By our reporter

Yesterday, local media reported that Uganda Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Dr. Yahya Rashid Ssemuddu beat his wife for allegedly denying him sex.

Dr. Ssemuddu allegedly beat Rukaya Abdul Rahma last Friday after the couple had a heated argument where the ambassador accused Rahma of infidelity citing it as the main reason she always denies him sex.

Rahma who was admitted to Nsambya Hospital after the thorough beatings, said Dr. Ssemuddu had made it a habit to beat her whenever they have arguments as a couple.

However, the ambassador has denied the earlier allegations that he beat up his Rahma because of sex.

He revealed that he had an argument with his wife because he found out that she was cheating on him with a man known as Andul Jabar.

He says Rahma had introduced Jabar as her cousin, little did he (Ssemuddu) know that he the two were having an affair behind his back.

Ssemuddu says that he hired a private investigator to trail Jabar and he was able to establish that he was a wrong person who dealt in fake diamond and had three passports.

After finding out that Jabar was a wrong companion to his wife, he ordered Rahma to cut ties with him.

Instead Rahma got so mad and started threatening the husband, that he should leave Jabar alone citing that he is a ‘good’ person.

As if that wasn’t enough, Rahma also decided to abandon her marital home for Jabar’s. According to Dr. Ssemuddu, Rahma spent three months at Jabar’s home until she made up her mind and returned to her home.