new verification exercise put the number at 1,092,213 individuals, or 76 per cent of the initial figures.
Also, since March, 62,139 new arrivals mainly from the DR Congo were registered, bringing the up to 1,154,352.
At the Uganda Media Centre in Kampala on Thursday, Minister for Relief, Disaster Preparedness and Refugees Hillary Onek labored to explain the discrepancy of 352,643 individuals.
According to Mr Onek, 255,490 individuals were verified as inactive because of reasons such as unknown whereabouts (158,533), returned to their home countries (34,174), Some had registered more than once (9,481), deceased (3, 931), Ugandan nationals (1, 489) while 55,812 were confirmed to be urban refugees.
However, the figures presented could only account for 17 per cent of the 24 per cent of the missing refugee population.
“We cannot explain the missing seven per cent. However, we are going to investigate how the figures (old and missing) came about,” Onek said.
“In case anyone falls victim to exaggerating figures for their own interests, they will be brought to book.”
At the same press conference, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) country representative Joel Boutroue said although the current figures are still preliminary, they will continue allocating resources.
“With this new database we shall be able to know areas with special needs and they will be reached as early as possible. And also we will be able to perfect refugee management,” said Boutroue.

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Samsung unveils foldable phone to regain ‘lost’ prestige

Samsung on Thursday unveiled its much anticipated foldable phone.
If properly perfected, the South Korean tech company is likely to regain some of its glory it lost to Apple. In the recent years, Samsung has experienced a decline in profits for its mobile division and the new foldable phone is expected to be a positive game changer in the company’s sales.
The disruptive device, potentially named the Galaxy X or Galaxy F, was first teased in 2014 but details of the project had remained secret in the years since.
At the unveiling in San francisco, Justin Denison, a senior vice president of mobile product marketing, showed a prototype with a screen he said measured 18.5cm (7.3in) diagonally.
According to theguardian.com, Samsung did not give media or developers a chance to touch or see the device up close.
Joshua Clark, a developer who was at the conference, said Samsung needed to sell the technology to its competitors for the product to be widely adopted.
“I really think it only takes two companies, and then all of the sudden it will catch on,” said Clark. “And the fact that Google was on stage, that says a lot. For developers to be able to integrate it with all their apps, that gives me a lot of confidence.”

Samsung is among a handful of developers working on foldable phones. Huawei has said it is planning to launch a 5G smartphone with a foldable screen in mid-2019.
 However, the two tech companies have been beaten to the market by Royole, a Chinese display making start-up, which last week unveiled a foldable Android phone with a bigger screen, priced from around Shs5 million (USD1,300). Royole said it would start filling orders in late December.

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And the beef goes on as Suudi says Brian White is living a fake life

By Allen Kisakye
For quite some time now, Suleiman ‘Suudiman’ Lukwago and Brian ‘White’ Kirumira have been at loggerheads.
Not a day goes by without any one of them throwing jabs at the other.
For example, Suudiman claims that Bryan White is not who he claims to be, and that he even has evidence of the person’s shady business and source of his money.
On the other hand, White says Suudiman is just a ‘faded event promoter, who has currently turned into Bobi Wine’s puppet because he was out competed in the promotion business.’
The reason for this public beef is yet to be ascertained. What we know though is that it will not end today. And that Suudiman might be Shs35 million poorer by end of day. Or not.
Let’s bring you up to speed about the latest beef.
Early this week, mystery money man White posted a video and photos of himself flaunting a brand new 2018 Lexus 570.
2018 Lexus 570.
Flanked by hangers on at his Bryan White Foundation offices in Munyonyo, White seems to revel in the moment as cameras click away.
‘New Ride’, he captioned the photos.
But Suudiman isn’t the one to let White shine.
On Thursday, the former events promoter dared the pencil-thin White to produce the log book of the car, if it is really his.
According to Suudiman, the car does not belong to White but rather he is just using it to show off his ‘fake’ luxurious life.
‘Fake’ is the key word. And to put the icing on the cake, Suudiman staked Shs35million.
“This week you announced to the whole world on social media that you bought a new 2018 Lexus LX 570. We all know ‘truth is always bitter’, but why not accept reality. I Suudiman, with deep sincerity, I am staking Shs35 million if you produce the Log Book aka card for the Lexus car in your names,” Suudiman posted.
Did we say he also threatened to post the owner of the said ride if Bryan White does come out to speak the truth about that matter?
Well, we just did as we await the next episode of the ‘Beef-ing with Suudi and White.’

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Early morning police swoop nets 146 in Kampala

By Mubiru Ivan
Police have arrested 146 criminals suspected of terrorizing Kampala city.
Those arrested in the early Thursday swoop are suspected to be part of the criminal gangs that are involve in robbery, counterfeit and drug distribution, mugging of people as well as pick pocketing on city streets.
The operation took place in areas of Makindye, Ndeeba, Kinyoro, Kisenyi, Katwe,Kiseeka, Kikoni, Kasubi, Kawala and Nakulabye.

Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander CP. Moses Kabugo Kafeero said that the ongoing operations by police in Kampala send a very clear warning message to offenders that security agencies shall not be winding down for Christmas and letting them go on their merry way.

“These pre-Christmas operations are systematically geared towards controlling key black spots around the city that are often used in harboring criminals and their activities,” said Kafeero.
“Throughout this remaining period towards Christmas Season, police shall be carrying out a series of high-profile days of action aimed at disrupting criminal activities and keeping the good people of Kampala safe during the festive period,” he added.

By the end of the operation, 38 out of the 146 suspects were released following a screening exercise by local leaders in the targeted areas.

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Fufa awards: Magogo stresses need to recognise performance as nominees are announced

Airtel’s Remmie Kisakye and FUFA Moses Magogo
Airtel-Fufa Awards 2108 Categories.
FUFA Male Player Of The Year.
Allan Okello
Moses Waiswa
Vianne Sekajugo
FUFA Women Player Of The Year.
Tracy Jones Akiror
Ruth Aturo
Shadia Nankya
FUFA Upcoming Talent (FUFA Juniors League U-19)
FUFA Most Promising Player Award
FUFA Coach of the Year
FUFA Presidential Award
FUFA Fair-play Award
FUFA Individual Fair-play Award
FUFA Referee of the Year
FUFA Upcoming Referee of the year
FUFA Beach Soccer player of the year
Fans’ Favourite Ugandan player of the year
Fans’ Favourite Ugandan player (Foreign based)
Fan of the Year award
MVP (FUFA Big League)
By Peter Tabu
Soccer: Footballers Allan Okello, Moses Waiswa and Vianne Sekajugo will all hope to clinch the Male Player of Year accolade at fourth edition of the Fufa Awards due December 7 at Speke Resort Munyonyo.
Crested Cranes midfielder Tracy Jones Okiror will face off against her teammate in the national setup, goalkeeper Ruth Aturo as well as defender Shadia Nankya in the female player of the year category.
KCCA’s Allan Okello made the shortlist for Male Player of the Year
There are 16 categories for the awards in total, four of which will involve the general public through SMS to choose their best.
During the launch on Wednesday, Fufa president Moses Magogo stressed the need to recognise performance at all levels in a bid to encourage players.
“As a federation it’s always been a dream to hold award ceremonies in 5 star hotels away from board rooms, the more we recognise talent the more energy the players will have,” Magogo said.
Jackie Tahakanizibwa, Senior Manager Marketing and Communications Post Bank
Remmy Kisakye, Airtel Uganda’s brand and communications manager said the telecommunications giant is still committed to see football growth in Uganda. Airtel invested Shs100 million for this year’s awards.
“We are happy to partner with Fufa for the fourth time and as Airtel, we are still committed to see football growth in Uganda,” Kisakye said.
The final list of nominees for the Male and Female Most Valuable players (MVP’s) has been generated by a panel of experts – the 16 coaches in the Uganda Premier League and Fufa Women Elite league.
At the same event, Fufa also confirmed the Uganda Premier League awards had been merged with the Fufa Awards.

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Team Uganda upbeat ahead of 3X3 Africa Cup

Ritah Imanishimwe takes on a player from Andora during a previous 3X3 tournament | Courtesy Photos
Peter Tabu
Basketball: Uganda’s men and women’s national 3X3 basketball teams traveled to Lome, Togo on Wednesday for the second edition of the FIBA 3X3 Africa Cup in high spirit.
Uganda is third and first in the men and women basketball rankings.
Speaking at the flag off ceremony in Kampala, Grace Kwizera the FUBA VP of Communications and Marketing revealed that the team was fully funded by the government.
“A big thank you to Government for the support. Our 3X3 program is robust and in our quest of qualifying for the 2020 Olympics we believe such tournaments prepare the players,” Kwizera said.
“We promise to do our best.”
Uganda finished eighth and third for the men and women respectively in 2017 and will hope to perform better. The Gazelles are in pool A along with Cape Verde and Ghana while the men will tussle it out with Nigeria and Cape Verde.
A total of 12 teams will compete at the second edition which Togo is also hosting for a second time.
The Gazelles, which comprises locally based players Jamila Nansikombi (JKL), Ritah Imanishimwe (JKL), Sarah Ageno (UCU) and Hope Akello (JKL) will tip off against Cape Verde on Friday, before taking on Ghana later in the day.
The men will have to wait until the next day to face Cape Verde in the early tipoff and later on Nigeria.
City Oilers’ James Okello and Tony Drilleba, Mark Opiyo Okidi of Pemba Warriors as well as Power’s Athieu Madol are the men who will try and make magic happen.
Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Gambia, Madagascar, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Seychelles, Tanzania are the other teams to take part.
Ambrose Tashobya will lead the delegation.

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Mukono traditional healers face arrest after RDC threats

By Patrick Edward Musisi

Mukono Resident District Commissioner Fred Bamwine has advised traditional healers to put their house in order by weeding out criminals from their profession, warning that short of that, government will intervene into their operations.

“Sort yourselves out, or else government will be provoked into intervening in your activities. As you know, I do not know who is who in that business and I may end up rounding up everybody until the real culprits are zeroed on,” he warned.

He was on Wednesday officiating at the swearing in of the 324 district and sub-county executives of Mukono District Traditional Healers and Practitioners Council (THEPCO) at their headquarters at Ttakajjunge village in Nama sub-county.

Moses Male Byekwaso bounced back as chairman to lead the herbalists for another five year-term, deputized by Mulo Masiko.

THEPCO chairman Male Ssalongo Moses addressing his members during the swearing in ceremony of his executive on Wednesday.

Bamwine said he had given the association two months to formalize registration requirements for all their members, adding that he is going to issue a format to be followed in the registration exercise and thereafter treat as criminal whoever will not have registered.

He also cautioned them against pretending to administer anti-barrenness potions and in the process impregnating married women, and added that those in this category are responsible for disease spread, homes breaking up and other forms of domestic violence.

THEPCO chairman Male reported that there are many fake practitioners in their profession, and volunteered to help government in identifying, arresting and prosecuting culprits who he said have tarnished their name.

“They have no shrines and operate in single-room rented houses, are unwilling to come out openly, and are the ones behind dubious activities like forcing patients into sex, engaging in abductions and human sacrifice, and abetting criminals who later seek protection charms from them.

The District Commercial Officer who is also responsible for tourism promotion, Kenneth Ntege advised the herbalists to develop a data bank and keep track of their members, their operational bases and specific experience, to leave no room for fake practitioners.

Mukono Commercial Officer Kenneth Ntege addressing the herbalists at their headquarters.

He also advised them to uplift their levels by setting up referral services and ambulances, and set up supermarkets dealing in their wares like herbs and other usables.

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Winnie has blocked me – Fatboy cries out after sarcastic response to Byanyima tweet

By Catherine Apolot 
It’s almost five decades since President Museveni last stepped in a kitchen. Any kitchen.
Forty five years to be exact.  Those are the number of years that the President, in power for 32 years, has been married to First Lady Janet Museveni.
How do we know this? Last week, while trying to clarify the criteria he uses to offer financial support to the youth in several parts of the country, President Museveni said; “It is now 45 years with Maama Janet. I have never stepped in the kitchen.”
He added; “The head of the home never goes into kitchen. That’s how it should be.”
The statement on his website could have riled the Executive Director, Oxfam International, Winnie Byanyima.
Byanyima, Opposition leader Kizza Besigye’s wife, expressed her disappointment in Museveni’s confession, responding in a tweet, “I’m disappointed by this statement from @KagutaMuseveni cooking isn’t a woman’s job. It’s a life skill.”
Byanyima added, “All people- men & women should cook. When cooking, cleaning and other domestic chores are left to women, they are denied an equal chance to raise incomes or to be politically active.”
All was well with Byanyima’s tweet, until James Onen, a 40-something bachelor radio presenter at Sanyu FM responded with a bang.
In a sarcastic response, Onen aka Fatboy told Byanyima the reason she is not the First Lady is because of such beliefs – that even men should cook.
“That’s why he didn’t marry you,” Onen replied to Byanyima’s tweet.
What happened next?
He was instantly blocked.
“Winnie has blocked me,” he cried out later.
Meanwhile, for us we are not privy to details of the said failed marriage.

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Opinion: Ministry of Education, be pro-active for once and do your work

By Eunice Nankwanga Kasirye
What is on my mind are the children, countrywide, who keep missing out on their Uganda National Examinations at all levels because school directors did not remit their registration fees to  Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB).
In reaction to the unfortunate incidences, UNEB says pupils who missed exams could register to write next year papers. Meanwhile, directors who are probably still on run should be apprehended for prosecution. UNEB, also cautioned parents to always take a caution while making decisions on which schools to take their children to.
But this evil has been going on for so many years. The ministry of Education, the police, UNEB, parents and whoever is concerned is well aware of this vice. Most of the victims of this evil are children who end up in makeshift schools which mushroom day and night without a clear road map on how they intend to have a sustainable operation. The major reason why parents opt for these schools is they come with enticing and seemingly manageable costs for schools fees and other dues.
The parents often choose these risky schools because they can’t afford the well established schools dues. These are parents who struggle to keep their children at school despite the biting poverty they live in.
If you really want to know what these parents go through, speak to the administrators of these schools. The children study on frequent pleadings from the parents to the school administrators, the parents keep begging the administration to at least allow the children attend class as they craft something from which to earn some money to clear school fees.
Some parents make batter trade where food items are supplied at the school in exchange for a child’s school fees. Therefore the victims of this craftiness are not the ‘Haves’ of this country, it is the ‘have-nots’. I think that explains the laxity with which policy makers and enforcers handle this issue.
The only time the checkers of the system will wake up is when one of their own is a victim in some racket vice, at least according to precedence.
Obviously these schools are often private/individual owned. They leverage on loans from microfinance institutions, they rent structures, they have a lot of sensational promotion to attract numbers.
This therefore means that they always operate on a deficit budget and the only time the school has guarantee of cash is when the candidate classes are clearing for Uganda National Examinations and sometimes a biggest number of these children have school fees balances.
A situation like this put the school owners in a very tempting situation to either pick the available cash to clear personal demands or clear for the candidate’s final exams.
I don’t condone the conning of parents and the candidates, but where are the system checkers? We have structures in this country entrusted to inspect the education sector system, where is their check list?
Does anyone out there, in the Ministry of Education for example, understand the trauma subjected to a child made to repeat a class or miss final term examinations?
Uneb understand the dilemma the parents of children who go to such schools are put in. Why is it every year the same vice happens and all we can get are empty threats.
The chances of most of those children to never go back to school are high. Some of them especially the girls will be forced into early marriages, the boys could end up in irresponsible activities to survive and even the morale of a struggling pare/guardian to pay school fees for another year is challenged.
If government has the capacity to monitor everyone’s mobile money transaction to take away a percentage in form of taxes, monitor everyone’s social media activiteis, issues access to examination results, how cant there be a system to verify ones examination registration using mobile phone prompts before the closing date?
If the problem is examination fees, why can’t government just scrap off the cost and use the other so many tax levies on every other thing to cater for the gaps created? Why is it all about money but nothing to tally with the services provided?
When I was growing up I used to see people around schools called Inspectors of schools, do we still have such people in place, if they are still there, what are their job expectations. I think it is important that this government and her agencies started getting serious with the people whose resource they are entrusted with.
Let the Ministry of Education come up with very stringent penalties against the con men in which the parents can recover their money. This would involve withdrawing the school operation, auctioning of the school assets alongside individual prosecution of the culprits.
However, the Ministry should have an emergency time table for candidates who miss final exams for reasons beyond their own making instead of making them repeat for a full year at a full cost.
The writer is a President of International Association of Women in Radio & Television (IAWRT) Uganda Chapter.

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Open Letter to President Museveni on the Tondeka Metro from a concerned Muzukkulu

Dear Mr. President
I read with interest your instruction to Minister Matia Kasaijja to support the importation of 980 buses into the country to ease traffic in Kampala. I must say that I was very happy for your decision on your insistence that there should not be liability to the country as company assets will be registered in the name of government until loan is paid off. I also read that they will be an escrow account where we’ll pay so that those running the business don’t avoid their obligations and run away with the money before debt is paid off.
I will be honest Mr. President, I oppose your government as I belong to People Power but on this issue of public transport, I am with you. It is probably the first decision in a long time that I support because it will better this country we love. I was born in 1993 long after you had become president. My grandfather used to brag about efficient public transport in the past. I am happy that with your decision, I will also at least enjoy what my grandfather enjoyed.
When I graduated from Uganda Christian University Mukono about two years ago, I looked for a job and failed to get one. I decided to start a stall in Owino Market. I sell used shoes and clothes. Sometimes I vend them to people in offices. I manage to make some little money to take care of my immediate needs. It isn’t much but at least I survive. To save even more, I decided to continue living with my parents in Mukono. At least for now, they haven’t asked me to pay rent or to buy food. As a responsible son, I however sometimes help pay some bills from the little money that I save.
My biggest cost, however, has been transport. A round trip from Mukono town to Kampala costs Shs6,000 on average. I could actually pay more if I decided to use a boda boda from the stage to my parents’ home but I walk that distance of about two kilometres. So at Shs6,000 per a day, this amount comes to Shs36,000 for a six-day week since I don’t work on Sundays or Shs144,000 a month. That is a lot of money that I spend on transport to work. If I add the transport costs to visit friends, attend to a client who may not be in Kampala Central Business District, it might be Shs300,000 but I will limit myself to transport from home to work even when I know that nobody only goes from home to work.
And that is why I am writing this letter to you. The story I read said that I will be paying Shs50,000 per a month. This means that I will save Shs94,000 every month on transport alone which totals to Shs1,128,000 a year. If I can invest these savings in my business, I would be able to improve myself. I have a girlfriend so one day I hope to start a family of my own. That is why I am writing this letter to thank you for at least for once you thought about us the poor who you refer to as your Bazukkulu. You haven’t yet earned my vote in 2021 but at least as a Christian and honest person, I wanted to say thank you. If you improve other sectors as well, may be you will manage to leave a legacy your real grandchildren, Natasha’s kids, would be proud of.
Talking of other sectors, Mr President, why don’t you use the same model elsewhere? I heard that you are spending a lot of money on Uganda Airlines. Although I have never been on a plane and one day I know I will, I think those who are running it can borrow the money same way Tondeka Metro is doing so that our country isn’t put under so much debt. If Uganda Airlines has a business plan, they should be able to pay off their debt.
Anyway, Mr President, thank you so much for the public buses. I really hope that this isn’t a hoax and we get the buses as soon as possible. I want to start to save the Shs94,000 per a month immediately. I am that serious. I hope you make this my Christmas and new year gift and all the other Bazukkulu would be happy. Maybe some of them come back to you and abandon the other guys. Ensure those close to you and technocrats in your ministries don’t fail you on this. The public transport buses is all you have got to get us back on your side.
Yours sincerely,
Andrew Arinaitwe
Your Muzukkulu,

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Increasing number of bars and lodges in Ntungamo shock cleric

By Arinda Nsheeka Wilfred
The Province of Church of Uganda has resolved to increase the number of churches rather than bars and lodges.
The announcement was made by the Bishop of South Ankole Diocese, the Rt Rev Nathan Ahimbisibwe, on Wednesday during confirmation of 39 Christians. The same function was also used to consecrate Mutanoga COU which was named St Peter’s Mutanoga COU in All Saint Church parish in Kyamate Deanery.
According to Bishop Ahimbisibwe, the church is a holy place where the heavy burdened Christians are relieved of their sins and other problems while in bars people loss their soberness.
“Can you imagine bars and lodges are increasing day by day?. Call them Akacwampare, Kabanshwere ,Bakazi bagahwe, Kabagarame name them, they are increasing. But when we increase number of churches, people will be inquisitive to know why we are doing so. The answer is simple; to save the people of God from evil,” the bishop said.
Akacwampare, Kabanshwere ,Bakazi bagahwe, Kabagarame are local names for roadside bars.
He tasked the members of the congregation to work for the Lord for they will have a lot of gifts in Heaven. He also thanked the Christians of St Peter’s Mutanoga COU for being supportive in the diocese activities.
The Bishop was assisted by Dean St Mathews Cathedral Kyamate, Ven. Rev. Can, Joash Tushangomujuni and Vicar All Saints Church, Ntungamo, Rev Denis Kunywana.
In his preaching message, the secretary South Ankole Diocese Rev Canon Yoram Ntoreine, Christians worldwide have been challenged to own and build the church of Jesus Christ instead of being hypocrites within the church.
He reminded them that their ‘bodies are the Temples of God’ therefore they should work towards its unity.
Rev Can Ntoreine said some Christians are undecided both in church and world treasurers appealing to them not to be hypocrites but people who walk in the light of God.
He asked all confirmed Christians to turn away from worldly treasures and come to Jesus if they are to have everlasting life.
The  Lay reader St Peter’s Mutanoga COU, Denis Borekire hailed the bishop for posting him there and highlighted what has been done, what is being done and what will be done.
The service climaxed commissioning of 53 girls and boys brigade of Mutanoga PS including head teacher Kagiraneza.

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Aziz Damani boosts Brian Umony’s Slum Soca Cup

Umony (L) recieves water from Mr Reddy of Aziz Damani
By Peter Tabu
Uganda Cranes striker Brian Umony through his ‘Brian Umony Foundation’ has received a huge boost ahead of the Slum Soca Cup from Aziz Damani, who have provided 60 boxes of water for the event. The tournament was organized to help nurture talent and youth to stay away from drug and Alcohol abuse.
The tournament which runs for the whole of November 2018 will see Umony visit four slum areas to select the best two teams which will then knock out each other till the final.
While receiving the package from Aziz Damani Sports Club at their head office in Bugolobi Kampala, Umony emphasized it was a huge motivational factor.
“It’s a big motivational factor to the foundation to get support from Aziz Damani, we pledge to continue with the work of helping talented youth keep away from Drugs and Alcohol abuse,” said Umony.
Slum Soca kicks off on 10 and 11th November in Banda and Bukoto respectively before heading to Makindye and Naguru on 17th and 18th.
Quarter finals will be on  November 24 while semis and finals will be played the next day on the with the winning team walking away with a trophy.

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Police recover to get steal three points from Tooro

By Shafic Kiyaga
UPL: Police came from a goal down to record their first home win of the season against a hugely disappointing Tooro United at the StarTimes Stadium in Lugogo
It felt like more of the same when Police found themselves behind in the sixth minute of the opening stanza when Steven Omvia tapped home after Police allowed their visitors an easy build up to the goal.
But after the opening 10 minutes, Police grew in confidence and had much of the possession but Wasswa Bbosa’s men were happy to sit in and allow the hosts play as much as they want but limiting them to few chances at goal.
Despite Police’s dominance in possession and pinning Tooro back in their own half, they barely shifted from hear number 1 for almost the entire opening 45 minutes. The score line remained unchanged as the game went into recess.
Abdallah Mubiru’s men started the second stanza from where they left off but this time with more intent and character but still they looked far from hitting the back of the net. But as the game wore on, Tooro seemed to have run out of gas.
All of Police’s attacking intent and threat paid off in the 72nd minute when youngster Ashiraf Mugume’s shot from outside the box hit the back of the net sending the Police band into a frenzy. But Police survived a scare when Simon Sserunkuuma’s free kick hit the bar but Police reacted well to clear their lines.
In the 82nd minute, Police took the lead in the game from the corner kick. Araft Galiwango’s low corner was flicked on by Juma Balinya on the near which found Paul Willa at the far post. The defender made no mistake slotting home from close range.
There were nervous moments in the dying minutes of the game as Tooro United tried to bring the game level again but the cops held on well.
Police now have 10 points and are 9th while Tooro United are 12th with five points after seven games.
What they said.
Police coach Abdallah Mubiru
“We played really well but we were not doing enough in front of goal in the first half. But the boys showed more intent in the second stanza and we managed to get the win. Of course we were the better side as we have been in all our games as we still are one of the teams to at least score a goal in every game we have played this season but killing off games has been our major short coming”.
Wasswa Bbosa – Tooro United coach
“We started the game well and even got the lead but as our opponents grew into the game, we allowed them more time and space on the ball. We tried to ask the boys to stay calm but they just went flat and we were punished because”.

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Akol heroics guide Maroons to first league win of season

By Peter Tabu
Coach Aspah Mwebaze’s return to Luzira proved fatal after his former side, Maroons picked up a well-deserved 2-0 win over his current employers Onduparaka on Wednesday evening.
Walusimbi Solomon and Rashid Aga
Maroons assistant coach David Obua follows proceedings
u’s strikes along with a Rashid Toha consolation sealed the first three points for the Luzira-based side this season.  Goalkeeper Emmanuel Akol put up a man of the match performance.
The game started off on a slow tempo with both sides trying to penetrate the other but the first 20 minutes seemed containable for either sides.
Eight minutes later Maroons opened the scoring through winger Solomon Walusimbi who took advantage of Onduparaka goalkeeper, Richard Anyama’s poor clearance. The goal sent scenes of wild celebrations across the stadium.
With two minutes to half time, Mwebaze made a substitution taking off Denis Okot for Oscar Agaba. The move would have paid off if it wasn’t for Maroons’ Akol. The lanky goalie pulled off a save denying, Agaba a would-be leveler which summed up the first period.
The second half did not pick up much talking points save for Maroons’ Agau who broke through from the centre line leaving Onduparaka’s defence for dead to slot home and give the hosts a comfortable 2-0 lead in the 66th minute.
The Arua-based side would later on get a consolation through towering centre back Toha in the 87th minute, nodding home winger Gaddafi Gahdinho’s corner. The loss leaves Onduparaka seventh on 11 points and winless in their last three games while Maroons move from bottom to 13th on the log.
For Maroons coach George ‘Best’ Nsimbe, the boys played their hearts out.
“A big fight from the boys today who knew we needed the win so bad, it’s a job well done and am sure it will lift their confidence,” Nsimbe said in a post-match interview.
His opposite number though blamed his goalkeeper Anyama for being erratic.
“Our goalkeeper was erratic early in the game which made it difficult to fight back, Maroons deserved the win and for that I congratulate them,” a crest fallen Mwebaze said after the match.

