By Watchdog reporter

Troubled musician Angela Kalule has exposed the ‘unprofessional’ journalists who wanted to extort money from her so that they don’t release her private bedroom video for the public to see.

The exposed journalists are Josephat Seguya and Semei Wesali from Bukedde FM, Carol and Sula Simplex from Suubi Fm.

According to the katikitiki singer,.she was powerless and did not have the resources to respond positively to their demands.

“Everyone is entitled to their opinion and i hold no grudge against anyone who finds it befitting to condemn me. Neither will i hold one against the reporters and media personnel, (Josephat Seguya and Semei of bukedde. Grace Namiyimbo, Carol and Sula Simplex of Ssuubi Fm), who called asking “okoze otya ekintu kireme kufuluma and tuleme kukwabya.” I was powerless and neither did i have the resources to respond positively to your demands.The search for contentment through blackmail and invasion of privacy will not belittle me nor make me lose my self esteem. I still hold my head high and will go about my responsibilities as a dutiful fiance, singer and Mother,” She said.

However, Kalule said she will not hold any grudge against these journalists.