By Kiyimba Bruno

Fun filled the eyes of Boda boda riders in Kampala as they witnessed comedy while Kampala minister Betty Kamya, city tycoons as well as musicians launched the Tugikwateko campaign at Nsambya sharing youth grounds.

During the  launch, thousands of Bodaboda riders filled the Nsambya based conference center for youths w here many welcomed the idea.

The minister advised boda boda riders to support the campaign since it is one way of opening up for many Ugandans to compete for presidency regardless of his/her age but not only for president Yoweri Museveni.

Kamya however called upon opposition members to accept defeat and allow the constitution to be amended.

“Those who do not support this campaign just fear President Museveni. If they know they are strong , let them come out and support the age limit bill so that they can defeat him in the 2021 elections,”Kamya.

Here city tycoon Sam Buchanan came out and elucidated on why he really supports Tugikwateko.

Buchanan went on to educate the Bodaboda riders on how they have to save the little that they get from their work. He advised them to invest their money in goat rearing instead of wasting it in bars yet they are becoming old day by day.

“Every day that goes on, we are becoming old but I wonder what you have saved to enable you live a happy old age life.”Buchanan wondered.

Singer Ragga Dee and the patron for the Boda boda riders association thanked them for turning up in big numbers. Here he played some music to entertain and show them that he is with them.