Politics in dating has never been a bigger issue

Over here in the UK, the return of Blind Date to our screens has prompted much excitement.

Across the pond, however, and there’s a very different TV dating show in the pipeline: one inspired by President Donald Trump.

The reality series is the brainchild of the creator of TrumpSingles.com, David Goss.

The dating site – whose tagline is ‘Making dating great again’ – launched in May 2016 and now has over 37,500 active users, the Hollywood Reporter reports.

In December last year, the site had just 12,000 singletons signed up. But seemingly as a consequence of Trump taking office, the numbers have soared.

Goss, a Republican, has revealed he is in talks with indie production company Boxx Communications and its president and CEO Mark Walker to create a competitive reality TV series for Trump supporters with politics at its core.

It is thought the show won’t be uniquely for members of Trump Singles and will be open to the public, but it may focus on the dating site’s users.

The brains behind the series are hoping to attract people who’ve had political problems in relationships and dating.

And these are not issues confined to the US – here in the UK post-Brexit, dating app Remainder was launched for people who voted for the UK to stay in the EU and wanted to make sure any potential romantic partner felt the same.

Walker, who has admitted that he’s not particularly political but “not in the Trump camp,” said: “We would love to create a show that can show different people’s positions and possibly bring them together.”

Goss has said he started Trump Singles to reunite a divided country and bring people back together – although some could argue that the site may actually make the divide wider.

“We are excited with the new development of making a show to showcase the polarity of the dating world with today’s divisiveness and see if people with opposing views can have a loving and meaningful relationship,” he says.

At the moment, the show is still in development and doesn’t have a title or network or cable partner.

However considering the President’s reality TV background, it seems fitting.