By Watchdog reporter

Ever since tge Acholi and Madi people waged a land dispute at eachother, the situation in Apaa has been tense.

Apparently more over 10 people have died and others severely injured due to these land wrangles.

Now, the people of Apaa have decided to call upon Lord Resistance Army rebel leader Joseph Kony to save their land.

Kony is remembered as a ruthless man who perpetrated torture and death to the people of Northern Uganda in the early 2000s but it’s surprising that the same people he severely criminalized are the same people who are begging for his rescue over the land matter.

Many people have come out to accuse government of being behind this insurgency and some residents of Apaa recently alleged that the people who killed their comrades were putting on army uniforms.

However, government has persistent distanced self from the evil act.