While appearing on NTV’s #newsnight on Thursday, ActionAid boss Arthur Larok said the report on President Museveni’s 100 days note that so far Museveni has done his constitutional mandate.

He said the report looks at the person of the president if he has done a proper job.
The proceedings are taking place at Golf Course Hotel in Kampala, starting 9am.
Among discussants will be Richard Todwong, Erias Lukwago, Bishop Zac Niringiye, Dr Fred Muhumuza, among others.

Larok gives kudos to Museveni for acknowledging of the problems of government today including corruption and laziness of public servants.

However, there’s concerns that the fundamentals are not right.

The NGO forum is therefore presenting an audit of President Museveni lead NRM government’s 100 days in office, since swearing in.