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Mao, Nambooze maintain that DP will not be party to National Dialogue

By Stephen Kalema
 Norbert Mao has received backing from an unlikely ‘friend’ for his stand on pulling out of upcoming National Dialogue.
Mao last week decided that his party would not take part in the dialogue when the ruling NRM party is continuously disrespecting their demands.
 “The lawlessness in the government means undermining the environment that would be vital for constructive dialogue. We cannot pretend to be going for national dialogue when the right to organize it was being effectively undermined,” said Mao, the DP president general said last week.
The national dialogue is scheduled for November 21 and is organized by the Elders Forum of Uganda, the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda (IRCU) and members of the civil society with the theme of consolidating peace, democracy and development to promote equal opportunity and achieve shared prosperity. 
Now, according to Mukono municipality legislator Betty Nambooze, there is no way any serious political party can sit and dialogue with the government when there are no parameters to follow.
“For that matter, I totally agree with DP president general Norbert Mao on his decision to withdraw from the said talks,” Nambooze told Watchdog Uganda on Wednesday.      
On October 8, the Opposition listed seven demands to the organisers if they were to hold talks with government.
These included; clarification on the agenda of the dialogue, composition of the participants, modalities of convening and arrangements of independent financing of the national dialogue. Also, the opposition wanted a guarantee on how the outcome from the dialogue will be implemented plus a guarantee from government that all political repression, persecution and impunity will end instantly and also declare immediate guarantee of freedom of political activities.
“The organizers are not bold enough to tell Museveni the demands of the opposition. And it’s not only DP which had tabled these demands but all opposition parties agreed on these demands however the organizers seem not interested and I don’t think there any politician would agree that,” Nambooze, a DP member opposed to Mao’s leadership said.
According to Nambooze, if the organisers do not adhere to the demands of the opposition, national dialogue would appear as a national talk show for President Museveni.
“How can one of the sides to dialogue be the same person to preside over its launch? I think they are just arranging for Museveni to come and speak to them,” Nambooze said.
Before DP pulled out of this dialogue, on October 8, all opposition political parties gathered at Hotel Protea in Kampala and insisted that the national dialogue is more important but must be based on clear agenda and guarantee of mutual respect for the outcomes.
The document of demands was signed by; Forum for Democratic Change party president Patrick Amuriat, the leader of one of the UPC sections, Joseph Bossa, Democratic Party (DP) president Norbert Mao, People’s Progressive Party (PPP) chairperson Dick Odur, four-time presidential candidate Kizza Besigye as leader of the “People’s Government,” Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu of the New Formation political group and Mr Olara Otunnu as a concerned citizen.
When Watchdog Uganda contacted Mao following a second visit of the national dialogue organisers to Parliament on Tuesday, he said the organisers are escaping from the right path of confirming a clear agenda and mutual respect from the ruling party over the seven demands.
Therefore, he maintained that they will not dialogue.
 Gen. Muntu, another leading opposition figure, said since Independence, there has never been any chance of national dialogue.
“The government knows these issues but it uses force to govern the people. If they want to continue moving on that path of using force, then they will choose that. But you cannot continue using force permanently. However national dialogue may be would make something if they have respected these demands,” Gen. Muntu reportedly said.
FDC is yet to decide its move incase organisers are not willing to respect their demands.

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Zari on song as #TulambuleNeZari campaign gets socialite dancing

By Allen Kisakye
So Zari is traversing the country, showing off tourism sites that some Ugandans might never have heard of, or even though about visiting.
Zari, full name Zari Hassan, was recently appointed Brand Ambassador of Tourism and Digital Transformation. The role comes with traveling around the country, ‘unveiling’ the hidden gems this Pearly country has to offer through the #TulambuleNeZari campaign.

It started off on Tuesday, with a visit to Independence Monument, opposite Speak Hotel.
The socialite, Tourism State minister Godfrey Kiwanda and his team then headed west, where she posed by the Equator, mingled with meat sellers along Masaka Road and continued to Mbarara on Wednesday.
Here, she visited Igongo Cultural Centre as well as the famous ‘Cow’ that welcomes you into the ‘land of milk.’
But it was at Igongo where Zari blew away onlookers with her dance skills.

Not that we are surprised – she was singer cum dancer Diamond Platinumz partner  for a couple years – so dancing should have come easy.
In pictures she shared with her over 4.5 million followers on Instagram, Zari is seen, decked in Omushanana  joins a group of dancers for the Kitagururo dance.
Omushanana is a cultural dress synonymous with peoples from the western part of the country.

According to tourism ministry officials, the #TulambuleNeZari campaign will enable Uganda reach its set target of four million visitors by 2020. And Zari, according to Minister Kiwanda is the right pick to help the ministry achieve that target.

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Busia elections: NRM’s Oguttu nominated to represent party

By Bruno Kiyimba
National Resistance Movement’s flag bearer Paul Boniface Oguttu has on Wednesday, been duly nominated to contest for Busia District chairperson seat.
Oguttu, who was accompanied to the nomination venue by the NRM Deputy Secretary General Richard Todwong together with other party leaders in the district.
According Busia NRM returning officer Umar Kiyimba, Oguttu had met all the requirements as laid down in the electoral guidelines.
Speaking to the media after nomination, Oguttu called upon voters to vote him since he believes he is the right candidate to represent them.
Oguttu, who left the district hall on a boda boda amid cheers from hundreds of his supporters, will continue his role as acting district chairperson ahead of the elections. He assumed the role two years ago after the district the Electoral Commission threw out the district chair winner in 2016. Then, Oguttu was elected district Speaker.
Mr John Arimpa Kigyagi, party’s deputy EC chairperson early this week announced November 21, as the polling date for the pending primary elections of the newly created six districts as well as the old ones with vaccant positions.

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Kyamagero tipped to head Balaam’s new Radio4

By Allen Kisakye
Renowned events promoter Balaam Barugahara is working around the clock in preparation for the launch of his new Radio station. This after the Balaam Marketing Agency boss reportedly bought off Red Pepper’s 103.4 Juice FM for Shs300million.
Balaam’s station, to be housed in the upscale Ntinda will be called Radio4.
Sources privy to the deal say Balaam will launch the station during Chameleon’s ‘Legendary Saba Saba’ concert due December 7at Lugogo Cricket Oval.
Staff recruitment is currently on going, former Galaxy FM presenter Andrew Kyamagero tipped to be General Manager. Reliable information also shows that Un-Cut presenter presenter Anatalia Ozze is part of the team.
The news comes in hot on the heels of an announcement that Balaam is currently handling President Museveni aka Sevo’s music career. Promoter and singer are set to release their latest project, an album dubbed ‘Non Stop’.

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Fr Kiibi blasts politicians who use funerals to exhibit financial muscle

By Bruno Kiyimba
“I see very many of you who have given in money for burial in respect of your political denominations. But it would be sad if the deceased woke up and claimed she did not know you.”
Those were the opening remarks of outspoken Rev Fr Deogratius Kiibi Kateregga during the burial of the Connie Nakabugo at Kasozi, Wakiso on Tuesday.
Nakabugo served Lubaga Cathedral from 1982 to 2018 and was a teacher at Gayaza Girls’ Primary School.
Fr Kiibi, who was surprised by the number of politicians present at the burial, ‘yet none was there to help the late Nakabugo during the time she needed them’ also lashed out at them for being opportunists.
The political leaders had spoken ‘good words about themselves’ as well as how much money  they had given in condolences.
“I once went to the house of late Nakubugo and she called me’ Fr. Kato’. This touched me since she could not recognize me. Anyway, now that ‘Fr Kato’ has won the credit, I will return to you and ask a question; ‘Do you think the late can recognize you if she woke up now?’” Fr Kiibi asked much to the uneasiness of the politicians.
He added that it was wrong for NRM political leaders and councilors from Nansana Municipality to start announcing the sums of money that they had given in respect of the burial yet there was a right time for them to do so.
Wakiso NRM contributed Shs150,000 while Nansana municipality councilors parted with Shs500,000.
According to Fr Kiibi, this money was useless to the person who had died.
“Now I also want to ask you councilors and NRM representatives. How would you feel if you had given in these big sums of money when she was still alive? Don’t you think she would be alive by now? Because as far as her medical documents state, she did not have any disease like HIV, cancer, and all these other bad diseases that affect the old people.”
The salesman who had turned the burial into a market show was not spared.
“We are here making last prayers for this old lady and you are busy marketing your products? May you also get the same when you die,” he said.
It is on this note that the reverend advised all people to always pay regular visits to the sick and old people since it is at this critical moment that they need support from the people around them.

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I am very sorry Mama Abbie – MC Kats cries for Fille to return

By Allen Kisakye
Matthew 5:23-24 says “So, what if you are offering your gift at the altar and remember that someone has something against you? Leave your gift there and go make peace with that person. Then come and offer your gift.”
This is probably the verse MC Kats had in when he stormed Satellite Beach, Mukono at the weekend.
See, word made rounds that the ‘forever young’ MC and his live-in girlfriend Fille were no longer a couple after he allegedly cheated on the singer with a groupie only known as Shamim. This was during the Mbale edition of the Douglas Lwanga’s Purple Party.
Kats then reportedly went around informing whoever cared to listen that this time it was for good. That he was done chasing after Fille. Infact, in order to keep himself busy, he signed two artistes – Ray G and Sasha Juicy Sugar – to his management label called MC Kats Management.
You can imagine the kind of drama revelers who had turned up for a show at Satelite Beach at the weekend were treated to when jumped from the crowd, onto the stage and grabbed a microphone from one of the day’s MCs as the mother of his baby performed.
Swiftly, bouncers came to her rescue.
But the diminutive MC kept his ground, screaming, “You won’t take me off the stage before I fight for what is mine,” much to the amusement of onlookers.
“Fille, we have been through a lot. We have built everything from nothing, just the two of us. Now we even have Abbie. I am so sorry. I am pleading to you on my bend knees. Please forgive my mistakes Mama Abbie…I am very sorry,” Mc Kats pleaded.
Some fans however, are not convinced, claiming this breakup and makeup is a stunt to promote Fille’s upcoming projects – one being the release of a song the singer recorded with Rwanda’s The Ben.

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Police hold man for faking land documents, conning squatters of Shs271m

By  Ivan Mubiru
Police in Kasangati is holding a man for allegedly obtaining Shs271 million from squatters by false pretence.
The suspect identified as Isma Kanonya was arrested early this week following a complaint filed to police by 61 victims.
Kanonya’s arrest has been confirmed by Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire.
According to Owoyesigyire, the complainants told police that they were approached by Kanonya in 2015 as a land broker. Then, they say, he presented to them a Memorandum Of Understanding between him and the actual land owner, a one Mr. Patrick Luboowa. Later on, according to Oweyesigyire, he presented to them an agreement between him and Luboowa indicating he had paid a sum of Shs800 million as part of the payments for the entire land a condition that placed him as the rightful owner of the land.
The 40 acre land in question is located in Busukuma.
“The suspect then hired surveyors to partition the land into (50×100), (100×100) plots and started receiving deposit payments while promising that he was processing their land tittles. He made millions by conning the would-be occupants, who would pay him deposits for plots he claimed to own – only for him to disappear before they could receive their land titles,” says Owoyesigyire.
Adding, “When the true land owner Mr. Luboowa received news that his land was up for grabs, he approached the occupants, presented verified documents proving ownership of the land and claimed that he wanted to develop his land which prompted angry occupants to open  up cases at various police stations against Kanonya.”
The suspect is currently detained at Kasangati Police Station on charges of obtaining money by false pretense vide SD REF 38/24/10/2018.

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Cindy Sanyu to hold vocal auditions for her band

By Allen Kisakye
Dancehall queen Cinderella Sanyu is currently in search for new vocalists to join her band dubbed Band Cindy.
Popularly known for songs such as ‘Still Standing’, ‘Nkooye’ among others, the former Blu3* musician is currently set to host auditions for new vocalists to join her band on Friday, November 9 at Cindy’s Band House in Kabalagala.
“As a vocal artiste, I want to give an opportunity to everyone who has a talent and has dreams of sharing the stage with me to come through for the auditions,” says Cindy.
Cindy currently has plans to make her band bigger and vibrant and believes that after the auditions, she will have the team needed to make her dreams come true.
Band Cindy last Thursday celebrated a year weekly performances at Nexus Lounge, Najjera. They are soon marking four years of Friday shows at Fusion Auto Spa, Munyonyo.

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Dental association appeals to government to invest more in Oral health

By Stephen Kalema
Uganda Dentist Association (UDA) has appealed to the government to invest more in oral health, research and move away from provision of only tooth extraction services in public health facilities.

Dr. Ayub. Twaha, the president UDA also said oral health was as important as other categories such as cancer, Aids and Tuberculosis (TB).

“Our government has been good at providing services of tooth extraction only. Most dentists only know how to extrac teeth yet we need other dental care services. But because those are the investments the government is proving, that’s what they (dentists) do,” Dr Twaha said at the Uganda Media Centre on Wednesday.

The health of the mouth, according to Dr Twaha, has a significant influence on the health of the whole body.

Dental conditions such as periodontal diseases (gum diseases) and dental caries (tooth decay) being the most oral health conditions in the country and world over, the attention given to them by the government is minimal which poses a challenge in achieving optimal dental health.

“The relationship between dental conditions and the non-communicable diseases is straight forward, both share the same risk factors; Gum disease increases the risk of heart problems and has been associated with miscarriages of fetus in some instances, worse with diabetes. Therefore oral health is also paramount so we call for more focus on it,” added Dr. Twaha.

According to Dr. Twaha more dental surgeons are still needed in Uganda if the government is to promote oral health. Currently the dentist to patient ratio is 1:125,000 yet World Health Organization recommends 1:8000.

UDA was formed in 1960 and so far has 320 surgeons serving serving 40 million Ugandans.

In response to Dr. Twaha’s appeal, Ministry of Health Focal dental surgeon Dr. Juliet Nabanjja said the government will to carry out training of dental surgeons using Masaka Referral Hospital as training ground.

“We are going to carry out training of dental surgeons and we shall only take those with at least bachelors degree in dental surgery. However the number of dental surgeons is still lacking,”  Dr. Maria Gorette NaKyonyi, a UDA member and dental surgeon with Jubilee Dental Clinic said.

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Tycoon Kaya co-accused plead guilty to defrauding Buchanan

By Bruno Kiyimba
A court case in which city tycoon Tom Kaya is accused of fraud has been adjourned to November 12.
Kaya is a prominent businessman with vast interests in transport. He owns a fleet of taxis registered under Kaki Investments.
The accused allegedly took Shs3.75billion from businessman Sam Buchanan in 2016 with a promise that they would sell to him land with all its development there on comprised of block 26 plot 324,162 and 918 situated at Bulange –Mengo, Kampala.
Buchanan says Kaya, alongside Thomas Katumba Ssekiziyivu, 44; Francis Musisi Kayongo, 49, and Abdul Kasagga, 38, have since never handed over the said property. The group is also accused of forgery, uttering false documents, obtaining money by false pretense.
On Tuesday at Buganda Road Court Ssekiziyivu, Kayongo and  Kasagga pleaded guilty to the charges proffered against them.
Kaya however maintained his innocence.
The trio, also denied knowledge of lawyer Joseph Luzige which led to a mini fracas on who should represent Kaya between Luzige and Company Advocates and the senior state attorney Adrine Asingwire together with colleagues Joseph Kyomuhendo and  Emily Ninsima.
This prompted the magistrate to give the opposing sides a 30-minutes break.
Upon return, it was agreed that Asingwire and colleagues would plead for the three suspects as Luzige stayed with Kaya.
Chief magistrate   Patricia Amoko ordered Ssekiziyivu, Kayongo and Kasagga to pay a fine of Shs1m per case pleaded guilty of else get sent to prison for two years.
Just like was the case last month, Kaya was bailed out by security minister Gen. Elly Tumwine, who stood surety for him alongside Joseph Luzige Kamya as well as the LC5 chairperson of Mityana district.

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Tondeka Buses to solve Kampala traffic nightmare

By Noah Tinako 
Kampala’s traffic nightmare will soon be history as President Yoweri Museveni has given the green light to a multibillion rapid public transport system. In a letter to Finance Minister Matia Kasaija, the President directed the acquisition of 980 buses from Ashok Leyland of India.
“I met with the representatives from Hinduja Group in regard with the supply of 980 Ashok Leyland buses to Uganda through a secured funding under Exim Bank NEIA. I agreed that Ashok Leyland supplies 980 buses and establishes an assembling plant for trucks/buses in Uganda with a minimum of 200 units per month for the supply of vehicles beyond the initial 980 buses,” the President’s letter dated 31 August 2018 reads in part.
It adds that “Ashok Leyland buses only use the arteries of cross-city transport and leave the feeder branches to the locals for some years.” This means that taxi operators will feed buses on specific routes and doesn’t deter them from competing with the Ashok Leyland buses on Kampala’s streets.
President Museveni further directed that Ashok Leyland “strengthen the institution and technical collaboration with Kiira Motors.” Kiira Motors is a government owned entity that is building a motor vehicle assembly plant in Jinja.
He added that Ashok Leyland “float shares so that the locals can also benefit from our growing purchasing power and transport expenditures.”
The President directed Minister Kasaija to expedite the signing of the Term Sheet from the Exim Bank of India for buyer’s credit. However, the President was very clear that “there should be no liability to the state of Uganda.”
The Exim Bank of India will provide funding through the Buyer’s Credit Programme Under the Government of India’s National Export Insurance Account (NEIA) to the Government of Uganda. The NEIA is a trust set up by India’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry for providing medium to long term credit insurance cover for promoting projects and exports from India, administered by the Export Credit Guarantee Corporation (ECGC). The financing will cover 100% the total cost of the buses, insurance, and related infrastructure.
The project will be self-financing without any need for the Ugandan government to provide any counter-part funding. The buses and required infrastructure will be acquired at a credit value of USD163.74 million (approximately Shs630 billion) from Exim Bank of India. The shareholders of the company to run the buses will provide the rest of the money estimated to be 10%of the total project cost.
The buses will operate from Kampala to Mukono, Kampala to Entebbe Airport, Kampala-Buloba, Kampala – Nsangi, Kampala-Matugga, Kampala-Wakiso, Kampala-Gayaaza, Kampala-Najeera/Namugongo, Kampala-Port Bell, and Kampala-Gaba/Munyonyo. They will charge Shs1,000 per a one-way/single trip irrespective of the distance travelled or Shs3,000 per a day for unlimited travel. A weekly pass of unlimited travel will be charged at Shs15,000 while the monthly one will be at Shs50,000.This will be managed by Ashok Leyland’s advanced Intelligent Tracking Solution (ITS). Passengers will use a prepaid system and the money will be put on an escrow account where it cannot be accessed to ensure the loan is paid back in time.
The assets of the company will be registered in the name of the government until the loan is paid back. This will ensure no liability to the state as directed by the president.
The company that will manage the transport system in collaboration with the Hinduja Group is the Transport Management Company (TMC) while the buses will be known as Tondeka Metro. Tondeka is Luganda for “don’t leave me behind.” The Transport Management Company’s board chair is reknown public speaker Peter Kimbowa, a management consultant.
When contacted, Kimbowa acknowledged that his company is ready to do their part as guided by the President. “We are ready to implement the project which will create 10,000 jobs and significantly boost the economy as it will eliminate traffic jams from Kampala city,” he said.
Margaret Akello who works in Namirembe and lives in Sseeta says that this project is long over due. “I buy fuel worth Shs150,000 every week and sometimes it is not enough. I have to avoid heavy traffic hours which means that I see my children less often,” she says. “With buses at such rates, I will be saving Shs550, 000 per a month on fuel alone,” she adds.
Ashok Leyland is owned by the Hinduja Group, a London based multinational conglomerate that started in India in 1914. Its activities span across three-core areas: investment banking, international trading, and global investments. As part of its global investments, the group owns Ashok Leyland in its automotive industry division. It operates across 37 countries and employs more than 70,000 people. Sources say President Museveni met the Hinduja Group owners during his recent trip to London and they assured him of their commitment to the project.
The Hinduja Group is implementing similar projects like the Tondeka Metro in Ghana, Senegal, Angola, Tanzania, and Ivory Coast among other African countries.
The Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) estimates that 24,000 man hours a day are lost by commuters due to traffic jams. According to the World Bank, this is equivalent to a loss of USD800 million every year. According to the 2008 State of Environment Report by the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA), the country loses Shs500 million every day through excess fuel used to navigate traffic jams.

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Cosase told that Aki Bua Stadium construction started without architectural designs

By Ivan mubiru
The Parliamentary probe into Aki Bua stadium construction has claimed the scalp of Mark Tivu, the Lira Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) who was on Wednesday arrested and handed over to Parliamentary CID.
Tivu, who was appearing before the Committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (Cosase) with his Technical Officer, is said to have admitted that Aki Bua Stadium construction started without any architectural design.
He is expected to provide more and clear information why the district sanction the move.
Last month, Omara Apitta, the commissioner of physical education under the Education and Sports ministry was arrested and taken to Luzira Prison for the alleged mismanagement of Shs665m advanced for stadium works in the district.
Tivu’s admission on Wednesday shed more light on the graft that has engulfed the construction of the stadium in memory of Olympic Gold medalist John Aki Bua.
During the meeting, Cosase heard that even the shed – a lone structure supposed to pass off as a 200-seater pavilion – plus a pit latrine were constructed without any architectural plan what so ever.
Last month however, Tivu reportedly said the district had only received Shs300 million that they spent on clearing the 12-acre, site which involved uprooting trees, levelling the ground, opening boundaries and access roads, draining the swamp, construction of a pit latrine and the construction of a 200-seater pavilion.
Government insists Shs665million was sent to the district, with the Ministry of Education and Sports Undersecretary Aggrey Kibenge saying Lira requisitioned for the said money which was sent to them.
It has also been established that the ministry sent more money outside the already known Shs665 million for this stadium mainly to compensate people who were growing trees and crops on land already owned by government. However, it is understood no agreement or MOU was made with the recipients over their compensation.
“The total money sent for Aki Bua Stadium now goes up to about Shs1.2 billion,” a source during the meeting
On Thursday, a team from the National Council of Sports will meet with legislators sitting on Cosase. They are expected to give answers to queries  regarding a Shs800m loan acquired in 2013/14 and then later audit reports from 2013/14, 2014/15, 2015/16, 2016/17.

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Four mountaineers up for Africa’s 10 highest peaks challenge 

By Mubiru Ivan
Four mountaineers have embarked on ‘the ‘Seven Summits Africa 2018 Expedition’ that shall see them climbing Africa’s 10 highest mountain peaks within four weeks.
The team from Mauritius initiated their quest at the Rwenzori Mountains that straddle Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo.
After climbing Rwenzori’s four peaks that include Africa’s third highest peak, the mountaineers will then summit six more African peaks; one after the other.
Other peaks are Mt Kenya’s Lenana, Nelion and Batian , Mt Meru peak , the technical peak of Mawenzi and Uhuru Peak on Mt Kilimanjaro.
The seven Summits Africa challenge was launched in 2017 and it’s an annual expedition of regional mountaineering, created by adventurers and conservationists to bring awareness to the unexplored technical mountains on the African continent.
“This challenge is aimed at selecting, training and sharing skills in preparation for Mt Everest expedition,”said Carel Verhoef, organizer and seven Summits Africa pioneer.
Adding, “These four African mountaineers are the first hopefuls out of 10 that will make part of the Pan African 2020/21 Mt Everest expedition,”
Mr. Verhoef further revealed that this year they want to challenge adventurers and technical mountaineers by climbing more mountains than the flagship summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro.
“This year we are adding a technical climb of Mawenzi Peak on Mt Kilimanjaro, a technical peak and the 4th highest on the continent.  We want to challenge the adventurers and technical mountaineers,” he said
In 2019, there will be space for more 10 climbers, for those who dare follow the footsteps of Team Mauritius.

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KCCA senior players not up to task – coach Mutebi

Custodian Lukwago is one of the senior players at KCCA
By Peter Tabu
It’s no secret that KCCA FC coach Mike Mutebi does not mince his words even if it concerns his own players. And now, the tough talking coach has no kind words for his senior players based on their performances thus far in this season.
KCCA’s unbeaten run – four wins and three – draws is not the issue. Far from it. It is the variations in performances from senior players who Mutebi thinks should step up. After the league game against Vipers, Mutebi was utterly bitter with midfielder Saddam Juma whom he said had not followed instructions. Juma also missed a spot kick in normal time.
“Most of these players like Saddam lack the football knowledge. They missed that stage and in the end they do as they please,” Mutebi lashed out at the post match press conference and it wasn’t any different on Tuesday evening after the 3-2 win over struggling Villa.
“We had a great game but we didn’t play well, we made careless mistakes in defence and we also didn’t use the ball well especially from my senior players, they need to step up,” he said toughly.
Mike Mutyaba,  Juma, Timothy Awany and goalkeeper Charles Lukwago are some of the senior players Mutebi relies on for experience this season. It remains to be seen if the 11 time league champions can maintain their unbeaten run.

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B2C, Andy Events on verge of costly breakup

By Ivan Mubiru
In 2015, three childhood friends Delivad Julio, Mr. Lee and Bobby Lash came together and formed the group B2C an acronym for Born to Conquer.
Indeed after the release of their first song, Wansesera, the trio has gone on to conquer the hearts of adoring fans.
Two years down the road, B2C has released chart topping songs such as Ontagaza, Njabala, Sukuma, No You no life, Songea, Nyongera, Kapande, Wanyonoona, Gutamiiza among others.
Their breakthrough however, was in 2017 when they released their song dubbed Tokigeza. This earned them more admirers and a couple of awards. It is probably for this reason that they decided to hold their first ever concert at Freedom City on September 7.
All this they have done with the guidance of business man Andrew Mugerwa of Andy Events.
Andrew Mugerwa (Andy Events)
Now news reaching our desk is that the trio might be parting ways with the Mugerwa.
Sources say that after B2C’s Freedom City concert two months ago, they have never received a single coin. Mugerwa is yet to pay them even for the other subsequent seven mini concerts.  They still await the payment from the ‘B2C VIP Show’ show at AutoSpa that closed the ‘B2C Live in Concert’ tour.
Apparently, the manager has claimed he does not have money. This is one of the reasons the group has not yet gone back to studio to record new songs.
With lots of time on their hands, the trio early this week decided to shoot a video for one of their previously recorded song with Darlington of Zero 1 Media. What confirmed our suspicions that this trio finally parted ways with their manager was the deliberate omission of the tagline ‘Andy Events.’
The B2C boys have, however, avoided the question concerning their relationship with Andy Events but given the current events, it’s not a doubt that they are no longer working with their manager for two years.
Meanwhile, Mugerwa still maintains that he is still working with boys although there are ‘some managerial problems’ which will be sorted out in due time.

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Museveni finally approves the reduced mobile money tax

By Mubiru Ivan
President Yoweri Museveni has finally signed into law the Excise Duty Bill that reduces the Mobile Money tax from 1 per cent to 0.5 per cent.
State Minister for Finance David Bahati confirmed the announcement, saying President Museveni has approved the Bill but acknowledged that telecom companies were still charging one per cent on withdrawals.
Bahati revealed that telecom companies will reduce the charges from one per cent to 0.5 per cent on withdrawals only when the Act is gazetted in the Uganda Gazette.
In May this year, government imposed a one per cent tax on all mobile money transactions, including deposits, transfers and withdrawals. The tax implementation took effect on July 1, the start of the 2018/2019 financial year.
The controversial tax sparked public uproar thus forcing government to present a new bill, the Excise Duty (Amendment)(No.2) Bill, 2018 “to limit the taxable mobile money transactions to withdrawal and reduce the duty payable.”
In July, the President came out to reveal that the actual mobile money tax should be 0.5 per cent.
“The one per cent was a miscommunication. The actual figure was 0.5 per cent, half of one percent. That is what we should debate, concerning mobile money tax,” said Museveni.
In October, Members of Parliament voted to reduce the tax to 0.5 per cent and waited for assent by the President.

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Uganda’s new envoy to nordic countries to lobby tourists

By Patrick Edward Musisi

Uganda’s ambassador designate to Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Finland  Nimisha Jayant Madhvani has pledged to lobby Ugandans in the Diaspora to bring back home the  expertise acquired abroad over the years, to contribute towards development of their motherland.

She was on Tuesday talking to Watchdog Uganda in an exclusive interview at Kakira Sugar Works at Kakira in Jinja District, about her appointment as the ambassador to the Nordic countries and her Independence Day Golden Jubilee Medal by President Museveni.

Madhvani and 10 other Ugandans were awarded the prestigious medal  at the independence day celebrations held Kakuuto in Kyotera District.

She hailed the NRM government for the commitment to uphold the woman emancipation struggle, adding that her assignment as ambassador is testimony of government’s concern for giving women the opportunity to serve alongside men. She cited internationally accredited women like Michelle Obama, Hilary Clinton and Indira Gandhi for their unquestionable patriotism.

She expressed her resolve to sweet talk Ugandans in the diaspora to endeavor to bring home investment expertise and to lobby their partners to boost the country’s tourism industry.

Her uncle Mayur M. Madhvani said Nimisha has distinguished herself as a pride to the family, and thanked President Museveni for recognizing her contribution to the development of this nation by awarding her with the independence medal.

“Nimisha has been a true nationalist in as far as representing her motherland abroad is concerned,” Mr Madhvani said.

Before her new appointment, Nimisha was the country’s ambassador to the Middle east.

