By Mike Ssegawa

President Museveni is fast overhauling the state machinery in a bid to make his government deliver on its promises.

The latest reshuffle of Uganda’s ambassadors across the world involved some losing their jobs, while some got transfers to other countries. Museveni installed experienced hands in key countries, to fit his geopolitical interests today.

For instance, it’s not by any mistake that the former defense minister Crispus Kiyonga is headed to Beijing, replacing Charles Madibo Wagidoso. Under Wagidoso, China became Uganda’s key funder but weak on bargains. Kiyonga is a heavy weight who probably will be at a rank of cabinet minister and with strong credentials in the capital of the Dragon. Kiyonga is a towering politician and Beijing will respect him on matters of East Africa where Museveni is king. The president has expressed interest in reversing the country’s import bill and increase its exports into China. Kiyonga’s role has been cut out, he should ensure he brings here Chinese investors to produce here, whatever the country’s looks for in Guangzhou, where the president also sent a full ambassador.

Kiyonga could also be headed to Beijing on grounds that China as a superpower now, might supply key defense equipment to Uganda as the country moves into oil extraction phase.

The other key appointment was in Washington where Uganda’s most experienced career diplomat Mull Katende is headed.

With an unpredictable president in Donald Trump sitting in Washington, Katende should be in position to lobby Washington and increase Uganda’s influence in the US capital, like he has done while in Addis Ababa where Katende was highly respected.

Moto Julius Peter who was in South Africa has headed to London. Uganda’s mission in London was almost dead, leaving the government in UK having less business with Uganda. Moto has done well in South Africa and he should look at the London job as one to resurrect Uganda’s influence in Britain. UK also has the most critical media of Museveni’s regime.

In the region, Gen Rusoke was kicked out of Juba. South Sudan is the biggest market for Uganda’s good and the top diplomat there should be able to brief the president regularly on the situation, as well as diagnosing and remedying the problems in the northern neighboring country before they turn into a crisis. For that reason, Brig Ronnie Balya was tipped to be in Juba right from Internal Security Organization (ISO). Balya should know clearly what to do to restore peace in Juba.

Analysts have dwelt on the appointment of Kyabazinga and DP chairman Mohammed Kezaala, but that’s the smoke screen in the Monday appointment.

1. Brig. Ronnie Balya – JUBA
2. Kibedi Zake Wanume – COPENHAGEN
3. James Kinobe – KHARTOUM
4. Prof Sam Turyamuhika – MOGADISHU
5. Mubiru Stephen – ANKARA
6. James Mbahimba – KINSHASA
7. Onyanga Aparr Christopher – GENEVA
8. Nelson Ocheger – ABUJA
9. Dr Kiyonga Chrispus – BEIJING
10. Hyuha Samali Dorothy – KUALA LUMPUR
11. Wonekha Oliver – KIGALI
12. Sam Maale- CAIRO
13. Olwa Johnson Agara – MOSCOW
14. Nimisha Jayant Madhvani – ABU DHABI
15. Nduhura Richard – PARIS
16. Nsambu Alintuma – ALGIERS
17. Betty Akech Okullu – TOKYO
18. Katende Mull Sebujja – WASHINGTON
19. Maj Gen. Matayo Kyaligonza – BUJUMBURA
20. Moto Julius Peter – LONDON
21. Blaak Mirjam – BRUSSELS
22. Solomon Rutega – GUANGZHOU
23. Grace Akello – NEW DELHI
24. Phoebe Otaala – NAIROBI
25. Tibaleka Marcel – BERLIN
26. Napeyok Elizabeth Paula – ROME
27. Dr Kisuule Ahmed – RIYADH
28. Rebecca Otengo – ADDIS ABABA
29. Ruth Aceng – OTTAWA
30. Prof. Joyce Kikafunda – CANBERRA
31. Nekesa Barbara Oundo – SOUTH AFRICA
32. Dr. Ssemuddu Yahaya – TEHRAN
33. Ayebare Adonia – NEW YORK
34. Richard Kabonero – DAR ES SALAAM

1. Ocula Michael
2. Mohammed Kezaala