By Watchdog reporter

After a photo of socialite Zari Hassan surfaced on Social Media swimming closely with a one Edwin Lutaaya, a gospel singer with New Chapter Africa, her Tanzanian husband Diamond Platnumz angrily uploaded the same but circled photo showing how Zari was being ‘worryingly squeezed’ by Lutaaya thus accusing her of cheating.

Zari quickly responded to the singer’s post saying she swimming with Lutaaya in the presence of his wife and that the wife was the one who took the photo.

After realizing  his mistake, shamed Diamond Platnumz pulled his post down and decided to apologize to his darling wife.

As if that was not enough, the singer went ahead to board a plane to South Africa to officially reconcile with Zari.

After a successful reconciliation, the bongo star went ahead to play Video games with the late Ivan Semwanga’s sons.

Zari and Semwanga had three sons together.