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Political peddling causing poor service delivery – MP Rwakimaari

By Arinda Nsheeka Wilfred
Legislators on Parliament’s Appointment Committee have expressed worry over the continued political peddling on the District Service Commissions (DSC) across the country. This they say has led to poor service delivery.
Speaking to the political and civic leaders from Kabale, Rukungiri and Ntungamo districts on Tuesday, the committee chaired by the Ntungamo district Woman MP Beatrice Rwakimaari explained that political peddling has sabotaged and crippled the independence of DSCs thus creating more gaps in human resource and corruption.
The meeting was held in the Ntungamo District Council hall
Rwakimaari appealed to all political leaders to distance themselves from interfering in the independence of the commissions if they are to deliver service to the public.
They recommended for increased funding, review of laws to suit the current situation and remit allowances for the smooth running of the DSC.
The Parliament’s appointment committee has embarked on a countrywide tour aimed at ironing out some complaints raised by whistle blowers over corruption, nepotism and incompetence of the members of DSCs in the country.
Committee member Margret Rwabushaija Mubiru assured the leaders that what has been resolved will be brought before Parliament for discussion and consideration.
The Kabale District chairperson Patrick Besigye Keihwa asked government and Parliament to consider reviving the existing laws for good service delivery.
Keihwa admitted that some political leaders have a habit of antagonizing the impartiality of the commissions which must stop.
The host chairperson,  Denis Singahache challenged the government to fulfill its obligation paying the allowances and funds to the members on the board in time also to do their part diligently.
The meeting was attended by District chairpersons, chairpersons of the service commission, chief administrative officers and members of the commissions in the three districts of Kabale, Rukungiri and Ntungamo.

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Rubanda: 26 year old man lynched for stealing chicken 

By Arinda Nsheeka Wilfred
Police in Rubanda district is investigating circumstances under which a 26-year-old man was allegedly murdered by mob.
The deceased, Paka Tumuhimbise of  Hamurwa sub-county,  Rubanda district was lynched by mob as a result of theft. It’s alleged that in the night of November 5, at around 2am, the deceased stole chicken from the home of William Bagambira in neighboring village of Kyokyezo in Nyamweru sub-county.

Elly Maate, the Kigezi region Police spokesperson told  Watchdog Uganda that the deceased was then chased towards his home and lynched near a water stream in his village of Rwarujongo.

Maate added the Police was notified, visited the scene and  found two dead hens in a sack besides his body.

Postmortem was right away done and body handed to relatives for burial as Inquiries are underway.

This case has been registered at  Hamurwa police under file number SD 03/05/11/2018.


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Don’t politicize national dialogue, Oulanyah challenges IRCU

By Stephen Kalema
Deputy Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah has cautioned Inter-Religious Council of Uganda (IRCU) to avoid politicking if the upcoming National Dialogue is to benefit Ugandans.

Speaking to the organizers of the dialogue, led by Justice James Egoola  Parliament, Oulanyah said they ought to ‘come out clean’ and ‘set rules of the game’.

“Discussions of this nature tend to draw questions that first of all need to be answered if it is to become a success so please don’t politicize this beautiful move as it has  always been the case and that it should not undermine the supremacy of the constitution,” Oulanyah cautioned.

The National Dialogue is due to be launched on November 21, 2018.

“Considering our past, we need to be careful about this dialogue. Rules are set before the game, not during the game. So we need to go for dialogue when we know about the rules of the game. Remember a nation that keeps both eyes in the past is a dead one, but a nation that keeps one eye in the past and another in the future will survive. So given our past, we don’t want our past to be our future,” Oulanyah added.

According to Oulanyah discussions of such nature draw a lot of questions;

“Is it a formal process? And if so how is it housed in the Constitution? And if it is not formal then how will it be outside the frameworks of the Constitution?”

Justice Ogoola said Ugandans should appreciate the need for a national dialogue and IRCU has identified areas that will be handled which include; national consensus on economic reforms, harnessing the diversity in Uganda, core shared national values, national consensus on land and natural resources, service delivery, political commitment, and constitutionalism and rule of law.

Ogoola however also told Oulanyah that dialogue is a continuous process that intends to birth peace amidst anguished hearts.

“Dialogue process is critical to this country. The dialogue will add value and bring unity, peace and prosperity where all Ugandans leave in harmony, however the national dialogue paper framework is still being revised,” said Ogoola.

Ogoola’s meeting with  Oulanyah – the second visit to Parliament- comes after the Democratic Party decided to pull out of the dialogue saying they cannnot talk with a ‘lawless government’.

“We cannot pretend to be having a dialogue when the government is lawless. We are not satisfied with the framework proposed and the environment in which the dialogue will be convened,” DP president Norbert Mao said.

When contacted, Mao maintained  the DP stand of last week and said “We cannot sit at a round table with government which is intolerant and continuously torturing and brutalizing Ugandans. It upon Ogoola and team  now to dialogue with Museveni but we as a political party DP can’t.”

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Vipers stand in ‘Express-way’ as Eagles look to maintain red-hot streak

Red Eagles will debut this new kit against Vipers
By Shafic Kiyaga
Uganda Premier League
Express         vs             Vipers (Featured match)
Maroons         vs            Onduparaka
Paidha             vs             Mbarara City
Police               vs             Tooro United
BetWay-sponsored Express FC return to Uganda Premier League action on Wednesday with a crunch tie against unbeaten Vipers Sports Club. Three points separate the two teams with Vipers in fourth and Express in fifth. A win for Vipers could see the defending champion assume table leadership.
The game at Mutesa II Stadium, Wankulukuku will also see six-time champions Express don their new jerseys after clinching a Shs400m deal with the online betting firm.
The Red Eagles were able to survive relegation by a whisker last season and the club seemed destined for deeper problems. But the crowning of Kiryowa Kiwanuka as chairman and his trust in boss Kefa Kisaala’s method have helped the 2012 league champions turn their fortunes around.
A four game run without defeat, coupled with Vipers’ slump in form has built enthusiasm amongst the red army ahead of the trip to Wankulukuku.
Kisaala’s boys seemed to be out of sorts when they lost 3-1 away to Mbarara City but they reacted with a statement of intent beating Police FC 3-1 at Lugogo and then winning two of their next three fixtures.
Express’ record against Vipers has been so poor in recent years. The last time the two clubs met, Express was hammered 5-0 at Kitende. A good performance this time will further settle claims that their recent run of results was just a-bit of luck rather than pure show of quality.
It is important not to get carried away at this stage of the season, though, and considering the issues Kisaala has had to deal with, eleven points from six games is by no means a bad return – indeed.
Vipers celebrate a goal against KCCA. The champions travel to Wankulukuku on Wednesday to face red hot Express FC | Vipers Media
Wankulukuku is also a fortress of sorts for Express recently. They have won five, drawn four and lost just once at home in their previous ten league outings a contrast to five losses, three draws and two wins in the ten games before that.
Vipers may have won the leagues last season and two of the past five league titles during their illustrious history but the class of 2018-19 has the chance to go into history books as the only team to go the entire calendar year without losing a league game if they can hold on till the end of the year. And doing so would be their biggest statement yet that they are ready to add more silver ware and rule Ugandan football.
Javier Martinez’ boys are already enjoying their best-ever start to a Premier League campaign courtesy of four wins and two draws from six games.
Team News
Express will be without talisman Michael Birungi who was brought off after suffering a nose injury, while Hamis Batega is a doubt after suffering a knock during training.
Kisaala has made just one change to his starting lineup so far this season bringing in Eric Kambaale for Brian Nsubuga, while more changes will be expected throughout the season, he is unlikely to tinker too much with the winning formula just yet.
Questions were raised over Tom Masiko’s fitness, but Martinez said that the former KCCA midfielder is back and his late introduction in their last game was aimed at giving him confidence. But Captain Taddeo Lwanga is still out completing his suspension for a red card.
Yayo Lutimba has played at left back recently, but the return of Agrey Madoi could see him drop to the bench. Abraham Nduggwa is likely to start upfront with Dan Sserunkuuma and Duncan Sseninde while Rahmat Senfuka could replace Geoffrey Wasswa who played in midfield alongside Waisswa Moses.
Express will hope to avoid defeat against bitter rivals Vipers. |Courtesy Photo
This fixture is known for being cagey and determined by edges. Vipers’ 5-0 win last season is their biggest win against Express. This encounter has been decided by one goal margins on three occasions in the last five games.
This should be an open and entertaining match, and even predicting four goals seems a little reserved. Vipers have not been at their best despite their unbeaten start to the season and it remains to be seen how they will fare against top-six opposition, so this could be where their unbeaten start comes to an end.

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Stars shine bright at the Arena of Visions as spirited BUL held by draw masters URA

Henry Kiwanuka rides on the back of Juma Sebadukka after he had scored Bright Star’s second goal. | Courtesy Photo
By Shafic Kiyaga
Kajoba’s Stars continue bright start to season
Matugga-based side Bright Stars football club put neighbours Ndejje University to the sword at the Arena of Visions in Ndejje winning 3-0.
Bright Stars coach Fred Kajoba had promised attacking football at the start of the season and he has gone on to fulfill his promise as his side have now scored a league high 13 goals in seven games thus far.
The visitors went forward through a rare Dan Birikwalira goal in the 29th minute, his first for the club after a loan move from Vipers. Juma Ssebadduka  scored a second four minutes later putting Kajoba’s team 2-0 by half time
Opejo Kokas rounded up the scoring and put the game to end with a third goal in the second half. There was no goal for club leading scorer Nelson Senkatuka.
Ndejje just could not keep up with the attacking prowess of their visitors and Raymond Komaketch was left wondering what went wrong with his side who had looked solid at home thus far.
The university side remain 11th with six games while Bright Stars moved second a point behind leaders KCCA with 13 points.
Kirinya back to winning ways
Kirinya Jinja SS were back to winning ways with a slender 1-0 cushion against western side Nyamityobora Football club at Wankulukuku.
Kirinya who had picked up just one draw in their previous three matches were ahead in the first half through a Nelson Mandela header. The students were able to hold onto their lead through some nervous moments as the game reached its climax.
The win will serve to cool the pressure which was building on coach Timothy Ayiekoh and his team especially after their 4-1 thumping by Bright Stars last time out. But it has heightened the crisis at Nyamityobora who have now lost five of their opening seven games.
Nyamityobora’s third home loss this season condemns them to 13th with only goal difference separating them from the relegation zone while Kirinya climb to ninth with nine points from seven games.
Bul are now third following the goal less draw against URA
URA register fourth consecutive draw
Jinja based side BUL BIDCO missed the chance to go on top of the table after eight games after a goal less draw with URA at Njeru Technical in Jinja. This could have been their best start to a league season in their history.
Peter Onen’s team, which had won their previous three games on the bounce, couldn’t get over the URA hurdle who have become masters of draws under boss Sam Ssimbwa. URA have drawn eight of their 11 games under Ssimbwa – six of which have been goalless.
This was URA’s fourth consecutive draw since their win over Ndejje University in October.
Ssimbwa named virtually the same team that played their last four games with only Moses Seruyide starting in the place of injured Mathew Odong.
Onen on the other hand started with Hamis Tibita, Daniel Shabena, Timothy Douglas Owori, and Yunus Sibira as he was intent on attacking and getting the result but the tax collectors defensive partnership of Hood Mulikyi and Paul Katongole were equal to the task.
In the end nothing could separate the two sides as BUL slipped to third with 14 points while URA are seventh with 11 points.

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1,500 health, frontline workers to recieve Ebola vaccine 

By Stephen Kalema
The exercise to vaccinate frontline health workers and healthcare worker against Ebola will commence on Wednesday.
Emmanuel Ainebyoona, the Senior Public Relations Officer, in the Ministry of Health yesterday told Watchdog Ugandathat the exercise will start in Ntoroko District.
The Ministry of Health and World Health Organisation (WHO) teams kicked off the exercise by re-orienting the vaccination teams on Monday and Tuesday. These two days were also earmarked for engaging and informing health workers about the upcoming exercise.
According to Minister of Health, Jane Ruth Aceng, this compassionate use of the Ebola vaccine (rVSV) for healthcare and frontline workers is to protect them against the Ebola Virus Disease.
“An undiagnosed Ebola patient could present to a health facility in Uganda for medical attention. This context puts our health care workers (HCW) and frontline workers (FLW) in Uganda at risk of being in contact with an EVD case in the context of the current outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), therefore this is why we are carrying out this exercise to protect our people in high risk areas,” Aceng said last week at Uganda Media Canter.
According to Aceng, the vaccine is very safe as evidenced from its previous use in Guinea, Sierra Leone and in the Democratic Republic of Congo where no issues whatsoever about its safety has arisen.
WHO donated 3,000 doses of rVSV to Uganda. However, currently the National Medical Stores has 2,100 doses which will be used to vaccinate the over 1,500 health and frontline workers.
“As the minister stated earlier, this vaccine will be given to only those health workers and frontline workers in high risk health facilities. This rVSV vaccine can only boost the body immunity to fight against EVD for only one year,”Dr Henry Mwebesa, the Ag. Director General Health Services in the Ministry of Health.

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Sheebah, you lied about your age, you’re 35 not 29

By Lawrence Kazooba
Ugandan singing sensation Sheebah Karungi has joined the list of entertainers lying about her age.
Sheebah who is about to host a concert at Hotel Africana went to Spark TV to promote her concert on LiveWire show. When she was asked about her marriage plans, she said she was not in hurry to marry or have children. And added, she was only 29 years old.
However Sheebah isn’t 29. She’s in fact 35. It puzzles me that women love to tell lies about their age yet they love celebrating birthdays.
I have known Sheebah for about 10 years. And also if you hear her tell her story, you realize how old she is. By the way Sheebah, 35 years isn’t too long!!!
By the time Sheebah became rebellious and ran away from home, she was already 18. During her performances in Bwaise she was in fact older than several teenagers who performed kareoke at Eden pub. Sheebah did some years in kareoke before she got her big break with Obsessions girls music group. That was about 2008. Sheebah was about 24 or 25 when she joined Obsessions. Here she was largely filling the gap left by some girls leaving Jackie Tusiime, Brenda and Sharon O in need of a filler. Sheebah was that filler.
It’s 10 years since Sheebah arrived on the Obsessions stage. And Sheebah should sit in her skin comfortably to accept she’s 35 or stop talking about her age.

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Bakaleke: Arrest warrant for former police chief issued

By Stephen Kalema
Every police station across the country has been put on an alert to arrest Siraja Bakaleke.
This after  the Principal State Attorney, Alice Komuhangi on Tuesday issued an arrest warrant for the former Kampala South Regional Police Commander.
Komuhangi delivered the warrant to the Anti-Corruption Court in Kampala.
“We have sent the arrest warrant to all police stations in the country as we continue our search for him,” Komuhangi said.
Bakaleke has since October been on the run after the  Anti-Corruption Court in Kampala ordered for his immediate arrest for allegedly defying court summons.
According to the prosecution, Bakaleke and others while still police officers in Uganda Police Force, used the authority of their offices to arrest wrongfully and confine innocent people among other cases.
Together with six police officers; Junior Amanya, Babu Gastavas, Kenneth Zirintusa, Innocent Nuwagaba, Robert Asiimwe and Robert Munezero and one civilian Samuel Nabeta Mulowooza, Bakaleke is also accused of defrauding three Korean nationals of Shs1.5 billion between February 4 and 11, 2018.
According to the prosecution, the accused people had conspired to kidnap the Koreans with the intention of secretly and wrongfully confining, then defrauding them.

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More woes for Basena as Villa drop to 15th after KCCA loss

By Peter Tabu
SC Villa coach Moses Basena has insisted before that his team was a work in progress and that despite all their failings, they will pull through.
This after the record Uganda league champions succumbed to a 3-2 loss at home to 2016/2017 champions KCCA FC on Tuesday evening. Villa are now winless in seven having lost four games and drawn three, their worst start in the club’s history.
The latest loss condemned Basena’s charges to 15th and could be bottom of the table if Maroons defeat Onduparaka in Arua on Wednesday.
KCCA’s win on the other hand places the Lugogo-based side two points above Vipers, who, at 13 points visit Express FC on Wednesday.
Basena’s men in blue started brightly with midfielder Albert Mugisa scoring a scorcher from outside the box after 15 minutes. Three minutes later KCCA FC skipper and centre back Timothy Awany made a mazy run on the left, leaving Villa’s Manko Kaweesa for dead before crossing for Julius Poloto who nodded home to level matters.
Villa knew they had to keep the heat on and had Bashir Mutanda to blame in the 25th minute after he failed to tap home Charles Lukwago’s spilled ball at close range. Eight minutes later Julius Poloto crossed the ball into the box, only for Manko Kaweesa to put it in his own net. The visitors could have made it three but Mike Mutyaba failed to connect with Allan Kyambadde’s cross.
Before half time though winger Mutanda heading home to sum up the first half at 2-2.
After recess, coach Mutebi rang the changes, bringing on Jackson Nunda for Lawrence Bukenya. The change proved vital as Nunda scored with his first touch of the ball on 60 minutes off a Julius Poloto throw in.
Basena brought on midfielder Mike Sserumaga to create a spark but the move didn’t pull through.
For Mutebi, it was a deserved win but the team didn’t play well.
“We had a great game but we did not play well. We had careless mistakes in defence and we also were not using the ball well”.
UPL Tuesday Results
Villa 2 – 3 KCCA
Bul 0-0 URA
Ndejje 0-3 Bright Stars
Nyamityobora 0-1 Jinja

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Bobi Wine wants government to release jailed Stella Nyanzi

By Catherine Apolot
Kyadondo East Member of Parliament, Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine has demanded for immediate release of incarcerated Dr Stella Nyanzi.
Dr. Nyanzi was arrested last Friday at Makerere University as she tried to access her office. In October, the oldest institution for higher Education in Uganda was ordered to reinstate the suspended research fellow back to her duty.
Posting on his Facebook page, Kyagulanyi said the academician is being illegally detained since security operatives are holding her beyond 48 hours without charging her in courts of law.
According to the legislator, it has become a norm for police to detain suspects illegally and such tendency must be fought against in all ways possible.
He now demands that Dr. Nyanzi be produced in Court so that she can get an opportunity to defend herself against the charges preferred against her.
Dr. Stella Nyanzi
“We demand that the authorities produce her before court so that she has an opportunity to defend herself against any charges they may have against her, or that she is set free. Dr. Stella has always stood with pro-democracy activists whenever our rights have been violated. It is only right and proper that we stand with her when her rights are being violated.”
The activist is charged with abusing the person of the President and his mother on September 16 on her Facebook page.
By exerting pressure to government in August when Bobi Wine was arrested following the Arua fracas, Dr. Nyanzi was on the forefront of the steering team that worked tooth and nail to ensure that he was set free.

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Nambooze to Museveni: Do not force investors to setup manufacturing plants in ‘unreliable’ Uganda

By Najib Mulema
Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament Betty Nambooze has attacked President Museveni for refusing to commission Toyota Uganda.
Last week, while commissioning new factories in Namanve Industrial Park, the President refused to commission Toyota Uganda citing that it was only a warehouse (showroom) and that he would regard it a factory if they start assembling cars from there.
However, Museveni’s action did not go well with Nambooze who said the President just embarrassed himself and Uganda at large.
According to the legislator, though Museveni is looking for quick fixes to solve the country’s youth unemployment, it was not justifiable for him to ‘behave like one of the uncivilized African chiefs of long ago’. She said by pressuring investors in a manner he displayed in Namanve, Museveni will scare away even the few companies that have already put up warehouses in the country.
In her missive released on Tuesday on the ‘Madam Teacher’s Class’, Nambooze further stated that basing on the country’s deprived political, economic and social situation, no investor can build a car manufacturing plant here more so when 99.9 per cent of the population cannot afford to buy new cars. She said a serious investor like Toyota can only offer a service centre to Uganda due to the prevailing circumstances.
“Ssebo, with a predominantly poor peasant population of about 35 Million people of which 75% are citizens below 30 years, your must accept that Uganda is a very small market that makes investing in a costly car assembly line unviable. Which investor would invest his money in a product that 99.9% of the population can’t afford? Imagine all the 450 MPs in the Country are driving used cars!” she said.
Nambooze also disclosed that auto industry experts have already warned Uganda that a project of this kind will be too costly for any investor because the country lacks basic supporting services in the field. In addition even existing manufacturers are facing burdensome manufacturing costs owing to country’s poor energy supply and limited availability of skilled labour.
“The companies are also struggling to find a market in Uganda and the neighbouring East African countries. Further production volumes are making it difficult for our products to compete with other producers in, the region. Worse still the ever deteriorating security and political situation make many credible investors to shy away from Uganda,” she noted.
Adding, “As area MP, I know what those industrialists are experiencing. Today , because of your failure to address the security of people and their property, a whole platoon has been imposed on every factory and a squad of soldiers onto every foreign worker purportedly for their security. Besides, for one to establish a factory/warehouse, they must put up with the rampant institutionalized corruption and extortion plus inefficiency in service delivery. All this should make us as leaders, you inclusive to drop any form of arrogance towards industrialists and investors in whatever form,”
Nambooze, however advised Museveni that if he wants Uganda to have a competitive and comparative advantage to warrant investing in such a costly high tech sector as car manufacturing, the country should first develop a pre-processing sector to feed itself and maybe the region before it pressurizes investors into high end industries.
“When we target small cottage industries then develop competences like building a critical mass of technicians, electricians who would find employment in a car industry later. Today if Toyota was to open up a Car assembly plant in Namanve, where are they going to get technicians or is it your suggestion that Toyota builds a Car plant and also imports labour? How will they pass the tests on standards in an area with almost no expertise on testing the safety of auto mobiles?” Nambooze inquired.
She noted that big and sophistication industries will continue finding it easier to manufacture things in developed countries and then export them to outlets in Uganda because producing alongside other big producers, in countries with experienced labour and stable political atmosphere is less expensive and allows for goods to be produced in very large volumes.
Meanwhile, she also ‘urged’ the President to deploy Special Forces Command (SFC) operatives to break the backs of errant investors who are refusing to set up industries in the country since he is accustomed to employing military might to solve all his problems.

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Act now! Activists up in arms over ‘predatory’ Dembe FM presenters

By Catherine Apolot
Early this month, Dembe Fm presenters Jacob Omutuze, Senior B, William Tomusange hosted Shasha Brighton at the radio’s studios in Namuwongo. Sandwiched between the three men, the musician was clearly uncomfortable.
Rightly so.
In a video that has since gone viral, the presenters throw lewd statements that could have left listeners left cringing.
The two-minute video, posted by Henry Kakensa on November 2 video kicks off with Jacob ‘forcing a hug’ while his colleagues cheer him on and laugh.
The others then take turns to feel her soft fingers as Jacob runs his hand against her face and neck.
 “Look at this neck,” he says before the musician then asks them what could be his problem and ‘leave me alone.’
“Imagine that voice singing for you very early in the morning,” they continue talking as an unamused Brighton stares at them, probably wondering why she did not enjoy the company of her friends instead of appearing on Africa Koona.
“Imagine, what else is brown, if the waist is this brown?”
Cornered, she eventually asks for help from a fourth man in the tiny cubicle that passes for Dembe Studios. But not before the presenters make remarks that could be taken for wanting to have sex with the singer.
The video then comes to an abrupt end.
When Kakensa posted the video, he asked; “Is Shasha Brighton this attractive that three men had to go into this form of excitement when they hosted her? What were the listeners doing while all this happened?”
Jacob Omutuze
It has been reposted several times with activists calling on Nation Media Group to discipline the unruly men.
On Tuesday, activist Rosebell Kagumire posted, “Dear Dembe Fm you need to stop this nonsense right now! When women are invited to radio programs and are on camera, and your presenters choose to behave like this, it leaves almost no room for a woman to bargain in the face of invasive behaviour which have no room in a professional settings. Whoever is in charge at Dembe FM needs to act now!”
“Many will say ‘she enjoyed it’ which is long used term to describe women’s response to predatory behaviour but the issue is never about what she chose to do in the face of this unprofessional behaviour from three grown ass men, it is about what these men are doing.”
According to Kagumire, the said video makes you think twice as a women if you are invited to such a show!
“The touching of this women is way way out of line! I hope Nation Media Group looks into this! Make media environment safe for women!
Really disgusted!”
Senior B
Kagumire’s post elicited condemnation for the men’s behaviour.
Lindsey Kukunda said “Couldn’t watch more than three minutes. The woman is clearly uncomfortable and the men are clearly allowed to think with their penises 24/7. When he touched her neck, I’d seen enough.”
Jan Amito was overly disgusted.
“The safety of women and girls in the entertainment industry needs to be amplified today more than ever. Surely Dembe FM and NMG need to be held responsible for this kind of GBV.”
Lydia Namubiru chipped in. “Uncomfortably smiling because while these lumpens have nothing to lose, she is there to promote something, to work, and so must remain amiable to ensure that happens. What disgusting men! Msschwwwt!”
The men were not left out.
For example Antony Otushabire said the behavior of the men was extremely unacceptable. “These goons in the name of presenters should be punished for what they did to this lady. They deserve to be fired because they behaved as if they have never seen a blackboard.”
Brian D. Wheeler wasn’t sure what was being said, ‘but clearly from seeing the unsolicited touching and her uncomfortable reaction – this is definitely inappropriate behavior.’
Dembe FM management is yet to respond to the calls.
Watch video;

Is Shasha Brighton this attractive that three men had to go into this form of excitement when they hosted her? What were the listeners doing while all this happened?
Posted by Kakensa Media on Friday, November 2, 2018

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Temunkaka kufumbirwa mundeke nkyali muto, sheebah ayanukudde abamubanja omusajja

Bya Moses Kizito Buule
OMUYIMBI Sheebah Kalungi atabukidde abantu abamukaka okufumbirwa nagamba nti bamuleke kuba akyalina eny’okukola bingi ate ebisingako ku kufumbirwa.
“Banange nkooye abamanja omusajja nze saagala kufumbirwa yadde omusajja mu kiseera kino kuba saagalira ddala bintu binnumya mutwe ate era nkyalina bye nina okukola omusajja bwalijja mwenna mulimanya” Sheebah bwe yagambye.
Okwogera bino yabadde ku pulogulamu emu ku Ttivvi omu ku bakubi ba masimu bwe yawerezza obubaka nga abuuza omuyimbi Sheeba lwaki tafumbirwa yadde okuzaala ngaate emyaka gilabika nga egimugendako.
Mu kwanukula yagambye nti ye akyali muto nnyo nga ku myaka 29 gy’alina talaba kimupapya ekiseera kijja kutuuka buli kimu kiggwe era abamubuuza ebigambo bibaggwe ku matama.
Ku kye nyambala ye yekokkodde bannaUganda okumwogerangako nga bwayambala obubi, wano nababuuza nti baagala nnyo abayimbi abazungu era babasuuta nnyo songa bebasinga okwambala obubi.
“Wano Omuyimbi Beyonce n’abawala ba Spice Girls bemuwaana ani abasinga okwambala obubi? mulyooke mumpalarire nti nze nsinga okwambala engoye ennyimpi ate nazo sijja kuzilekayo kubanga ky’afuuka kitundu kunze.” Sheebah bwe yayongeddeko.

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Government to spend over Shs117bn to implement  Zero Tolerance to Corruption Policy 

By Stephen Kalema
Government is to spend Shs117bn to effectively implement the policy of zero tolerance to corruption at all levels.

According to the state minister for ethics, Fr. Simon Lukodo, Shs106,028,856,000 is already available for all anti-corruption agencies in the country to fight the vice.

He was speaking at the media Center on Tuesday.

According to Fr. Lukodo, the money is to enable sustainable fight against corruption since the policy requires a systematic, comprehensive, inclusive and coordinated approach which calls for heavy investment by the government.

“The Cabinet approved this financing arrangement to effectively implement the policy because it will need to build the requisite and robust capability to match the sophisticated nature of crime,” added Lukodo.

Museveni’s government has for years been fighting corruption. However, according to Fr. Lukodo, the fight against this vice has not been documented and there has not been any Framework to galvanize and effectively coordinate the operations of the established institutions. This has greatly constrained the fight against it.

To address all these gaps and re-affirm government to eliminate corruption and misuse of man power, Cabinet last week approved the ‘Zero Tolerance to Corruption Policy 2018.’

According to the government Spokesman Ofwono Opondo, the policy is to work in five  fashions; Strengthening partnership among all anti-corruption stakeholders as well as Enhancing the capacity of Anti-Corruption institution to accelerate the momentum of forcing the elaborate legal framework.

Others are ‘Establishing internal inspection units in all ministries, Departments and Agencies of Government to effectively detect and prevent corruption from occurring’, ‘Inculcating a culture of integrity, accountability and patriotism at all levels of society.’

