By Herbert Bukenya

In a rather uncouth audio note that is making rounds on social media Douglas Mayanja also known as Weasel has told off excited fans from one of his official fans group known as Goodlyfe soldiers who have been saying he is letting down the Goodlyfe name and the legacy of fallen duo mate Mowzey Radio.

Weasel told these fans he called crazy to get off his back and accept the fact that Radio died and if they cant deal with it go to his grave dig him up and eat him which shocked many.

Weasel added that these boys should stop ‘over knowing him’ and know where to stop because he is not of their class or level considering he has made lots of money and is a rich man unlike them. He promised to beat on some of thoe fans who have nothing to do besides criticizing him.

The rather angry artiste told the young men to focus on their small jobs so as to put food on their tables and earn a decent living instead of disturbing the peace of a very successful and rich artiste like him.

This rant has left many people in shock considering its ladden with some really rude comments but many industry critics have forgiven him considering the fact that he is still mourning the passing of his duo mate and bossom buddy Mosey Radio.

They have however advised the star to ignore such fans and detractors and concetrate on his music career instead.