By Watchdog reporter

As we unravel the mystery of the unfortunate death of Kenneth Akena, a social worker with AVSI charity in Kitgum, today we zero in on Cynthia Munwangari, a movie like character in the whole Lugogo Mall shooting puzzle.


Cynthia, the girl who was in the car with now number one murder suspect Matthew Kanyamunyu on Sunday evening, is also a subject of security scrutiny, and possibly could further explain what exactly happened. However, there are forces that pin Kanyamunyu, but, leave Cynthia out as a silent bystander on the murder scene(s).

Clearly, Cynthia has a lot to answer, as she was the number one witness to whatever took place and possibly, offered a lot of help in attempts to save the late Akena for over nine hours.


In our investigations, Cynthia is an interesting subject that opens more criminal activities, right from the time she left the bloodletting city of Bujumbura, through Kigali to Kampala.

Without giving away so much information that would jeopardize the investigations, this website understands there is a grain of truth in Mr Kanyamunyu’s allegation that assassins were after Cynthia’s life.  We however strongly believe what he and his girlfriend feared were kidnappers, who however could become violent, and thus Kanyamunyu prepared himself for the worst scenario in his efforts to protect the Burundian beauty.


Many people ask, who is Cynthia to be hunted down by assassins as Matthew would allege, or, it is a cover up to the murder? And who are these assassins? For it is a known fact that Burundi cannot sponsor assassinations in Kampala as it would jeopardize good will of the relations with the Kampala regime.

Our investigators are however concerned that Cynthia Munwangari who rightly admits she is Burundi national, however her travel documents show she is Rwandan. We are also being told Matthew Kanyamunyu was in the cells, but, we are but we are not being told where Cynthia is. It is not possible Matthew is being her alone as if he is already convicted, he was with another suspect called Cynthia. Where is she?

Cynthia filled an interstate pass belonging to the Republic of Rwanda as she left Kigali International Airport on 19. November 2015 saying, she was Rwandan. On the pass, Ms Munwangari said her nationality was Rwandan. She also provided her Identity Number as 1199070228213005. Cynthia landed in Entebbe on the same day and fast started socializing with her high connections in Kampala.

It remains to be understood how Cynthia a Burundian acquired a Rwandan ID.

Cynthia is a high class girl whose father is a renowned businessman in Bujumbura according to our sources, and a strong supporter of Burundi president, Pierre Nkurunziza. His father and her siblings live in Ngagara.

Our sources add that the late Hafsa Mossi who was shot dead was not even Cynthia’s aunt as peddled around. And even if she was, that would not put Cynthia’s life in trouble if she was not connected to anything political.

It leaves Cynthia’s being in danger for one thing – she had a political assignment on her hands that was possibly going out of control.

Kanyamunyu assigned himself a movie-like role of Terminator to save the beauty from the underworld.

Why did Cynthia leave Bujumbura for Kigali, get a Rwandan nationality, and then, come to Uganda? What was Cynthia’s mission in Kampala? Why did she end up in Matthew’s hands and then declare she was feeling insecure, warranting psychotic level protection from her boyfriend?


There are two scenarios here.

One, “Bujumbura did offer much for her fashion and high end pleasure business,” says a government source in Bujumbura.

The credible source adds that Cynthia is into fashion business, from where she interacted and dated wealthy and powerful men.

He says that is why she could leave Bujumbura, live in Kigali, and had connections in Kampala.

A journalist she had met earlier had assured her the world of glamour and strong business links. However, he also had other plans for her.

The school of thought says, Cynthia was inducted into espionage but wanted out with the help of Kanyamunyu who wanted to settle down with her.

With her satanic beauty and fashion sense, the intelligence community of some East African country had wanted to use her for high profile intelligence gigs.

However, according to our deep throat, the process would be halted if Kanyamunyu turned her into a wife of sorts.

Kanyamunyu was willing to give her another life of a princess using his recently acquired wealth as a CEO and shareholder in Quantum Logistics which had won a million dollar contract from United Nations.

The forces behind Cynthia had assured her that she either stuck to plan or face the consequences.

Our investigator says that is why Kanyamunyu’s version is plausible. And that was why police have failed to produce him to court since he would give away unwanted information.

Why are they afraid to present him to court? Who else is pulling the strings apart from the powerful Kanyamunyu family? If Matthew is put in the dock, what other information about the Cynthia and her associates that would come out and it is not good for public consumption?

Friends of Matthew Kanyamunyu say he had of recent become psychotic about the whole thing of exposing or losing the girl.  He would not drive with her openly to hotels as he would have wanted. And he was damn sure it was his job to protect her or lose her to the intelligence world which had work for her to do.