By Watchdog reporter

Kawempe South Member of Parliament Mubarak Munyagwa has threatened to wrestle NRM MPs who are planning to table a private members bill on Thursday aiming at lifting the age limit.

Speaking at a presser organized by anti-age limit removal MPs today morning, Munyagwa warned all NRM MPs who are not physically fit not to bother going to parliament for age limit debate because they will sort themselves on the floor.

“If the NRM MPs are not physically fit, they shouldn’t come to parliament for they will sort themselves on the floor,” said Munyagwa.

Last week on Tuesday, 245 NRM belonging to the incumbent party passed a motion to table a private members bill to amend article 102b of the constitution.

Days after, cabinet gave a go ahead to Igara County Member of Parliament Raphael Magezi to follow the established legislative procedure in accordance with law to table the bill in question before parliament.

Apparently, the move has caused panic and fear among the general public citing that it may spark instability.

Since yesterday, parliament and the surrounding areas have been beefed up with security.