By Najibu mulema

Controversial journalist, Andrew Mwenda has claimed that he knows the real identity of anonymous government critic Tom Votaire Okwalinga( TVO).

TVO has is a worst nightmare to the NRM government and for a while he has been exposing government officials for the wrongs they do behind the scenes.

However,posting on his facebook page, the Independent CEO has said he knows the true identity of TVO in what he called ‘Unmasking Besigye extremist TVO’.

Mwenda wrote,”Tom Voltaire Okwaliga is a Facebook account run by three radical extremists who support Kizza Besigye and their pictures are below from left to right: Robert Shaka who lives in Kampala, Uganda; Abbey Semuwemba, who lives in UK and Henry Lugasira who lives Canada. They have been helped by a lady I will not name for now. These people are demented psychopathic maniacs and the kind who support Besigye’s extremism. Tomorrow I shall be publishing their hacked Facebook profiles, including whom they communicate with.”

For years government has tried to track down TVO but all in vain. It reached an extent on asking facebook management to prevail the identity of him which request was declined.

Could Mwenda be right? Watch the space……

Robert Shaka

Abbey Semuwemba

Henry Lugasira