By Allen Kisakye

If you thought that singer Alexander Bagonza aka APass is only good at shouting and provoking people on social media, well, think again.

APass has publicly announced that besides all his social media noise, he has political ambitions come 2022.

“I have political ambitions come 2022, more details will be provided this Thursday,” APass Tweeted.

It seems that this Didi Dadada hit maker had all his political ambitions by the sleeves during that time he was seen demonstrating alongside Bobi Wine and King Saha on Kampala’s streets during the social media tax bill saga.

But during that demonstration, APass disappeared like smoke in the wind on the arrival of the police.

The flight then and the announcement now has left many people wondering what kind of politician he will be – a Robert Kyagulanyi or a combination of Ken Lukyamuzi and Mubarak Munyagwa.

What we all know is that parliamentary and general elections will be held in 2021. Unless he is waiting for a by election, or to head the Musicians Club, we await the announcement.