FDC cult leader/opposition presidential candidate for life, Dr. Kizza Besigye, tweeted last week: “Landslide victory for HE Bobi Wine. Congratulations – PEOPLE POWER! That is why Wakiso people weren’t allowed to vote in 2016.”

Besigye and his radical extremists in FDC have been claiming that late delivery of ballot papers in Kampala in the 2016 elections disenfranchised people hence their defeat.

Let us test this claim in Kyadondo East with facts:

1- Total registered voters in 2016 was 68,131.
2- Total registered voters in 2017 was 72,818.
3- Total voter turnout in 2016 (when Besigye claims people were not allowed to vote), 32,815.
4- Total voter turnout in 2017 (when Besigye agrees people were allowed to vote), 32,991.
5- Difference in voter turnout between when they were “not allowed to vote” and when they were allowed to vote, 176 votes! ???

Message to Besigye and his radical extremists: you can keep finding excuses for your defeat in all elections, clutching on every straw. It is comforting. But it blinds you to your strategic weaknesses which you need to fix if you ever intend to improve your performance.