By Watchdog reporter

The secretary general of the National Resistance Movement Justine Kasule Lumumba has been forced to retract her statement which exposed her sensitivity to the plight of Ugandans, including those that die over her mistakes or mistakes of her associates.

Yesterday, Lumumba’s communications issued a statement showing her surviving the road accident unscathed and her car with minor damages.

However, it was the tone and diction which announced the death of a young woman after the accident which left a bad taste in the mouth of thousands of readers of the statement signed by Rogers Mulindwa, a communications officer at the NRM secretariat.

The young woman, Jane Francis Namara, a UMI masters student for that matter according to the NRM bosses “rammed into” Kasule Lumumba’s speeding convoy on her way to Entebbe. The word was not only inappropriate as a human being cannot ram into a speeding monster vehicle such as Lumumba’s. The statement was also quick to condemn the deceased as having been speaking on phone, implying her negligence led to her death.

The criticism which followed the statement, forced NRM to retract the statement and issue a corrected version saying;

Date: 17th July 2017
Kindly accept the correction in the first paragragh of my release earlier sent to you.
This paragragh should have read:, “The NRM Secretary General Hon Justine Kasule Lumumba has this Monday afternoon got involved in a road accident that saw one female pedestrian dead around Kajjansi along Entebbe road….”
I regret any inconveniences caused but our condolences once again to the deceased’s family.
Communications Officer – NRM

It is not the first time Lumumba was being insensitive while addressing the plight of Uganda. In 2016, Lumumba warned that the young people who oppose the ruling party will be shot dead! The statement was not welcomed by the entire country.

However, there are voices who have been complaining about Lumumba’s speeding convoy, which demands right of way, yet the laws of Uganda don’t give her such privileges as Secretary General of a party, which means she abuses the road safety rules as well as laws of Uganda.