By our reporter

Another bank has come out to apologize to the filthy rich former Bank of Uganda director, supervision, Ms Justine Bagyenda, after her bank details went public.

Barclays is one of the banks where Bagyenda had kept her billions of shillings before the account details were leaked to the public.

In a notice issued in a local newspaper, Barclays Bank noted that they regret the unlawful act which led to the disclosure of Bagyenda’s information in the media and thus apologizing  to her for the regrettable incident.

According to the bank, where there are alleged cases of customer information breach, they have in place an internal procedure to ensure that they thoroughly investigated and conclusively dealt with.

“Accordingly, disciplinary action is being taken against the employee responsible for the unauthorized access to her accounts in line with the law and our policies,” Barclays stated.

A few weeks back, Diamond Trust Bank Limited (DTB) apologized to former Bank of Uganda Director in charge of Supervision Justine Bagyenda after its staff leaked her bank account details containing billions of shillings, dollars and pounds.

In the notice, DTB revealed that after leaking of Bagyenda’s account details, they carried out an extensive investigation and established that one of their staff was compromised to access her (Bagyenda) accounts in the bank system.

“Confidential details relating to the accounts were leaked to outsiders and apparently used to create grossly distorted allegations about Mrs Bagyenda’s alleged bank account balances,” notice partly read.