By Najibu Mulema
US Ambassador to Uganda, Deborah Malac moved to reassure Ugandans on American funded projects to Uganda. The ambassador has said all US government funded projects in Uganda will continue running at least up to September next year.
While speaking at the US mission in Kampala hours after Donald Trump was declared winner of the Tuesday presidential polls, Ms Malac assured Uganda that nothing will be disrupted despite US getting a new president who will be sworn in next January.
There have been concerns regarding Trump’s foreign policy and how this will impact Uganda and other parts of the world owing to the fact that he holds a more inward view of his administration.
Among the more successful and high impact programs by the US government in Uganda, is the President’s emergency plan for aids relief with US government injecting more than $3 billion between 2004 and 2015.
Ambassador Malac says for now the US Congress has appropriated funding to cover the activities for this financial year up to September 30, 2017.
“We have funding for the current year and the support will continue,” Malac said.