By Watchdog reporter

Arua Municipality MP also one of the anti-age limit agents IbraHIM Abiriga has today fallen in hot soup after being physically attacked by fellow angry legislator.

Abiriga tasted the wrath of Bernard Atiku, the Ayivu County MP who thumped him for supporting the amendment of article 102b of the constitution.

The duo was spotted scuffling at parliament, minutes after Abiriga vowed to die supporting age limit removal.

Prior, Abiriga and Atiku had a heated verbal exchange over differences in the West Nile and then slowly culminated to the contested age limit debate thus the fight.

The NRM yellow chap was shortly rescued by police after ‘swallowing’ some quick punches.

Abiriga’s beating comes at a moment when every Ugandan is eagerly waiting for an outcome on Thursday when the controversial bill is expected to be tabled before parliament by Igara West MP Raphael Magezi.