By Herbert Bukenya

Musician and once famous music producer Eddie Yawe whose recent hit Tukigale with Golden band’s Carol Nantongo is still a favorite at wedding and introduction functions was rumoured to have parted ways with Afrigo band a few days ago.

This is after Afrigo band for which the smooth voiced baritone is a regular performer started doing gigs without him recently prompting fans and friends to start a rumour of his firing.

It was until Afrigo band supremo Moses Matovu came out to clear the air and tell whoever is concerned that Eddie Yawe is an associate member of Afrigo band and not a full time member so he can do gigs on his own without the band and the band too can perform without him when he has other engagements.

The origing of the confusion was the separate bookings Eddie Yawe and Afrigo band have for this year’s (Uganda North American Association) UNAA Causes which is a charity initiative and the main UNAA convention respectively.

The cause of this is the fact that they were contacted separately by organisers of both functions and so will be going to the USA as separate entities something that had confused their fans and friends.