By Allen Kisakye

For quite some time now, Suleiman ‘Suudiman’ Lukwago and Brian ‘White’ Kirumira have been at loggerheads.

Not a day goes by without any one of them throwing jabs at the other.

For example, Suudiman claims that Bryan White is not who he claims to be, and that he even has evidence of the person’s shady business and source of his money.

On the other hand, White says Suudiman is just a ‘faded event promoter, who has currently turned into Bobi Wine’s puppet because he was out competed in the promotion business.’

The reason for this public beef is yet to be ascertained. What we know though is that it will not end today. And that Suudiman might be Shs35 million poorer by end of day. Or not.

Let’s bring you up to speed about the latest beef.

Early this week, mystery money man White posted a video and photos of himself flaunting a brand new 2018 Lexus 570.

2018 Lexus 570.

Flanked by hangers on at his Bryan White Foundation offices in Munyonyo, White seems to revel in the moment as cameras click away.

‘New Ride’, he captioned the photos.

But Suudiman isn’t the one to let White shine.

On Thursday, the former events promoter dared the pencil-thin White to produce the log book of the car, if it is really his.

According to Suudiman, the car does not belong to White but rather he is just using it to show off his ‘fake’ luxurious life.

‘Fake’ is the key word. And to put the icing on the cake, Suudiman staked Shs35million.

“This week you announced to the whole world on social media that you bought a new 2018 Lexus LX 570. We all know ‘truth is always bitter’, but why not accept reality. I Suudiman, with deep sincerity, I am staking Shs35 million if you produce the Log Book aka card for the Lexus car in your names,” Suudiman posted.

Did we say he also threatened to post the owner of the said ride if Bryan White does come out to speak the truth about that matter?

Well, we just did as we await the next episode of the ‘Beef-ing with Suudi and White.’