Even The Huffington Post says that Uganda is the 5th when it comes to good weather……this is without us actually pushing Uganda which I believe has the world’s best weather.

If you google a survey done by Visa international on tourism trends 2013, you will find that good weather plays the major role in destination choice!!

Survey done 2013 by visa international says that 34% of the tourists traveled because they were looking for good weather….the next was Fit my budget 31% and the third was rich culture 29%

The average tourist spent USD 2390 and will spend USD 2501 in the future. The top 3 spenders were Saudi Arabia(USD 6666), Australia(USD 4118) and the third was China(USD 2956)
The top 3 websites were TripAdvisor 28%, Expedia 21% and lastly Hotels.com 20%

When it comes to breakdown of spend at destination

30% was spent on retail

24% dinning( that’s how important tourism is to agriculture)

21% on activities( 7% on nightlife and entertainment, a reason tourism is everybody’s business)

When it comes to affluent travelers (chaps with lots of cash)….35% were looking for good weather, 31% rich culture and good attractions came third 31%

I told you, Ugandans spent USD 5.4bn on imported goods and only exported goods worth USD 2.7bn leaving a deficit of USD 2.7bn (2015-2016).

If an average traveler spent USD 2390 in 2013 then Uganda would need 1.5m tourists and that would allow us spend on imports as we like doing….

Yes, why not?

We have great weather, affordable and rich culture!!! The top 3 factors!!

Our poverty is in our mind!! God has given us everything natural!!