By our reporter

Tutin Jean Piere, a French national working with France Embassy in Kenya died on Saturday at Kanyambeho-Kinurira cell in Buremba parish, Mpungu Sub County, Kanungu District.

The 64 year old passed on while on his way from  a gorilla tracking expedition.

According to NTV Uganda, the Bwindi and Mgahinga national park conservation area manager, Pontius Ezuma said the incident happened at about 11:50am near Kitahurira Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) out post inside Bwindi national park.

This is the second tourist to die in Kigezi Sub-region in this month alone, with the recent being a British national who collapsed and died on April 7 on his way to tour the Batwa settlement in Butanda Sub County, Kabale District.

The increased number of deaths of foreigners in the country raise a number of questions regarding their safety while in Uganda.