Watching Besigye’s interview on NTV on Thursday night was saddening but also illuminating. It showed that he believes that anyone who disagrees with him on the strategy to defeat Museveni specifically or on the broader goal of advancing the cause of democracy in Uganda is either a coward or has been compromised by Museveni through material inducements.

The man who claims to fight for democracy believes there is only one legitimate opinion in the whole country – his opinion. If these are are not signs of a compulsive tyrant, that are they?

Secondly the interview showed that Besigye believes that the only way to advance the cause of democracy in Uganda is to remove Museveni from power and to install him (Besigye) as president. He cannot stop leading this struggle because he is the only courageous person and equally the only person with the ideas and leadership skills to advance it. Without him Uganda is lost.

If this is not megalomania, what is it?