The last one, according to Opondo ‘Demonstrating commitment by all leaders from the Executive, Legislatures and Judiciary to implement the recommendations of the anti-corruption, oversight institutions and commission of inquiry.’

“This policy will restore the public sector ethics and strengthening the social and moral fabric rights from young generation to the elderly,” said Fr. Lukodo state minister for Ethics and Integrity.

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Cabinet approves Shs1,155trillion loan for water development projects

By Stephen Kalema
Agence Francaise De Development (AFD) is set to lend Uganda Euro 270million ( Shs1,155trn). AFD is a public financial institution that implements the policy defined by the French Government. It works to fight poverty and promote sustainable development.

The decision to borrow the money was reached on Monday during a weekly Cabinet meeting at State House, Entebbe.

According to the government spokesman Ofwono Opondo, the money will be used to develop two water projects; water and sanitation infrastructure for the South western cluster project I (Mbarara-Masaka areas) and also support the Kampala Water project II.

“Cabinet approved the proposal to borrow up to Euro 120 million for the development of water Sanitation Infrastructure for south Western cluster Project I (Mbarara -Masaka) and  Euro150million for Kampala Water (Lake Victoria Water and Sanitation projectII),” said Opondo.

According to Opondo the main objective of the two projects is to improve the health, living standards and productivity of the population in the project areas, regardless of their social status or income through equitable provisions of adequate and good quality water supply and improved sanitation services at acceptable and sustainable basis.

South Western cluster will benefit Mbarara, Masaka and towns of Kyotera, Sanje, Kakuti, Mutukula, Rakai, Lyantonde, Rushere, Kazo, Kyazanga, Katovu and Sanga.

Lake Victoria and Sanitation project is to ensure water provision in the Greater Kampala Metropolitan areas.

“This project is to address the growing water supply challenges through development of new infrastructure as well as rehabilitation and expansion of the existing system,” added Opondo.

In March,Bank of Uganda issued a document cautioning the government that the public debts had reached $15.1billion.  And according to  Uganda’s indebtedness status report presented by State Minister for Planning David Bahati before the Parliament on October 2, Uganda’s domestic and external debt had hit Shs41.3 trillion.

Bahati said the external debt accounts to about Shs27.3 trillion while domestic debt alone is Shs13.3 trillion which is vary dangerous to our economy.

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You don’t deserve bail, Court Martial tells NRM leader Abdullah Kitatta

Gen. Guti believes Kitata will interfere with investigations if granted bail.
By Mike Ssegawa
Boda Boda 2010 patron Abdallah Kitatta will not stop weeping at the General Court Martial.
For the second time, the General Court Martial sitting in Makindye has denied bail to the chairman of NRM in Lubaga division, who was arrested in a joint swoop from Busega and Wakaliga in Rubaga Division on January 19, 2018 and charged with possession of military equipment, among other charges.
In his ruling, the court’s chairman Lt Gen Andrew Gutti said Mr Kitatta was a prominent figure in Ugandan society who was likely to interfere with investigations.
Gutti who had earlier advised Kitatta to remain calm since he was safer in jail, added that charges against Mr Kitatta, were capital in nature and releasing him would see him abscond.
Kitatta was early this year denied bail on similar grounds but he took a shot at a second attempt.
Kitatta is being held alongside others for obtaining fire arms from Uganda Police Force. He was arrested by Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence officers with Matia Ssenfuka, Joel Kibirige, Hassan Ssemata, Jonathan Kayondo, Ssengooba Hassan, Sande Ssemwogerere, John Ssebandeke, Hussein Mugema, Fred Bwanika and Amon Twinomujuni.
Their file reads that Kitatta and his colleagues were found in possession of two pistols, an AK-47 rifle, 55 rounds of ammunition and four army uniforms belonging to the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF).
Kitatta, a close associate of former police chief Gen Kale Kayihura, was notorious for speaking and acting with impunity. Gen Kayihura who was arrested after Kitatta has since obtained bail from Makindye Military detention while his aides in police are still in custody.

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Shs5b rap song: State House yet to receive Kawesa demand notice

Richard Kawesa wants Museveni to pay him Shs5billion
By Allen Kisakye
President Museveni’s lawyers are yet receive the Shs5billion demand notice from singer Richard Kawesa. Kawesa wants the money as payment for copyright for ‘Another Rap’ song which was used during the 2011 presidential elections.
In the October 30 demand notice written by Muwema and Company advocates, Kawesa claims he put together a team of producers and some engineers and added a blend of signature melodies to what was previously a speech by the President during the ‘I am Ugandan’ campaign in 2010.
The team comprised Henry Kiwuwa, Robert Segawa and Steve Jean.
Museveni reportedly casually sang tow Kinyaknole folk songs, one of which was ‘Mpenkoni’, as a mock challenge to GNL Zamba who had just performed at the event.
According to the lawyers, Museveni gave Kawesa a go ahead to turn the song into what became the popular campaign song, ‘You want another rap’.
“The song also helped you garner a sizeable proportion of the much sought after youth and middle age votes as it increased your appeal to them. This greatly contributed to your electoral victory in 2011 Presidential Elections as it provided the much needed antidote to the electoral challengers that would have been,” the notice, ‘Copyright remuneration for the Another Rap song’ reads in part.
It is copied to the Registrar Copyright, Uganda Registration Service Bureau.
“Having said all that, you took all the moral and economic rights to the said song and even registered its copyright with the Uganda Registration Services Bureau without recognizing our client’s associate band of rights as an author director and producer of the works.”
President Museveni enjoys immunity from legal proceedings
“Most importantly, the registration was also procured without remunerating and/or compensating our client and his team for the work done.’
And although the lawyers believed it was unfair to take away the copyright ownership of the song from the President at this stage, they believe that they should be paid an adequate remuneration for the creation and production of the song.
The fee was placed at Shs5billion paid in a lump sum as well as Shs500m as legal fees.
But on Tuesday, President Museveni’s Senior Press Secretary Don Wanyama said they will only talk about the matter when they receive the so called document.
President Museveni enjoys immunity from legal proceedings so Kawesa and company might wait longer.

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Mukomye okutiisatiisa Bannamawulire, Mubaleke banonyereze, Sempala

Bya Moses Kizito Buule
AKULIRA ekitongole ekilwanirira eddembe lya Bannamawulire ki Human Rights Network For Journalists Uganda Robert Sempala alabudde abantu ab’efunyiridde okutiisatiisa Bannamawulire ne kigendererwa eky’okubalemesa okunonyereza ku biba bigenda mu maaso mu bitundu mwe bakakkalabiza emirimu gyabwe, nagamba nti ab’ebyokwerinda balina okubaako kye bakola amangu ddala.
Sempala agamba nti Poliisi n’ebitongole bye by’okwerinda ebilala tebalina kusilika busilisi nga embeera y’okwewerera Bannamawulire egenda mu mu maaso mu Ggwanga.
Abadde ayanukula ku mbeera ye kibaluwa eky’asuliddwa eggulo ku Ofiisi ya leediyo ya CBS esangibwa mu kibuga Masaka nga kilimu olukalala lwa mannya ga Bannamawulire 12 nga babewerera okubatta nga babasanjaga ne biso, oba okubalungira obutwa bafe.
Agambye nti teri nsonga lwaki abantu ab’emitima emibi baagala okutta Bannamawulire, nagamba nti wewabaawo omuntu yenna alina obuzibu ku w’amawulire asobola okukozesa emikutu gyonna egy’amateeka n’amuvunaana okusinga okusinga okumutemula.
“Banange ensonga eno tugitwale nga ssi yakusaaga kubanga abantu bangi balarikiddwa okuttibwa ne babitwala nga eby’olusaago naye oluvanyuma abatemu bagenda mu maaso ne babatta, kale tusaba Poliisi ekole eky’etagisa kyonna mu kunonyereza okulaba nga ekwata abasasaanyizza ebibaluwa bino, saako n’okukuuma Bannamawulire baffe” Sempala bwe yagambye ku lw’okubiri.
Gyebuvuddeko Munnamawulire wa CBS mu kitundu kye masaka Tomusange Kayinja abantu abaali babagalidde emigemera wala bamuteega bwe yali adda mu makaage, n’ebakuba amasasi mu motooka ye era n’ebamutwalako ensimbi zonna ze yali nazo.
Mu Bannamawulire abalarikiddwa okutibwa kuliko Farish Magembe asakira amawulire ekitongole kya NBS, Tomusange Kayinja owa CBS, Jamir Kalanzi CBS, Nsubuga Robert, owa BBS TV, Male John CBS, Jacinta  Bwanika owa BUKEDDE TV, Ssozi Ssekimpi Lwazi CBS, Mukasa Kipecu Kamunye, Mutyaba Gertrude owa Monitor, Yisa Aliga owa NTV, Dismuns Bulegyeya owa New vision, ne Norman Kabugu owa Kamunye.

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Woman MP Karungi wanted by court over poisoning Parliamentary staff

By  Ivan Mubiru
Kanungu Woman Member of Parliament has been summoned by the High Court in Kampala to defend herself against allegations that she poisoned a Parliamentary staff identified as Donna Kamuli.
According to Joy Kabajje, the court’s assistant registrar,  Elizabeth Karungi should file her defence within 10 days from the date of receipt of the summons or failure to do so, judgment will be availed in her absence. The Summons were sent out on October 30.
“Whereas the above named plaintiff (Ms Donna Kamuli) has instituted a suit against you upon the claim the particulars of which are set out in the copy of the amended plaint attached hereto. You are hereby required to file a defence seeking leave to appear and defend yourself in the said suit within 10 days from the date of service of summons on you in the manner prescribed under 0.9 rule one Civil Procedure Rules,” Ms. Kabajje said in the summons letter to Ms Karungi.
Through her lawyer Ladislaus Rwakafuzi, Kamuli, a receptionist at Parliament recently alleged that she was poisoned by the legislator after suspecting her of having an affair with her husband.
The said poison was administered in mineral water served by unnamed waitress at Café Pap, a restaurant along Parliamentary Avenue.
After taking the water, Kamuli says she started experiencing stomach ache, prompting her to carry out a thorough medical checkup and examination at the government analytical laboratory. Results showed that a pesticide -Deltamethrin had been administered in her drink.
According to Mr Rwakafuzi, the poison caused damage on his client’s intestines, eyes as well as her nervous system.
Nation Media owned KFM reports that Kamuli received a call from Karungi on the fateful afternoon, asking her to meet at the said restaurant to have a woman-to -woman talk.
During the meeting, the MP narrated to Kamuli of how her husband Kamugisha is seeing a fairly young brown lady whom he picks from a hotel in Makerere Kikoni and drops her at Parliament.
Kamuli contends that the MP disclosed to her that she had put a price of Shs20 million had a balance of Shs60 million for people to trail and kill that young woman who is destabilising her marriage.
However, in response Kamuli said , “I told the legislator that I was not young, I am a mature woman, married and now separated with 14-year-old first born, with my own car and had never been driven by her husband. I showed her my family photos including my estranged husband. The legislator’s body language showed shock and regret though she could not say.”

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BetWay, Express FC in Shs400million sponsorship deal

BetWay Country Manager Adella Agaba (2L)and Express chairman Kiryowa Kiwanuka (2R). |Courtesy Photo
BetWay Uganda and six-time Uganda League champions  Express FC, have Tuesday morning signed a three-year sponsorship deal worth Shs400million per year.
During a press conference to unveil BetWay as the latest partners, chairman Kiryowa Kiwanuka said Express FC was a way of life.
“Express FC kya mutima. Today Betway you have become musaayi gwaffe. This is a brotherhood we intend to embrace on the principle of strong partnerships, build and mutual development. The sponsorship package of Shs400m per year, that Betway has extended to Express FC, shall go a long way in ensuring the footballing success of the club. With Betway’s continued support, we look forward to shared Express FC footballing glory. Thank you very much, thank you Betway.”
Red Eagles could debut this new kit at Wankulukuku Stadium when they host table toppers Vipers on Wednesday. |Courtesy Photo
The betting house already grace the kits of basketball club, Power as well as rugby league side Kobs.
According to BetWay Country Manager Adella Agaba, her firm was delighted continue supporting local football especially with the drive to make Express FC great again.
“We are happy to announce that we will be Express FC’s headline sponsor for this season,” she said.
Betway will also grace the front of an all black Express FC kit. | Courtesy Photo
Betway joins Buganda Land Board, Uganda Breweries and Equity bank as the partners for Express FC this season.
Along with the cash package, BetWay will provide the Wankulukuku-based side with three playing strips, training kit and another for travel. Also, Express’ home ground is set to be renamed the ‘Betway Muteesa II Wankulukuku Stadium’
Express will don the strip during their seventh Uganda Premier League game of the season on Wednesday when they host Vipers.

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Kitatta wakuggulwako emisango emilala, Sempa

Moses Kizito Buule
OMUYIMA we kibiina  kya BodaBoda 2010 Abudul Kitatta ayolekedde  okukubwa mu mbuga avunanibwe emisango emilala egy’ekuusa ku bufere  obw’akolebwa ye  n’ebanne mu kaseera  nga  bakyakwazza   emirimu gya Boda  mu  kibuga Kampala n’okwetoloola  ebitundu  bye’ggwanga  ebitali  bimu.
Ekyama   kino    kibotoddwa  akulira ekitongole ekikessi mu maggye mu massekkati ge Ggwanga Edris    Ssempa   bwabadde     asisinkannye   abagoba   ba   bodaboda mu Mukono ku wooteeri ya Grand Praclos Gardens  okusala   entotto  ku ngeri abagoba ba zi  bodaboda  gy’eyinza okwekulakulannyamu wamu  n’okumalawo  obumennyi  bwamateeka  obw’esigamye   ku   mulimu   gwabwe
Agambye  nti  abakulu  abaali bakulemberwa Kitatta  baliko munnaNsi  we’ggwanga  lya Buyindi(amannya gasirikiddwa) gw’ebajjako  pikipiki   ekika   kya   Bajaj eziwera  omutwalo    mulamba (10,000) nebatamusasula  era nga   Kitatta   eyali   abakulira  ng’ebuula  ebbang lyamwezi  gumu   akwatibwe  yamujako  endala   ebikuumi    biina (400) wabula   nga   mpaawo wadde n’enuusu    eyamuwebwa, nga   kino   ky’amuwaliriza  okumutukirira mu  mwezi  gw’okutaano   omwaka  guno  alabe  oba   ayinza  okuyambibwa kubanga bizinensi ye yonna yaggwawo.
Nga kati yawereddwa amagezi atwale Kitatta ne banne aba 2010 mu mbuga z’amateeka ze ziba zilamula, emisango egyo nagyo gy’ongerwe ku mingi egimuvunanibwa.
Abamu ku Bakulembeze ba Boda Boda ab’etabye mu lukiiko e Mukono
Wano Sempa  weyasinzidde  n’asaba    abakulembeze ba Boda Boda mu Mukono   okukulembeza  nga   amaziima  nga  bakola  omulimu  gwabwe  olwo  lw’ebanasoboola   okw’ekulakulanya   nga   bayita mu bibiina   byabwe   eby’obwegassi.
Kunsonga  y’okubeera  obumu   Sempa   yabasabye   okuviira  ddala   wansi  nga batondawo obukulembeze, kuba  kibeera   kyabulabe   nnyo    okuva e Kampala ate n’atandiika   okubekakatikako   nti    naye bo   bwe bakikola  kino  kijja   kwogera   okutwala   omuli   mugwabwe mu maaso.
Kunsonga  ye by’okwerinda   Sempa yagambye nti  ebitongole   ebikessi  bikyagenda mu maaso n’okukissa  ku  bagoba ba boda boda  okubeera   emabega  w’okutemula   banaUganda   okugenda mu maaso  ensangi  zino  nga abatemu  bakozesa   pikipiki   okudduka  ng’abamaze  okubeerako  webakola    ettemu.
Ono agambye  nti   okunonyereza  kwe bakoze  kulaga  nti  abakulu  bano   omuntu  bwajja  gyebali   nga lina   ssente  ezisasula  ekifo  wagenda   okukolera   batunulira    ssente wadde nga  tebamannyi    bimukwatako ate ng’oluusi   abantu  abantu abamu tebabeera  balungi   eri    eggwanga era nabasaba    okwetereza   bunnambiro.
Wabula   nabagooba   ba zi Boda Boda abakulembeddwamu  ssentebe  wabwe mu kitundu kya Mukono James Kakumba bagambye  nti   kituufu  ng’abantu balina  obunafu  naye  n’ebitongole  bye by’okwerinda  bigayaavu  nga  bonna  balina  okw’ekebera  okutereza   eggwanga.
Bano  bakukulumidde   ekyokubabuusa  amaaso   nga  bagamba   nti  nabo  babatta  kubanga   bafiirwa   abantu 14 buli   wiiki  wabula  tebatwalibwa  nga kikulu ngo’mulaka  aba Poliisi  baguusa ku bantu balala.
Bano    bawereddwa   obukadde   bwa Uganda butano (5,000,000) bongere   okweddabuluula  n’okutwala  omulimu   gwabwe mu maaso

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Government cancels, suspends licenses of 10 labour agencies

By  Ivan Mubiru
The Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development has canceled and suspended licenses of 10 external labour recruitment companies over failure to fulfill minimum standards required for the service.
According to James Ebitu, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry, licenses of three companies have been revoked whereas those for seven companies have been suspended and their offices closed until further notice.
The companies whose licenses have been revoked are Sauman Service Limited, Fountain Security Services and Abroad Placement (U) Limited.
Those whose licenses have been suspended are Karibun International Limited, Elite Placements Consulting Limited, Labour Frontiers International Limited, Rokas Recruitment Services Limited, Fresh Mind International Limited, Swift International Recruiters Limited and Professional Recruitment Services.
“The public is informed to desist from the mentioned external labour recruitment companies whose licenses have been cancelled and suspended. Whoever deals with them, its agents or employees on matters of external labour recruitment and placement of Ugandan migrant workers abroad does so at his or her own risk,” warned Mr Ebitu.
Various reports have often revealed that due to ‘fake’ recruitment companies, many Ugandans end up in the wrong hands as soon as they set foot on foreign soil.
Cases abound of young Ugandan women looking for jobs forced into the sex trade in overseas countries after being frustrated by far less pay than previously promised by their agents who are in most cases unlicensed.

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Mweyambise amakolero agali ku nsalo z’ensi zaffe, Kivejjinja akunze bannaKenya.

Bya Moses Kizito Buule
OMUMYUKA wa   ssabaminisita  ow’okubiri Haji Ali Kirunda  Kivejjinja  awadde  amagezi  abakulembeze be Ssaza lye Bungoma mu Ggwanga lye Kenya okuvaayo bakozese omwaganya  gw’amakolero agaali  kunsalo  ya  mawanga  gombiriri  okusobola  okutumbula  eby’enkulakulana  mu kitundu kyabwe.
Kivejinja  agamba nti  amakolero   okuli elikola  ebigimusa  Pulezidenti lye yagulawo  gy’ebuvuddeko  bw’ebagakozesa obulungi  bagenda kugaganyulwamu nnyo ate ssi bokka wabula  n’amawanga amalala  mu Africa ey’omuseekati  n’obuvanjuba.
Bino   yabyogeredde mu ofiisi ye Kampala  bwabadde  ayaniriza  ekibinja  kya    bakungu 45 abavudde mu ssaza lye Bungoma Kenya abakulembeddwamu   Governor we ssaza   lino Wycliffe Wagamati  abazze  okulaba nga banyweza omukango mu byesubulagana, mu by’obulamu, eby’obulambuzi    n’ebyenjigiriza mu district za Uganda ez’okunsaalo.
Amyuka akulira ekitongole kya UIA Godfery Ssemakula nga ayaniriza omubaka wa Kenya mu Uganda Awere Otara.
Ono awadde bana Kenya amagezi   okwekwata   amakolero  ga Uganda kubanga mu ebintu   ebigenda  okukolebwa mu factory nga  Osukulu,  bigenda  kubaawo mu kiseera  nga    tebigwaawo, era abategezezza  nga  bwekiri mu mikono  gyabwe   okusalawo   ku   by’enkulakulana  kulwabwe   n’abaana      babwe.
Amyuka   ssenkulu   ow’ekitongole   ekisikiriza    bamusinga   nsimbi  ekya Uganda Investment Authority Godfery    Ssemakula    ategezezzanga nga  mu kiseera   kino  ekitongole  bwekiri  kuddimu   ly’okubunyisa   amakolero mu ggwanga   lyonna    bana Uganda bonna   basobole    okugabanaku kkeeki ye ggwanga.
Ssemakula   agamba  nti   ebibanda    by’amakolero 27 bye bigenda   okutekebwa mu ggwanga   lyonna  nga    kubino   kuliko 4 ebya Science ne Tekinologiya   okuwa    omukisa  buli   kitundu  kye  ggwanga  okulakulana   n’okufunira   abatuuze    emilimu.
Amakolero  ga   Namanve   yokka   gakuwemeta   obukadde   bwa   doola    za America 245 okuteekamu   enguudo, Amasanyalaze, saako   n’amazzi   n’ebyetagisa   ebirala  nagatako   nti  omulimu   bwegunagwa  basubira  okuba    n’amakolera 301 nga   bana Uganda 200,000 be basubirwa   okufuna     emilimu.
Wabula  anonokoddeyo   obuzibu   bwe bolekedde   obw’okufuna   ettaka   okutali    bantu  ate   ng’eririko   abantu   lyabuseere   nnyo   olw’okuba   nti   abantu    babeera  balina   okuliyirirwa  okusobola  okuvaawo, era bwatyo   nasaba   gavumenti   bwe wabaawo   ettaka    okutali   kikolebwako  libawebwe   kisikirize    bamusiga   nsimbi    okujja mu Uganda.
Ye omutandiisi   w’omukaango   gunno    nga   nye mubaka   wa Uganda e Kenya Amb   Phibby  Awere  Otala  alaze   obumativu   nti  ebintu  eby’agulibwanga   ebunayira   kati   bikolebwa    wano, n’ategezza    nga  bwagenda  okwogera  okutunda   ebyemaguzi    bya Uganda mu mawanga     amalala.
Ye Governor w’essaza lye Bungoma   Wagamate  agamba  nti  bagenda   kwekenenya  emikisa  egiliwo  okutumbula enkola gana  wakati   wamawanga   ng’ombi    n’addala district eziri  kunsalo  eyawula   amawanga ago.
Agamu ku  makolera   gebalambudde  mwe  muli    Namunkekera Rural Industrial Center esangimbwa e Kapeka   eyatandikbwawo   muto   w’omukulembeze we ggwanga Gen SalimSaleh, Roofings Limited, Quality Chemicals n’amalala.

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Mapping Sylvia Owori’s comments in a social health perspective of our society

By Henry Mutebe
It’s been a while since I last put my mind to interrogating social phenomena. However, the comments made by Sylvia Owori about Barbie Kyagulanyi’s success have powerfully but sadly, ballooned above the social space, irresistibly inviting my attention to the conversation.
A lot has already been said about the morality, or the lack thereof, of her comments. To that, I have nothing useful to add. My attempt in this piece, therefore, is to map her comments within the larger social health of our society, critically reflecting on her words as tools of power and violence.
In our everyday experiences, the thought of violence often conjures images of raw and chilling direct violence. We often think of physical fights, assault, blood, men, boys, confrontation among other ‘visible’ and or direct forms and agents of violence.
Often unimaginable and invisible to us, is the enormous depth of raw violence that creeps below and beyond our lines of sight; passing as subtle and indirect violence, often exercised in subtle yet unbelievably vicious ways, by the most unexpected social agents – women. Imagine what the intention of Sylvia Owori was when she wrote those words. It was to inflict pain, hurt and violence against another woman using indirect aggression/violence.
In almost all societies, violence has often been baptized to men. However, once in a blue moon, a woman draws a dagger at another, in such chilling ways that everyone of us is reminded of the reality of the different forms and agents of violence that often go unnoticed.
The comments made by Sylvia Owori are a shining example of this often unseen violence often meted by women, against women. Her comments bring alive the problem of female bullies and the fast growing social disease called envy, jealous and negative competition amongst women.
First, I want to say that Sylvia Owori has a right to express her opinion or say what is on her mind about Barbie Kyagulanyi and her successes or failures. This, in itself, is not a crime. However, out of courtesy and decorum, a person of Sylvia Owori’s status ought to have immunized herself against churning out words that reflect her insecurities and sense of entitlement.
The conference at which Barbie was invited to be a panelist was open to all, including Sylvia Owori. The organisers, using their own matrix, found it fit to invite Barbie as a panelist. In their view, Barbie is an inspirational and influential woman who deserved to be on the table. It did not matter how anyone in the world felt about that. How Sylvia Owori, despite her personal success found small achievement to be a problem, is something I have failed to fathom.
Reading her comment, you clearly see a person who feels irritably entitled. She seems to think that it is her who knows, or must declare, which woman in Uganda is qualified enough to be inspirational and influential to merit a seat on the panel. Her words are raw with envy and annoying sense of entitlement. Its as if she is the one who was supposed to decide who should be declared inspirational or inspiring!
The comments were movingly confrontational, laced with cold envy, anger, uninvited judgement, and calculated to saw seeds of doubt and insecurity in Barbie. Thankfully, in her reply, Barbie smartly and humbly teaches her how to become a panelist in the next conference, if she wished to do so.
But Sylvia Owori’s comments while disturbing, are not entirely surprising. Our society is sadly infested with thousands of women who have mastered the art of bullying other women. While you would think that the conditions of our society, that largely advantage men, would be good motivation for women to be each other’s keeper, and have sisterhood, some have chosen to make the world of other women even harder and they do it with a passion.
I do not want to generalize, or use this one shouting example to generalize and paint all women with one brush, but clearly, our society has a problem when it comes to women supporting one another. It seems as though one has to dim the light of another, in order to shine. Its as if one’s success is another woman’s failure.
You would think that these women- Barbie and Sylvia, who in some ways, have broken into the upper social order of society, would be supportive of one another, even if they are soldiers on different Flintstones of development. Instead, Sylvia finds it comforting to question Barbie’s success, and chillingly tries to pour water on her little celebration of a simple success. Many women, find it easier to shine by muting the confidence and success of others. I find this totally disgusting and unproductive.
If anyone should attack Barbie, it should not be Sylvia Owori or anyone within that segment of the social order. Sylvia is someone, you would imagine, who has understood the fibre of our society and what it means to be a woman growing up in a society designed, largely by and for men.
Instead of giving her a hug or hand to lift other women who are still below, Sylvia draws a sharp dagger at a woman doing her thing and working for her success. Sylvia feels, mistakenly, that she has a right to determine who is an influencer.
Slvia Owori’s comments are very interesting though. Interesting in the sense that they reflect a social disease that has eaten so deep into our society that even the educated and ‘finest’ in the society are not free from it. Envy and or jealous eats us all, in equal measure. We can’t afford to see another person succeed at something. We can’t put up with seeing another person shine.
We always feel that when another person shines, our own light goes dim; so we mute their voice, remove their ladder or pull them down. Our society is riddled with people who will do anything, however cold it is, just to put down others. In my view, Sylvia Owori, by saying what was in the comment, is a shining example of many people in our society.
I do not know what it is about some women, but they just can’t realize their fights help to reinforce the conditions that slave them. You would think that with a thriving career in fashion, a job or gig with wealth creation, Sylvia Awori would be content with herself, confident about her success, and not be bothered or threatened by the small successes and victories of other women like Barbie but alas!
Even the little things like someone attending a conference as a panelist and posting pictures to tell her friends about it, gave sleepless nights to Sylvia Owori.. It seems the pain was so deep that she couldn’t take it any more; she has to pour out, to feel at peace with herself! This is how sick our society is. You can imagine the envy and anger of many others who do not have the privileges or successes Sylvia has.
On the other hand, I am glad Sylvia Owori made those remarks: we now know she is not this all confident and successful woman who has no time for catty behavior. She also has her own insecurities as a person and perhaps …sometimes, she feels threatened by the success of other women. In many ways, you could sympathize with her. The Berbie family is an enviable family. Barbie is raising a wonderful family and is making many strides in whatever she is doing. it is visible and it can be hard to take in especially for those who feel they are her peers. She seems to be sky-rocketing in success at a rate that threatens others.
However, this should not scare Sylvia. Everyday society, as a constant, brings forth new talents, new beauties, new luck, births and deaths. It is always unsettling to watch someone you probably once under looked rise, shine and eclipse your own success right in front of your eyes. However, when you accept that everyone has their own destination in life, you start to appreciate that the success of others does not necessarily reflect failure on your side. We all have our own destinations.
I think Sylvia Owori has risen, shone, matured and achieved much of what she wanted in her field. She should not, in my view, be threatened by the success of Barbie. The confrontation was totally surprising and uncalled for. Shakespeare once wrote that some people are born great, others achieve greatness and others have greatness thrust upon them. You are not going to question people’s success because only God chooses who to bestow favour and grace.
Sylvia Owori may also have people who were smarter than her, more beautiful than her, but God in his/her own wisdom decided that it should be her to occupy the status and position she is in today. So the very hands that gave you favour can as well give favour to others in equal or even greater measure. In all, thank God that you even have a place to talk about in society. Why would you forget such an elementary lesson about success and nature?
Time, luck and circumstances produce their own heroes. If it is time for Barbie to shine, let her enjoy her time and simple victories. In all fairness, the attack on Barbie is an attack on all of us. People should learn to let others shine without feeling threatened. This social disease, called envy is very dangerous and cripples our society. Sylvia Owori should be forgiven for being the point of symptoms of our sick society.
The remarks of Sylvia Owori reflect the use of power in the hands of a powerful woman trying to inflict violence on another woman. If those words had been said by some unknown person, few would have been surprised or even responded, but the fact that a seemingly sober member of society exhibits such behavior shows the gravity of the disease.
While women tend to fear direct violence, they often engage in indirect aggression in the manner that Sylvia did. They may not fight directly, but they project their power and violence against others by making hurting comments or using examining and envious eyes to communicate and inject self-doubt and insecurity in others. Women should learn to live with each other without being overly and irritably judgemental about other women.
In the final analysis, it speaks volumes about their own insecurities, envy and failures. No genuinely successful and confident woman has time to even start feeling bad that another woman attended a conference as a panelist or even question it. They would instead celebrate their fellow women and together use their high heels to bang and break the so called glass ceiling against women.
The world is big enough for all of you to succeed without muting each other’s successes. Sylvia Owori should know that the hands that made her success are capable of making another person, even greater than herself. God gives their favour to anyone no matter who loves or hates them…and that includes Sylvia Owori. Madeleine Albright once said; “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other.” This world is already too cruel and harshly judgmental on women, dont make it worse.

