By Najibu Mulema

Last year in April, Al shabab militants attacked Garissa University in northern Kenya and over 148 people were killed. Now the same millitants have attacked the same country and left 12 people killed and others wounded in Mandera, in north eastern Kenya, after they attacked a lodge with explosives.

This is the second such attack targeting non locals to happen within less than a month. On October 5, six people were killed in suspected Al-Shabaab attack on a residential
plot in Bulla public works in Mandera Town.
According to Standard media, police say among the dead were 10 people who were visiting the area for a set book performances in schools and a caretaker who is a local.

A total of 10 people, including the wounded, have been rescued from the lodging that had many occupants.

Police fear there could be more casualties as rescue efforts had been hampered by fears of bomb traps inside the Bisharo
Guest House.

“We don’t know how many people are still trapped there in the rubble but efforts to reach them are ongoing,” said an officer on the ground who asked not to be named.

The gunmen believed to be al-shabaab militants escaped towards Somalia border as police responded to the bombing.

Witnesses said there were people trapped under the rubble of the building which was badly damaged after the attack.

Police headquarters said bomb experts had been sent there to comb it and rescue those trapped therein.

More security teams were sent to the area in efforts to bolster security.

Job Boronjo, Mandera county commander said, ‘It’s true there was an attack and four people are so far injured.
Rescue efforts are ongoing for now.’

The incident happened as the tenants were asleep.
Those affected were non locals.

Police said the attackers shot at the victims randomly after they had broken into the plot.