By Watchdog reporter

We have exclusively learnt that the amendment of article 102b of the constitution is going to take place within 20 days unlike other usual bills which have been taking two to six months.

On Tuesday, NRM Members of Parliament passed a motion to table a private member bill on the floor of parliament on Thursday which aims at scrapping the age limit thus enabling President Yoweri Museveni rule beyond 75 years of age.

The MPs sat in an extraordinary meeting and voted on the contentious amendment of Article 102 of the Constitution and out of the 246 legislators only Monica Amoding, Kumi Woman MP opposed the motion.

According to Chimpreports, a minister working behind the scenes with seven of his colleagues after the meeting revealed that the amendment will be handled in the shortest time possible adding that probably before Independence which is scheduled to take place on 9 October, 2017.

“We need this thing (amendment) to get out of the way as fast as possible. It should be done before Uhuru (Independence Day),” said Minister who preferred anonymity.

Meanwhile, the private member bill will introduced by Igara County MP, Raphael Magyezi.