By Moses Ntare

The Anglican Bishops and some lay church leaders from Uganda have returned from Jerusalem city in Israel for their 3rd Global Anglican Future conference 2018 (GAFCON) meeting.

The conference drew two thousand Anglicans from more than 50 countries under the theme “Proclaiming Christ Faithfully to the Nations” and runs from 17th – 22nd June but 34 Ugandan Bishops had to stay there for another five days visiting the Holy places for sanctuary such as Mount Sinai, Red sea scrolls, River Jordan, Lake Galilee, Canaan and the Garden of Tombs among others.

The Most Rev. Stanley Ntagali, Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, last  week led 230 Bishops, wives, clergy, and lay leaders to Jerusalem to participate in the  international gathering of the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) coinciding with marking ten years of existence today .

According to the Secretary General House of the Bishops who is also the Bishop south Ankole diocese Rt Rev Nathan Ahimbisibwe Gafcon was born, on the 29th June 2008; the movement has been all about the future of guarding and proclaiming the unchanging truth of Bible throughout the world.

Bishop Ahimbisibwe noted that no one will compromise the word of God or bow down to pressure from those who support homos in church explain that it is un Biblical because man must look for a woman but not man to man.

He said that they arrived in Uganda at mid night and hailed the Christians of South Ankole diocese for praying for them.

South Ankole diocese was represented by six people including Bishop Ahimbisibwe, Venerable Rev Polly Beitwa,Lay canon Emmanuel Kyakana,Dr Bildard Baguma and his wife and Ezra Timuzigu.