By Watchdog reporter

Veteran journalist Andrew Mwenda has taken the Margaret Muhanga goat joke to another level.

On Friday, Mwenda went to his Facebook page to “parade” the sample of the goat his under fire sister sold to buy UBC land at  a whopping Sh10 billion in cash.

“This is the sample goat my sister Margaret sold to buy UBC land for shs 10 billion,” he posted on his page with a photograph of him carrying a black goat.

Mwenda put his dug in MP Nandala Mafabi who queried Muhanga about filing tax returns saying agriculture is exempted from taxation.

“And Nandala Madabi (read Mafabi) was asking for tax returns… This MP does not know that agriculture is tax exempt.”

Before he signed off, Mwenda, had advice for haters, “So all the angry on social media u have the evidence u need. If u want to grow rich, go rear goats and cows and don’t say I didn’t tell u.”