By Najibu Mulema

Uganda Cranes diehard supporter, Jackson Sewanyana commonly known as Uncle Money has blamed Vision Group Managing Director, Robert Kabushenga for his failure to go to Gabon to Support the National Team during the African Cup of Nations tournament.

While addressing a press conference today at Uganda Journalists Association offices at Lions shopping Mall in Kampala, Uncle Money said Kabushenga gave him a dummy ticket and when he tried to complain, the Vision Group boss told him he was to receive the geunuine ticket in evening on that very day.

The stressed supporter was so happy on that day when he was told that Vision Group has managed to secure for him a free air ticket, they even put his ticket handover in news, little did he know that Kabushenga was playing on his mind.

According to Uncle Money, he never went to Vision Group to plead for the ticket but he doesn’t understand why the company had to that to him because first of all other well wishers were ready to fundraise for his flight to Gabon.
At the moment he learnt that they were going to give him a ticket, he ceased his fundraising campaign which he had started earlier thinking that all is well.

Due to his undying love for the national team, the man on vuvuzela has been able to travel for free with Uganda Cranes to various countries inorder to give overwhelming support to the boys. Uncle Money has never walked away from Cranes even during the times of despair.