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Youthful Embakasi East MP Owino Babu for Bobi Wine’s concert

Kyadondo East MP Bobi Wine and Babu Owino on Jeff Koinange’s show on Citizen TV. Courtesy photo
By Catherine Opolot
By the look of things, Bobi Wine’s Kyarenga Concert might just be the biggest concert to be held in the country. And as the anticipation builds, our news desk has learnt that Embakasi East legislator Babu Owino, also known as Paul Ongili is expected to arrive in Uganda on Wednesday ahead of the now-on, now-off, now-on-again concert due this weekend at One Love Beach Busabala.
Embakasi East is a constituency in neighbouring Kenya, if you were wondering.
Looks like Bobi Wine aka Robert Kyagulanyi, the Kyadondo East MP, is returning the favour after a visit to Kenya in October on the invitation of the youthful Owino.
Owino is known for being dapper
The two legislators then addressed huge rallies as well as press conferences, preaching freedom and peace.
During one of their meetings, Kyagulanyi reportedly said: “We do not come asking for guns as we do not want to kill anyone. We come to ask for your brotherhood.”
“When there is injustice and dictatorship in Uganda, its everywhere. When something bad happens in Kenya, it’s a great concern for Uganda and vice versa.”
Owino has previously, strongly condemned the arrest of Bobi Wine saying it is an infringement on his rights.
According to Kenyan press, Owino who was speaking at Parliament Buildings, said then, “I would like to condemn the unlawful arrest of Bobi Wine. The government of Uganda is infringing on the fundamental right and freedom of liberty and expression.
“Museveni should know an injury to one comrade is an injury to all.

“We, therefore, demand for the immediate release of Bobi Wine, failure to which, within a period of a week, we as young parliamentarians will lead a delegation of MPs to Uganda to cause a revolutionary demonstration because Museveni is proving to be unfit for the office,” he said.
The promised march was never held since Bobi Wine was subsequently released after a couple of days in military cells.
Babu is expected to be accompanied by other legislators under the Kenya Youth Parliamentarians Association.

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OPINION: 21st century problems must be solved by 21st century people

By Hassan Bulesa
Dear Inter-religious Council and The Elders Forum, please don’t appear like you only want to waste time in what you refer to as NATIONAL DIALOGUE. I think you should do some of the following issues.
Convince Mr. Yoweri Museveni to accept that he has messed up everything and there is need to fix his caused messes/problems, and if he fails to accept that everything is in total mess, I do not not see any reason for the said dialogue. If Mr. Museveni thinks that he is doing good in whatever it takes to manage this great Nation yet its total a lie, therefore we will be wasting time to dialogue with him/his government.
We’re in the 21st century with the youngest population constituting the biggest population percentage in the National, How can you fail to include this sensitive majority in the initial planning of the dialogue?
The Youth in Uganda today have so many bodies you can use and tap the youthful input.. We have the Inter-Party Youth Platform (IYOP) a platform which combines the Eight Political Parties with active Youth Leagues in Uganda, we have the Uganda Youth Network (UYONET) which is the leading Umbrella Organization for the National Youth with 31 Networks and 158 organizations with presence in 45 Districts across the country and others which I think are well conversant with the Youth agenda and contribution to the dialogue.
Since the future of this great Nation belong to the Youth, I think its very wrong when you’re leaving us out when discussing matters of the future of this Nation.
I wish you can give this some thought  for the good of the said Dialogue.
The writer is a JEEMA Governor Central Region. JEEMA YOUTH LEAGUE. (JYL)

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Allow me sing at Kyarenga – Buchaman cries out

By Allen Kisakye
Former FireBase singer Buchaman has asked his former boss to let him perform at the upcoming Kyarenga concert due Saturday, November 10.
Kyarenga is artiste turned musician Bobi Wine’s ‘comeback’ concert. It will be held at One Love Beach, Busabala after Namboole Stadium management blocked it twice.
According to a source in the FireBase army, Buchaman, who was Bobi Wine’s defacto number two for a couple of years, has joined the long list of artistes who want to be part of what has been billed as ‘concert of the year’, even before happening.
It should be remembered that the two had a public falling out, which ended with Lwakyi Temumatila singer being dismissed from FireBase. Since then, his career has dwindled. The singer is often times high on some substances that we shall assume are banned.
But that is beside the point. During the Kyadondo East constituency by-election, Buchaman mysteriously appeared at Wampewo grounds and performed for people who had gathered to listen to FDC’s Apollo Kantinti campaign.
Then, he reportedly told the gathering not to listen to Bobi Wine’s ‘smooth talk’ saying the legislator is a ‘conman’ only interested in money. He also released a song titled Dikula that no one seems to have listened to. It attacks his former boss.
Although Bobi has previously said he does not have hard feelings towards Bucha, we wait to see whether he will allow his former protégée to perform.
Entry fee to the Kyarenga concert will cost Shs10,000.

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McGregor mocks Floyd Mayweather ahead of comeback fight against kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa

Floyd Mayweather is to fight Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa on New Year’s Eve
Conor McGregor has mocked Floyd Mayweather after the Money Man announced his comeback fight against kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa on Monday.
The 41-year-old, unbeaten in all 50 of his career fights, has long been mooted with a move to mixed martial arts to fight McGregor or Khabib Nurmagomedov.
However he revealed that he has signed with Japanese mixed martial arts promotions company RIZIN Fighting Federation, although it is not yet known what rules will be in place when he fights 20-year-old Nasukawa in Saitama.
In a lengthy post on Instagram alongside a photo of Mayweather and Nasukawa, McGregor unleashed a foul-mouthed rant and joked the pair looked like the stars of successful movie franchise Rush Hour.
He wrote: ‘Is that a tracksuit or a sauna suit Floyd haha. is it hot in Tokyo or what’s the story here? that climate change is no joke.
‘What is going on here? Who’s this little p**** next to you ? That’s mad. Like something out of rush hour 5 or something. Chris tucker and Jackie Chan. brilliant. Mad little b****** you are Floyd.
McGregor unleashed a lengthy rant and joked the pair looked like the stars of Rush Hour
Boxing Scene have reported that the contest will strictly be a boxing exhibition and may only be scheduled for three rounds.
The finances of the deal were not disclosed at Monday’s news conference, although any deal to lure Mayweather back is expected to be worth eight figures.
Speaking at a news conference in Tokyo on Monday, there was no mention of UFC’s two biggest names. Instead, Mayweather explained that the decision to fight in Japan was about expanding his global profile.
‘I wanted to do something different. I wanted to display my skills outside the US and be in a special fight,’ he said.  ‘I spoke with my team and with RIZIN and we put it together.
‘I have fought in the US for all 50 of my fights. As a professional I haven’t had a chance to go outside the US to display my skills and to display my talent for the world.
‘I look forward to giving you guys entertainment come December 31, but my relationship with RIZIN, it doesn’t stop just here. I look forward to taking this worldwide.’
Early indications also suggest that the fight will not be a pay-per-view event with a boxing match in the early hours of Monday morning expected to be a tough sale in the United States.
That would mean it will be the first time Mayweather has fought in a non-pay-per-view event in the United States since he stopped Sharmba Mitchell back in November 2005.
McGregor recently lost to Khabib Nurmagomedov
Mayweather, who is expected to start training for the fight in the United States on Tuesday, added that the terms of the fight would be decided in the coming weeks.
‘As far as the weight class and the rules, we will talk about that and will get that situated within the next couple of weeks,’ he said.
Mayweather’s last bout was in 2017 when he beat Irish MMA fighter Conor McGregor, running his boxing record to 50-0 and earning close to $300 million (£230m).
Mayweather had come out of a near two-year retirement to fight McGregor and afterwards said he was done with boxing.
‘We do foolish things sometimes but I am not a dam fool. If I see an opportunity to make $300 million in 36 minutes why not,’ he said after that fight in Las Vegas. ‘But this is the last one, you have my word on it.’
Last month, Mayweather told TMZ that he would fight both Nurmagomedov and McGregor once again in 2019.
‘McGregor was talking that s***, so it ain’t over,’ Mayweather told reporters. ‘After me and Khabib lock up, me and McGregor we gonna lock up again.’

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Villa back Basena, condemn fan violence

Basena is still in charge at Villa
Peter Tabu
SC Villa manager Moses Basena can breathe a sigh of relief, at least for now. This follows the release of a statement by the club’s interim management backing the underfire manager and also condemning violent scenes that marred Mbabara – Villa game.
The statement dated November 5, and signed by club legend and chairman interim committee Mr William Nkemba reassured the public and fans that Basena was still incharge of all the coaching duties and the club backs him 100 per cent.
“The management of Sports Club Villa confirms Moses Basena remains incharge of all coaching duties at the club and shall continue to execute his role as per the agreed terms of his employment contract,” the statement indicated.
“The management of SC Villa condemns acts of violence that took place during the Mbarara City Vs Villa game in Kavumba.
The management of Villa disassociates itself from such and is investigating all the occurrences involving the fans on the day before disciplinary action is taken, the club would like to request fans that it’s imperative to behave in a sporting manner.”
Meanwhile ahead of the Tuesday clash at home to rivals KCCA FC, Villa have received a major boost after midfielders Pius Wangi and Ashraf Mandela were cleared to feature for the record champions.
The duo had been held back by parent club Vipers who had insisted they were still contracted and could not feature for another club but that has been cleared.

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UCC start five day film training workshop in Kabale

By Arinda Nsheeka Wilfred
Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) in partnership with the Film Club Uganda on Monday opened up a five day workshop with the intention of boosting the film industry in Uganda.

Mr Paul Mukasa, the manager in charge of  content regulation at UCC lauded the participants, especially the youth who turned out in big numbers to attend the workshop at Little Ritz Hotel, Kabale.  He represented Godfrey Mutabazi is the Executive Director at the wor
“This workshop is first of its kind in Kabale and it’s meant to train people who will boost the film industry,” Mukasa said.

He added that the film industry would create jobs in the near future, citing the examples of Nollywood of Nigeria, the Hollywood of the United States of America and other many countries that have developed in film Making like Japan and China.

The workshop is training  participants in acting, sound, script writing, film directing, and lighting for film.

UCC has in the past years worked hard to improve the film Industry. The body Initiated the Uganda film festival, with the aim of boosting the Ugandan film industry.

Mr Gad Rugaju, the deputy resident district commissioner of Kabale who officially opened the workshop thanked the UCC for its initiative, saying it would yield Uganda income in the future.

The workshop is scheduled to end on Friday.

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NRM to hold party primaries for new district representatives on November 21

By Stephen Kalema
National Resistance Movement (NRM) will on November 21 hold party primaries for representatives in the newly created districts. The new districts are Kwania, Kassanda, Kikuubi, Nabilatuk, Bugweri. Primaries will aslo be held in the old Hoima from which Kikuube district was carved.
Speaking to journalists on Monday at the party’s headquarters, deputy chairperson NRM Electoral Commission, John Arimpa Kigyagi said, “Following the postponement of the party primaries which had to take place on August 8 this year, the commission hereby announces November 21st as the new polling date in the new districts.”
Citing lack of funds, Kigyagi said the postponement affected the selection of Women representatives of Parliament and Local Council Five chairpersons.
However, Kigyagi cautioned that there will be no new nominations and campaigns since they were all done before the postponement but candidates will be allowed to have consultative meetings with their supporters as the way to rebuild confidence and trust.

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Flying Squad terminates services of operatives

By Stephen Kalema
All operatives attached to the Police’s Flying Squad have had their services terminated.

In a document dated November 5, 2018, and signed by the Flying Squad management, all operatives lost their jobs with immediate effect.

Flying Squad was formed to fight violent crimes such as robberies and kidnaps.

“Warning. All those who be working with Flying Squad Unit as operatives. Their services have been terminated with effect from today 05th till further notice.”

This termination comes at a time when Flying Squad operatives are under fire following the manner in which they conduct their operations their operations as well as gross misconduct and torture of suspects by its operatives .

Recently, plain clothed security officials allegedly belonging to Flying Squad brutally arrested a member of the Democratic Party, Yusuf Kawooya in broad day light.

The move also follows a decision to disband the unit by the Inspector General of Police, Mr Martins Okoth-Ochola  in May.

By February, the Police Professional Standards Unit was investigating 213 cases against FSU personnel lodged by both civilians and police officers, including torture, robbery and extortion. Handling of the cases will continue since each was lodged against individual officers, police said.

Former IGP Kayihura established FSU Unit in 2013 following a spate of violent crimes. Most of its operatives are informers and Special Police Constables; low-rank officers, who joined police on temporary contracts.

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Birthday surprise unites Parliament’s Obore and Kawesa

By Stephen Kalema

A birthday surprise has re-united deputy director of communication and public affairs (CPA) at Parliament, Helen Nanteza Kawesa with her boss, Chris Obore.
Since the appointment of Obore as director, CPA in 2015, his relationship with Kawesa has toxic with the two allegedly involved in a cold war. Their subordinates have also been forced to take sides.
However on Monday, two bosses  charged with disseminating ‘accurate information and educate the public on the operations and functions of Parliament’ shared a rare smile as Obore led others to celebrate Kawesa’s birthday. This ofcourse came as a surprise to many.
In a video released on Monday, the two can be seen dancing together, side by side like they have so often done.
According to a source who attended the mini party, this is the first time Kawesa and Obore have been seen in a public show of affection in a long time.
It followed an early morning meeting between Obore, the CPA team and the executive members of Uganda Parliamentary Press Association (UPPA) led by president of Moses Mulondo.
After the deliberations, the source says, Ismail Ranny, the assistant director, CPA told the gathering that it was Kawesa’s  birthday. Immediately, Obore and the team are said to have started chanting the birthday song as Ranny handed the birthday girl a bouquet.
Watch Video;

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Mestil Hotel manager arrested after 13-year-old drowns in swimming pool

By Stephen Kalema

Police has arrested the general manager of the new Mestil Hotel in Nsambya following the drowning of a 13-year-old boy in the facility’s swimming pool.

According to the police and observers, the boy’s parents called the police to help their child whose body was motionless in the swimming pool.

It’s alleged that by the time of drowning, the swimming pool attendant Abdullah Karim was not around.  However after learning of the incident, he ran away.

He was later arrested and faces charges of neglect.

Before he was apprehended though, Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson Luke Oweyesigire, said  they first arrested the top manager.  He was later released.

“We had to arrest the general manager, Sven Saint Saint-Calbe to explain the circumstances under which the boy drowned and died at their hotel,” said Oweyesigire.

Police took the body of the boy to Mulago for a postmortem.

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Uganda elected on Council of International Telecommunication Union

By  Ivan Mubiru
Uganda has been elected on the Council of International Telecommunication Union (ITU).
Out of 177 votes, Uganda got 114 votes to be elected to governing council at the ongoing ITU Plenipotentiary Conference 2018 in Dubai.

Frank Tumwebaze, Information Technology and Communications Minister lauded ITU countries for supporting Uganda thus enabling it achieve the milestone.

“I thank the member countries of #ITU for their support. Together, we shall continue to work for a connected world. I most sincerely thank. TeamUganda for executing a smart and subtle diplomatic campaign. Let’s work and build our nation,” he noted.
About the conference;
The Plenipotentiary Conference is the highest policy-making body of the ITU. Held every four years, it is the key event at which ITU Member States decide on the future role of the organization, thereby determining the organization’s ability to influence and affect the development of information and communication technologies (ICTs) worldwide. The Conference: sets the Union’s general policies; adopts four-year strategic and financial plans; and elects the senior management team of the organization, the Member States of the Council, and the members of the Radio Regulations Board.

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Tax collectors visit high flying Bul Bidco

Sam Ssimbwa’s URA are yet to lose a game this term
Shafic Kiyaga
Uganda Premier League: Two sides with indifferent starts to the season face off on Tuesday afternoon as BUL Bidco welcome Uganda Revenue Authority FC to Njeru Technical Center in Jinja.
BUL are in blistering form as they are unbeaten in their last four games with the only blemish being a goalless draw against Express and a home loss against Tooro United on match day two. That so far has been their only loss this season.
URA on the other hand are one of the three sides still unbeaten in the league this season but they have drawn four and won just two of their six games.
BUL last won three games consecutively almost a year ago and now they are a game away from repeating that feat.
Peter Onen’s men have profited from a rare pre-season of stability that saw limited transfer activity. They had to change coaches but Onen was already an assistant at the club.
Backed as favourite to become one of the first coaches sacked, The Uganda U17 coach has found a settled XI – naming almost the same side three league games running – and the reward for Bidco is their best ever start to a super division that promises so much.
The 3-0 win over Paidha was as straightforward as super league victories come; Hamis Tibita scored his first goal of the season to continue his impressive form that has seen him score three goals and be directly involved in six goals thus far.
Bidco then then saw off a poor Maroons 2-1 at Luzira, racking up their first second away win under Onen in the process, before sweeping aside Ndejje 4-1 last weekend in their biggest win in the league.
Never before have the Jinja side enjoyed a longer unbeaten streak in the top division, going four matches picking up at least a point and also achieving their biggest goal return in four consecutive games. Onen now looks to become the first BUL coach to go five games without losing.
Winning, breeds confidence, they say, and if the Jinja outfit can make it three from three tomorrow afternoon, then their pre-season objectives may have to be altered slightly.
URA Massive changes
While BUL managed to limit turnover during pre-season, URA on the other hand saw massive changes in playing staff. Even Chief Executive tendered in his resignation weeks to the league kickoff.
Not that a massive number of recruits has proved much of a problem for boss  Sam Ssimbwa who kicked off his first season in charge of the tax collectors by going six league games unbeaten. In fact Ssimbwa is still unbeaten at URA since he took over in May this year.
URA, however, have failed to find the back of the net since Ssimbwa took charge registering five goalless draws and scoring just seven goals in the ten league games they have played under the former KCCA and Express FC head coach.
URA have also now drawn three league games back-to-back for the second time this year. But the tax collectors have won just two games this season with both wins coming against newly promoted sides (Paidha and Ndejje University).
The famous 7-2 humbling by KCCA was URA’s last league defeat and will clearly be in the mind for a while yet, but Ssimbwa has made sure his team pushes on and ensures they keep it tight at the back as they have kept seven clean sheets since.
Onen has barely made changes to his starting lineup and he is expected to revert to the same set of players that started against Ndejje and Maroons.
The records do not favour Bul though. They have won only two of their previous 10 encounters with the
taxmen collecting 16 available points –four wins and four draws since their first meeting in the competition in 2013.
Uganda Premier League After Six Games
Vipers               14 points
Bul                     13
KCCA                 12
Bright Stars      11
Express FC       11
Onduparaka    11
Mbarara City   10
URA                  10
Police               7
Ndejje Un.       6
Kirinya JSS       6
Tooro United  5
Nyamityobora 4
Paidha              4
Villa                  3
Maroons          2

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Wounded Kirinya Jinja SS visit 13th placed Nyamityobora

Under fire Charles Ayiekoh has failed to replicate last season’s form at Kirinya Jinja SS
Uganda Premier League
Villa                      vs                     KCCA
Bul                        vs                      URA
Ndejje university vs                    Bright Stars
Nyamityobora vs                   Kirinya Jinja SS
Shafic Kiyaga
Nyamityobora will hope to recover from a poor start to their league campaign when they welcome a wounded Kirinya Jinja SS to Muteesa II Stadium, Wankulukuku.
Both teams have won just one of their opening six league games this season but Kirinya have the edge as they have drawn three other games and lost only twice. The Nyakare however, picked up one draw and lost the other four games.
The pressure is on last season’s surprise performers Kirinya Jinja SS to perform tomorrow and another defeat will pile further pressure on Charles Ayiekoh. His side have failed to replicate the performances they set last season especially at home as they have failed to win any home games thus far but they are a well drilled defensive unit.
Meanwhile, Nyamityobora is also not scoring a lot and they look light of attacking options. There could be little to choose between the two teams but Kirinya will have enough to claim their second win of the season.

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12 Masaka journalists on list for those to be killed

By Najib Mulema
Twelve journalists working in Greater Masaka region are in panic after receiving death notices from unknown people.
In a notice seen by Watchdog Uganda, the assailants promised to gun down, slaughter and poison the journalists whom they say have refused to mind their businesses.
The potential killers said these journalists ‘over investigate into their criminal activities which is bad for business’.
The journalists on the list include Tomusange Kayinja (CBS FM), Jamir Kalanzi (CBS FM),  Robert Nsubuga(BBS TV), Male John (CBS FM), Jacinta Bwanika (Bukedde), Ssozi Sekimpi (CBS FM), Mukasa Kipecu (Kamunye), Disimas Buregeya (New Vision), Gertrude  Mutyaba (Daily Monitor)  Norman  Kabugu(Kamunye), Aliga (NTV) and Farish Magembe(NBS).
Speaking to Watchdog Uganda, Kalanzi, one of the targets, said they are now living in fear since anything dangerous can happen to them anytime.
However, he said they will not bow to threats and that they will continue doing their work as journalists.
A few months back, CBS’ Kayinja was attacked by unidentified thugs who waylaid him in the wee hours as he was driving to his home in Kimanya zone A in Masaka municipality from his grocery shop in Nyendo township.
The thugs robbed Kayinja of his valuables and vandalized his vehicle.
According to him , four thugs staged a roadblock on the way leading to his home forcing him to stop.
He said the armed thugs shot a bullet directly through his driving screen, which narrowly missed his head.
He explained that minutes later the thugs, one of them dressed in what appeared like one of the police uniforms dragged him out of the car and ordered him to surrender all the money he had.
Watchdog Uganda was yet to get a police comment.

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Ndejje University look to shoot down the Bright Stars

Apart from Nelson Ssenkatuka, Ndejje University should be wary of Brian Kayanja
UPL Fixtures – Playing Tuesday
Villa                 vs                          KCCA
Bul                     vs                           URA
Ndejje               vs           Bright Stars
Nyamityobora vs  Kirinya Jinja SS
Shafic Kiyaga
Bright Stars Football club go into tomorrow’s StarTimes Uganda Premier League game at The Arena of Visions in Ndejje fourth on the league table after a morale boosting 4-1 humbling of Kirinya Jinja SS.
The result drew praise from coach Fred Kajoba saying this was a marked improvement from the past two outings.
“The most pleasing thing is that we’re got the three points. We know how valuable that is in this division. To win the way we did it is unusual; it’s hard enough getting it against Kirinya. The score line showed the strength we have as a team,” coach Kajoba said.
The two teams last met in 2013 during the FUFA Big League. Bright Stars won 2-1 in Kawanda and held the home side 0-0 in Ndejje.
Captain Nelson Senkatuka and Co will fancy their chances against lowly Ndejje with the university wary of the threat he carries. Senkatuka has already bagged five goals in six games, including a brace last week.
Bright Stars have been impressive on the road, losing just thrice in their last 10 games away. Their last three away games include a disappointing loss against KCCA while they bagged a draw in Arua against Onduparaka and recovered from two goals down to win against Nyamityobora.
Ndejje on the other hand have won just two of the six games they have played in the top league – wins coming at home against Mbarara and Paidha.
With two clean sheets and just two goals conceded at home this season, Raymond Komakech’s students will not wait to be streamrolled over.
However, the manner in which they were blown away by BUL FC over the weekend and the fragilities in their defensive shape will sound alarm bells to Komaketch that in this league, mistakes are punished.
Both teams will be stepping into unknown territory as they have never met.
Francis Onekalit, who saw red against BUL and Jamaldin Buchochera who limped off in the same game will miss the game.
Meanwhile Dan Birikwalira will sit out this one for the visitors as he is still on his road to recovery after a nasty collision in which he lost his teeth and suffered a concussion.

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Financial Discipline is very important

By Innocent Nahabwe
Key learnings from my Rotaract talk
I often refuse to give talks but i was “coerced” by Noah Nyabwana to be a panelist a the last concluded #PLD18 that happened at Nommo Gallery. In the end, it wasn’t a loss. I learnt a few things myself.
One of things i learn was that Financial discipline is important. This i learnt from a young man called Kulubya who works at Centenary bank . Yes, i was inspired by a young man. it happens!
Here are a few tips that he shared;
Never spend on Impulse. Only spend on what is planned. Resist the urge to buy things even if they are on offer.
Carry only the cash you need in your wallet. If you need 10k, carry just that. It helps you not spend on things you really didn’t plan for.
Avoid gifts if you can. There are too many events these days, wedding meetings, birthdays, baby showers etc. These can be very expensive. They can drain you!
Spend within your means. Don’t spend beyond what you earn and if you earn more, don’t increase your expenditure to match the new income.
Negotiate …on everything. Yes, there is a chance any price can go lower. So why pay more?
Will share on loans tomorrow. Otherwise, next time, i may not refuse to give talks because , i may end up learning more than i can teach.
Dr. Innocent Nahabwe is the proprietor of Galaxy FM, Club Amnesia and Kagwirawo Sports betting among others.

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Zari begins ambassadorial role with visit to Source of Nile  

By Allen Kisakye
Socialite Zari Hassan ‘Boss Lady’ is currently trying to do everything possible to show Ugandans that she is worth being the ambassador for Digital Tourism Transformation.
On Sunday she visited the New Jinja Bridge and shared her experience.
 “Sunday road trip with my sisters @zaragonegood @zulehah #TulambuleNeZari at the Nile River the Longest River in Africa and its source is in Uganda, Jinja town,” she posted on Instagram.
However, things did not go on well for her as social media critics started to point out loopholes in her post.
Fans took it upon themselves to correct her, albeit to some mistakes.
“My sweet ccta point of correction Nile river is the longest river in the world not Africa” and another fan told her that the source of river Nile is at Lake Victoria not Jinja town.
Other fans however, urged her to continue playing her part until she learns everything about tourism.
Zari was unveiled as the Digital Tourism Transformation Ambassador by Minister of State for Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities Kiwanda Godfrey on Thursday last week, but she will officially be appointed as the Ambassador on November 7.

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Activists want Stella Nyanzi released after spending more than 48 hours in jail

By Mubiru Ivan

Activists are demanding for immediate release of Dr. Stella Nyanzi.
The activists are led by lawyer Isaac Ssemakadde and Habib Buwembo, Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) National Secretary for labour.
The activists say Dr. Nyanzi has been detained for more than the legal 48 hours and want her to be produced in court or be released unconditionally.

