By Watchdog reporter
It pays to crack jokes in English. That is why Queen of comedy Anne Kansiime and Ssegujja Herbert are going places.
I am not about to tell you that Kato Lubwama, Kapale or Patriko Mujuuka cannot make you laugh in English, however, truth be told, they have remained Bat Valley materials thanks to their wit being restricted to the Kabaka’s mother tongue.
Going to back to Kansiime, the girl from Kabale, she will once again be earning from her wit (outside the country).
This time round, she is taking along the man who made President Museveni laugh to tears – Mendo, who prefers to be called Teacher Mpamire.
The duo will be performing at the Zambia International Trade Fair, in Ndola on July 3. Mujuuka, please style up!