By Watchdog reporter

Innocently, a man went to the ATM machine at Lugogo to withdraw some little money. amount? Only Sh760,000.

The man’s account is universal, so, he withdrew money from his card which is Mastercard type.

When he left the ATM, the machine released his bank balance. And after reading it, he innocently threw it away, since it was useless.

Then, someone picked it. Read it. And shared it on Facebook.

Oh My! The bank customer in question not only has over a billion shilling on their account. Actually, he has over Sh2.2 billion, and he can access up to Shsh1.4 billion.

For the broke and idle brethren on the internet, the bank slip has sent them into day dreaming, and imaging being friends with the billionaire.

The slip now wants to break the internet in Uganda with netizens offering things in exchange for friendship.

One has offered his kidney. Another lady has offered her virginity to the account holder.

“I dont know about you guys but if anyone knows the owner of this account he can come for one of my kidneys. I found this at the lugogo ATM as I had gone to check if my ka cheque had gone through. I just gave up. we are in different worlds my people. Look at actaul balance and available balance!!!” said Moses Karugaba.

Some other comments:

Nathan Phiri Were This is deep. Must be an NRM mafia. 5404 is a Stanchart account code – I think he/she was using a Barclays VISA ATM.

Namanya Alex Hahahah don’t be surprised if this account is for a civil servant

Tukundane Cuthbert I have never imagined there being such an amount of cash at my disposal for my casual withdrawal of a 700k something. I guess its Sudhir

She Nat Is that. Abillion? Or am seeing not so clearly? Bagyenzi yessuuu

Ahimbisibwe Julius Smiling account no stress………

Jean OfKempungu I need money but again that’s toooooo much I would be bored…just enough for my boys, to be good en am finished….
That’s a lot for one person.

Edson Twesigye That’s why i preffer crane bank!