The controversial academician was arrested last Friday at Makerere University as she tried to access her office. In October, the oldest institution for higher Education in Uganda was ordered to reinstate the suspended research fellow back to her duty.

Later that day, Dr. Nyanzi was charged for abusing the person of the president and his mother.
It is alleged that she abused President Yoweri Museveni and her mother on September 16 on her Facebook page.
SP Vincent Ssekatte, CID Spokesperson said Dr. Nyanzi committed offensive communication and cyber harassment.

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‘We are not Jesus’, Kabagarame organisers say as they promise season two

By Mubiru Ivan
Organisers of the Kabagarame porkfest have called for calm, and promised better organisation for during the next event.
Kabagarame is a popular meeting place in Bushenyi, popular for pork. It only opens on Saturday, drawing pork lovers from as far as Kigali and Kampala.
Its little wonder that the moment people in Kampala heard that the experience from Bushenyi would be transferred to the city, they cleared their schedules for a Sunday out with family and friends.
However, most were left disappointed. Many cursed the organisers. Hundreds others vowed never to come back.

Journalist Andrew Kagwa on Monday posted on his facebook wall thus:
“Yesterday, someone interested me in an event at the Uganda Museum. Apparently it was named after a famous pork joint close to Bushenyi. Paid 10k at the entrance and less than 20 minutes into the grounds, we were told there was beer, sodas but not pork. That’s when I heard a Muganda curse, ‘For once in my life, am here to support them and imagine what, they managed to shift resources to one region but failed to shift pigs to the museum!’”
It seems the organisers read the mood.

On Monday, one of the organisers, send out a note of thanks and an apology, saying the numbers at the event were overwhelming.
“It was beyond what we could expect. To us, this showed love and support. We must acknowledge we got a few hiccups mainly on food, the meat was a recipe everyone wanted to die for. We couldn’t see this coming and unfortunately we were unlucky not to be Jesus so we couldn’t make a miracle like when he made stones into bread. We planned for utmost 800 people but the e system shows we got over 1,500 people,” he said.
“For anyone who has organised an event in Kampala, no first time event has made even 500 people. So for us this was beyond. We redeployed all sectors. People ate over 1,000kgs. So where we had challenges, kindly take our apologies and being a first time event, we learnt on job,” he added.

The event was fully and 100 per cent privately funded with no sponsor.
The organisers also promised that the next Edition will be bigger, better and ballistic
“Your feedback and positive criticism is our strength. It’s your event not the organisers’ event. And so we are listening with an attentive ear.”
“Thank you. Thank, thank you. Stronger Together.’

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National Pool champions voted USPA monthly personalities

By Peter Tabu
The Uganda Sports Press Association, USPA, have on Monday morning recognized the National Pool Open championship winners as the Sports personality winners for the month of October.
This was during the association’s monthly assembly in Kampala.
Rita Nimusiima (women) and Mansoor Bwanika (men) won the just concluded tournament.
The assembly that sits every first Monday of the month to review best performers for the previous month had three nominees on the ballot. These included kick boxer Umar Ssemata and Masaza cup 2018 winners Ssingo.
Ssemata defeated rival and local hero Moses Golola for the first time ever in a mouthwatering clash while Singo defeated favourites Buddu to lift this year’s edition of Masaza Cup. Eventual winners Nimusiima and Bwanika completed the shortlist.
Bwanika, Photo credit New Vision
Nimusiima and Bwanika together polled 610 points and were followed by the Ssingo team with 595. The sports scribes awards Semata 505 votes.
USPA will confirm when the October winners will be crowned, they will walk away with Shs500,000 and a plaque for a job well done.

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Express set to unveil Betway as shirt sponsors

Peter Tabu
Betway are back on the Ugandan football scene.
The betting house divorced from Arua-based Uganda Premier League side Onduparaka FC before the start of the current season after two years on the front of the famous green jersey.
No satisfactory reason was given from both sides.
The betting firm will now be unveiled as shirt sponsors for traditional giants Express FC in a deal set to be unveiled on Tuesday morning at Hotel Africana in Kampala, reliable sources have indicated.
Betway have also released an image with the colours red and green which all but indicate the deal is done and dusted. The betting firm will be added on the growing list of sponsorships with the six-time league champions such as Buganda Land Board, Equity Bank and Uganda Breweries Limited.
Express sit fifth on the log having picked up back to back wins, taking their tally of wins to three from six games along with two draws. They next face rivals and table leaders Vipers at home in Wankulukuku on Wednesday.

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Mulina okuva ku nguudo, KCCA etongozza okugoba abatembeeyi.

Bya Nsubuga Keneth
EKITONGOLE kya KCCA kitongozza kawefube w’okugoba abatembeeyi ku nguudo z’omukibuga nga emu ku ntekateeka ezigendereddwamu okugogola ekibuga.
Kawefube ono yalangirirwa Minisita wa Kampala Betty Kamya wiiki ewedde era naawa abatembeeyi ennaku mbale nga baamuse enguudo zonna ez’etoloodde amasekkati g’ekibuga, nga agamba nti ekibuga kyali kitabuddwa abatembeeyi oluvanyuma lw’okuwulira nti abadde Nankulu Jenifer Musisi yawandikira Pulezidenti nga bw’agenda okulekulira emirimu gye ku nkomerero y’omwaka guno.
Bwabadde ayogera ku mukutu gw’amawulire ogumu mu Kampala, ayogerera ekibuga Peter Kawuju akakasizza nga bwe baatandise edda okuteeka mu nkola ekiragiro kya Minisita Kamya, nagamba nti kuluno baagala okuleka ekibuga nga kilongoose.
Anyonyodde nti ekitongole kyayisa ebiragiro wiiki ewedde nga kilagira abatembeeyi bonna okwamuka enguudo, aba zi ttakisi nabo abasimba mu bifo ebitalagirwa nabo bategezebwa saako ne Boda Boda abatagondera mateeka g’abyantambula.
“Kye twagala okulaba kwe kuba nti ekibuga kiba kinyirivu nga kwotadde n’okutegekebwa obulungi buli muntu akyeyagaliremu” Kawuju bwagambye.
Ye Loodi Meeya wa Kampala Erias Lukwago anenyezza abakulembera ekibuga Kampala nga kwotadde ne Minisita Betty Kamya olw’obutafaayo kusooka kutekeratekera batembeeyi bano wa gye bagenda okulaga wabula ne basalawo okubasindikiriza olw’empaka.
Lukwago agambye nti okugobaganya abatembeeyi tekigenda kumalawo bizibu bya kampala omuli ne ky’okukendeeza ku bifo abantu we bakolera n’ebizimbe okuba eby’ebeeyi ennyo.
“Twali tusazeewo tuteketeeke ebifo nga Ssebaana Kizito Road, Allen Road okusobola okutebenkeza abasubuzi, naye munaffe Betty Kamya yagaana okutuwuliriza” Lukwago bwagambye.

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I am disappointed at how shallow and superficial popular debates on Ugandan culture and gender issues are. Take for instance the discussions in reaction to the reported comments that President Museveni made, in which he is quoted as having said:
I haven’t cooked since I married Janet.
First of all, I have not known President Museveni to have ever expressed an alternative view. This has always been his position. And while he holds such views, many have celebrated him as a ‘progressive leader’ who has allegedly done a lot for women.
Secondly, President Museveni’s comment is consistent with what is considered normal within the Ugandan culture-normal criteria, which is that married men do not cook food in the home. Ugandan cultures constrain married men from cooking in the home.
There are several derogatory ways used in Uganda to describe a man seen cooking food in his home. The Iteso people, the fifth largest first nation of Uganda, from whence I am descended, for example, refer to such a man with variations of the word ebwacit, which means either a transvestite or a man dressing and behaving like a woman.
Another example, coming from the largest first nation of Uganda, the Baganda, is the fact that when a woman gets married, the Baganda will use variations of the word “okufumba”, which means “to cook” to describe her new status as a married woman.
The connotation in both examples is that, according to the culture-normal criteria of the Iteso and of the Baganda, cooking food at home should normally be a role of women. Meaning, therefore, that according to Ugandan culture, men cooking at home is a taboo – as in the man’s business is definitely not in the kitchen.
The logic that men do not cook at their homes is in fact what predominantly informs how women in their roles as mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmas, wives, daughters, you name it, socialise men in Uganda.
Thirdly, Uganda’s gender-differentiated socialisation processes are consistent with the tendency for predominantly peasant societies to allocate gender roles on the basis of biological attributes.
I consider shallow and superficial the reactions to President Museveni’s comments that I have so far read, because those comments seemingly launch from the culture-normal criteria of global-western centric cultures. And because of that those comments are nurturing diversionary debate; the kind which diverts attention from the realities in Uganda.
Castigating President Museveni for his comments diverts attention from the fact, for example, that many married professional carrier women and politicians, such as Hon. Janet Museveni, who is currently not only the First Lady, but is also the Minister of Education, likely hardly do the cooking in their homes, if at all.
The reality is that in some cases, in fact, I have heard that in the homes of such women, the wealthy carrier women and politicians ,I mean, they actually hire chefs, including male chefs, who do the cooking.
Or at worst, it is often the case that the labour of poor people is being exploited, including that of poor relatives, as maids or houseboys, who do the cooking in the homes of the wealthy at no pay or at very low pay;  and moreover often in shitty working conditions.
You may want to know that the views herein expressed are based on empirical research findings.; which research findings were found valid and interesting to be included as Chapter 5, “Food Security in Uganda: How Culture Affects Access to Food”, in the book: “Africa Rising – A continent’s future through the eyes of emerging scholars”, edited by Erica Shaw and Hayley Mackinnon and published by the AfricaInitiative and The Centre for International Governance Innovation.

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Mutebi avails self for KCCA, Villa clash despite attack

Coach Mutebi will dish out instructions from the dugout on Tuesday. In this file photo, he was talking to Ivan Ntege, who has since left the club.
By Peter Tabu
KCCA FC manager Mike Mutebi was a victim of an attack by unknown assailants at his official residence in Kawempe, Kampala. The attack happened in the wee hours of Monday morning, the club has confirmed.
The tough talking tactician who had just led out his team to a 1-1 draw away to Vipers in Kitende 24 hours earlier survived with bruises and cuts on both of his hands but he is not in any serious danger.
The motive of the attack is still unknown but Mutebi is in a stable condition after got medical treatment at Nsambya Hospital.
While speaking to KCCA’s communications department, the gaffer said the attackers had knives but thankfully nothing serious happened.
“What can I say is, it’s part of life. The assailants had knives and that is why I have cuts and bruises. But I am ok, I have filed a case at police and I hope they are apprehended,” Mutebi said.
The club has also confirmed that Mutebi in good condition to man the touchline during KCCA’s next league match on Tuesday away to arch rivals and strugglers SC Villa at the Mandela National Stadium.

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Basena hopes to lead hapless Villa past KCCA

Allan Okello is yet to find his scoring boots this term. KCCA visit Villa on Tuesday
By Peter Tabu
Uganda Premier League
SC Villa Vs KCCA FC,
Namboole (4pm)
The saying that  ‘Jumping from the frying pan into the fire’ suits SC Villa’s current situation in the Uganda Premier League.
The 16-time record league champions have gone six games without a win, their worst possible start in the club’s rich history.
Moses Basena’s team have picked up two draws and four losses with the last coming away to Mbarara City in Kavumba on Saturday.
After the game, Basena had to be escorted away by security after the Villa fans started turned rowdy towards him.
Basena’s chance to make amends comes on Tuesday against rivals KCCA, in a home game at Namboole.
Mike Mutebi’s KCCA is one of only three sides unbeaten so far in the league and would want to maintain the status quo.
KCCA who shared the spoils with Vipers away in Kitende on Saturday in a game they could have won after midfielder Saddam Juma missed from 12 yards have struggled to score goals, something Mutebi is not worried about.
“Our strikers are not scoring and that’s true but we welcome other departments contributing towards scoring as they strikers get back their touch,” Mutebi said in the post-match press conference in Kitende.
Basena, who has called for calm, will hope his side converts the chances created by the midfielders such as Mike Ssreumagga, Shafik Ssemujju and captain Ambrose Kiirya. Villa will miss the services of experienced center back Yusuf Mukisa who is still nursing a niggling knee injury.
“We are just two months into the season, and as much as I understand the fans fear, they need to be patient and realize we assembled a new squad which needs time (to gel)” Basena is quoted by Daily.
A win for KCCA would take them to the top of the table, one point above Vipers who take on Express on Wednesday while a loss for Villa would root them bottom of the table after seven matches played.

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Pigs dressed in Juma Kisaame posters dropped outside Bank of Uganda

By Catherine Apolot
Two pigs with posters of Juma Kisaame, the outgoing Managing Director of Dfcu Bank have today been dropped outside the Central Bank.
The pigs were dropped by yet to be identified ‘activist’ who protested against Kisaame’s alleged “corruption” and “misuse of office”.
Mr Kisame is a practicing Muslim.
Last month, bank details showing Kisaame had over Shs150 billion (USD 40 million) on his account emerged – but Bank of Africa distanced itself from the revelations. The said money was deposited on a dollar account number 01087990270.
According to Spyreports, an online news site, as of March 1, 2016, Kisaame’s account had a balance of USD 40 million before it was drained to just USD 688.
MPs on the committee which is currently investigating Kisaame want him and Bank of Africa to be jointly investigated alongside Justine Bagyenda the former director supervision Bank of Uganda for alleged money laundering.
This came at the time Auditor General’s report queried the manner in which Crane Bank was sold to dfcu by Bank of Uganda in 2017.
The bank, under Kisaame took over Crane Bank in a deal which made it the second largest bank in the country by assets. But the controversy surrounding its acquisition has since painted a picture of an institution with serious corporate governance concerns.

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Councilor Ssegirinya designs posters to welcome self

By  Ivan Mubiru
It’s now proven beyond reasonable doubt that Kawempe Division Lord Councilor Muhammad Ssegirinya fancies people like Bobi Wine who always receive a heroic welcome when they come back to Uganda from overseas.
Guess what the controversial politician has just done?
During weekend, Ssegirinya designed a couple of posters informing his supporters that he would be coming back in Uganda on November 9.
Ssegirinya is currently in Amsterdam, Netherlands where he has spent a couple of months. He claims he is exile.
“I will return to Uganda on November 9, 2018 from the exile of Amsterdam comrades,” he posted.
In a sample poster titled ‘The return of our political activist’, he has been sharing in different facebook groups such as Mama Tendo foundation; Ssegirinya has been calling upon the people of Kawempe and well wishers to come in big numbers at Entebbe Airport to welcome him.

He said all the people planning to give him a warm welcome should put on red outfits.
However, as usual, his action has not been perceived in good faith by some social media users who have decided to roast him alive.
Read some of the hilarious comments below;
Adiit Mark Raymond Specter-Time for comedians in politics is expiring soon!!! You better grow up
Okori Denis Odiny -So what?
Mamie Keith -This guy loves promotion by himself Gai
Zoe Zozo -DRESS CODE Komuledi not dressing code!
Nags Grace de Great Nachogera- ekiwulenge kino wekina komerawo kijaba chegase ku bakatala be ghetto
Mbabazi Daisy -Mi comedian is cming back mashallah…….
Bibie Mart- Returning from where? Oyenjeera nyo comrade naawe
Piola Tino- Ok.i won’t come go alone and the other sheep.coz the kiboko that will wipe your ka bum,you will be able to testify.ask zaake and bobi
Procie Tamale- I Don’t care in Kenzo’s voice
Susan Favorite Mpagi Barbarah Nakayima -hahahaaa. Ndeka!. Unless if you will bring me food in Makindye!
Jimmy Wyclife -Hahahahaha, this is not Kayihura’s error

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Ab’ebijambiya bafulumizza olukalala lw’abannamawulire ab’okuttibwa e Masaka.

Bya Moses Kizito Buule
BANAMAWULIRE mu ttunduttundu lya Masaka bali mu kasattiro oluvanyuma lw’okusanga ekibaluwa ekiriko olukalala lw’amannya gaabwe nga babewerera okubasanjaga n’ebiso, okubakuba amasasi oba okubawa obutwa ssinga tebava mu kunonyereza ku nsonga ezitali zimu mu kitundu kino.
Ekibaluwa kino ekitalina wantu wonna we kilaze gye kivudde kisangiddwa okumpi ne Offiisi ya bannamawulire eya CBS esangibwa mu kibuga Masaka ku mande nga kino kilaze nga bannamawulire abawerera ddala 9 bwe balina okuttibwa singa tebakomya kunonyereza kwe bakola mu bitundu bye Masaka.
Mu bano mulimu Farish Magembe asakira amawulire ekitongole kya NBS nga ono bagambye nti yeewaana nnyo nga akola emirimu gye, Tomusange Kayinja owa CBS ono bagambye nti bamulanga mawulire g’akola, Jamir Kalanzi CBS,bategezezza nti abanonyerezaako nnyo, Nsubuga Robert, owa BBS TV nti ono abaanika ekisukkiridde, Male John CBS, ono bamulabudde yesonyiwe ensonga ezikwata ku ettaka, Jacinta  Bwanika owa BUKEDDE TV, bagambye nti ono asusse weyandikomye,Ssozi Ssekimpi Lwazi CBS, Mukasa Kipecu Kamunye, Mutyaba Gertrude owa Monitor, Yisa Aliga owa NTV ne Norman Kabugu owa Kamunye.
The Watch Dog Uganda eyogeddeko ne Jamir Kalanzi n’ategeeza nti mu kiseera kino bali mu kutya olw’ekibaluwa kino, nti kyokka ssi kipya kubanga bulijjo babadde bafuna okutisibwatiisibwa abantu ab’enjawulo naddala bwe baba nga baliko amawulire amekusifu ge babeera banoonyerezaako mu kitundu kye Masaka.
Agambye nti tebagenda kuva ku mulamwa gw’akunonyereza ku bigenda mu maaso mu kitundu kino, nagamba nti bino ababikola baagala kubamalamu maanyi nga bannamawulire basuule omulimu gwabwe.
Anyonyodde nti ensonga bamaze okuzitegezaako ab’obuyinza mu kitundu kino.

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Why Turkish ambassador wore Greek themed outfit

By Ivan Mubiru

Sedef Yavuzalp, the Turkish ambassador to Uganda has been recalled after pictures of her circulated wearing a Greek mythology-inspired outfit to an event to the 95th anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic of Turkey.
At the annual October 29 holiday which marks the founding of the modern Turkish Republic in 1923 by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Yavuzalp appeared as Helen of Troy while another embassy official passed off as Zeus, the Greek god of the sky and thunder.
It has now emerged that the career diplomat, who has been ambassador to Uganda for the past five years, dedicated much of her speech at the event to promoting the 2018 “Year of Troy”, according to a copy of the text seen by Euronews.
In it, she states that the National Day is being celebrated during “Year of Troy”, which marks the 20th anniversary of the archaeological site’s addition to the World Heritage List, and links this to the development of modern-day Turkey.
“As you all know, the Epic of Troy — The Iliad and the Odyssey, which form the basis of Western civilization, has inspired great leaders who have shaped the world and changed the course of history”, she said.
Sedef Yavuzalp has been recalled
“The 4,000-year-old Troia Epic is one of the most ancient values of our homeland, Anatolia. What makes this a very unique and universal value is the fact that it is the unification of war and struggle, of peace and tolerance at the same time.”
Social media users criticised Yavuzalp for wearing the outfit on a day organised to commemorate Turkey, while some argued that it was always inappropriate for a diplomat to don fancy dress.
According to Euronews, one person tweeted:
“What’s the world coming to! Look at this ambassador and the diplomat…. What a strange situation is this at the National Independence Day of our Republic. Is this your sense of belonging to your country and your values?”
“What kind of a Turkish ambassador is this? The ambassador is Helen of Troy, and the diplomat is Zeus,” another said.
Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu announced on Twitter on Saturday that the ambassador had been recalled and that an investigation into the incident was underway.
Opposition politician Ümit Özdağ called for the investigation into the ambassador to determine whether she was “able-minded”.

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KCCA officers, street vendors in early morning running battle

By Stephen Kalema
Hundreds of vendors were on Monday morning left in misery while others scampered for dear life after Kampala Capital City Authority law enforcement officers descended on them. Tens more were arrested when they were caught unaware in a swoop that was aimed at sweeping all vendors off the streets of Kampala.
The move came after an order last week by Minister of Kampala Beti Kamya, directing that vendors are evicted. Last week’s orders were the second after another set of directives were issued last August. However, then nothing was achieved, and according to Kamya, vendors ‘now thought it had become everyday talk.’
At the Uganda Media Centre last week, Kamya reminded the vendors that the resignation of the outgoing KCCA Executive Director Jennifer Musisi is not a guarantee that they should keep breaking city laws.
“I want to openly inform all city street vendors to immediately leave streets before we remove them by way force,” she said last week.
According to the vendors, deployment started as early as 6:30am but they vowed to continue working on the streets because it is rent free.
Uwiniza Kalera, spokesman of the Twegate vendors and walkers Association challenged the way KCCA is handling them.
“A good leader negotiates but Beti Kamya is not doing right. We just recently celebrated Independence yet what we are seeing is a return to days gone by,” he told Watchdog Uganda.
According to Kalera, the new Usafi market KCCA built for vendors is not enough since they are over 7,000 street vendors yet the market can accommodate a capacity of only 2000.
Amos Kalule, whose goods were impounded but survived arrest expressed his worries over the leadership of Kamya.
“We thought Musisi was bad but Kamya is a real crocodile and I can now tell that we the less privileged are to suffer in her era. We can’t refuse to get off the streets but the Conditions are tight. The market they are sending us is too small and the space is too expensive for us.”

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Chances of going to heaven may be compromised if you do not help neighbours – Museveni

By Mubiru Ivan
President Yoweri Museveni has explained the criteria he uses to dish out cash to the youth in Kampala, Rukungiri and other parts of the country.
In a statement issued on his website on Sunday, Museveni said ever since he started the youth programmes, NRM supporters have been accusing him of rewarding opposition areas instead of giving support to the strong movement areas, an assertion he describes as wrong.
The President said each year through local government, government puts aside money that can help people get out of poverty without borrowing. In 2018/2019 budget alone, a total of Shs1.119 trillion was put aside for Operation Wealth Creation, Youth Fund, Women Fund, Micro-finance, NUSAF, PRDP, Luwero Triangle Fund, UCDA, KCCA among others.
However, Museveni disclosed that concerned people (government officials) seem not to appreciate the value of the allocated money in terms of redeeming Ugandans from poverty and that’s why he decides to intervene directly.
On how he chooses areas to intervene in directly, Museveni said he mainly focuses on two criteria that include proximity and historical reasons.
“How do I choose areas to intervene in directly? Mainly, two criteria: proximity to where I happen to reside for a length of time for some reason and some historical reasons. I started with Kiruhuura in 1966 because I happened to be living there by that time.  I did not start from Ntungamo where I was born because, by that time, I was no longer residing there.  Operationally, it was easier to tackle, first, your neighbours. There is also a moral question. Your chances of going to heaven may be compromised if you have beneficial knowledge but you do not pass it on to your neighbours,” said Museveni
“As a matter of faith, I cannot live comfortably in the neighbourhood of poor people without doing something about them.  That brings me to Kampala. I have lived on this earth for 74 years now. Thirty two (32) of those have been in the Kampala-Entebbe area,” he says.
“I, therefore, drive daily past the furniture makers of Najjanankumbi, the food-sellers of Zana, the food-sellers of Bwebajja, etc.  Once in a while, I go to Munyonyo and see the furniture makers of Nsambya or I go to Kawempe and see the furniture makers of Kubiri, Bwaise, etc. Daily, I see the metal fabricators of Katwe on my way to Entebbe. It is, therefore, a matter of religious faith that when I have some time, I stop and ask these people what they do. Only to find that they could do much better if they had the common user facilities of their own instead of renting from the few “bagagga” who cheat them.”
Museveni then urges his NRM colleagues to understand that he helps the Kampala groups under the same logic he started with the Kiruhura residents because they were his neighbours.
“If you do not start with the neighbour, whom will you help? Some of the areas like Kawumu, Kityerera and Barlegi, I focus on them for historical reasons.  We had a guerrilla camp in Kityerera in 1972/73, Kawumu was our base in 1982 and Barlegi was our base in the fight against Kony,” he added.
The President further revealed that through the State House Comptroller, he uses less money for the youth programmes compared to the money that is allocated to local governments to serve the same purpose.
“Much more money is channeled through the Ministries and Local Governments than the little fund I have been using. If my small projects are effective, then we may have to re-channel the big monies through the State House Comptroller.  Once the President is involved in programmes concerning money, then it must be the State House Comptroller to handle the money. It is government money. It must be handled by a civil servant. It is wrong for the political people to be involved in Finance or Administration. Ours is policy, plans and supervision. Finance and administration is for the civil servants. Nyineeka taza mukiyungu ─ the head of the home never goes into the kitchen.  It is now 45 years with Maama Janet, I have never stepped in the kitchen.  That is how it should be,” he noted.
Museveni also said that once his modal projects are appreciated, all the leaders (Ministers, MPs, local government, religious leaders, cultural leaders, and professionals) ought to develop consensus so that the country’s budget of Shs32,000 billion is spent more on infrastructure, service delivery, wealth creation and job-creation rather than spending it on consumption, travels, salaries and new districts.
In September this year, the president gave out cash handouts worth billions of shillings to youth in Kampala and Wakiso.
Some of the beneficiaries included Katabi Artisans Sacco, Najja Furniture and Metal Works Association, Kibuye Welders Group, Busega Welders and Furniture Makers Groups, St Balikudembe and Nakasero Market traders among others.

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Distulikiti ye Mukono eri mu kattu lw’abutaba n’abakozi ba Gavumenti bankalakkalira

Bya Moses Kizito Buule
ABAKULEMBEZE ba Disitulikiti ye Mukono bali mu kattu oluvanyuma lw’abaKkansala okubateeka ku nninga babanyonyole lwaki ebifo 3 eby’abakozi eby’amaanyi tebijjuzibwa kati emyaka egisoba mu 10.
Ebifo ebiliko enkalu mulimu eky’atwala eby’ensimbi, Omukulu w’ebyenjigiriza, saako n’akulira okusasaanya amawulire ag’akwata ku Disitulikiti.
Ba Kkansala nga bakulemberwa omukiise omukyala ow’eGombolola ye Nama Sylivia Kyobe bagamba nti ebifo bino okuba nga bimaze ekiseera kino kyonna nga tebilina bakozi bankalakkalira kikosezza nnyo Disitulikiti eno, kyagamba nti olumu balabika nga balemererwa okukola emirimu nga bwe jandikoleddwa olw’okuba bakolera mu kutya okubagoba olw’obutakakasibwa.
Yanyonyodde nti okugeza Ekifo ky’omukulu we by’ensimbi (District Finance Officer) ekilimu Mukyala Justine Kalembe akimazeemu emyaka kati egisoba mu 4, kyokka nga naye okukifuna ky’alimu Albert Abongi nga ono naye yakimalamu emyaka 7 nga kigambibwa nti teyalina bisanyizo ku kibeeramu era akakiiko akagaba emirimu ne kamussa ebbali.
Ekifo eky’omukulu w’ebyenjigiriza kilimu omwami Vicent Baraza nga ono yali mulambuzi wa massomero mu Disitulikiti n’asumusibwa nassibwa mu kifo ekyo kyokka nga nga DEO mwamaze emyaka kati 11 nga ayambako okutambuza Offiisi eno, ekifo kino kyalimu Godfrey Sserwanja eyagomba nga kigambibwa nti yalina ebiwandiiko ebiyitiridde obungi nga kigambibwa nti oluvanyuma lw’okusalasala Mukono eyawamu ekitundu kyasigala kitono nga tekyetagisa Senior Principal Education Officer.
Ono oluvanyuma yatwala Disitulikiti mu mbuga omusango n’agusinga era ne bamusasula obukadde obwasoba mu 100 olw’okumugobera obw’emage.
Ekifo ekulu ennyo ekilala kye ky’atwala eby’amawulire mu (Disitulikiti District Information Officer) kino kimaze kati emyaka 15 nga tekiriimu muntu yenna kyokka nga buli mwaka bakiyisiza ensimbi ezikiddukanya ba Kkansala kye bagamba nti tebamanyi kye zikola kubanga teri azikozesa.
Kkansala akikirira ebizinga byer Koome Asuman Muwumuza yagambye nti olw’obutabaawo bwa bakungu ab’enkalakkalira abaddukanya emirimu mu bifo eby’amaanyi bwe biti, kino kizingamizza entabuza ye mirimu mu Disitulikiti saako n’okubulankanyizibwa kwe ensimbi okuyitiridde.
“Silaba lwaki ebifo bino tebijjuzibwa kubanga Ssentebe yaleeta olukiiko olugaba emirimu mu kkanso era n’etuluyisa nga kati lukola, twagala atunyonyole lwaki abakulu bano bamaze emyaka egyo gyonna nga bakola nga abayambi.” Muwumuza bwe yagambye.
Yayongeddeko nti mu kkanso eddako bagenda kutekawo amaanyi balabe nga Ssentebe Andrew Ssenyonga banyonyola ku nsonga eno kubanga bamaze ebbanga nga bamubuuza nga ajebalama.
Kawefube wa The Watch Dog okw’ogerako ne Ssentebe Andrew Ssenyonga ku nsonga zino agudde butaka olw’essimu ye emanyiddwa okuvuga emirundi egierako nga takwata.

