By Watchdog reporter

Before the end of this week we are yet to see a skirmish engagement between the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) diehards and a section of ex- Uganda president Iddi Amin’s surviving family members after a one Hussein Lumumba Amin labeling FDC’s Dr. Kizza Besigye ‘stupid’.

The unexpected solid attack started on Tuesday evening when the former presidential candidate compared President Yoweri Museveni’s campaigning for Iddi Amin’s grandson Taban Amin Junior in Kibanda North by-elections to legendary pigs in Animal Farm.

He tweeted, “Mr M7 campaigns for Amin. George Orwell’s genius never dims!”

One of president Amin’s sons Hussein Lumumba did not take the ‘sour’ comment too lightly thus issuing a ‘bitter’ article in response inquiring what exactly is wrong with Besigye.

To Lumumba besigye’s comment was irrelevant provided that Taban Amin subscribes to NRM as his party that is why Museveni had to come and add some weight to his campaigns as Besigye also does to his FDC members.

According to Lumumba, he was so shocked to see Besigye’s comment citing that the FDC honcho’s stupidity is the only thing that is not dimming in the whole scenario.

“Basically Besigye’s stupidity is the only thing that is not dimming here. He might not have a beauty mirror in his bathroom to check himself first before subtly demonizing others deliberately for political expediency,” said Lumumba adding that, “Whatever he meant by his statement applies to him as well,”

Angry Lumumba has further labeled Besigye a ‘pig’ as well since he failed to leave his FDC Animal Farm for other ‘non-pigs’ stand as flag bearers.

“ If it is about the famous Animal farm pigs, then that makes Besigye another pig himself who has also failed to leave his FDC Animal farm to other non-pigs,” he claimed.