By our reporter

Following yesterday’s scuffle in Rukungiri town as police tried to disperse off anti-age limit removal protestors led by Dr. Kizza Besigye, one police officer lost his eye is the due course.

A Community Liaison officer, Assistant Inspector of Police Barugahare is the one who sustained an injury on his eye and he has been referred to Mbarara Hospital.

According to Kigezi Regional Police commander Denis Namuwoza, doctors informed them that the officer’s eye will be removed.

“I have been told that the eye will be removed,” he said.

Also in the process of dispersing protesters, police used teargas and live bullets and a one Edison Nasasira was shot dead and several injured.

Meanwhile, yesterday Besigye, surrounded by a mammoth crowd managed to defeat security to find his way to Rukungiri town for Kogikwatako rally.

He said the bill should be withdrawn as it will perpetuate President Yoweri Museveni’s stay in power.

Apparently the infamous age limit bill has drew criticism from all corners of Uganda as it aims at scrapping the age limit to enable president Museveni rule Uganda even after clocking 75 years of age.