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Can’t Find Cameroon’s President? Try Geneva’s Intercontinental Hotel

Mr. Biya and his wife arrive at Andrews Air Force Base, Md., in 2014 for the U.S.- Mr. Biya and his wife arrive at Andrews Air Force Base, Md., in 2014 for the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit.
GENEVA—Blinds were drawn at a back office of the Intercontinental Hotel one day last year, as a man known to staff as The General emptied a white cloth bag stuffed with euros. It was time to pay for one of the world’s longest-serving leaders.
For weeks, several former hotel employees recalled, the five-star hotel had been locked in a secret routine serving its best two customers, the first couple of an impoverished oil-exporting Central African country. Paul Biya, president of Cameroon since 1982, and his wife, Chantal, clock so much time on private visits to Switzerland that staff in the Intercontinental’s gilded corridors refer to them by simple code names: Him and Her.
“It’s like they are at home. They live there,” said one of three former senior employees who regularly witnessed the bill-payment ritual.
As with other employees, this person recalled signing a nondisclosure agreement concerning the details of Mr. Biya’s monthlong stays: “If the Cameroonians are not coming, the hotel will close.”
The Intercontinental Hotel said it wouldn’t comment on guests for confidentiality reasons. “Our employees are fully trained not to disclose any information,” a representative said.
World leaders dropping top dollar at luxury hotels isn’t by itself unusual. What distinguishes Mr. Biya’s Geneva getaways is the abundant time and hard cash the 85-year-old and his dozens-strong entourage spend here. The president has passed a cumulative four years on personal travels since 1982, the vast majority in Switzerland, according to flight data collected by the website Geneva Dictator Alert, and Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, an investigative group specializing in anticorruption and organized crime that has tracked his travels. In some years he spent a third of the year out of his home country.

“He always pays in cash,” said Herbert Schott, a retired Intercontinental manager who first hosted Mr. Biya in 1969. “Next year he will mark 50 consecutive years of patronage. It’s a record.”
Mr. Schott welcomed a quarter-century’s worth of American presidents and once gave Ronald Reagan a mattress to replace the White House bedroom’s harsher one. But he said Mr. Biya was his best client. “He prefers to come to Geneva and sit down and nobody would bother him.”
“Lion Man,” as Mr. Biya’s supporters call him, is currently the world’s longest serving elected leader, if counting from his June 1975 arrival as prime minister, the same week McDonald’s Corp. introduced its drive-through. Since 1982, he has served as president. He is Africa’s highest-paid leader, with a $610,000 official salary annually, according to Africa Review, a periodical.
In Mr. Biya’s fourth decade in power, armed separatists are battling soldiers in Cameroon’s southwest, while Islamist terror group Boko Haram seizes villages and kidnaps children en masse in the northeast. Hundreds of thousands have fled their homes in the past two years. Cameroonian migrants now represent the fourth largest nationality sailing into Greece.
Last month, Mr. Biya won another seven years in office, taking 71% of the vote in an election in which riot police dispersed protesters. In some areas, less than 5% of the population voted. No Western government sent observers.
“We love him, we voted for him and there is nothing new in his habits,” said Cameroon’s Communications Minister Issa Bakary Tchiroma in response to questions about Mr. Biya’s Geneva hotel stays. “We ask everyone, all foreigners, to respect the will of our sovereign people.”
Mr. Biya has rarely given interviews to foreign media in recent years.
In Geneva, the president reserves the entire Intercontinental’s 16th floor, with some 20 rooms and two corner suites overlooking the United Nations’ Europe headquarters and Mont Blanc, said ex-employees, former Cameroon officials, and hotel reservation records reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. The staffs haul armfuls of white flowers for his wife and fresh fruit platters—never cut, per presidential orders—for Mr. Biya, according to former hotel staff.
The Hotel Intercontinental, Geneve
Mr. Biya’s trips cost millions of dollars apiece, said Christian Penda Ekoka, a longtime chief adviser to the president, turned opposition activist.
“He gets the money from Cameroon’s treasury” and pays in cash to keep the trips off books, said Mr. Ekoka, who used to be chief adviser to Mr. Biya and had access to trip details. “They want to avoid any trace.”
A hotel reservation receipt seen by the Journal shows the size of the president’s entourage. In one September 2017 stay, he booked at least 48 rooms. Other Cameroonians stayed in less expensive hotels, former employees said, depending on their standing with the president.
To the U.S. and Europe, Mr. Biya is a valuable if awkward ally against terrorism and migration. The U.S. keeps 200 troops and several predator drones at a base in north Cameroon. American and Israeli special forces train Mr. Biya’s troops.
The European Union has pledged 282 million euros in aid for Cameroon. The hope is the country will grow wealthier, creating jobs to lure Cameroonians back to Cameroon.
The first protests, violently repressed by the Cameroonian armed forces, broke out two years ago. Mr. Biya was at the Intercontinental. He stayed another three weeks after, according to publicly available flight data and Cameroonian state press.
In Geneva, Mr. Biya seldom leaves his corner suite, former hotel staff said. For privacy, the Cameroonian delegation installs its own internet connection and phone switchboard. He enters and exits through the service exit for daily jogs, according to former hotel employees.
Mr. Biya’s suite overlooks tranquil Lake Geneva and a boulevard with placards extolling the virtues of human rights, democracy, rule of law: Geneva is a global capital for humanitarian and pro-democracy institutions.
“I find there, each time, an excellent welcome,” wrote Mr. Biya in a 1998 letter to Intercontinental management.
His wife—38 years younger than him—is at times seen in the lobby, robed in fluorescent dresses, standing more than 6 feet tall thanks to a voluminous bouffant hairstyle nicknamed “The Banana.” A Cameroonian journalist recently called her “The Belle of the Banana Republic,” and was sentenced to two years imprisonment for insulting her.
Her aides and hairdressers tip doormen hundreds of euros to run errands. “Cameroon is like a cash machine for the hotel,” said one former employee.
Ms Biya does not mind spending weeks outside of Cameroon
“Everything we can sell them, we do,” said another.
isits begin unannounced, said current and former hotel employees, when an advanced team arrives laden with oversize luggage. Hotel management ejects guests from the 16th floor and moves them to other rooms.
Next comes a kitchen team—the president’s personal chefs from Cameroon—hauling jugs of palm oil and equatorial spices. Housekeepers taking days off are called in.
An enforcer nicknamed The General roams the hallways on the president’s behalf, chastising hotel staff, former hotel employees said.
Last comes an uninvited member of the presidential ensemble, a factory worker from Birmingham, England, who makes YouTube videos of himself shouting at Mr. Biya from outside the hotel.
“Two months again? In Geneva? At the Intercontinental Hotel?” screamed Emmanuel Kemta, a Cameroonian-born dissident in one of his more popular videos. “What are you doing here all this time, Biya?”
Two days before last month’s election, Mr. Biya made his only campaign speech. “What we have to do now is ensure peace reigns,” he said in brief remarks.
Back at the Geneva Intercontinental, staff were watching the elections closely. “They were so afraid he wouldn’t get re-elected,” said one former employee. “They would have a heart attack.”
This article first appeared in the November 5, 2018, print edition as ‘Can’t Find Cameroon’s President? Try a Fancy Geneva Hotel.’ then later on www.wsj.com

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Primary Seven exams kick off countrywide

Ivan Mubiru
Primary Seven candidates across the country have today morning started writing their primary leaving examinations.
The 671,923 candidates in 13,072 centres have kicked off the exams with Mathematics in the morning. Later on they will embark on Social Studies and Religious Education before embarking on Integrated Science and English on Tuesday, November 6.
Last year 646,041candidates sat PLE from 12,751, representing an increase of 25,882. A total of 476,131 candidates are from Universal Primary Education schools while females account for 346,963 compared to 324,960 males.
Bar Mathematics, the other papers will last two hours, 15 minutes, 15 less than Mathematics.
Last week, Uneb executive secretary Dan N. Odongo, cautioned school heads and candidates against involvement in any form of malpractice.
Also, for the first time, candidates will use Education Management Information System (EMIS) numbers instead of names, index numbers, name of the school and district numbers used in the past.
EMIS is a six-digit code that has been allocated to each school as preemptive measure to examination malpractice especially by markers who have always looked out for a particular school.
“We shall publish the names of persons found involved in any form of malpractice,” Odong warned.
Uganda Certificate of Education exams kicked off on October 12 and will conclude on Friday, November 16, while A-Level exams will kick off on Monday, November 12.

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We gave up on big headed artistes – National Theatre

By Allen Kisakye
Often, artistes – established and up and coming, have accused the National Theatre management of not understanding art.
For example, we have previously reported how comedian Philip Luswata blamed management led by Ojede of stagnating the   growth of art in Uganda, destroying artiste’s dreams as well as ‘chasing’ artistes away from the theatre.
He is not alone. Hundreds of others feel Mr Francis Ojede is not capable of leading artistes in the country since he has never stepped on a stage. They say he has never even appeared in a primary school play so he fit to lead the centre meant to build the arts in the country.
But Uganda National Cultural Centre Public Relations officer, Robert Musiitwa believes otherwise, saying they gave up on ‘big headed artistes’ because most are just eager to tarnish the establishment’s name without any basis.
“They are many but I will not point them out,” Musiitwa said ahead of the first ever Art and Cultural Festival held at the weekend.
“We have done our part and given up on them. Some we invited for the Art and Cultural Festival. If they attend, its good, but if they don’t come, it is still fine because other people will came to showcase their talents and work. And that is the talent we are willing to work with,” said Musiitwa.
Sccording to the publicist, the National Theatre has a mandate of promoting art, and they have tried to fulfill their obligation. But just like in any place in society, there are always those people who will never be satisfied by the little provided.
“Some of these so big artistes have high expectations and high demands which the Theatre cannot afford for the moment. We always tried to reason with some but it was impossible and we had to give up on them, some of them are just defiant,” he said.
The rift between the theatre and some artistes, Musiitwa says is because some don’t want to follow procedure.
“We have a system that every artiste has to follow, big or upcoming, but some artistes don’t want to adhere with us.”
“Those artistes who always talk about our failures know that people use the facility at a very low price, and with that little money we earn, we can’t compete favorably with other theatres like Labonita or even Bat Valley.”

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OPINION: Bamugemereire on Judiciary, and Archbishop Lwanga’s Lamentations

By Ofwono Opondo
Two vocations, the Church, and Courts of law, led mostly by men, with medieval wigs and robes, seem to be tumbling apart, and down due to declining official and public trust. Early this week, Kampala Archbishop, Cyprian Kizito Lwanga, cried out loud asking government to help him deduct tithe from salaries of his Christians and remit to the church. In doing so, Lwanga, inadvertently acknowledged church failures, but even God, wouldn’t approve this ridiculous idea.
Then, came, the media outburst, by Court of Appeal Judge, Catherine Bamugemereire, Chairing the Land Probe Commission, against the judiciary, over what she described as unlawful, fraudulent and often highhanded evictions by powerful people exploiting the courts. But somehow, instead of being revolted into taking strong corrective action, Chief Justice Bart Magunda Katureebe, got engaged in unhelpful counter complaints about the forum (media) in which the matter was raised.
It is interesting that Katureebe is doubtful of the accusations against judicial officers when he knows that many of them have been or indeed are stilling under investigations, including one who was never allocated any case files until he retired. It is also public record that some judges, especially those who previously served as registrars, left behind a checkered record, although through connections got kicked upstairs.
And if in doubt about these accusations, Katureebe should acquaint himself with the sheer number and nature of cases before the Judicial Service Commission chaired by Justice Benjamin Kabiito. However, judicial officers under investigation know that the process to hold them accountable is oblique, opaque, tedious, lengthy and expensive for ordinary people to undertake, which has bred impunity and arrogance.
The greed by some judicial officers, lawyers, and business people doesn’t permit them to realise how much they are pushing the country over the cliff, and threatening countrywide instability and national insecurity. If the prevalent public outcry isn’t sufficient, at least, Bamugemereire’s outburst should make the judiciary to seriously reflect on the conduct of some of its officers.
For the record, all corruption surveys in past decades, indict the judiciary and Uganda police as being the most corrupt and less trusted, and routinely interchange leading positions. In all the instances of brutal evictions, where masses have been rendered homeless, there is always official judicial instrument in form of a court order, favouring rich individuals against the poor. It is hard to recall any recent case where a judicial decision favoured the poor. Often, in land and property wrangles, evidence isn’t evaluated properly and execution enforced hurriedly, leaving sour taste, destruction and blood along its trail.
In addition, in almost all cases, judges hear cases, but decisions are usually left to low level registrars to read out to litigants, and eviction orders issued at short notice. Therefore, Bamugemereire is right to make public outbursts before handing over her report because judicial officers have continued to be ludicrous on land matters, even when they know official inquest is ongoing, as if their purpose is to defeat arbitration, administration and substantive justice.
The president authorised land inquiry because he had heard and received many cases of infractions but which were mishandled by local councils, police, and courts who are ordinarily deemed to be the custodians of justice.
This now leads me to Archbishop Lwanga’s lamentation over tithe. At first reading, many thought the media had grossly misrepresented Lwanga, proposing that government deducts tithe from the salaries of Christians, and remit it to the church. Firstly, Lwanga has been leading a crusade that continues to advocate that church matters shouldn’t be audited by civil authority, unless he has now changed, which would be good.
But be that as it may, time is long gone when God was said to be omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, and supernatural. Lwanga like most religious leaders spend most of their sermons preaching about money for the church, rather than productivity and wealth into the pockets and households of their congregations. It should be shame that old churches continue to pick even from the poor and vulnerable without correspondingly giving back. It sends me wondering if indeed there is God, or if churches are buildings with a Cross on their roof top.
The earliest function of religion was to explain natural phenomena that primitive man could not otherwise understand like caves, hills, forests, rivers, seas, lightening, storms, volcanoes, and mountains as caused by natural forces that were attributed to deities. Today, with the progress in science these can be explained, God is no longer required to explain them. The printing press spread the written literature, and the bible ceased being monopoly of priests, as everyone read the word, destroying the myth with which ancient societies were held hostage.
Ongoing reports from the US, Latin America and Australia, that Catholic priests have been engaged in widespread pedophile and embezzlement, but that the church took refuge, in the ancient Roman legal principle of testis unus, testis nullus (one witness is no witness), doesn’t help Lwanga’s cause back here. It is time the Churches opened their books to public scrutiny, otherwise no taxation without popular and effective representation.

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Notu protests NSSF, Kasaija’s decision to increase savings on interests

Stephen Kalema
National Organisation of Trade Union (Notu) has accused the National Social Security Fund of raising savings interest to 15 per cent in error. The NSSF board had earlier approved 13.5 percent.
In the financial year 2017/2018, NSSF declared 15 per cent interest increase  predominantly due to rise in investment income and member contributions. However, on Sunday Notu leaders at their offices in Ntinda accused NSSF and Finance minister Matia Kasaija for fraudulently making the increment.
“NSSF declared this large chunk of interest to its members unlawfully. The law states that the interest rate must not exceed 13.5 per cent. However, Kasaija wrote and ordered it to 15 per cent yet the law does not allow one to just write and this is not right,” NOTU secretary general Peter Christopher Werikhe said.
However members of a rival union, the Central Organisation of Free Trade Union (Coftu) said they do not see any problem in increasing the interest because it benefits workers.
“Every worker would be very happy since the minister has increased the interest so if any person says that minister did bad, it will be very unfair,” Workers MP Sam Lyomoki, also Coftu Secretary General, said.
Notu member are also up in arms after four of their preferred representatives on the NSSF board were rejected.This follows a letter, writen to the chairman on Notu by Kasaija, noting that Werikhe, Stephen Mugole and Mercy Mabuya Matende were not fit to sit on the NSSF board of trustees.
Notu was therefor given two weeks, from October 29 to submit fresh names for vetting.
According to  NSSF boss Richard Byarugaba, the 15 per cent interest increase was declared as a way to make NSSF members happy.
“We have had a good year (2017), we earned good returns on the fixed income and equity markets in East Africa the stock exchanges in Uganda and Kenya performed well in 2017. So, so we are sharing with our members the profits we have made,” he told Daily Monitor in August.
Currently NSSF has about 900,000 who make regular contributions to the national serving scheme.

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Nsibambi to Museveni: It’s time to show Ugandans your replacement

Prof. Nsibambi
By Stephen Kalema
Former Prime Minister Apollo Robin Nsibambi has asked President Yoweri Museveni to name a successor if he wants to see a peaceful Uganda.
In an interview conducted by NTV on Sunday, November 4, Prof. Nsibambi said the President had led the country well for over three decades, but he needs, now, to show Ugandans his successor for a peaceful transition and avoidance of political turmoil.
“It would be good to clear the air if he shows us his successor because he/she would continue leading Uganda using the experience learnt from Museveni. This will prevent wars and instabilities in the country,” he said.

According to Prof. Nsibambi, 78, the delay in naming a successor has bred many people who think they can lead the country.
“That is why you see people like Bobi Wine (Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi) emerging because they have dissatisfied hearts on how the security forces handle them,” Prof. Nsibambi, one of the few politicians that worked under Museveni’s government who opposed the scrapping of age limit, said.
Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine
Last year in September, he said “They should not temper with the age limit provision, because somebody with 75 years old and above, becomes tired and it’s essential they should give chance to others.”
Meanwhile Prof. Nsibambi also cautioned Mr Kyagulanyi to learn how to control his ‘power’ urge.
“Yeah Bobi Wine is powerful but power without control is nothing. He must first plan and learn more,” said Prof. Nsibambi, before urging the musician turned politician to start copying what other opposition party leaders do.
“He must walk diligently with his fellow opposition politicians and learn how other political parties conduct their political duties,” said Prof. Nsibambi
Prof. Nsibambi served in Museveni’s government as a prime minister from April 5 April 1999 to May 24 May 2011. He was was succeeded by John Patrick Amama Mbabazi.

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Cartoonist breathes life into Barbie-Owori, Bobi-Bebe wars

By Allen Kisakye
The war between Bobi-Barbie fans on one side and Bebe-Owori-BWhite-Gahumba loyalists on another side has taken a dramatic, artistic twist, following the release of caricatures of the said personalities.
The caricatures by a yet-to-be identified cartoonist first made rounds on social media on Sunday afternoon.
These depict the brains of musicians Bebe Cool and his nemesis Bobi Wine as well as TV personality Sheila Gashumba, former Zipper Models boss, Slyvia Owori, mystery businessman Brian Kirumira aka Bryan White as well as Barbra Itungo Kyagulanyi.
Barbra, or Barbie as she is fondly called by admirers is musician-turned-politician Robert Kyakulanyi’s wife.

According to the cartoonist, Bobi Wine is constantly thinking about ‘Peace, Politics, CNN, Music, Business, Freedom, People Power and BBC.’

Bebe Cool’s brain on the other hand is one big block that doesn’t seem to think of anything else apart from Bobi Wine and a really tiny one that is set aside for TB.
Apparently, he was named Uganda’s TB ambassador. Five strands of ‘hair’ and a few strokes of the pen on his chin complete the dramatic look.

The artist then tackles the small matter of Brian White. Three compartments make up his brain. One for Bobi Wine, another for his foundation and another to keep reminding himself that he actually picked money from Italy. Brian White has of late been attacking Bobi Wine every time he he got an opportunity.
Barbie, Sheila Gashumba and Slyvia Owori complete the impressions that have since gone viral.

For Barbie, the artist depicts the mother of four and ‘Ghetto First Lady’ as one who is constantly thinking internationally with media houses CNN and BBC occupying two thirds of the her brain. The other third is taken up by national issues.

TV personality and socialite Sheila Gashumba is the youngest of the lot. At 22, she can be forgiven for thinking about her daddy, NBS, musician Fik Fameika and popular hang out joint, Casablanca. She was recently ‘disciplined’ by her father, Frank, for returning home late.

Owori completes the toons. The faded socialite returns onto the scene for one reason; attacking Barbie.
Last week, Owori returned from hibernation by asking Barbie whether she thought she was the right pick to inspire women. She summed it up by adding that Barbie’s claim to fame, was well, getting married to Bobi Wibe.
She got stick from Barbie’s foot soldiers. No wonder Mr Cartoonist believes that Owori only thinks about Barbie.
Do you agree with the impressions?

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Pastor Twina overwhelmed by love, fans at third annual concert

Pastor Herbert Twina 
By Lamson Muhairwe
Singing pastor Hebert Twina could not believe the overwhelming number of ‘friends’ who turned up for his third annual concert, aptly dubbed ‘Friends of Twina.’
Famously known for his Sibyakyama song, Pastor Twina took to stage at exactly 8:37 pm at the parked Theatre Labonita on Friday and kicked off his performance with crowd favourites Sibyakyama, Esala, Ngenda Wala, Siryelabila, Kyali kyisa among others.
With the fans chanting and rocking in worship, some were seen showering the famous artiste turned pastor with money.
Twina has been in the music (gospel) industry since 2005 and has released several albums.
“This concert was organised to worship,” he said, before telling his life story and how God had brought him this far.
Bugembe and Nabosa entertained the crowd
Bugembe, Nabosa steal the show
With the show almost coming to an end and the congregation deep in worship, Twina halted the session.
“I don’t feel like stopping the worship,” Twina said. “But I have too.”
He then introduced someone he called a ‘mentor and pastor.’
“I have a special person I’d like to introduce to you. My mentor, pastor and friend,” he said before some of the people in the crowd started chanting Wilson Bugembe’s name.
Indeed, like some had guessed it was Pastor Bugembe. Of course with his long time friend, Justine Nabosa who sang Oli Katonda.
Bugembe performed among others, I need a Miracle, Yesu wa Bwelele, Ani, Wanaza, and Biliba Bitya.
But of course he wouldn’t leave stage without allowing his ‘sheep’ – Nabosa- to show off her talent.
She also took center stage and sang her favourite Oli Katonda which would be the last (of singing) on the menu.
Pastor Bugembe then called on some of Pastor Twina’s fans to support him. These, led by Mondo Mugisha did not disappoint, dishing out millions of cash.
Twina’s Life Experience
As a mentor, Pastor Bugembe was the right person to Twina’s story. He told of how he was surprised to see Pr Twina as one of the performers in State House.
“When his turn arrived to perform, he was no where to be seen.  Pr. Twina had actually hidden in the (ladiea) toilets and I had to go look for him,” he added. Bugembe said he was later told by Twina that it was due to anxiety.
With no signs of the concert coming to an end, the venue’s custodian intervened and asked that proceedings should be put to an end as he didn’t want to violate the KCCA rules and regulations of holding concerts in the city.
It’s theb that Pr. Twina performed Sabisanila to bring the concert to the end and indeed the crowd were satisfied with what they had paid for.

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One dead in Sunday morning Link Bus accident

Ivan Mubiru
Link Bus Services is increasingly coming under the spotlight after one person died, and several others were  injured after a bus they were traveling in was involved in an accident earlier on Sunday.

There were over 60 passengers on board the ill fated bus from Hoima to Kampala.  Cause of the accident is yet to be known.
This is not the first accident involving Link Bus this year along the same road.

In May, three people died on spot and two others sustained injuries after a Link Bus, registration number UAM 492B with over 60 passengers on board from Kampala to Hoima district was hit by a speeding trailer carrying a wheel loader heading to the opposite direction.
In June, one person died and 17 others seriously hurt at at Kikonda village along the Hoima-Kampala highway when another Link Bus registration number UAL 780L from Kampala to Hoima District collided with a Fuso lorry registration number UBB 703E.

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URA’s Kagimu hopes for consistency after penalty miss

Shafik Kagimu during the Fufa Drum competition
By Peter Tabu
Football matches are usually won by players who have character and belief. But what happens when the worst happens, say missing a penalty in the dying minutes when the score is still goalless?
Such is what creative midfielder Shafik Kagimu had to deal with after he missed from 12 yards as URA drew with Nyamityobora.
“It’s really bad to miss a spot kick especially in such circumstances but that is in the past. As a team we need to convert from the chances we create to win games,” Kagimu said in an exclusive interview with Watchdog Uganda.
Kagimu who has registered one asisst sofar this season hopes consistency will be key along with the offensive players becoming more sharper.
URA sit fifth on the log with 10 points from 6 matches played sofar, they’ve also only scored 3 goals in the matches played.

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Rubanda: 85 year old gruesomely murdered

By Arinda Nsheeka Wilfred
Police in Rubanda district  is investigating circumstances under which an 85-years-old man was murdered.
The deceased, Edward Banagyente, of Kashara village Kigyeyo ward Rubanda town council/ district was allegedly murdered from his bedroom by unknown people on Friday night. 
 It’s alleged that the assailants entered through the window and cut him thrice on the head. 

 One of his grand children realized it in the morning of 02/11/18 on his way to school when he looked through the window and saw him lying in a pool of blood on his bed and ran to inform the parents. 

Elly Maate, the Kigezi region Police spokesperson speaking to Watchdog Uganda said the  deceased, who lived aloneme,  was a good farmer, a money lender on local basis and had recently sold his cow which they suspect could be the reason for his killing.
 Maate has called on the public to furnish them with details of the death of the old man that can lead to arrest of perpetrators.

 This case has been registered at Rubanda police station under file number CRB 728/2018 . 

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Kakyeka Stadium granted greenlight, to host Mbarara City, Nyamityobora matches

Kakyeka Stadium in Mbarara
By Peter Tabu
Mbarara and the greater parts of Western Uganda will from November 5 be able to watch their respective clubs in the Uganda Premier League after governing body FUFA cleared the stadium to resume hosting matches.
FUFA through a lengthy statement released on Friday explained that the stadium had now passed the mandatory standards of the FUFA club licensing board after a thorough inspection by the committee.
Part of the statement shows, Mbarara City FC invited FUFA for re-inspection of the Stadium which has improved with the erection of the proper perimeter fence, grass covering the field of play, renovation of dressing rooms and clear demarcated areas for home and visiting fans.
Uganda Premier League sides Nyamityobora and Mbarara City can now look ahead of hosting the rest of their league respective home league games at home.
Full statement.
As you are aware, Kakyeka Stadium was not passed for failure to meet the FUFA Club Licensing mandatory standards. This led to Mbarara City FC finding an alternative venue to host its StarTimes Uganda Premier league matches at the start of the 2018/19 season.
However, Mbarara City FC invited FUFA for re-inspection of the Stadium which has improved with the erection of the proper perimeter fence, grass covering the field of play, renovation of dressing rooms and clear demarcated areas for home and visiting fans.
Based on the above , Mbarara City FC has been cleared to host its home matches at Kakyeka Stadium with effect from Monday 5th November 2018 on conditions as follows:-
1. The field of play maintained green (which requires avoiding extra activities such as training sessions, exhibitions or over use e.g. extra matches.
2. Proper drainage be worked on to avoid flooding especially during match days.
3. Portable Toilets be provided to supplement on existing permanent toilets during matches.
4. Clean, maintain and paint the dressing rooms internal area.
The clearance however is based on the current Stadium status, the Club and Stadium management’s commitment to maintain the standards as per the club licensing regulations and conditions highlighted above.
FUFA reserves the right of withdrawal for the Club License if the Stadium is later found in an inappropriate state.
By copy of this letter Mbarara City FC, Kakyeka Play Ground management and stakeholders are duly informed.
This therefore means that Mbarara City FC next game against BUL FC on 13th November will be played at Kakyeka stadium.

