By Herbert Bukenya

A lot seems to be going on in ‘daddy’s girl’ Angella Katatumba’s life since the demise of her father the late H.E Bonny Katatumba.

From the look of things she is not yet past the mourning stage and honestly speaking I know its painful and pray she pulls through and gets stronger every day.

Unfortunately it is during the same time that a lot seems to be happening in her life, she is fighting with the Pakistan embassy in Nairobi over the control of the Consulate in Kampala and having fights whereas looking rather tipsy with rasta man by her side case in point little known Jamaican artiste Kuzi Kz with whom she was beaten out of Chicken Tonight take away recently.

Good thing though is she has managed to do atleast one good thing out of all this mess and its a song with this Kuzi artiste friend of hers but the two seem a little more than friends as they get a little touchy and smoochy in the video that is trending already.

In her own words Katatumba says she didn’t expect to be doing music so soon after the passing of her father considering he was the wind beneath her wings but God, family and friends have enabled her to come up with her latest project already.

The song is called ‘Out of My head’ and has a funky disco and house feel to it which might not be easy for Ugandans to connect with but yes Angella Katatumba the musician is back, best of luck to her from us!