By Watchdog reporter

The Archbishop of Gulu His Grace John Baptist Odama has condemned the violence which transpired during the contentious Age Limit debates.

The Archbishop said the Members of Parliament have an obligation to uphold the dignity of parliament for chaos and quarrels have no place in the August house.

The Archbishop was speaking during the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda Regional consultations for Acholi Region on the Uganda National Dialogue framework in Lira

His Grace indicated that Members of parliament are expected to debate national issues with sanity and clear reason because such issues are matters of national concern which uphold the country’s stability or cost it.

Odama however questioned the motive with which Article 102(b) is debated for amendment insisting that there is no fair justification for its amendment.

He challenged the agitators of the amendment  to allow the Article be tested by letting at least a head of state reach the Age Limit and then gauge the crisis with which the limit comes with before debating  it’s amendment

The Archbishop further downplayed the force used by security institutions to confront the anti age limit bill protesters saying it is uncalled for.

“The unruly deployment is not the solution to the  protestors but the clarity for which the amendment  is brought  forward should be the remedy to the disgruntled groups,” he revealed.

He however emphasized that such discontent on issues of national concern call for a national dialogue where everyone is listened to and a consensus is attained for a new agreeable country.