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Villa’s Basena saved by police as red hot Eagles keep soaring

SC Villa fans believe Basena is pointing them in the wrong direction.
By Shafic Kiyaga
Uganda Premier League:SC Villa head coach Moses Basena had to be escorted out of Kavumba Recreation grounds up to his home by a police convoy after fans turned violent. This after his Villa team were condemned to a third loss of the season against Mbarara City on Saturday.
Mbarara midfielder Ivan Eyam limped off in the fifth minute of the first half that saw scarce moments of genius and action. It was skipper Asuman Alishe, however, who put the western side ahead in added time of the first half when he headed home Paul Mucureezi’s well drilled corner kick.
Bashir Mutanda’s long range effort levelled matters with just over an hour played and he nearly put his side in the lead only for his header from close range to fly just wide of the post.
Man of Match Paul Mucureezi restored the Ankole Lions’ lead nodding home from Ibrahim Orit’s superb delivery.
Their were scenes of violence and crowd troubles at the final whistle with fans baying for Basena’s head as he scampered to the dressing room and later to his car.
SC Villa remain winless with three points after six games while Mbarara City climbed to seventh with 10 points.
SC Villa will host next cross city rivals KCCA at the Mandela national stadium, Namboole on Tuesday while Mbarara will match up against Paidha Black Angels on Wednesday.
Red Hots Express ease Past Paidha.
Express FC cruised to a 3-1 victory over Paidha Black Angels in Arua to continue their fine start to the season.
Tony Odur opened the scoring in the seventh minute of the game before Andrew Kidega scored from the spot on 25 minutes to bring the scoreline back to 1-1. But Kefa Kisaala’s men were not done for the day as two second half goals from Ibrahim Kayiwa and Mubarak Nsubuga put the game beyond the hosts.
Victory elevates The Red Eagles to fifth, three points off leaders Vipers who they host next at Wankulukuku while Paidha who have collected four points slip below into the drop zone and hope to make amends when the play Mbarara City.
Bright Stars Captain Nelson Ssenkatuka celebrates one of his two goals
Bright Stars on Rampage against Kirinya Jinja SS.
Bright Stars were back to winning way with a remarkable 4-1 win over Kirinya Jinja at Mwereerwe.
Nelson Senkatuka’s brace and goals from Brian Kayanja and Augustine Kansiime handed the Kawempe-based side their biggest win in the top flight.
Fred Amaku scored from the spot to briefly level the contest before their hosts ran rampant. Dan Sewava saw red in the 70th minute.
Brian Mayanja and Farouk Katongole wheel away in celebration
Bright Stars are now fourth with 11 points and will next make the short trip to neighbours Ndejje University while Nyamityobora is Kirinya’s next hurdle on Wednesday.
Else where, Jinja based BUL Bidco were also too hot to handle for Ndejje University as Peter Onen’s men in white washed Raymond Komakech’s students 4-1 to go second their highest league position and best start to a top flight league campaign.
Three penalties and a red card were the highlight of a hugely dirty and nasty game as both sides went toe to toe.
Hamis Tibita, Shabema and Jamaldin Buchochera put the home side 3-0 up in the first half before Kilama Dickens provided some lifeline for the visitors from the spot. But  Deogratius Ojik put the game beyond the university side with 10 minutes to play.
BUL next play URA while Ndejje will host Bright Stars at the Arena of Visions.
UPL Table Standings
1 VIPERS       6 4 2 0 10 5 5      14
2 BUL FC.      6 4 1 1 11 4 7.      13
3 KCCA.          6 3 3 0 7 2 5 .      12
4 B. STARS     6 3 2 1 10 6 4 .    11
5 EXPRESS.    6 3 2 1 9 5 4 .     11
6 ONDUPARAKA6 3 2 1 6 2 4. 11
7 MBARARA.  6 3 1 2 8 5 3.      10
8 URA FC.       6 2 4 0 4 1 3.      10
9 POLICE.       5 2 0 3 7 9 -2.      6
10 Ndejje.       6 2 0 4 4 8 -4.      6
11 KIRINYA.    6 1 3 2 7 12 -5    6
12 Tooro Utd  6 1 2 3 3 6 -3       5
13 Nyamityobora6 1 1 4 5 9 -4 4
14 PBA .            6 1 1 4 3 10 -7 . 4
15 SC VILLA .   6 0 3 3 4 8 -4 .  3
16 MAROONS.  5 0 1 4 4 10 -6.  1

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Stop running to prophets, sheikhs and pastors for all your problems

By Faridah Nakazibwe
I don’t understand this craze with people taking the names of their potential spouse to a so-called “prophet” or pastor to know if they should marry the person or not.
Omg!!! What is the meaning of that? What have we turned these people in such positions into… our Gods?
You mean you cannot make a decision about whom to spend the rest of your life with in marriage without consulting a pastor or Sheikh? Or without using them to know God’s mind about your partner and future?
Ok…let me remind you, even if they are in agreement with you about the person to marry, it doesn’t matter if God is not in agreement; that is of course, if living for God is the top priority for you.
Listen to me, in Islam , the only mediator between you and God is your faith . Therefore, you don’t need to go through a Sheikh or man to get to Allah or hear from Him. You have the Holy One living inside of you, and He longs to guide you in all the affairs of life. It is a pagan that feels unworthy or inadequate to relate with God directly and therefore needs another “holier” human being to speak to God on his or her behalf.
In Christianity you believe , Jesus paid all the price to make you worthy of God. And through faith in Jesus Christ you are now worthy and have full access to God and His kingdom through His precious Holy Spirit. Why you believe your follow men.
You see, religion is ALL about a personal relationship and friendship with God- your Creator . The faith in you would then lead and guide you into ALL Truths.
But you can only discover what is true or His perfect will by developing or growing in your personal relationship with God. Jesus came into this world so you can stop being dependent on yourself and other men, but dependent on God instead because He is Perfect, Holy and loves you without limit.
And never forget that the best of men is still a man, and we are all prone to errors or mistakes. Please stop turning man who you respect into gods whose opinion matters more to you than God Almighty’s own mind or opinion. At the end of the day, it is you and your spouse that will have to live together for a lifetime-no matter who gives their blessings or not.
Now, am I saying that you shouldn’t receive and welcome wise counsel from others? No!! There is safety in a multitude of counsel, yes. But not just any kind of counsel, rather, WISE counsel. No one knows everything, and that’s why we should always be ready to learn and receive counsel from others.
However, wise counsel comes with peace, love, freedom, and light which is able to empower you toward the right direction. It is not driven by fear, manipulation, and control which is mostly what is happening in a lot of our churches, and mosques today.
Moreover, you shouldn’t stay at the level where your leaders or pastors must spoon-feed you every time before you can make any important decision in life. That is the life of a baby or slave. And God wants you to grow up into your sonship in Him, so that He can use you mightily for His purposes.
Honestly, I don’t believe any person-whether woman or man- should consider marriage when you don’t know how to be lead by God or how to make major decisions on your own without seeking your parents, prophets, pastors or whomever else’s consent first.
You see, too much dependency on people we respect is what’s affecting most of us in our society today. It is what has turned strong religion into a mere religion and those who were once genuine in their faith in God into pagans unknowingly.
People are no longer using their minds and faith to know the Truth for themselves, but accept everything their leader(s) say or do without ever questioning or analyzing things personally. And that is what is rendering most religions irrelevant or useless in Uganda today. And so, the blind just keep leading the blind while thick darkness keeps growing in our society.

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Diamond Platnumz ex-girlfriend accuses him of being a ‘bad omen’

By Catherine Apolot
Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobetto has revealed that her ex-boyfriend Diamond Platnumz was a bad omen in her life.
A few months back, the socialite was sent packing by Tanzania’s finest singer after accusing her of practicing witchcraft to compel him into marrying her. Mobetto came out later to deny the allegations.
Now Mobetto claims that the African beauty singer was a bad omen and ever since she parted ways with him, blessings have been following her. Of late she has been getting juicy endorsements in Tanzania.
She also shared a video on Snapchat showing off a new car, which was red in colour and captioned it; ‘Bought myself a car’.
She further shared a photo of a good-looking man accompanied by a love heart.
Diamond and Mobetto have a son together known as Dalian.
The singer is also an ex-husband to Ugandan South Africa based socialite Zari Hassan. They have two kids together.

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Cricket Cranes visit Mulago, give hope to sick children

Cricket Cranes at Mulago
By Peter Tabu
The Cricket Cranes – Uganda’s national men cricket team – on Saturday made time for the disadvantaged with a visit to Mulago Hospital.

At the Jeliffe Children’s Ward 16, opening bowler Bilal Hassun led prayers, asking God to heal the tens of children of varying ages some struggling for their lives.
After the prayers, and buoyed by the sad tales from parents and guardians, the players worked with resolve as they thoroughly cleaned and polished not one but five wards.

They also mopped the verandah of the 1945 establishment, swept the compound and wrapped it up by putting smiles on their hosts as they handed over an assortment of play toys, clothes, scholastic materials and home-care items.
Mulago Hospital’s Customer Relations Officer Shaban Ssebuliba thanked the team and wished them luck.

“What you have done is unbelievable. You have comforted us and left us with smiles. The lives of these sick children are going to be even better. Thanks for the love and time given to us. You guys are real Cricket Cranes and I know u will fly. We will follow you and support you from now on,” he said
There was also a moment of selfies at the facility for the Endiro Coffee-sponsored team that flies out to Muscat, Oman today, November 4 for the International Cricket Council (ICC) World Cricket League (WCL) Division III campaign.
The primary goal for Uganda will be to finish among the top two nations at the six-team global showpiece involving USA, Singapore, Denmark, Kenya and hosts Oman, if they are to earn promotion to Division II.

More than anything that the Cricket Cranes did, they gave hope to the patients and left a fresh aura of inspiring belief.
It was such a humbling experience.

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Mukono medic mounts research on dementia among the aged

By Patrick Edward Musisi
A Mukono medical officer in charge of the elderly has begun a research on the  state of the elderly  in the hands of  fellow aged care givers, especially in the face of an increase in the prevalence of a health problem diagnosed as dementia.
In medical terms, dementia is the state of health among people of advanced age, characterized by acute memory loss, tension and uneasiness, which in effect compounds other ailments coming with old age.
Mukono Deputy District Health Officer Isaac Ddumba who is also the focal person responsible for the aged, is conducting the research ahead of his travel  to Canada later this month, where he is scheduled to address a medical practitioners’ conference, with the aged people’s health as a top agenda item.
Ddumba, in company of other health workers, on Friday visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. Levi and Manjeri Lutwama aged 98 and 84 years respectively, at their home at Ssisa in Wakiso district.
The husband has acute dementia and according to the wife, she is the only person he does not forget, but keeps asking other household members including his biological children and grandchildren, who they are, every time they come to give him attention.
As if to prove this, Mzee Lutwama several times in a spate of about ten minutes, asked her daughter, one of the medical workers who traveled with Ddumba,  who she is although each time she clearly explained that she is his youngest daughter.
Mzee Lutwama and his equally aged wife.
Manjeri said that in addition to memory loss,  Lutwama is often attacked by bouts of fever and other ailments, which she said has weakened him. She added however that his appetite is high and that he eats well especially when the meal has milk on it.
She also said that he has constant medical attention from relatives and family friends, and that the Seventh Day Adventist Church in the area gives them usables.
According to Ddumba, dementia is known to affect even people of a younger age, but that it is very pronounced among the aged, adding that government has no care centres for the aged.

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Ms Tourism, Arcadia Suites in accommodation deal

By Allen Kisakye

Ms Tourism Margret Kankwanzi

Arcadia Suites has signed a deal with the Miss Tourism franchise.

The suites, located in the upscale Kamwokya, opposite Uganda Museum offers a ‘unique experience of uncompromising hospitality, luxury and tranquility perfectly blended with the remarkable warmth of the Ugandan people and culture.’
Ms Kankwanzi and Mr Malaka after signing the deal

The deal was signed on behalf of Ms Tourism by reigning tourism queen Margaret Kankwanzi and Christopher Malaka, the Arcadia Suites General Manager.
Arcadia Suites, according to details of the deal, will offer free venue for Miss Tourism events such as press conferences and meals as well as accommodation once every two months for Ms Tourism.

Also, the suites will offer outside catering services to the Ms Tourism Franchise as well as an annual cash prize.

Ms Kankwanzi, who hails from Kisoro thanked Arcadia Suites for coming onboard.
All photos by MetMedia

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Ngamba CEO Ajarova recognised for role in uplifting welfare of islanders

Ms Ajorova’s award was picked by Fanny Martinez.

Chimpanzee Trust CEO, Lilian Ajarova has been recognised for her achievements in uplifting Welfare and Civil Society at the CEO Global’s Titans – Building Nations 2018 Awards.
The Awards ceremony were held at Protea Hotel in Kampala on Saturday,  November 3, 2018.
The Award was received by Fanny Martinez on her behalf.

The CEO Global’s Titans – Building Nations 2018 Awards are one of the most prestigious awards in the region that CELEBRATE OUR CONTINENT’S MOST INFLUENTIAL LEADERS – generative individuals who promote critical and collaborative thinking.

Hope Azeda was recognised for her role in Arts and Culture – Rwanda

Ms Ajarova’s leadership has demonstrated that civil society can contribute to the renewal of welfare in communities such as those around conservation areas, and near wildlife habitats through trainings, sensitization and initiatives on Koome Islands and in the Albertine Graben.

She has played a central role in demonstrating civic participation, with strong engagement  in the fields of environmental conservation among communities.

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President buries uncle, preaches culture and heritage

President Museveni, First Lady and Ms Kadaga during the burial of mzee Riisi on Saturday
Stephen Kalema
President Yoweri Museveni has challenged Ugandans, and the youth in particular to appreciate the goodness in keeping their culture and heritage in the face of modernity in order to sustain the stability of their cultural traits.
“Africans have a challenge of keeping culture and combining it with modernity without picking what is relevant. People are too quick to behave like those in the western world. Although there are advantages and disadvantages, it is more important to keep in touch with culture and heritage and not trade it with behaving like Europeans or Arabs,” he said.
President Museveni, First Lady Janet, Speaker Kadaga and other mourners.
The President, who was accompanied by the 1st Lady, Mrs. Janet Museveni, was speaking at the burial and celebration of the life of his late paternal uncle, Eriya Riisi, on Sunday in Ruhunga Parish,  Mbarara district.
Mzee Riisi died in Kampala aged 94 years.
The President commended his late uncle’s lifestyle of hard work that enabled the late Riisi to accumulate family wealth.
Mr. Museveni said people can live very well and prosper economically without necessarily being employed in government sector.
Mr. Museveni said that from ‘the kraal to school’ and gaining exposure about other areas of the world, he (President) became a change agent in his community of Ankole Sub-Region by teaching traditional cattle keepers to shift to modern concepts of farming.
He, therefore, urged the youth to endeavour and apply modern education to sensitize their parents and communities to learn modern concepts of farming.
“What I emphasize is that going to school and fail to change your families’ economic lifestyles, would tantamount to a big failure,” he said.

The President used the occasion to call upon the people of Uganda to work hard and shun extravagance in order to build their wealth. He also warned against land fragmentation adding that families should consolidate their pieces of land and only share out the dividends that accrue from production activities from their pieces of land that should never be parceled out in uneconomic units.
Parliamentary Speaker, Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga, urged the people to emulate the late Mzee Riisi for his wisdom to accumulate family wealth with minimum level education.
The late Mzee Eriya Riisi’s family members commended him for being a well respected parent and elder in society, championing good morals, virtues, education and values as well as instilling a spirit of selflessness among his children.
They thanked the President for supporting the family during the period that he had been sick.
North West Ankole Diocesan Bishop, Rt. Rev. Enoth Magezi, who led the prayers, emphasized the importance of everyone’s struggle to cultivate a relationship with God all the time.

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Gov’t to assess Ntungamo families to ascertain poverty level

By Arinda Nsheeka Wilfred
Ntungamo Resident District Commissioner, George Bakunda has revealed plans to carry out family assessment exercise in order to ascertain the poverty index levels in the district.
Speaking on Friday  to the congregation at the handover of Heifers to five women groups under the project ‘Caring Hearts’ at Keijengye –Kitembe in Ntungamo sub county Ruhaama county Ntungamo district, Bakunda said this will help to determine how many people have embraced commercial farming.
He noted that for government to realize Vision 2040 and a middle income status by 2020, all Ugandans must have tangible income generating projects to jump the poverty line.
Bakunda also commended the founders of Caring Hearts, especially Dorothy Mbabazi for lobbying for her people in Ntungamo District  and for being vision bearers. He urged other Ugandans abroad to work and remember their country.
The ‘Caring Hearts’ is an American NGO based in many countries including Uganda and its  branch in Ntungamo district aimed at empowering rural people to eradicate poverty especially women.
The Ntungamo sub county chairperson, Mwesigye John Katooma, appealed to all women to jealously look after cows given to them in order to serve its purpose of fighting poverty amongst families.
Mwesigye hailed the women for joining such groups as the way to be economic independent rather than depending to their husbands.
The coordinator Caring Hearts, Pamela Katusiime commended the director, Dorothy Mbabazi for considering and lobbying for them which has enabled them to acquire skills, knowledge and wealth through trainings.
Katusiime highlighted various enterprises under Caring Hearts including apiary, fish farming, Health Unit, adult education and caring for elders among others.
The manager Caring Hearts Majidu Bagyega promised them that the project will be enrolled to entire District very soon such all people can develop at the same pace.
He thanked women for fully participating In the project and assured them of veterinary doctor, drugs and other technical advice.
Atleast five women groups of Keijengye, Kitembe, Nyaburiza ,Nyakateete and Migyera  received each a heifer from Caring Hearts.
Other speakers were Moses Katono, Rubarema Aaron and Karuhanga Laban.

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Vipers, KCCA square off in battle of champions

Sserunkuma is Vipers’ goal getter.
By Shafic Kiyaga and Peter Tabu
Top spot is up for grabs at St. Mary’s Stadium Kitende on Saturday as KCCA FC visit defending champions SC Vipers in arguably the biggest fixture of the season to date.
The Venoms lead the StarTimes Uganda Premier League table with 13 points, two more than their opponents after five matches.
Having won two on the bounce, the Kasasiro Boys momentum seems to have dried up, drawing at home with Mbarara City on Wednesday.
But Mike Mutebi is optimistic.
“This is a big game; the biggest there is in the country and I expect my players to approach it with the biggest mentality. I demand they put on a dominating performance and get nothing less than a win,” Mutebi said ahead of the game. “But I expect it to be a good and competitive game of football.”
Rather ominously for their title rivals, it has taken Vipers just five games of the season to move to the top of the league pile, having dropped two points in just one of their matches so far.
That came in a 2-2 draw against Kirinya Jinja SS last time out.
With a league high nine goals scored and just four conceded, Javier Martinez’s Vipers now have a great chance to strike a major psychological blow on a side that many have tipped to be their closest challengers this term by moving five points clear of them at the summit.
The Venoms, though lost 1-0 against KCCA in the Super Cup and again in the Uganda Super Cup final.
Mutyaba set to return
KCCA are hopeful of having Vipers legend and former captain Sulaiman ‘Mike’ Mutyaba back in their squad for Saturday’s top of the table Uganda Premier League clash.
Mutyaba limped off during their win against Bright Stars on Tuesday, October 23, five minutes after coming on as a second half substitute.
Coach Mike Mutebi will also keep faith with the front partnership of Allan Okello and Patrick Kaddu while Saddam Juma, Muzamir Mutyaba and Shabban Nunda will be charged with supporting the front men. But they will miss the services of youngster Hassan Jurua who is suspended after seeing red against Mbarara city on Tuesday.
However, no player boasts an attacking threat and potent as Vipers’ striker Dan ‘Mzeei’ Sserunkuuma.
Last season’s top scorer has already hit the ground running this season with three goals from of five matches. Though not as prolific as last season, Mzeei has over 20 goals in a Vipers shirt since his move in January and he remains one of the first names on Martinez’s team sheet.
Rahmat Senfuka is also in contention to retain his starting spot for this game, replacing captain Taddeo Lwanga who is also serving a three-game suspension for a direct red card he received after a nasty foul on SC Villa midfielder Albert Mugisa.
Both sides have met a total 17 times with Vipers having the lion’s share of nine wins while KCCA have won just five times.
The last two league meetings have seen nine goals scored as Vipers followed up a 3-1 away defeat with a 3-2 home reverse.

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 Minister Kwiyucwiny calls regional leaders to embrace Northern Uganda development programme

By Stephen Kalema
Ambassador Pacifici greets Alur King, Philip Olarker in Zombo District on October 31, 2018. Left is Minister of State for Northern Uganda Grace Kwiyucwiny.
State Minister for Northern Uganda,Grace Kwiyucwiny, has called on northern region leaders to embrace Development Initiative for Northern Uganda (DINU) programme.
In a move to ensure that Northern Uganda is developing at the same level with other parts of Uganda, government of Uganda together with different development partners and European Union (EU) came up with new programme; Development Initiative for Northern Uganda (DINU) aimed at improving livelihoods of people in the five sub-regions of Acholi, Karamoja, Lango, Teso, and West Nile comprising of 33 districts. However few leaders in these sub-regions have embraced this programme.
In the meeting held at Zombo District headquarters this week aimed at finding out ways of implementing DINU programme in all the regions, minister Kwiyucwiny called up district leaders from West Nile Sub-region and other sub-regions to support the programme.
Minister of State for Northern Uganda Grace Kwiyucwiny.
“I call upon all stakeholders to fully support the DINU programme by working together and fully participating in timely implementation of activities and actions so that we all deliver this large and integrated programme effectively,” said Kwiyucwi.
The programme is set to run for five years and government is to actively engage with all the funders and partners to ensure that it delivers expected results and outcomes for the benefit of people of Northern Uganda.
The minoster however, encouraged them to play their roles wholeheartedly
“I once again call upon all key stakeholders to actively play their roles in ensuring that the programme is implemented and managed collectively in order to produce a positive impact on the beneficiaries,” said minister who later on cautioned all stakeholders to be transparent and avoid corruption which can sabotage the programme
“EU-OPM has zero tolerance to corruption and the DINU implementation should be done with highest expected standards” minister cautions.
The Head of the European Union Delegation to Uganda, Ambassador Attilio Pacifici, said DINU is a mark of a long standing partnership and commitment of the EU to continueworking closely with the people of Uganda and in particular the people of Northern Uganda.
 He cited a challenge of refugees coming in Uganda and insecurity threats in Karamoja.
“New challenges have emerged while in other areas not all the old challenges have been fully overcome. For instance, the huge influx of South-Sudanese refugees is a new prominent challenge in the North-West while in Karamoja some security challenges and threats still keep coming from across the borders, not mentioning other challenges in particular linked to climate change,” said Amb. Pacifici.
Amb. Pacifici also called upon stake holders to get fully involved since the region is still raging behind in development.
“The region still lags behind compared to other parts of Uganda further efforts are therefore required to narrow this gap and to respond to the specific challenges faced by the people of Northern Uganda. This is why the EU, through DINU as well as other programmes, continues to invest in Northern Uganda. We are committed to support the people, the government of Uganda at central and local levels and other stakeholders to ensure long lasting peace, security and stability and the development of the region,” he explained.
DINU is a multi-sectoral integrated programme supporting interventions in three interlinked sectors; Market oriented agriculture (food security and nutrition, livelihoods), Infrastructures (transport, logistics, water, energy) and Good governance for improved service delivery.
 This programme was initiated in 2017 with funds in form of grants 132.8 million Euros from the European Union, 11.9 million Euros from the Government of Uganda and 5.9 million Euros from implementing partners;Department for International.
Development (DFID)/Trademark East Africa, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ),United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).
The programme is to benefit 33 districts and these include; Agago, Amuru, Gulu, Kitgum, Lamwo, Nwoya, Omoro and Pader in Acholi region; Abim, Amudat, Kaabong, Kotido, Moroto, Nakapiripirit and Napak in Karamoja region; Alebtong, Amolatar, Apac, Dokolo, Kole, Lira, Otuke and Oyam in Lango region; Amuria and Katakwi in Teso region and   Adjumani, Arua, Koboko, Maracha, Moyo, Nebbi, Yumbe and Zombo in West Nile region.

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Pork joint Kabagarame brings Bushenyi to Kampala

Remember the name, for we might be telling you stories after Sunday.

Kabagarame – or ‘let them just lie down’.
For those who have never been to Bushenyi, western Uganda, Kabagarame is a local restaurant where travellers, tourists and locals alike enjoy a hearty serving of pork, prepared with local accompaniments such as millet bread and Katunkuma.
Chefs from Bushenyi based Kabagarame
Located two kilometres on the outskirts of Bushenyi on Bushenyi-Ishaka Road, Kabagarame (please, remember the name) only opens on Saturday.
You can imagine the ‘mayhem’ that comes with the expectations of hungry customers – those who travel from as far as Kampala and Kigali, and locals – just to eat pork and ‘lie down’ in the grass thatched huts that house one of Bushenyi’s best kept secrets.

Well, that is the experience that will be ‘exported’ to Kampala come Sunday.
Organisers of the day long ‘porkfest’ at the Uganda Museum have gone an extra mile to bring the ‘local’ chefs from Kabagarame in Bushenyi.
‘This weekend, you do not have to travel to Bushenyi. Just make your way to the Uganda Museum and get spoilt for choice, porkwise,” an organiser told Watchdog Uganda.
Entrance is Shs10,000 and gates open at 11am.
And for as low as Shs20,000, you can eat ’til you just lie down’.

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Here is how Ugandan MPs sit in parliament

The Speaker, presiding over the plenary, takes up the Chair, which is situated in pole position, in the middle at one end of the Chamber. In front of the Speaker are two seats reserved for the Clerks, who provide technical assistance to the presiding officer.
In Parliament/plenary, the sitting arrangement of members is done in relation to the Speaker’s Chair.
Benches to the right of the Chair are reserved for members from the party in government, while Opposition legislators take up benches to the left.
Ministers in government and Shadow Ministers take up the front benches on either side of the Chair.
This sitting arrangement is observed in parliaments throughout the Commonwealth.
In Uganda, independent MPs have been reserved seats to the left of the Speaker, while representatives of the Army (UPDF) are free to take up any seats available on either side of the floor.

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Police nets 41 suspected criminals ahead of Christmas festive season

By Mubiru Ivan
Police in Kampala on Friday arrested 41 suspected criminals. The operation was aimed at reducing crime on Kampala streets and paving way for a peaceful Christmas festive season.
This operation targeted areas of Market Street, Platinum House, Allen Road, Nakivubo Channel, Kinamwandu and Nabugabo. These areas are commonly identified as the black spots and have always been regarded impassable both during day and night hours.
The suspects were subjected to screening before responsible citizens, elders and local area leaders.
Most of these suspects were found in most frequented crime spots and in possession of marijuana
They are currently detained at Central Police Station Kampala pending court.
Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander CP. Moses Kafeero Kabugo said that as the Christmas festive season approaches, all police divisions shall intensify operations in a bid to curtail any criminal activities.
“Research has always revealed that crime is always on the increase as festive seasons approach however we won’t allow criminals to undermine the internal security and peace in Kampala,” CP. Kafeero said.


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Janet Kagame: Give women more leadership positions to kick corruption out of Africa

By Catherine Apolot
Jeannette Kagame, the First Lady of Rwanda has asked African government to give women more leadership positions as a solution to curbing corruption. She said women tend to behave more honestly than men and are concerned about fairness in their decisions.
Ms. Kagame made the request during the 11th Pan African Parliament Conference on the Rights of Women that took place in Kigali Rwanda this week.
“Several studies suggest that women are less corrupt, and that companies with a higher number of women in decision making perform better in terms of resource management and maintaining a zero tolerance level for corruption,” she said.
Ms. Kagame noted that women in leadership are proactive and social agents of change which is a game changer in the fight against corruption in Africa.
Alhagie Mbow, a legislator from The Gambia, reinforced the assertion that women’s leadership is crucial in combating corruption and bolstering African economies.
Responding to the findings, Buyende Woman MP Babrye Veronica Kadogo, observed that indeed corruption is a cancer affecting development because it affects all sectors. She noted that women are affected the most because corruption affects service delivery especially in the areas of health, infrastructure, education, water, sanitation, and other social sectors, which mainly affect women and children.