By Watchdog reporter

Following the speaker Rebecca Kadaga’s ‘harsh’ decision to suspend and ordering to forcefully evict  MPs opposed to contentious  age limit bill,  one of the victims Odonga Otto has also decided to fire back to the speaker by withdrawing his legal services from her court cases.

Through his firm Odonga Otto and Co. Advocates, the Aruu county MP has informed Kadaga that he has withdrawn from handling civil suits the Speaker had instituted against among others, the Red Pepper Publications/Kamunye and The Daily Monitor.

In a letter, Otto claims the speaker didn’t pay him for the case she filed against the Pepper Publications, which the firm won and she was awarded up to Shs 120million.

For this case alone, the MP says the speaker owes his firm up to Shs 24 million in legal fees.

The law firm has given Kadaga 14 days to clear up the debt or risk being dragged to court.

“You being a high profile person, we are aware that execution against you might be a challenge. Nonetheless, if you fail to pay us, we shall not hesitate to proceed to court and pray for attachment of your property including but not limited to your hotel in Kamuli,” stated Otto.