By Najibu Mulema

Quite a big number of muslim sheikhs have been killed in Uganda since 2012. So far 10 sheikhs have been taken down.
These sheikhs have been killed in almost the same way where unknown assailants riding on boda bodas gun them down to death. The reason for their killings is not well established to the masses apart from knowing that all the slain sheikhs at one time belonged to the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) a rebel group which carried out its operations in Western Uganda in 1990s.
First it was Sheikh Abdul Karim Sentamu who was shot dead in April 2012 and the latest murder is that of a UPDF major, Sheikh Muhammad Kiggundu who was shot dead together with his driver Sgt Mukasa on Saturday last week in Masanafu.
Here is a list of slain muslim sheikhs since 2012.
1.Sheikh Abdul Karim sentamu
Killed in april 2012 in Kampala at William and Ben Kiwanuka junction
2.Sheikh Abdul Jawali Sentunga
Killed in August 2012 in Bugiri district
3.Sheikh Yunus Abubakar Mudungu
Killed in August 2012 in Bugiri district
4.Hajji Abubaker Kiweewa
Killed in June 2012 in Kyanja Kampala
5.Sheikh Dr Abdul Kadir Muwaya
Killed in December 2014 in Mayuge district
6.Sheikh Mustafa Bahiga
Killed in December 2014 at Bwebajja mosque along Entebbe road
7.Sheikh Ismail Ssebugwawo
Killed in January 2015 in Mulago
8.Abdul Rashid Wafula
Killed in May 2015 in Mbale
9.Sheikh Ibrahim Hassan Kirya
Killed in June 2015 in Bweyogerere
10. Sheikh Muhammad Kiggundu
Killed in November 2016 in Masanafu, Kampala