By Watchdog reporter

Arua Municipality Member of Parliament Ibrahim Abiriga has resolved to put on a UPDF army uniform as one of the possible solutions of scaring away his enemies opposed to his position of supporting the lifting of the age limit.

Of recent, a number of opposition members have been Abiriga’s pain in the throat due to his undying support for the lifting of the controversial age limit which could see President Yoweri Museveni rule Uganda when he is above 75 years of age.

Abiriga has on several occasions been threatened and intimidated by some opposition diehards who include Kawempe North Lord Councilor Muhammad SSegirinya-who up to now is on a ‘quest’ of man hunting the legislator to give him reasons why he is supporting the age limit lifting.

Well, as any sane man who loves and cares for his life, Abiriga who is a colonel in the UPDF forces has decided to let go of his yellow attires, to start putting on an army uniform hoping to scare away the likes of Ssegirinya who have been a nightmare in his life.

Unfortunately, Ssegirinya who is not ready to give up his hunt has told Abiriga that even though he changes the dress code from yellow to an army uniform, he will not stop looking for him.

“Even if u change the dress code I will continue….. Looking for u bwana abiriga,” posted Ssegirinya on his social media.