By Watchdog reporter

The top brass of Algerian Police met Ugandan senior police bosses at Police headquarters in Naguru on Tuesday to consolidate mutual security cooperation between the two countries.

Gen Kale Kayihura said, Algeria is a special country in Africa for using information and technology communications in their policing work to efficiently run the police in the modern era.


He said using modern means, Uganda police can effectively run security without overlying on human beings.

“Uganda takes Algeria as a source of inspiration even at political level,” Kayihura said.

Mutual cooperation between the the two countries will foster knowledge transfer from Algeria to Uganda especially in the use of ICT in policing and rely less on human beings.


Kayihura commended Algerian efforts to fight terrorism, trans national crime and other modern day security threats.

The meeting was a follow up of Gen Kayihura’s meeting with Algerian Director General of national security at the end of July.

Experts of Algerian police to come to Uganda to assist with modern policing capacity.

Kayihura said his counterpart promised to give Uganda policing capacities it needs.

Algerian head of delegation Geurmat Nouar said they are head to help in training and advising Uganda police in all fields of policing, for example VIP protection, cyber security, helicopter policing, among others.

Kayihura said Algeria has a big police force of over 250,000 police and comparing Uganda police with them is like Ugandans are magicians.