By Kiyimba Bruno

The minister for trade, industry and cooperatives has recognised Mbarara-based health drink company Kaziire as the fastest growing in the country.

Amelia Kyambadde who was speaking at the ninth annual sector review conference on trade in Kampala, said Kaziire is a brand fro all classes of people.

“Even when you go to the smallest shop in the village, you can’t miss to find Kaziire. I actually don’t know how they do it,”  Kyambadde said, before thanking the company for improving the lives of Ugandans through healthy drinks.

On receiving the certificate of recognition, Kaziire marketing manager, Sharon Acen Sharon thanked the minister for the good efforts that the ministry is putting in place to make sure that Ugandan products are fronted.

“Kaziire is one of the few companies that have operated in Uganda for the last 10 years, owned by Ugandans and supported by Ugandans. I must thank Ugandans for this,” Acen said.

She added that the magic behind their success is the fact that they comply with the laws that govern the country.

In her words Acen said that Kaziire has the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) mark and this is something that proves that their products are real.

“I will not tell someone who has HIV to run away from medications but what Kaziire does is to give supplements to their health,” she said.

 Acen explained that some people do not have time for taking water or any other fruits that might be relevant to their bodies but when they take Kaziire; they are sorted in one way or another.

It is on this note that she called upon everyone to take their products since they are the only reliable homemade health products in the country.

Kaziire is one Ugandan product that gone ahead to cross boarders selling its products to the Democratic Republic of Congo.